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STICKY: Big changes   08/06/20  (330)
Abolish Private Property (Teen Vogue)    08/07/20  (6)
Boston is now more prestigious than NYC    08/07/20  (4)
Vox at a complete loss to explain spike in murders    08/07/20  (22)
How did Karl with a ‘C’ become a thing?    08/07/20  (4)
Rate this Yale XC girl who likes to do Tik Toks in her underwear    08/07/20  (81)
Naïve young lawyers face 40+ years in prison    08/07/20  (157)
"SEC girls" are flame. Boxy bodies. Short arms. Bad skin. Little pot bellies.    08/07/20  (11)
Can't believe I'm saying this but......... it is fraudvirus, isn't it?    08/07/20  (76)
Parents have enormous power; a bad given name will ruin your kid    08/07/20  (5)
Apparently 'Arthur' (the kids cartoon) did a George Floyd episode (clip):    08/07/20  (37)
180 article about upcoming white flight from cities    08/07/20  (90)
"Spaceporn! Use dat sunbrock on kid! Rooks like a rittel brak boy!"    08/07/20  (1)
faggots who eat pizza w silverware    08/07/20  (11)
Tinder 4: "So what are you intere--" U: im gay!!!!    08/07/20  (1)
*burps* excuse me, i'm gay    08/07/20  (1)
Kanye says his campaign is to siphon black votes from Biden to help Trump    08/07/20  (4)
Went out to smoke. Opened garage door because it’s raining and    08/07/20  (20)
Polyandry seems like a good solution to China's one-child problems    08/07/20  (11)
If Senate and WH go Dem, chances we get Lessig style campaign reform?    08/07/20  (2)
Did Galileo freak the fuck out when he first looked through his telescope?    08/07/20  (17)
How bad does childbirth fuck up a girl's pussy for real?    08/07/20  (16)
RATE this chick, who, I eventually learned, is playing a piano (link)    08/07/20  (21)
Eugene Gu is TOUGH on crime.    08/07/20  (11)
incredible boston bar pizza    08/07/20  (2)
Rank your top 3 donuts    08/07/20  (65)
300K dead from COVID by December. XO: *yawn*    08/07/20  (11)
Trade Recommendation: BIIB Bear Put Spread    08/07/20  (2)
David Lat interview about covid-19 aftermath.    08/07/20  (1)
White nationalist guys in pickle b/c China tech ban harms their Asian wife (DTP)    08/07/20  (8)
lmao at Princeton just saying FUCK Woodrow Wilson    08/07/20  (12)
fuck it... im fat forever    08/07/20  (1)
Border Patrol finds most sophisticated underground tunnel yet in Arizona    08/07/20  (2)
faggots who eat spaghetti w silverware    08/07/20  (2)
Sorry crypto dudes. No chance wilbur/upset jew are "smart money" (DTP)    08/07/20  (1)
How to cop school Janitor or similar jerb with penison?    08/07/20  (16)
I aspie to multiple properties    08/07/20  (3)
"White supremacy drives every policy and law" - NYC Legal Aid Society:    08/07/20  (7)
we need a "Final Solution" to black criminality    08/07/20  (1)
Wal-Mart to Accept Crypto Currencies (Forbes)    08/07/20  (1)
The writing is on the wall. Crypto is done here. (DTP)    08/07/20  (5)
Is broken window policing dead?    08/07/20  (13)
Biden announces Rachel Dolezal as running mate    08/07/20  (6)
So dimbwitted retard upset Jew admits it’s fraudvirus months too late?    08/07/20  (5)
Homeless Guy gives 180 interview while destroying Manhattan's UWS    08/07/20  (13)
GJR waking up Mike Fart: What kind of greasy potatoes do you want this morning?    08/07/20  (7)
And then the afternoon tea started dancing!    08/07/20  (2)
Why does Dupa/bloodacre love LeBron so much?    08/07/20  (2)
NYC on the rise!    08/07/20  (2)
gg ez    08/07/20  (1)
Still can't believe Roberts says Gov can close Churches but keep casinos open    08/07/20  (17)
so Trump actually went ahead and did the TikTok ban. Wow.    08/07/20  (6)
