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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/19/20  (383)
opening up porn studio    02/20/20  (8)
ITT the worst financial decision you ever made    02/20/20  (158)
Rate me as a poster RIGHT NOW.    02/20/20  (1)
why do men still sign up for UMC life?    02/20/20  (136)
Embryos may be getting deployed soon (MND)    02/20/20  (7)
Coronavirus update: Japan, South Korea and Iran are hopelessly fucked    02/20/20  (16)
A Sanders/Trump GE comes down to this    02/20/20  (68)
young professionals' networking breakfast tp    02/20/20  (2)
"The Bloomberg Myth Explodes on Live TV" (Matt Taibbi -Rolling Stone)    02/20/20  (18)
How do you pronounce prescient    02/20/20  (5)
None of you would like "are cuntry" you'd literally off yourselves    02/20/20  (11)
Puppets holding down Johnsmeyer as a model train enters his ass    02/20/20  (3)
Which is worse: HIV or coronavirus?    02/20/20  (1)
lol 70% of Obama’s Twitter followers are fake accounts (link)    02/20/20  (7)
Why are UMC people so obsessed with retiring?    02/20/20  (7)
Johnsmeyer getting held down and penetrated by beefy multi-ethnic gang    02/20/20  (2)
Obama ignores CDC, allows 14 Americans infected with coronavirus to return home    02/20/20  (13)
Severe alcoholic liver disease skyrocketing among those aged 20-40    02/20/20  (63)
From Deer Training to Rear Training: The Fall of Johnsmeyer    02/20/20  (1)
DEBATE POLL: WHO WON????    02/20/20  (113)
“Some men haven’t taken it in the ass. But not me, not anymore” (Johnsmeye    02/20/20  (1)
Reminder: there’s no dirt on Sanders that could make libs/moderates hate him    02/20/20  (2)
Johnsmeyer you came back and couldn’t hang. You forfeited your anal cherry    02/20/20  (1)
17 Intelligence Agencies: Russia colluding w/Trump to hack 2020 elections (link)    02/20/20  (48)
Just read FB post by Reawoken Aztec. Changing vote from Warren to TRUMP.    02/20/20  (3)
Marriage is fraud.. Just a way to scam someone..you don't have to talk to spouse    02/20/20  (1)
RATE mike pompeos prestige    02/20/20  (2)
Mark it: Anonymity on the internet will be gone by 2020    02/20/20  (75)
YouTube's top XFL analyst agrees: DC Defenders best team in the XFL    02/20/20  (1)
White guys really prefer kissing girls with thin lips?    02/20/20  (3)
I'm going to a brewpub to drink a few triple IPAs    02/20/20  (2)
When a cunt is pregnant its another parasite in the belly    02/20/20  (1)
Is it illegal for GC to pay off Dem superdelegates to vote against Sanders?    02/20/20  (6)
Best city in North America for $750k / year income?    02/20/20  (10)
Reminder: staying up for 60+ hours permanently changes ur personality    02/20/20  (1)
Roger Stone is a GOOD guy. It’s LAW ENFORCEMENT who are the evil ones    02/20/20  (2)
Zyzz Shreddedshian 1989-2011. RIP BREH    02/20/20  (13)
Amazing how small the largest wyoming metro area is just wowza    02/20/20  (6)
ordinary fucking people    02/20/20  (1)
Google vs Microsoft rivalry takes strange new twist with murder    02/20/20  (5)
Now gimme that TuTu. And I'll give you that hehe    02/20/20  (8)
Is Dupa/bloodacre the most famous musician on xoxo?    02/20/20  (1)
CA Gov Newsom: doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing (link)    02/20/20  (18)
Made 700k last year, when do I start feeling well off?    02/20/20  (23)
pretty 180 that Walter tp and I will never pay our $300k debt thanks 2 bernie    02/20/20  (13)
200k in profit already in 2020    02/20/20  (8)
Zelenoff would wreck Tyson Fury, and that pikey bastard knows it    02/20/20  (7)
Preacher accidentally says "You may now FIST the bride" at wedding ceremony:    02/20/20  (1)
Should I go from market big law to national biglaw? $145K to $190k    02/20/20  (33)
