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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
we need a drug addict president    02/26/20  (4)
China now warning that recovered COVID patients getting sick + contagious again    02/26/20  (1)
ricehoal    02/26/20  (1)
People who say "eh,"    02/26/20  (1)
how did everyone find out spaceporn was molesting his wife's son? (repost #1)    02/26/20  (3)
32 too old to start skateboarding?    02/26/20  (6)
There's actual, nonironic support for Bloomberg here? Lol    02/26/20  (35)
a beautiful mind math montage but it's luis thinking of homoerotic thread title    02/26/20  (16)
POST-DEBATE THREAD: WHO WON?    02/26/20  (56)
why are printers still so shitty?    02/26/20  (18)
true that bernie sanders eats babies and has slaves?    02/26/20  (1)
Jason Mraz issues statement disavowing Orlando district attorney candidate (link    02/26/20  (5)
whokebe admits to speaking 2 languages, but refuses to disclose the 2nd one    02/26/20  (2)
CDC: Americans should prepare for “significant disruptions to their lives”    02/26/20  (40)
Biden wining more states on predictit    02/26/20  (1)
Lol Bloomberg is obviously right on pot but Dems will HATE HIM for it    02/26/20  (42)
So Bloomberg got PWND at the SC debate?    02/26/20  (10)
Whok, how good would Ike Ibeabuchi have been?    02/26/20  (6)
Barry on HBO is probably the best current show on television    02/26/20  (15)
I admit that NoFap is key to a man's success.    02/26/20  (12)
"hi it's ray w KPMG. ur voicemail, u said 'im gay', can i get some color on tha    02/26/20  (1)
My dad is short and thinks chiropractors are doctors. (CSLG's Son)    02/26/20  (1)
is coronavirus legit or just a deathwish-oriented xo forcememe?    02/26/20  (30)
Rampant shitliberalism in Knives Out was hilarious, XO reptile reaction would be    02/26/20  (57)
Remember how everyone here watched "Westworld"    02/26/20  (39)
any doubt Trump is finished here?    02/26/20  (2)
My kids will have a 180 life (CSLG)    02/26/20  (61)
Biden: If Israel didn't exist, US would have to invent to protect US interests    02/26/20  (3)
Ben Carson: "As for Sanders, I do appreciate what his father the Colonel did"    02/26/20  (135)
"Brother" printers should hire Hulk Hogan as ad spokesman    02/26/20  (8)
GF suggested we try ANAL. Protips?    02/26/20  (9)
today's Tom Steyer he gets high on you, as illegals invade we can thank the jews    02/26/20  (13)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    02/26/20  (106)
GIF of Kate Beckinsdale playing with her hairy pussy.    02/26/20  (15)
ghost pottery scene but jason mraz is ghost and it's tsinah making huge dildo    02/26/20  (23)
; watch your back
   02/26/20  (15)
Why doesn’t Jeff Probst age    02/26/20  (2)
Is it prole to vape?    02/26/20  (4)
Rate this luis inspired comic.    02/26/20  (3)
Reminder: Donald Trump has ruined Obeezy's life. Truly 180!    02/26/20  (14)
Andy Griffith Show reboot where everyone is openly dealing drugs    02/26/20  (4)
Just damn near fell in love with the Tinder girl I just fucked.    02/26/20  (7)
Pic of Jim Kelly and Non Sequitur trying new food spot in SV    02/26/20  (8)
cataloging my thoughts during the dem debate (vulpix)    02/26/20  (15)
key Dem messaging for 2020: we need govt subsidized weed dealers.    02/26/20  (1)
tsinahs asshole to tsinahs aids: "hey, being fully blown is my thing!"    02/26/20  (4)
mike bloomberg is so hot    02/26/20  (5)
maybe i have a nice dick but no one's ever thought to compliment it before.    02/26/20  (1)
elizabeth warren is so hot    02/26/20  (1)