I know a Chinese-American rapper and he's so lonely lol    08/07/20  (5)
Why do blacks think defunding police will help them?    08/07/20  (33)
what juice wrld song do u start your day with    08/07/20  (3)
Will black culture and music always dominate Americas youth?    08/07/20  (3)
NYT 2021: this huge spike in inner city murders has seemingly come from nowhere    08/07/20  (17)
What is Eudaimonia?    08/07/20  (1)
even NYT commenters now think NYT is insane    08/07/20  (4)
Every gay and lesbian I ever met was severely mentally ill    08/07/20  (5)
C’mon man!    08/07/20  (2)
Trump executive order on student loans apparently coming out    08/07/20  (52)
It's 4am and the White House phone rings. Biden picks up "CMon Man!"    08/07/20  (2)
Am i entitled to rent abatement for 1.5 weeks w no shower in 2nd bathroom?    08/07/20  (25)
xo Jason Whitlock EVISCERATES Lebron James (link)    08/07/20  (2)
You know the "Kosher" Symbol is A JEW scheme that forces Companies to pay 1 cent    08/07/20  (3)
Do you think a film crew should intervene when the hawk catches the rabbit?    08/07/20  (3)
I wanted to be a Marxist revolutionary but not like this. not with jail    08/07/20  (6)
Why do people think fish don't feel pain? Of course they do.    08/07/20  (1)
Cats are the worst. There. I said it.    08/07/20  (14)
Thought maybe we could grab some tea at BLM Plaza    08/07/20  (1)
China's approach to the rest of the world is fundamentally hypocritical, unfair    08/07/20  (8)
@JoeBiden 4m When I announced my VP selection, I read the wrong name. Its actua    08/07/20  (1)
Can someone bump thread w/ WOC berating racist barista who explained espresso    08/07/20  (1)
LJL Trumptards: Border Patrol finds ‘most sophisticated cross-border tunnel’    08/07/20  (3)
We pray to Baal that this ram will go into enemy ship and make a big hole    08/07/20  (5)
baseball tp    08/07/20  (1)
You can completely redeem 2020 by putting entire savings into BTC/ETH    08/07/20  (1)
Imagine murdering someone, then decades later celebreties threaten to burn down    08/07/20  (1)
RATE this Florida GOP candidate    08/07/20  (20)
Pierce Bainbridge paralegal caught partner jerking off, he grabbed her boob    08/07/20  (7)
Chryssippus    08/07/20  (1)
have a seat, white boy. grab yourself a eggroll.    08/07/20  (2)
Slate gabfest is arguing to stop the census    08/07/20  (1)
Instead of money, seems like she needs a place to crash, kennel the kid.    08/07/20  (1)
It is kind of BS that illegal immigrants have house representation.    08/07/20  (2)
If told in March that Halloween would be cancelled, how much death would u have    08/07/20  (5)
"Tea? This mothafucka be tryin to serve me tea. Want expresso. No little cup nig    08/07/20  (1)
i'd slap my kid if he walked on the balls of his feet    08/07/20  (3)
Dr. Fauci: "You can come out when you stop talking about Jews online"    08/07/20  (1)
Kamala hitting the tanning bed daily while awaiting announcement    08/07/20  (1)
What exactly makes Bill DeBlasio such a vile piece of human excrement?    08/07/20  (1)
Read the book of Job today    08/07/20  (26)
NYC is getting BLASTED with graffiti- EVERYWHERE on private houses    08/07/20  (10)
dating is so hard for me because i just like eating pizza and watching netflix a    08/07/20  (1)
"Diff'rent Strokes" Reboot Earns Netflix's First X Rating (Variety)    08/07/20  (1)
Biz idea: Start a chinese company, buy Twitter so it gets banned by US govt    08/07/20  (2)
RECOVERY SUMMER    08/07/20  (1)
IBS and anxiety are now considered "disabilities" u can milk for AA in hiring    08/07/20  (2)