It's time to talk about SomeOtherGhost    02/20/20  (5)
Hate the mentality outside of the biggest cities..fuck being married by 18 all t    02/20/20  (1)
u studied and delayed gratification so illegals could get free housing and money    02/20/20  (1)
MUH 401K!    02/20/20  (1)
I know idiots in oil&gas starting at 800k..sickening    02/20/20  (128)
showed this pic of benzo to the barber last time i went for a haircut    02/20/20  (7)
russian disinfo agent tp    02/20/20  (1)
my name is war machine, and this is what i think about politics    02/20/20  (10)
Mexican Moderator Chick licking lollipop: Do ju know the capital of Argentina?    02/20/20  (12)
RUSSIAAAAAAAAAAA. lmao libs    02/20/20  (1)
Trump going through his online polls from 2016 debates now lol    02/20/20  (7)
Juss watched the Dem debate from last night...Biden won    02/20/20  (2)
Utah man found dead w/ notarized note saying wife didn't kill him    02/20/20  (11)
Remember when Jet Li attended Aaliyah's funeral?    02/20/20  (9)
In line to see new Sonic Movie. Thousands of people here    02/20/20  (2)
how would tls bernie modify income taxes?    02/20/20  (8)
everybody in luis' office is synched to the same depression cycle    02/20/20  (4)
Joaquin Phoenix was 100% right about how horrible industrial slaughterhouses are    02/20/20  (35)
wtf ever happened to the other gay mayor, Beto?    02/20/20  (1)
young sheldon tp    02/20/20  (3)
sharklasers making some good posts under the communityfag account    02/20/20  (3)
I have no money and I must consume    02/20/20  (3)
I have no money and I must consume    02/20/20  (22)
damn bowlcut    02/20/20  (20)
don't use michael milken's international jew toy, leapfrog    02/20/20  (3)
I would gladly eat Mike Milken's ass and pay him 3&30 to invest    02/20/20  (3)
Michael Milken appointed Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission    02/20/20  (3)
Reminder: factory farming is what's making America obese and causing global warm    02/20/20  (5)
RATE the phenotype of this CONVICTED FELON (link)    02/20/20  (2)
Bloomberg should murder his advisors    02/20/20  (24)
So the Astros hired a bunch of Jews and started cheating like crazy?    02/20/20  (7)
would you take a 50/50 shot at 10 million dollars or death    02/20/20  (1)
Hero pitbull saves owner by breaking up dog fight    02/20/20  (59)
so blagojevich pardon was cover for pardoning mega kike michael milken?    02/20/20  (1)
u feel the barrel of a gun on ur temple. "daddy's cum hungry," whispers DM    02/20/20  (9)
Told a lady on the bus today that I'm gay and she called the police    02/20/20  (1)
I am a Proud Democrat    02/20/20  (3)
Glenn Greenwald looks pretty good for 52    02/20/20  (2)
Tired of games? Hmu    02/20/20  (2)
NOWAG Suffers with no reward (no article)    02/20/20  (7)
jfc at this shitshow (coronavirus on cruiseship docked in japan)    02/20/20  (2)
Hillbilly Elegy's J.D. Vance now has a son named Vivek    02/20/20  (18)
Garbage Language Why do corporations speak the way they do? (XO LONGREADS)    02/20/20  (4)
how is MPA still able to poast from canadian jail after his incel van attack??    02/20/20  (1)
why would anyone want to do this to a country    02/20/20  (1)
You know that pose when you're taking pics where you mess with your cufflinks?    02/20/20  (20)
It's true. Dutchess. Deer training. Shoe lifts. All of it.    02/20/20  (39)
Jay-Z endorses Bloomberg    02/20/20  (1)
let pet rat in my office. now can't find him :( tell HR or play it cool?    02/20/20  (14)
Zipperhead, Double Stitched: A Nutella Memoir    02/20/20  (1)
media is just absurd flame now wtf is going on    02/20/20  (16)
Just invited Barnett to poast on xoxo    02/20/20  (7)