Coronavirus following ancient trade routes, China -> Persia -> Italy    02/26/20  (1)
REMINDER: Joe Biden got busted for plagiarism    02/26/20  (5)
desperately need cowgod's thoughts on avatar the last airbender    02/26/20  (1)
a new social structure based entirely on meat    02/26/20  (5)
mike bloomberg rally was lit. check out the group pic (link)    02/26/20  (1)
Is Bernie Sanders a racist?    02/26/20  (6)
would you suck off Mike Bloomberg standing on egg crate for $10,000?    02/26/20  (9)
Lmao at how fragile this gay fraud economy is    02/26/20  (2)
let's see Paul Allen's 12 in. x 12 in. Diamond Graphite Modular Tile Garage Flo    02/26/20  (1)
WE WUZ LAMPSHADES    02/26/20  (18)
never would have predicted what an insatiable DNC/deep state slut Warren became    02/26/20  (1)
WuFlu: the boomer slayer    02/26/20  (1)
pete buttigeg in a tutu    02/26/20  (1)
"YAAAATTHHHH~!!! FABULOUSTH!!!!" -mayor pete    02/26/20  (2)
Why does MSM loathe Mike Bloomberg?    02/26/20  (5)
Ultimately it all just became too ridiculous. The rise of Amazon should've been    02/26/20  (3)
y'all sleepin on steyer    02/26/20  (2)
So Trump ended taking a hardline against Chink trade right before Corpwnavirus?    02/26/20  (1)
we need a normcore president who vapes    02/26/20  (3)
Why are step sisters such whores?!    02/26/20  (2)
nothing brings the 'community' together like a drug-selling enterprise    02/26/20  (3)
CDC: our scientists won't be leaving until 3pm every day, that's a promise    02/26/20  (3)
let's see Paul Allen's "By You" tab.    02/26/20  (4)
let's see Paul Allen's fursuit.    02/26/20  (1)
How do I ensure I get the most virulent form of covid19    02/26/20  (2)
You're plucking-out-own-eyeballs-tier NUTS if u go to airports; stadia anymore    02/26/20  (1)
So “VULPIX” is BP’s Harley Quinn but with smaller tits?    02/26/20  (4)
Boom runs the Hot Pockets twitter account    02/25/20  (2)
OMG becky he's north atlantid phenotype    02/25/20  (2)
We're all about to lose our money and jobs due to coronavirus    02/25/20  (1)
Cucker Tarlson was ruthless tonight WRT Booty judge    02/25/20  (3)
the day i became a man. (an IFNB story)    02/25/20  (35)
so Bernie's economic plan is 'every will sell drugs?'    02/25/20  (4)
Dirte reviews Harbor Freight Saw Mill (YouTube)    02/25/20  (1)
Amy Klobuchar is wall-eyed    02/25/20  (2)
SUMMON: whokebe    02/25/20  (2)
let's see Paul Allen's boipussi.    02/25/20  (1)
How much reefer does Bernie Sanders toke?    02/25/20  (2)
President Trump welcoming the 2016 WS Champion Nationals to the White House    02/25/20  (13)
"don't worry guys!! coronavirus is NOT a threat!! :D" -pumos    02/25/20  (1)
Hot Pockets heiress sentenced to 5 months IN PRISON for admissions scandal    02/25/20  (13)
People stocking up on rice and beans are fags    02/25/20  (6)
is the "debate" worth watching? Y or N    02/25/20  (3)
MTV's Beto and Butt-gag    02/25/20  (2)
Nude photos of Amy Klobuchar leaked (link)    02/25/20  (1)
Peter McNeely was a huge fraud    02/25/20  (5)
Klobuchar is fucking hideous. Lol    02/25/20  (2)
N🐵I🐵G🐵G🐵E🐵R    02/25/20  (12)
if we'd closed borders in 1950, we actually could be a scandi hedonistic state    02/25/20  (1)
What's the best NOT flame age to date for a 35 yr old man?    02/25/20  (29)
Chainlink approaching $3 again, nolinkies <><><> irate    02/25/20  (66)
So coronavirus killed HK protest movement?    02/25/20  (10)
We are starting a revolution of giving our shit to Tyrone! -XO Bernie    02/25/20  (1)
Bernie: 'We're gonna get real HIGHHHHHHH.'    02/25/20  (2)
Holy fuck all these "women" on post debate show look like trannies    02/25/20  (1)
