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crazy how no woman ever went to got a job or went to college before rbg    09/27/20  (5)
anyone think zizek sounds like a total retard    09/27/20  (5)
Lmfao at this argument between Bill Clinton and Jerry brown    09/27/20  (10)
israel-bahrain peace deal sending PA, WI hunters to polls in droves    09/27/20  (25)
Trump Hoping Israel-Sudan Peace Deal Will Woo Rust Belt Voters (Link)    09/27/20  (2)
Zizek slurping oysters    09/27/20  (2)
A woman trying to impress a snake ruined history for everyone    09/27/20  (3)
Rudolph the hook nosed kike queer. Lied about his army clothes    09/27/20  (15)
Amy Coney Barrett's retarded son interrupting news conference (video)    09/27/20  (9)
xo Jason Whitlock calls out Lebron's bullshit about him reading Malcolm X (link)    09/27/20  (52)
Best neighborhood in Austin for mid 30s single professional bro?    09/27/20  (9)
Don’t care about Trump. But Democrats must be punished VERY BADLY for all the    09/27/20  (5)
Karl Marx would have been a poaster    09/27/20  (1)
NYPD beats up ppl hanging out on sidewalk (video)    09/27/20  (10)
ITT: Predict lib attacks on Barrett and CNN headlines    09/27/20  (5)
How a Pledge to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police    09/27/20  (4)
Jordan Peterson, high as fuck, yelling passages from solzhenitsyns other book    09/27/20  (5)
Ray Allen Talks About His Passion For Teaching Others About The Holocaust (link)    09/27/20  (26)
ACLU: NO ONE should be executed for a mistake they made as a juvenile    09/27/20  (69)
ABC announces "The Little Rascals" remake, starring Amy Coney Barrett's kids    09/27/20  (3)
Barrett hearings start on Columbus Day (10/12)    09/27/20  (2)
Merle fuckin Haggard now?! cot dam, any moar legends going to croak this year?    09/27/20  (2)
RIP Merle Haggard (1937-2016)    09/27/20  (9)
Merle Haggard Died today. FUCK LIBS FUCK LIBS FUCK LIBS    09/27/20  (2)
Murkowski backtracking, will meet with ACB    09/27/20  (2)
In VC, taking Questions    09/27/20  (181)
Did I mess up by turning down a full ride to a LS right outside the T14    09/27/20  (5)
Palin hints at Senate run in Alaska if Lisa Murkowski opposes Trump's Supreme Co    09/27/20  (1)
LOL @ confirmation video of ACB with frizzy hair and 9 foster kids behind her    09/27/20  (17)
Reading a 180 book called “Freemasonry & Judaism” rn    09/27/20  (3)
Hmm is XO down for literally all SEC fans right now?    09/27/20  (10)
Why do boomers like network procedural dramas so much?    09/27/20  (1)
this SC pick is going to backfire with a quickness    09/27/20  (14)
only recently learned that we have no fucking clue about Wallace Fard Muhammad    09/27/20  (2)
sorry whitey I want abortion so only bbc for me, hehe    09/27/20  (1)
* Stanley Cup game 5 *    09/27/20  (2)
Would I be escorted out of Walmart for wearing yoga pants (pic)    09/27/20  (6)
one thing GOP needs to do is move left on healthcare    09/27/20  (16)
me refusing to use crypto board = modern day rosa parks    09/27/20  (5)
lmao remember when trump baited warren to take dna test that proved she's white    09/27/20  (1)
Last chance to buy DeFi with cheap price    09/27/20  (2)
Spent 4 hours trying to find a movie to watch    09/27/20  (7)
restrepo is a horrible poaster    09/27/20  (7)
A Kardeshev level 5 civilization would be indistinguishable from God    09/27/20  (1)
Rate my life at 47    09/27/20  (7)
Considering move to Savannah Georgia a hidden gem !! Don't ruin it for me    09/27/20  (7)
Anyone seen Antebellum?    09/27/20  (5)
Having a massive TV seems alpha as fuck    09/27/20  (19)
Panda-emic    09/27/20  (3)
