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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/19/20  (383)
Well, I'm BOWLCUTTIN, check it and see, got autism and i'm only 5'3"    02/20/20  (8)
Left this note on my neighbors garage this morning    02/20/20  (1)
Johnsmeyer hasn’t been funny since 5 blacks in Vancouver raped him    02/20/20  (3)
Do I tip at a chinese buffet?    02/20/20  (4)
Hillbilly Elegy's J.D. Vance now has a son named Vivek    02/20/20  (29)
ATTENTION: Your wife is cheating on you with a bowlcut alpha bro    02/20/20  (7)
Lifestyle creep at it's finest    02/20/20  (3)
how many biggie rhymes are going to come out of Jay z fat lips?    02/20/20  (3)
NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED... being a giant bitch at the debate    02/20/20  (1)
How much of Biggie's rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips?    02/20/20  (2)
ITT I have a live conversation with Rach    02/20/20  (5)
Joaquin Phoenix was 100% right about how horrible industrial slaughterhouses are    02/20/20  (40)
Warren is now DNC elite choice    02/20/20  (4)
slimp & methylphenidate totally running the board rn    02/20/20  (7)
ITT Rank the top 5 pies    02/20/20  (17)
factory farms are just GC experiment. coming for us next.    02/20/20  (7)
Trump going through his online polls from 2016 debates now lol    02/20/20  (9)
Why do we need private health insurance companies?    02/20/20  (56)
"The Bloomberg Myth Explodes on Live TV" (Matt Taibbi -Rolling Stone)    02/20/20  (19)
Bort Jews, take a lesson from this Muscle-Jew on how to be a man    02/20/20  (6)
Ordered slice of pie at a restaurant. Found a fucking bone in it.    02/20/20  (7)
Severe alcoholic liver disease skyrocketing among those aged 20-40    02/20/20  (70)
lol how many Thai ladyboys has jinx #metoo'd by now?    02/20/20  (2)
Huge fight with cunt wife    02/20/20  (15)
Tmf and Mandy how much do you miss being ballers in SSR?    02/20/20  (2)
what kind of cucked fag uses centralized financial services in 2020    02/20/20  (2)
Mercenary real estate developers should be dumped into mass graves    02/20/20  (42)
TMF convincing teen hooker to serve as MND's surrogate    02/20/20  (2)
RATE the phenotype of this CONVICTED FELON (link)    02/20/20  (6)
New hobby. Going to HS girls Insta live streams and repeating "I'm gay"...    02/20/20  (4)
problem with Coronavirus is it's not 100% mortality and in America right now    02/20/20  (2)
My Pompous Boy Students Think They Know Everything    02/20/20  (1)
Nigger female asks her nigger boyfriend "Why is your asshole blown out"    02/20/20  (9)
I'm slow and retarded but I get there    02/20/20  (1)
How are Asian chicks in the sack?    02/20/20  (10)
faggy nigger    02/20/20  (4)
Barbershop style poster that is just 15 different bowl cut lengths    02/20/20  (1)
Lol home prices are set that high to launder money as well as drug money    02/20/20  (11)
These clown debates are an embarassment !! Trump will easily crush these fools    02/20/20  (1)
Oh if you're Jewish you can just take the LSAT the day after your goyim friends    02/20/20  (6)
What body build and race of chick combo is best in the sack?    02/20/20  (5)
CNN: Wanna know what’s worse that coronavirus? Racism.    02/20/20  (3)
Zhenry Erin    02/20/20  (3)
do you ever take your vacation days all at once    02/20/20  (34)
reminder: all anyone talked about summer 1999 was "mini me"    02/20/20  (9)
Hawaii is a slum dump now...makes east saint louis look like a paradise    02/20/20  (3)
Autistic Chad confused why your wife is putting a metal bowl on his head    02/20/20  (1)
Diamonds are worthless    02/20/20  (1)
Made 700k last year, when do I start feeling well off?    02/20/20  (32)
Biden's son gets paid $50k a month from Ukraine so we should impeach Trump    02/20/20  (102)
YouTube's top XFL analyst agrees: DC Defenders best team in the XFL    02/20/20  (3)
my preferred pronoun is “ice beaner”    02/20/20  (1)
ITT the worst financial decision you ever made    02/20/20  (164)
Would you buy this poster?    02/20/20  (2)
Fraud daylight savings time.. Adding a day to a worthless month ljl    02/20/20  (1)
Just read FB post by Reawoken Aztec. Changing vote from Warren to TRUMP.    02/20/20  (4)
Here is why trump is probably going to lose this election    02/20/20  (7)
Walter is a 180 poster    02/20/20  (8)
Mini Mike should rock a CPAP machine to the next debate    02/20/20  (1)
Marriage is fraud.. Just a way to scam someone..you don't have to talk to spouse    02/20/20  (2)
I have no money and I must consume    02/20/20  (23)
Best MFH hair salon / barbershops to get a perfect bowlcut?    02/20/20  (3)
“Anyone can be a dad. It takes a MAN to be a father.”    02/20/20  (10)
Is LinkedIn the most insufferable social media platform today?    02/20/20  (5)
hope these pumos are at least paid for their posts    02/20/20  (7)
Johnsmeyer has his limbs amputated and tongue removed and is a living sex doll    02/20/20  (1)
Testing is easy bullshit.. If you can't get perfect score ljl    02/20/20  (1)
A tear rolls down Johnsmeyer’s cheek as the cholo calls him Duchess    02/20/20  (1)
Rate me as a poster RIGHT NOW.    02/20/20  (3)
Does anyone have a subscription to FORTUNE? Need the text of this article    02/20/20  (4)
