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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
heads on pikes tp    01/21/20  (1)
Warren to overturn Citizens United    01/21/20  (13)
My Cousin Vinny, but it's Lasko shooting tendrils of blue light out of his mouth    01/21/20  (2)
Looks like Obeezy’s making his way through his “bumping rotation”    01/21/20  (5)
Do people who suicide know they're going to do so in advance?    01/21/20  (3)
Look at this fucking Clothmo. Can't stand when people break IFNB gym rules...    01/21/20  (9)
"my head is killing me. think it's coronavirus" (JJC wasted after 2 corona light    01/21/20  (4)
Bribery/legacy admissions just AA for white people    01/21/20  (3)
Amazon now narcing on sellers to the Feds    01/21/20  (2)
3 daughters, and they're not keeping their name    01/21/20  (2)
Libs tomorrow: Trump is being too weak on Iran    01/21/20  (48)
Kikes harassing me - help    01/21/20  (5)
Is there a mod available to put obeezy in time out for spamming?    01/21/20  (1)
Give me a HYPOTHETICAL PERSON and I will describe their average dinner    01/21/20  (45)
Peace in our time: NKorea to dismantle nukes, allow UN inspectors    01/21/20  (32)
Wait, Amy Klobuchar isn't Jewish? She looks Jewish.    01/21/20  (8)
What is the CR mid-sized city?    01/21/20  (59)
what was the last final fantasy game you played?    01/21/20  (79)
Ukraine makes a howitzer. First prototype blows up the gun crew.    01/21/20  (1)
Trump has $38B for Israeli defense, not a dime for US infrastructure?    01/21/20  (46)
muscadine wine, I'm starting to see Indians EVERYWHERE wtf is happening    01/21/20  (26)
Obeezy temporarily out of retirement to remind you shitcons hrc will win    01/21/20  (315)
Pence-Crenshaw 2024    01/21/20  (7)
What the credited watch in the $500 -$750 range?    01/21/20  (4)
Trump infrastructure adviser: Tax cuts killed infrastructure plan    01/21/20  (60)
I saw Thunder Collins and his wife at the Westfield in Santa Anita    01/21/20  (5)
just drove by CDC. helicopters flying in, people in hazmat suits    01/21/20  (1)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    01/21/20  (107)
Found of sex of 3rd child: girl. That's 3 girls, 0 boys    01/21/20  (99)
Trump is going to throw a military parade after the Korean peace treaty signing    01/21/20  (64)
REMINDER: lawman predicted buttigieg would win the dem primary    01/21/20  (3)
Is it normal to “meditate” while at the same time compulsively bumping your    01/21/20  (1)
Warren vows to form task force to investigate Trump if elected    01/21/20  (7)
Some bay area high schools are 80% Asian?    01/21/20  (95)
New photos of my office (Chilmata) (Rate the jerseys)    01/21/20  (2)
A Curator Boyfriend Is The Hottest Accessory For 2020    01/21/20  (31)
Tim Kaine tapped for gay Jack Nicholson biopic    01/21/20  (7)
castle in Germany haunted by a ghost named "Little Peterman"    01/21/20  (30)
alternative to mac mini?    01/21/20  (16)
When I close my laptop all my kids yell "Yay!"    01/21/20  (7)
POUCH now a standard feature of premium men's underwear    01/21/20  (17)
Announcing TWO upcoming cheatmo adventures. Here we go bros. Been a while.    01/21/20  (19)
Who is THE most mentally ill poster here?    01/21/20  (68)
Aaron Rodgers REJECTS Christ's salvation.    01/21/20  (12)
Dude at gym took weights off of my machine without asking    01/21/20  (28)
The US is already a failed state basically, people just don't realize it yet    01/21/20  (74)
Uber Eats drivers always compliment me on giving precise directions    01/21/20  (2)
Private sector driven GDP growth under TRUMP BIGLY exceeds Obama    01/21/20  (60)
🚨 Official 2020 Baseball HOF Voting Thread 🚨    01/21/20  (38)
is the cr number of kids to have 3, 4, 5, or 6?    01/21/20  (19)