"nobody finna read about dead cumskins" said new dept chair to the classics prof    08/07/20  (6)
Trump got too far away from the globalists argument    08/07/20  (12)
"Look, fat..."    08/07/20  (1)
oh wow cool racial awakening    08/07/20  (1)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    08/07/20  (278)
"Silence is violence" slogan leaves autistic community vulnerable    08/07/20  (6)
The stock market is about to explode over the next few months    08/07/20  (7)
TikTok teens crying, losing influence    08/07/20  (6)
rate these extremely alpha IFNB mongols:    08/07/20  (10)
"I shouldn't say that"    08/07/20  (3)
TikTok Teens crying, learning to code, create better US-based app    08/07/20  (1)
Rented out house five months ago. $9500 in the hole currently    08/07/20  (130)
Trump says very rich people are trying to kill him (link)    08/07/20  (5)
so Letitia James will be investigating the Clinton Foundation next right?    08/07/20  (1)
Biden announces Angela Davis as running mate    08/07/20  (1)
Most girls think I'm boring. Introduce them to xoxohth?    08/07/20  (4)
Is the Rolex Daytona cosmograph the prettiest watch out there?    08/07/20  (34)
Morning lift was 180    08/07/20  (7)
S&W M&P15 Sport II for $800 - get it while you can    08/07/20  (63)
100% shitlib here, but this is too damn much to bear    08/07/20  (10)
Why did Britain sign the Balfour Declaration while losing the war?    08/07/20  (5)
I never understood XOs obsession with credentials until recently    08/07/20  (61)
It's kind of funny how libs got blacks to think of themselves as "diverse"    08/07/20  (1)
rach please give search to luis just so can search for "luis"    08/07/20  (3)
Seeing rachmiel in real time is like living in Biblical times: reality heightens    08/07/20  (8)
I SQUANCH him once I SQUANCH him twice I got my son from the land of RICE    08/07/20  (3)
White woman who studies blacks, uses the term “narcissistic” a lot in everyd    08/07/20  (1)
LA is lucky Latinos are docile. Less blacks (Chi). Less insane whites (Portland)    08/07/20  (27)
haha sounds like you're following the "6 foot rule"! thanks anyways.    08/07/20  (3)
2 year-old girl calls 911 to report dying lawyer dad    08/07/20  (1)
Interesting Realization I had re past girlfriends...    08/07/20  (36)
Arthur (from the children's cartoon) arrested for throwing Molotov at cops    08/07/20  (1)
New Video for EARL, RSF, Tommy Turdskin, etc.    08/07/20  (29)
Is This the Beginning of the End of American Racism? (The Atlantic story):    08/07/20  (4)
White faggot complains that New York Seal is "RACISS" vs Indians- Demands Change    08/07/20  (2)
Are most Asians pathological liars?    08/07/20  (16)
The Atlantic used to publish articles like this:    08/07/20  (37)
"ThunderCucked" blares over sound system as Trump enters GOP convention hall    08/07/20  (3)
What happened to Joe Biden?    08/07/20  (8)
The Explosive Latina Vagina and the Squatter Invasion    08/07/20  (23)
Three Gorges Dam still about to collapse?    08/07/20  (4)
The best MD 20/20 flavors were peaches & cream, orange, and the coconut one    08/07/20  (2)
sex slaves on bath salts jerking off on chaturbate in covid hazmat suits    08/07/20  (1)
"I need a dopamine reset"thought luis while the strange man was still inside him    08/07/20  (9)
The influence of "Call Her Daddy" is pretty interesting    08/07/20  (31)
NYC blackout    08/07/20  (1)
What's the appeal of Susan Rice as VP?    08/07/20  (86)
"Stay Home If You're Scared"    08/07/20  (2)
Pretty obvious Harry Truman bombed Japan for racist reasons    08/07/20  (5)

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