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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
About to BUY ticket to INDIA --- how big a mistake?    01/27/20  (38)
The Orgazoid welcoming ggtp on his first day of "in house"    01/27/20  (1)
WaPo suspends journalist who tweeted Kobe's rape case after helicopter crash (li    01/27/20  (7)
as bernie rises in IA and NH, so do media criticisms of those ALL-WHITE states    01/27/20  (16)
China has nine cities that are larger than NYC    01/27/20  (2)
FLW Neil from Swindon was a cunt    01/27/20  (1)
Woman slapped me at bar last night for making a bad joke    01/27/20  (37)
💃 McKayla uses TikTok now 💃    01/27/20  (8)
Mattress company Casper sets high end of IPO price at 33% lower than last round    01/27/20  (5)
Most ridiculous, most Silicon Valley job listing goes viral    01/27/20  (26)
Kobe's "victim" had 8 different semen samples in her rape kit    01/27/20  (13)
Avenatti googled "insider trading" and "Nike put options" during negotiations (l    01/27/20  (11)
Abercrombie rugby shirts    01/27/20  (1)
Anyone have a tough time with the loss of a parent?    01/27/20  (88)
Shitlib McEnroe: TS Serena Pls Win 2 Slams To Put Margaret Court In Past #tennis    01/27/20  (4)
What's this shit about Kobe shooting into a trash can?    01/27/20  (3)
Oh gimme the bat boy and fill my bowl...    01/27/20  (5)
wow that podcast taught me a lot about history    01/27/20  (3)
If you have an Apple Watch, what’s your HRV?    01/27/20  (1)
FATAL FLAW: Kobe Bryant dies of Achilles injury.    01/27/20  (6)
US Air Force Bombardier EA-11 shot down by the Taliban:    01/27/20  (13)
XO Kobe Bryant ain't cool with Trayvon Martin    01/27/20  (63)
Less than half of CA 4th graders reading proficiently. Reason? Racism    01/27/20  (40)
Psychology Today willing to publish 180 and non-PC articles. Subscribe?    01/27/20  (4)
Charles XII, question for you about ANCIENT EGYPT    01/27/20  (4)
i took dmt first time last night.. anyone wanna talk about it?    01/27/20  (126)
Just cried into my fresh juice over this Kobe thing    01/27/20  (6)
Corona sending Brand Reps to Wuhan    01/27/20  (1)
To fight new employment law, Uber pits California drivers against one another    01/27/20  (2)
luis wearing ONLY the neck segment of a turtleneck. completely nude otherwise.    01/27/20  (4)
Black guy kills daughter, 9 white people in savage incident (link)    01/27/20  (4)
Check out the guests at Bezos’s first party at his new DC home    01/27/20  (37)
luis do u get a lot of hickeys?    01/27/20  (1)
who is cooler guys who fly fighter jets or attack helicopters    01/27/20  (7)
LMAO Jones Day now asking for sanctions against female associates who sued    01/27/20  (15)
Just shorted TSLA at $570    01/27/20  (42)
Important question how is the virus affecting corona beer sales    01/27/20  (2)
What data do we have for race and sexual assault?    01/27/20  (1)
lol, a pivotal moment from the movie Short Circuit (1986) is a jew joke    01/27/20  (5)
Corona/Clorox capitalizing on virus scare w "find ur bleach" billboards in Wuhan    01/27/20  (5)
If you had Coronavirus, would you just hang out at airports/bus stops to bump R0    01/27/20  (1)
Corona light viral marketing campaign a big success    01/27/20  (1)
There's more ppl alive today w/ assets over $1M than world population in 3000 BC    01/27/20  (1)
if you haven't switched from Corona to Dos Equis you're literally insane    01/27/20  (3)
Why do libs import millions of low iq refugees, then complain US getting dumber    01/27/20  (2)
Holy shit the Italians are actually getting off their asses to contain Corona    01/27/20  (1)
"China's coronavirus victims 'probably 10 times' higher than reported"    01/27/20  (1)
White Supremacist Stephen Miller claims photos of liberation of Auschwitz FAKE    01/27/20  (1)
Couldn't they make helicopters with an autopilot with topographical data so this    01/27/20  (1)