A very entertaining kooky Soviet film: 'Zerograd' (1989)    01/21/20  (3)
xoxo: "Jews are the worst" also xoxo: "love hearing from jew stereotype CSLG!"    01/21/20  (1)
ggtp is it safe to wear Trump shirts in Singapore    01/21/20  (21)
We mustl pay higher insurance premiums so CSLG can buy excessive Hanukka gifts?    01/21/20  (8)
rate this deepfake of Jim Carrey substituted into The Shining    01/21/20  (1)
The failing restaurant sensation outlined in Seinfeld is so fucking real    01/21/20  (7)
2B in "synergies" = 20th Century Fox inhouse lawyer bloodbath    01/21/20  (9)
libs bleating: "3% GDP growth is impossible!!!" Trump's America = 4% GDP growth.    01/21/20  (105)
GGTP--CLICK ME    01/21/20  (12)
The Sublime Porte    01/21/20  (1)
Started chewing Nicotine gum. Taking Qs.    01/21/20  (1)
I'm with DrakeMallard. Twitter completely controls my life.    01/21/20  (1)
Can't tell if Bernie is being smart or retarded by not attacking HRC    01/21/20  (4)
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Want To Win    01/21/20  (1)
GGTP finally getting in-house only 2 be stuck in Asia b/c of coronavirus    01/21/20  (3)
DrakeMallard I desperately want to follow you on Twitter. Let's tweet man.    01/21/20  (1)
lol where is the mother fucking wall?!?    01/21/20  (1)
cowgod opening xo from netscape navigator on his '98 compaq    01/21/20  (2)
In an Asian country that has the coronavirus. How fucked?    01/21/20  (1)
Not now babe I’m bragging about $ and if anyone objects telling them 2 email m    01/21/20  (1)
What was the CSLG alt post that Kenny nuked? Henry Aaron keeps mentioning it    01/21/20  (104)
LMAO. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just poasted a sexy TikTok video    01/21/20  (5)
Already have $870,576.71 in my operating account (CSLG)    01/21/20  (36)
Time is a valuable thing. Watch it count down as the pendulum swings.    01/21/20  (2)
Darnell pulling up ur wife's profile on goinspouse.com    01/21/20  (1)
$100,000 but you must listen to CSLG brag about his wealth for 2 hrs/day forever    01/21/20  (55)
Trashy worthless red states demand money for climate change but won't name it    01/21/20  (2)
"Goinhouse.com" is GC's most insidious creation    01/21/20  (6)
Jafar are u woke on the "MC" (Macavity Question)    01/21/20  (8)
*checks to see which tab is playing Only in Dreams* it's goinhouse.com wtf    01/21/20  (4)
Can someone write up an "important reminders about inhouse"?    01/21/20  (6)
Flowers For Algernon but GGTP is Smuckers in-house for a week    01/21/20  (4)
$100,000 but u must listen to CSLG daily + stare into pic of his jew face    01/21/20  (1)
benching 275 is pretty alpha    01/21/20  (1)
ggtp does shot of wild turkey, grits teeth, types "compliance" into linkedin    01/21/20  (10)
96% of the universe is “dark” matter or energy. Physicists only understand 4    01/21/20  (11)
cowgod is dead wrong about everything    01/21/20  (10)
GGTP sending his kids to some horrible 'international school'    01/21/20  (7)
All kids songs and rhymes have been replaced with woke versions    01/21/20  (2)
jim kelly how many big fights have u and wife had over the royals?    01/21/20  (6)
who is nicholas tartaglione?    01/21/20  (1)
long day of sitting in the office and poasting on xo ahead    01/21/20  (1)
*folgers jungle* "The best part of waking up is TS Amanda fucking ur butt"    01/21/20  (5)
I swipe left on guys who smile (TSAmanda)    01/21/20  (2)
A new twitter parody account of Devin Nunes has popped up TS Amanda style    01/21/20  (2)
“No clue wrt 96% of the Universe but I can predict the weather 100 years    01/21/20  (3)
So, the Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the common cold. Got it.    01/21/20  (5)
HR whale trying to call back GGTP. Cant get country code right. Gives up 1 try.    01/21/20  (7)