factory farms are just GC experiment. coming for us next.    02/20/20  (3)
reminder: modern art is literally a way for kikes to launder money    02/20/20  (2)
Any retard can put any shit out now and make it big..all trash    02/20/20  (1)
Who the fuck is Pop Smoke, and why does anyone give a shit about him?    02/20/20  (11)
Thinking about buying this house in Calabasas (CSLG)    02/20/20  (55)
NODRINK / NOFAP / NOMEAT    02/20/20  (1)
Lol home prices are set that high to launder money as well as drug money    02/20/20  (10)
Bboooooooooomberg    02/20/20  (1)
who's this rancid SJW posting about socialism and the meat industry?    02/20/20  (1)
***DEM DEBATE 2/19 WATCH THREAD***    02/20/20  (911)
This Just In: my fat cock and your wife's gaped mouth-cunt    02/20/20  (1)
LJL at giving Bernie shit for his 2.5m net worth    02/20/20  (20)
People who defend factory farming....literally retards?    02/20/20  (30)
HALFORD surreptitiously yanking on every sconce at COMET PING PONG    02/20/20  (36)
wilbur, got any tips on building a bigger chest    02/20/20  (1)
Sad pics of pigs in transport trucks    02/20/20  (11)
Why doesn't media air inside of factory farming? Oh wait cause of GC    02/20/20  (8)
Real talk: is it better if proles rather than billionaires control Washington DC    02/20/20  (2)
bernie    02/20/20  (1)
I have no idea what to make of Bloomberg    02/20/20  (1)
Millennials walking down the street just staring at phones    02/20/20  (4)
Why do we need private health insurance companies?    02/20/20  (55)
i really don't give a fuck, do u?    02/20/20  (4)
dupa in a miata driving near ensinada eating a cum enchilada    02/20/20  (9)
stevia tastes horrible. What do you use?    02/20/20  (1)
Luis: "...and to this day the wind still makes me cry." Milf: 😍    02/20/20  (7)
Lol at the memo McCabe wrote with his rationale for opening investigation into T    02/20/20  (1)
Trump is spending the run-up to the election in his lair like an FF Villain    02/20/20  (1)
Biden is lucky he has his strongest state (SC) right before Super Tuesday    02/20/20  (7)
Fu-pa, Fu-pa, Dupa eats goo    02/20/20  (36)
Bloodacre finishing two whoppers and getting back in line at burger king    02/20/20  (12)
@realdonaldtrump: Mini Mike "frisked" his employees before frisking NYers. Sick!    02/20/20  (1)
*Dupa at protest* WHAT DO WE WANT? Dupa: "cum" "WHEN DO WE WANT IT? Dupa: now    02/20/20  (5)
Bloodacre in his BMW, staring wistfully at a $5 hooker blowing a dude under a br    02/20/20  (13)
So Bloomberg spent a billion, will lose, and every1 calls him mini mike now?    02/20/20  (12)
About to move in with my GF of one year, any advice?    02/20/20  (3)
possible to become gay from having too much sex with men?    02/20/20  (1)
imagine ice t sucking on his wife's nipple while she has a visible period stain    02/20/20  (1)
"best hot dog in chicago," mumbled colt while sucking a homeless guy's dick    02/20/20  (30)
saw rupinder noodlin' some catfish in the creek. caught a whole mess of 'em    02/20/20  (2)
to make up for the crappy mcmcansion CSLG linked to, a beautiful modern home ITT    02/20/20  (5)
Grandma just died. Will I have to go to the funeral?    02/20/20  (115)
Big butt white women at the gym wearing tights.    02/20/20  (25)
NPR sob story about girl who gets almost-free housing in DC suburbs    02/20/20  (62)
How do people stay with spouses that have exploded and become disgusting?    02/20/20  (28)
URGENT: need to meet with you at 9am re: bloomberg NDA project    02/20/20  (28)
What's worse for you: One large coffee with lots of sugar/cream, or a Dr pepper?    02/20/20  (17)
You're American when u go in bathroom and when u come out. But inside...    02/20/20  (3)

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