Rate this bratty 19 yo spring cleaning her windows, fully nude    01/27/20  (18)
eating bat soup in my helicopter    01/27/20  (1)
World Champ wins doping case citing bodily fluids from boyfriend    01/27/20  (1)
More heart-broken re kobe: asian white-collared or black service workers?    01/27/20  (5)
"So where did u hear about Kobe?" "Uh..." *reflects on Kob raping Barbaro thread    01/27/20  (9)
GC has made me a millionaire at age 32    01/27/20  (2)
Doobs, nude except for fur coat and bat ears, strutting down Wuhan streets    01/27/20  (6)
So most of the top California football recruits go to SEC/Clemson now?    01/27/20  (2)
Casting for XO the movie. Who plays what role?    01/27/20  (68)
I saw John Bolton in the DCA Admirals Club a couple years ago - dude is short    01/27/20  (1)
T.A. Peterman was in the "logging business," founded Peterbilt    01/27/20  (1)
Coronavirus! Got that coronavirus! (Stringer's crew)    01/27/20  (1)
Salt Lake City on $50K a Year    01/27/20  (5)
California woman dies after clothing gets stuck in raisin-processing machine    01/27/20  (4)
I was a helicopter pilot in the Navy and there's no reason for them to crash as    01/27/20  (13)
Would you make the same deal with the Devil that Kobe made?    01/27/20  (1)
How can Bolton be this butthurt about Trump not bombing Iran?    01/27/20  (20)
Rate this Chinese guy's safety measure against coronavirus    01/27/20  (4)
Very clear humanity is devolving due to lack of stresses/threats    01/27/20  (3)
*Fortunate Son plays* *helicopter appears on horizon, but the rotors are dicks*    01/27/20  (95)
California just criminalized not having Coronavirus    01/27/20  (1)
haha wow im so jacked and high iq    01/27/20  (15)
Coronavirus predicted to kill 65 MILLION people    01/27/20  (44)
Rate this 2020 electoral map in terms of probability    01/27/20  (18)
so to make up for the HK fiasco, NBA killed Kobe to distract from Wuhan?    01/27/20  (1)
Fuck it, getting bat soup from Hale and Hearty today    01/27/20  (2)
I just... I just can’t... I just can’t keep it in.... NIGGERRRrRrrrRrRrRrRrR    01/27/20  (8)
someone explain why tether fraud hasn't blown up crypto yet    01/27/20  (11)
lol Delaware in play for Trump now, LJL@ shitlibs    01/27/20  (1)
Watch these chinks attack a bat buffet    01/27/20  (8)
NYT: TikTok "an endless scroll of creativity...art, artistry"    01/27/20  (7)
philosophers niggerpoast all the time    01/27/20  (3)
what percentage of the food you purchase gets wasted?    01/27/20  (11)
Recorded myself reading popular XO threads, submitted to SiriusXM contest    01/27/20  (1)
Georgians, please explain this recent video from Atlanta:    01/27/20  (9)
Jennifer Rubin, Conservative Opinion Writer at Washington Post    01/27/20  (22)
53% of Americans in favor of UBI    01/27/20  (29)
Wu flu hits AFRICA    01/27/20  (5)
Very well-reasoned article from theatlantic: Bernie Can't Win (DTP)    01/27/20  (3)
Xo brien leiter fighting the shitlibs    01/27/20  (8)
i'm pretty sure the answer is yes but did the super bowl already happen    01/27/20  (3)
What happened to the reporter who got a kid who raised $ for charity cancelled?    01/27/20  (2)
ancestors: settled wilderness u: work during severance period 2 not burn bridges    01/27/20  (45)
So Kobe died due to pilot error? Latest tmz update    01/27/20  (66)
Functional, Test-Driven Development for your Engineers. In the cloud.    01/27/20  (2)
Less than Jake of FL 3rd wave skanking proficiently. Reason? Racism    01/27/20  (2)
Family style Chinese restaurant called “Passing the Bat On”    01/27/20  (3)
Jeffrey Epstein "oops" won the powerball lottery right when he went 2 jail.    01/27/20  (37)
*columba playing candy crush on htc phone w/ sound on during HW's eulogy*    01/27/20  (49)
Hypo: You win PowerBall with the condition that you start a commune    01/27/20  (2)