Rate this    01/21/20  (5)
GGTP retweeting Jake Flores while waiting to hear back from HR monster    01/21/20  (1)
"Who's the biggest sack of shit I could make a mod... Henry!" -- Rach    01/21/20  (1)
Ggtp turning JPM in House interview into teach-in on Bolivian coup    01/21/20  (5)
Cast Away but ggtp & pillow gf have been stranded in Asia biglaw for 20 yrs    01/21/20  (1)
why are slavs do fucking weird?    01/21/20  (1)
Chinese guy saying "Okay, USA!" to GGTP as he leads him into HSBC interview    01/21/20  (4)
chemo kike clown shitrealm retard mouth-breathing funhouse    01/21/20  (1)
the crazy thing is that gamers haven't actually even started to rise up yet    01/21/20  (8)
Media pumo here. Rudy Giuliani indicted, arrest greenlit. He’ll be in custody    01/21/20  (12)
i want to sit on damn daddys lap and whisper autistic gay baby talk in his ear    01/21/20  (13)
Ggtp maybe next time don’t use the Chapo hosts for your references    01/21/20  (13)
Klobuchar rekt    01/21/20  (29)
Didn't care about Royal famil until Upset Jew started posting about the Sussexes    01/21/20  (3)
Ggtp did u get it    01/21/20  (29)
1920s German children using stacks of discarded ggtp resumes as building blocks    01/21/20  (6)
GGTP, lets discuss Devin Haney's nose.    01/21/20  (4)
Ggtps son playing schoolyard cricket in a Red Sox cap    01/21/20  (6)
ggtp just let your genes meld into asia man    01/21/20  (3)
lawman8...upset jew...what will consuela's next creation be?    01/21/20  (15)
colbert was ghostwhite by mid-Election Special. did he run out of jokes?    01/21/20  (4)
Ggtp closes his gmail tab. Switches over to J. Geils Band playlist on Spotify.    01/21/20  (3)
Insane in the Ukraine, Ukraines's in the brain!    01/21/20  (1)
girl using squat rack had "dogs & fitness & coffee & donuts." t-shirt    01/21/20  (13)
Why hasn't Ukraine opened investigation of Biden yet?    01/21/20  (5)
Biden declare WAR on GAMERS: “little creeps” who “train how to kill”    01/21/20  (36)
Why is honeycomb so expensive    01/21/20  (2)
*babbles in weird baby talk while I fuck IGWC in a full Nelson*    01/21/20  (1)
Millennials, the Dying Children    01/21/20  (139)
white girl was wearing this neat t shirt    01/21/20  (2)
is Netflix gonna do a documentary on the Killdozer bro?    01/21/20  (5)
Bill Clinton kinda comes across as a dick in all the Hillary meltdown stories    01/21/20  (210)
I Get Around >>>> The Beatles whole catalog. Fuck England.    01/21/20  (13)
MPA do u ever watch catholic comedy like jim gaffigan w ur gf    01/21/20  (10)
many poasters need to put a loaded gun inside their mouth and pull the trigger    01/21/20  (18)
Are Reptile's schtick would collapse upon itself were his Phenotype revealed    01/21/20  (20)
tsinah upon learning of his fsu acceptance: “Sayonara stetson...”    01/21/20  (2)
"im so above everything" bloodacre screamed over his sleep apnea machine    01/21/20  (17)
they wont be expecting you to be standing at their doorstep so early    01/21/20  (1)
ITT: Poast law firm bios of IRL Michael Claytons    01/21/20  (6)
cowgod = Ignatius J. Reilly    01/21/20  (1)
Red Navy finally inducts the Pashin    01/21/20  (1)
Hey Henry: suck my cock you bitch faggit. Same 4 u, DRAKE.    01/21/20  (5)
Peter North tp understood clearly that anyone's address could be walked up to    01/21/20  (2)
"worth it" (Adderall induced Parkinson's tsinah learning about his 155 lsat)    01/21/20  (3)
Russia will lay keels for two new helicopter carriers on May 9th    01/21/20  (1)
CSLG, would you take $7.5 million if it meant cutting ties with kenny    01/21/20  (12)
Why are proles' kids always getting molested?    01/21/20  (7)
read these reddit programmer comments about journalists    01/21/20  (22)

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