Student loan=literal retard that shouldn't be in school    02/20/20  (3)
watch this horde of enraged liberals descend on a conservative girl on campus    02/20/20  (36)
🥣 BOWLCUT CREW CHECK IN 🥣    02/20/20  (12)
I’m considering a *massive* options bet on Alibaba. Convince me otherwise    02/20/20  (154)
why do men still sign up for UMC life?    02/20/20  (140)
NPR sob story about girl who gets almost-free housing in DC suburbs    02/20/20  (63)
Embryos may be getting deployed soon (MND)    02/20/20  (12)
rate me as a nut milk    02/20/20  (1)
Shitttigators! MOUNT UP!    02/20/20  (1)
not depressed but life is fucking horrible 100%    02/20/20  (1)
Obama ignores CDC, allows 14 Americans infected with coronavirus to return home    02/20/20  (16)
Sick of being just another stupid goy. I'm ready to fight back.    02/20/20  (39)
Puppets holding down Johnsmeyer as a model train enters his ass    02/20/20  (5)
I'm taking a stand against degeneracy    02/20/20  (1)
Reminder: there’s no dirt on Sanders that could make libs/moderates hate him    02/20/20  (3)
I stand here totally nude, draped in crystals, ready to take down ZOG    02/20/20  (60)
Anyone here know an actual pozzed person IRL?    02/20/20  (1)
gonna dedicate my life to burning down every porn studio world wide    02/20/20  (3)
why do libs love degeneracy so much    02/20/20  (1)
degeneracy is poison    02/20/20  (3)
poison is poison    02/20/20  (1)
opening up porn studio    02/20/20  (9)
Coronavirus update: Japan, South Korea and Iran are hopelessly fucked    02/20/20  (16)
A Sanders/Trump GE comes down to this    02/20/20  (68)
young professionals' networking breakfast tp    02/20/20  (2)
How do you pronounce prescient    02/20/20  (5)
None of you would like "are cuntry" you'd literally off yourselves    02/20/20  (11)
Which is worse: HIV or coronavirus?    02/20/20  (1)
lol 70% of Obama’s Twitter followers are fake accounts (link)    02/20/20  (7)
Why are UMC people so obsessed with retiring?    02/20/20  (7)
Johnsmeyer getting held down and penetrated by beefy multi-ethnic gang    02/20/20  (2)
From Deer Training to Rear Training: The Fall of Johnsmeyer    02/20/20  (1)
DEBATE POLL: WHO WON????    02/20/20  (113)
“Some men haven’t taken it in the ass. But not me, not anymore” (Johnsmeye    02/20/20  (1)
Johnsmeyer you came back and couldn’t hang. You forfeited your anal cherry    02/20/20  (1)
17 Intelligence Agencies: Russia colluding w/Trump to hack 2020 elections (link)    02/20/20  (48)
RATE mike pompeos prestige    02/20/20  (2)
Mark it: Anonymity on the internet will be gone by 2020    02/20/20  (75)
White guys really prefer kissing girls with thin lips?    02/20/20  (3)
I'm going to a brewpub to drink a few triple IPAs    02/20/20  (2)
When a cunt is pregnant its another parasite in the belly    02/20/20  (1)
Is it illegal for GC to pay off Dem superdelegates to vote against Sanders?    02/20/20  (6)
Best city in North America for $750k / year income?    02/20/20  (10)
Reminder: staying up for 60+ hours permanently changes ur personality    02/20/20  (1)
Roger Stone is a GOOD guy. It’s LAW ENFORCEMENT who are the evil ones    02/20/20  (2)
Zyzz Shreddedshian 1989-2011. RIP BREH    02/20/20  (13)
Amazing how small the largest wyoming metro area is just wowza    02/20/20  (6)
ordinary fucking people    02/20/20  (1)
Google vs Microsoft rivalry takes strange new twist with murder    02/20/20  (5)
Now gimme that TuTu. And I'll give you that hehe    02/20/20  (8)
Is Dupa/bloodacre the most famous musician on xoxo?    02/20/20  (1)
CA Gov Newsom: doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing (link)    02/20/20  (18)
pretty 180 that Walter tp and I will never pay our $300k debt thanks 2 bernie    02/20/20  (13)
200k in profit already in 2020    02/20/20  (8)
Zelenoff would wreck Tyson Fury, and that pikey bastard knows it    02/20/20  (7)
Preacher accidentally says "You may now FIST the bride" at wedding ceremony:    02/20/20  (1)
Should I go from market big law to national biglaw? $145K to $190k    02/20/20  (33)
It's time to talk about SomeOtherGhost    02/20/20  (5)
Hate the mentality outside of the biggest cities..fuck being married by 18 all t    02/20/20  (1)
u studied and delayed gratification so illegals could get free housing and money    02/20/20  (1)
MUH 401K!    02/20/20  (1)
I know idiots in oil&gas starting at 800k..sickening    02/20/20  (128)
showed this pic of benzo to the barber last time i went for a haircut    02/20/20  (7)
russian disinfo agent tp    02/20/20  (1)
my name is war machine, and this is what i think about politics    02/20/20  (10)
Mexican Moderator Chick licking lollipop: Do ju know the capital of Argentina?    02/20/20  (12)
RUSSIAAAAAAAAAAA. lmao libs    02/20/20  (1)
Juss watched the Dem debate from last night...Biden won    02/20/20  (2)
Utah man found dead w/ notarized note saying wife didn't kill him    02/20/20  (11)
Remember when Jet Li attended Aaliyah's funeral?    02/20/20  (9)
In line to see new Sonic Movie. Thousands of people here    02/20/20  (2)
how would tls bernie modify income taxes?    02/20/20  (8)
everybody in luis' office is synched to the same depression cycle    02/20/20  (4)
wtf ever happened to the other gay mayor, Beto?    02/20/20  (1)
young sheldon tp    02/20/20  (3)

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