Kobe's widow has discoloration on her tits and Bill Clinton was disturbed (pic)    01/27/20  (3)
Took shoes off at my desk cuz they're hurting my feet. Partner gave me a look    01/27/20  (18)
LiveLeak video shows “tens of thousands” of Wuhan residents walking into lak    01/27/20  (5)
“Darkness” is easily a top 7 Eminem track    01/27/20  (2)
So women's sports killed Kobe? THANKS LIBS    01/27/20  (3)
L.A. Coroner Coroner: "Let me begin by addressing penis length."    01/27/20  (4)
Ara Zobayan was the pilot who killed Kobe    01/27/20  (2)
Protease inhibitors are only antivirals that showed invivo efficacy against SARs    01/27/20  (6)
Con Air but ggtp is flying to in-house job on plane w. lateral associates    01/27/20  (7)
Insane rolling fog all over south OC    01/27/20  (7)
Malingering John Bolton wheeling toward Make-A-Wish foundation    01/27/20  (1)
ITT: You tell a story about when your milquetoast Dad did something alpha    01/27/20  (1)
NBA Bros: Why Does Kobe Only Have 1 MVP?    01/27/20  (20)
Illegal aliens arrested at the US-Mexico border test positive for Coronavirus    01/27/20  (5)
"WTF am I even supposed to do?" I pondered as I sat on shitter w/ no cell    01/27/20  (1)
Pallbearer Shaq at Kobe's funeral sheds tear and whispers "I'm done carrying you    01/27/20  (31)
Buttigieg speaking to GC's secretary, "But tell him it's Pete. He remembers me    01/27/20  (1)
Charlie Sheen, reading Hunter Biden articles: “haha wow. Holy shit!”    01/27/20  (10)
Rate: This photo of Nutella at the ski resort    01/27/20  (12)
Bored simulators running plague after Iran WWIII flops    01/27/20  (4)
Men age like fine wine (pic) (DTP)    01/27/20  (65)
ABC. A-Always. B-Bat. C-Cooking.    01/27/20  (1)
rate this jos a bank bespoke suit w IFNB lining    01/27/20  (1)
Gods news: J&J can make a coronavirus vaccine. Bad news: it will take them a ye    01/27/20  (1)
Mexico City has 13 confirmed cases of Coronavirus now    01/27/20  (4)
Reports of possible neutron bomb detonation in Wuhan    01/27/20  (3)
FLIGHT to QUALITY *clap clap clapclapclap*    01/27/20  (1)
Is this girl too skinny?    01/27/20  (13)
Fucking coronavirus hysteria tanking stock market. Overblown like swine, avian    01/27/20  (1)
Black Goldman quant calculating portfolio Value-at-Promise    01/27/20  (3)
What did I do last night and why do my balls hurt so much?    01/27/20  (1)
Eat all the bats, eat all the bats, eat all the bats in a big soup vat, oh yeah!    01/27/20  (13)
ABA warns of “Cordovavirus” among Allen Edmonds wearers    01/27/20  (1)
Can't bring myself to order fajitas bc of the attention you get    01/27/20  (165)
WHO searching for Chinese-English translation of “unexpected new limbs”    01/27/20  (1)
new england    01/27/20  (4)
Got a two for one lunch deal at Joseph A Bats    01/27/20  (2)
Mass suicides reported in Wuhan    01/27/20  (5)
Joseph A Bank is 180 as shit    01/27/20  (5)
International Federation of Nomming Bats    01/27/20  (1)
"He hath a daily beauty in his life that makes me ugly" (SHITLIB Iago)    01/27/20  (3)
Least educated and poorest state (CA) votes overwhelmingly lib. Coincidence?    01/27/20  (4)
Two of the Kobe helicopter victims were married and left 2 kids behind    01/27/20  (8)
Who the fuck deleted my thread about CA being poor and uneducated? It’s gone n    01/27/20  (5)
“Uh, no, USPO, “cricket bat” doesn’t have a comma and it’s not a menu    01/27/20  (1)
Apparently CJ Roberts has the authority to call witnesses    01/27/20  (38)
I’m 50 and full of regret that I have no children    01/27/20  (6)
lmfao cure for coronavirus already found & in distribution    01/27/20  (1)
Kobe Bryant is "joining Blackstone as Private Equity associate"    01/27/20  (11)
lol at wikipedia autists immediately changing kobe bryant's "is" to "was"    01/27/20  (14)
Chinese govt caught trying to delete Wuhan on Wikipedia (link    01/27/20  (1)

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