and the Lakers are headed back to the NBA finals.    09/27/20  (4)
Historians and election experts warn Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despot    09/27/20  (4)
So did anything happen in Portland? no way they didn't have high cop presence    09/27/20  (1)
So is MTV completely irrelevant now?    09/27/20  (6)
Only punk rock thing right now = black male conservative/Pro-Trump movement    09/27/20  (11)
Just bought $16000 worth of defi scam coins    09/27/20  (19)
Biden Not Worried About First Presidential Debate, Says Trump 'Not That Smart'    09/27/20  (22)
Has anyone actually seen any good investments during COVID (not crypto/stocks)    09/27/20  (21)
Cold approached a girl at the bar and she was only interested in my TV size    09/27/20  (2)
errbuddy do the SHITCON SCRAMBLE    09/27/20  (2)
Cowgod was right. Sell all you crypto IMMEDIATELY    09/27/20  (12)
UFC 253 main card starting now    09/27/20  (67)
So did "philosophy" ever resolve the idea of consciousness?    09/27/20  (8)
panda express    09/27/20  (16)
Crypto is mooning. LOL if you didn't buy    09/27/20  (11)
Any other bros about to go to Panda Express?    09/27/20  (11)
Bloodacre, I’m going to panda express    09/27/20  (9)
recently watched "inside man" the movie, illogical but entertaining    09/27/20  (1)
objective data proving my memory less reliable than i thought    09/27/20  (1)
mid 30s the appropriate age to start wearing supreme baseball caps sideways?    09/27/20  (4)
I don't think women should be on the Supreme Court    09/27/20  (26)
Fuck it, gonna shut off phones/computer and binge watch Treme s1-4    09/27/20  (2)
REMINDER: ignore the existence of spiritual warfare at your own peril.    09/27/20  (4)
"it's not gross, it's empowering" (uspo getting gay marriage rebanned)    09/27/20  (2)
Holy shit: man, 82, dies without ever seeing a woman    09/27/20  (34)
What does xo think will happen if Trump loses    09/27/20  (10)
Kanye watches Blade Runner 2049 on repeat on a huge screen    09/27/20  (37)
Rate this white supremacist who drove through a crowd of protesters    09/27/20  (1)
smoking weed and farting in public should result in offender being beaten w bats    09/27/20  (2)
whats rodrigo duterte up to    09/27/20  (3)
im a white twink obsessed with 90s hip hop and financial derivatives    09/27/20  (8)
I have ­čĹéTINNITUS­čĹé after an accidental noise exposure. WHAT DO?    09/27/20  (26)
The Tax Collector is one of the best movies I've ever seen    09/27/20  (6)
computers are going to be a huge deal in the future    09/27/20  (1)
why would anyone be a lib    09/27/20  (1)
MDH did you meet with the friendly tennis girl?    09/27/20  (5)
so trump is going to win again?    09/27/20  (2)
Nothing in the rules says a SCOTUS Justice has to be alive    09/27/20  (4)
i am a hypebeast    09/27/20  (1)
fuck off skinjob    09/27/20  (2)
putting on BR 2049    09/27/20  (3)
why are jews obsessed with candles?    09/27/20  (2)
how's rbg doing? still dead?    09/27/20  (6)
What are the chances the other 5 conservatives kick Roberts to the curb?    09/27/20  (12)
TS Amanda got caught lol (link)    09/27/20  (1)
Pretty weird how women like their tits sucked sexually but also breastfeed kids    09/27/20  (9)
still can't get over ross ulbricht paying to have people murdered    09/27/20  (4)
i became enraged reading an anodyne reddit post    09/27/20  (7)
You're going to prison in California. Do you identify as a man or woman?    09/27/20  (3)
I am a lib.    09/27/20  (2)
Libs telling u to forgive recent murders while reminding u of slavery 200 yrs ag    09/27/20  (5)
What's your melee strategy if you encounter a vicious pitbull (no weapons)    09/27/20  (19)