We are about to see a hard world which pulverizes lib ideology into dust    02/25/20  (1)
Bernie: the best thing we can do fa workas, is let mowr browns into tha country    02/25/20  (4)
Just ordered 900 packets of rice & beans    02/25/20  (2)
rachmiel amadeus did you break nodrink?    02/25/20  (1)
Could China be using corona as cover for cracking down on dissidents?    02/25/20  (3)
xo Bernie holding up nuclear football, proposing "zero-state solution" to Congre    02/25/20  (3)
NASA: Americans no longer have to worry about what's coming from Pluto    02/25/20  (3)
Lol at owning "Tezos"    02/25/20  (12)
Bump dis when XO Bernies student Loan plan has 50k cap or 100k income limit    02/25/20  (1)
What is the furthest you’ve ever heard Allen Edmonds shoes walk?    02/25/20  (2)
How is snow in Utah (SLC) vs Denver area resorts this year?    02/25/20  (2)
200 yelp review barrier broken    02/25/20  (6)
Just Took 600 mg ibuprofen and 1000 mg Tylenol. Currently applying heating pad    02/25/20  (11)
rate this Howard Law student (pics)    02/25/20  (7)
i have a fever. is it coronavirus?    02/25/20  (2)
2019 Law Firm Financials    02/25/20  (48)
Get back to the kitchen, you old Cockney bitch. How dare you interrupt    02/25/20  (3)
women have degraded public life so badly, case in point the debate tonight    02/25/20  (1)
My buddy is looking at 5 years in a Georgia prison    02/25/20  (150)
Obama and Buttigieg have the same CIA speaking teacher    02/25/20  (4)
Does coronavirus make asshole bleed or more of a fortuitous flu?    02/25/20  (1)
walked in on 3 shrews discussing football pass routes in break room    02/25/20  (3)
Shuffling around with cardboard take out box in firm cafeteria, embarrassed    02/25/20  (1)
Scared that coronavirus will get me before Tyson-Fury 3    02/25/20  (4)
GF does a whole gram of coke when she parties. Addict?    02/25/20  (2)
Prediction: TRUMP will flip MN, CO, NV, VA, & NH in November, win 348 EV's    02/25/20  (12)
Cuck worker bees in biz casual shoveling down salad during 30 min lunch    02/25/20  (46)
Vatican & WHO & CDC to hold joint press conference re: “last days” tomorrow    02/25/20  (3)
yo bowlcut are we cool dude    02/25/20  (13)
PSA: There’s a new “Amy Klobuchar Combo” at KFC    02/25/20  (3)
lol! that guy LARPing as "kamala" said he wanted to fuck CSLG! haha!    02/25/20  (2)
Bloomberg: tackles foreign policy, coronavirus. Warren: NDA's, filibuster.    02/25/20  (1)
CSLG junk not real big but it cute, and he wheez pures when I touch it    02/25/20  (6)
Bloodacre, want to go halfsies on this shake?    02/25/20  (2)
CSLG want me to spin him around, but ain't da guy usually do dat to da girl?    02/25/20  (11)
my penis is stupidly hard right now    02/25/20  (1)
Prediction: WARREN will flip off Bloomberg next debate    02/25/20  (1)
GF is MAF at me for voting for Bernie Sanders    02/25/20  (35)
Bernie didn't get grilled as hard as Trump was by Cruz 4 years back, remember?    02/25/20  (5)
Reminder: There's a ~40 year old man taking Propecia behind the "Kamala" schtick    02/25/20  (47)
Warren: "I'm cloning myself and we are gonna tag team Bloomberg next debate"    02/25/20  (1)
Warren: "I was a special ed teacher and 0 of my students were dumb as Bloomberg"    02/25/20  (7)
walking to taco bell in my gas station WOLF HAT, taking Qs    02/25/20  (3)
87% of NYC residents say Lori Laughlin deserves more jail than Tessa Majors kill    02/25/20  (2)
INTRODUCING: WarrenFrigidMeanBitterChocolate    02/25/20  (1)
"Yeah, no. You suck at this." (Upset Jew moments b4 getting shot in2 mass grave    02/25/20  (1)

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