what do you reasonably see your income being in 3-5 years?    09/27/20  (66)
MDH: PN revealed some interesting personal details about you. Ur pathetic lmao    09/27/20  (8)
"No, mom, don't send them your money. They're a skin suit!" "A what?"    09/27/20  (2)
silence of the lambs but its a pink haired lib & victims are massive institution    09/27/20  (1)
ACB really is an attractive 48-year-old    09/27/20  (14)
What is satan and what is his end game?    09/27/20  (46)
libs: we need to learn to live with the aliens from alien    09/27/20  (1)
Is "punk rock" cr?    09/27/20  (27)
"He's misunderstood!" -lib paying to bail Jason Vorhees out of jail    09/27/20  (8)
The frauds here will never run me off(Boom)    09/27/20  (3)
Enjoy wearing your masks and    09/27/20  (1)
Hey retarded amerikkkans enjoy your communist society under Kamala    09/27/20  (1)
Is our corrupt media going to let Biden have a teleprompter at the debates?    09/27/20  (8)
Is Amy Coney Barrett a milf?    09/27/20  (2)
"yeah he burned them alive but that was like, years ago"    09/27/20  (2)
I was told to hie to Germany or Switzerland    09/27/20  (4)
Crazy how easy a retard can gain power and police power..    09/27/20  (1)
luis if you shittalk panda express to my face i'll kick your ass back to tehran    09/27/20  (31)
money manager ad: "we do the coke, so you don't have to" (link)    09/27/20  (1)
Libs went from defending petty thieves to drug users to ppl who burn ppl alive    09/27/20  (3)
Why do all these billionaires support a Marxist party?    09/27/20  (26)
remember when john roberts took a picture with gaetan dugas?    09/27/20  (5)
NYT: FUCK CATHOLICS    09/27/20  (15)
it's obvious prince has been smoking a shitload of crystal meth    09/27/20  (15)
Zach & Miri Make A Porno felt like some ITE flick but ended up so prophetic    09/27/20  (1)
do people realize truly satanic forces are at work on the world today?    09/27/20  (9)
can someone sum up the DMT thread in like a few sentences?    09/27/20  (13)
Bottom line: Libs will support any criminal, including child rapists and killers    09/27/20  (47)
really starting to see how feminism has been a cancer on us    09/27/20  (2)
anyone else strongly starting to suspect Dems don't actually want to win?    09/27/20  (6)
Anyone have a credited couch/sofa purchase they can link to?    09/27/20  (1)
Serious question - do you know any straight men IRL who are voting for Biden?    09/27/20  (39)
I don't think women should be.    09/27/20  (1)
Rate my Crypto Portfolio    09/27/20  (13)
If you're not buying crypto with everything you've got    09/27/20  (5)
lots of queensbridge poasters online rn    09/27/20  (10)
Why does Dr Mew look exactly like Doug Stamper?    09/27/20  (3)
Queensbridge mili-tia    09/27/20  (2)
"no, the chinkier one" (mdh at carvana)    09/27/20  (8)
Queensbridge Dwayne beating off furiously to nonstop stream of "Big Mouth" eps    09/27/20  (6)
How did Michael J. Fox catch Parkinson's so early?    09/27/20  (8)
Rate this bulldog going up on a hot chick in yoga pants    09/27/20  (3)
Mig and prince smoking meth in mall parking lot, heatedly discussing astrology    09/27/20  (11)
would punching with 30lb dumbbells in my hands improve my punching power    09/27/20  (10)
biden will withdraw from debates, citing medical reasons    09/27/20  (1)
libs will do/say/hurt anything & anyone to gain power over you    09/27/20  (3)
ITT: Would you bang ACB? Yay or Nay    09/27/20  (28)
so lib mayors across US are letting parts of cities devolve in 3rd world status?    09/27/20  (3)

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