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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
So Drake Mallaed is angry that Asians get into Ivies bc if hard work and IQ    08/14/20  (6)
Can you find the most egregious salary on Transparent California?    08/14/20  (48)
Need a HENNY DRINKER need a WEED SMOKER not a GARTER SNAKE need a KING COBRA    08/14/20  (2)
weed stocks are getting absolutely decimated    08/14/20  (6)
Whores in this house there’s some whores in this house there’s some whores i    08/14/20  (8)
why do our "elites" seem to hate America so much    08/14/20  (4)
Want you to park dat BIG MACK TRUCK right in this LITTLE GARAGE    08/14/20  (3)
Mainstream media won’t touch murder of 5 yr old boy    08/14/20  (16)
trump surrounded by applauding jews    08/14/20  (1)
starting to explore latin jazz. xo recs?    08/14/20  (1)
Hypo: QB gets a first down on every throw, can’t throw further than 10 yards    08/14/20  (13)
Buffett becomes a gold bug: dumps banks, abandons US, buys gold    08/14/20  (10)
Billie Eilish is going to PERFORM at the Dem convention.    08/14/20  (4)
is aurochs and angels MDH?    08/14/20  (12)
Hypo: baseball player hits home run every at bat. Does he make it to MLB??    08/14/20  (8)
Prole tell: pretending to like lobster    08/14/20  (4)
New poaster, first day, taking Qs    08/14/20  (3)
"Inner suburbs" are going to see massive price increases over next 10 yrs    08/14/20  (92)
bros i'm thinking of fucking my way to the top    08/14/20  (5)
RATE the DNC speakers, night by night    08/14/20  (16)
Joe Rogan: Well the NYT said Covid deaths are grossly underreported there could    08/14/20  (1)
PI bros: are settlement checks written to you or the client?    08/14/20  (11)
Every female biglaw partner I know is absolutely CONSUMED by avarice    08/14/20  (3)
Hypo: baseball player with attributes of ken griffey jr, but 5'6". MLB?    08/14/20  (2)
chilmata do they have rubios in north carolina    08/14/20  (4)
Sold my JMIA and put it in VERB!    08/14/20  (3)
Harvest Cheddar or Garden Salsa Sun Chips    08/14/20  (5)
Am with an Ohio girl now and it's quite refreshing! can go for Buckeyes now(Boom    08/14/20  (4)
Libs on feed are losing their shit over Trump and the USPS.    08/14/20  (5)
saw a headline about the "bizarre death" of the 5 yo    08/14/20  (1)
Developing an unhealthy Aubrey Plaza addiction    08/14/20  (7)
One morning, a white woman uses an Asian man's toothbrush. Why?    08/14/20  (14)
Google and Apple have installed COVID trackers on your phones    08/14/20  (9)
chris hansen: "covered in baby oil? really?" nude luis: "it's anti-inflammatory.    08/14/20  (6)
VERB acquiring JMIA in shock move    08/14/20  (1)
Kids freaking out over Fortnite not being allowed on Apple devices    08/14/20  (5)
Fat angry guy posting twitter links about libs day and night.    08/14/20  (3)
Drake Mallard’s head is going to explode during the DNC LJL    08/14/20  (1)
NYT: Ex FBI Lawyer to plead guilty for falsifying evidence to spy on Trump admin    08/14/20  (84)
why are there so many angry jew hapa hybrids on this bort?    08/14/20  (1)
Walk me through how I get a maseuse to fuck at one of these massage parlors    08/14/20  (6)
why isn't anybody DOING anything about these shitlib state/city officials?!?    08/14/20  (7)
how is aurochs and angels (aka MDH) so boring?    08/14/20  (2)
White girl dating an Asian guy here. My boyfriend had a 35 ACT, straight A's, pa    08/14/20  (48)
So, you can't thrown the ball faster than 78 mph, but you strike out everyone    08/14/20  (35)
'Prolapsed anus' threads became lot less funny when my mom died of that    08/14/20  (2)
A homo-fascist free trade zone, if you can keep it.    08/14/20  (4)
Rate the $10k pizza oven I purchased    08/14/20  (15)
life-failure Luis seethes w/ jealousy at rich tech bros who dont rely on parents    08/14/20  (1)
Californians - order your high-capacity magazines NOW:    08/14/20  (13)
Do Mexicans have greatest disparity of good vs evil of any culture?    08/14/20  (1)
every time Luis posts "Im gay", he hits his wife for asking abt dragoncoins (DTP    08/14/20  (6)
Two Partners at my firm left to join the PBA - heard it is a big problem    08/14/20  (1)
Lol at John “Kerry” and “Theresa Heinz Kerry”    08/14/20  (23)
Theory: Jews are inferior    08/14/20  (14)
lol ok rich boi    08/14/20  (5)
was the new Picard show any good or did they find some way to make it trash?    08/14/20  (15)
Netflix new series "(Un)Well" is advocating males drinking Breast Milk    08/14/20  (4)
VERB up 6% today    08/14/20  (30)
Instagram Reels is horrible. How hard is it to just copy Tiktok?    08/14/20  (18)
Luis's tradwife bragging to her Persian friends: "MY husband invested in dragonc    08/14/20  (2)
Austin, Texas, cuts its police budget by a third    08/14/20  (22)
lawyer muttered "this is a kangaroo court" on call w judge today    08/14/20  (3)
Can anyone explain why California seems so poorly-run in general?    08/14/20  (6)
Needed to get out in the the world more from the beginning    08/14/20  (1)
"Are you a victim of sexual abuse on AutoAdmit.com? If so, you may be entitled t    08/14/20  (2)
Explain the Post Office/Trump controversy to me    08/14/20  (1)
   08/14/20  (2)
California to introduce wealth tax    08/14/20  (82)
UPDATE I weigh 187 pounds now    08/14/20  (19)
Poll: You can throw a 104 mph fastball OR a curveball that breaks up    08/14/20  (85)
*Laughs w/teen neighbor GF as you pick blackberries together*    08/14/20  (171)
Just remembered the videos from Wuhan of people wailing into the night    08/14/20  (15)
Cr hat for campaign season: MAGA or KAG (red ofc)    08/14/20  (2)
Credited road trips from LA > 6 hours?    08/14/20  (18)
The Kids Are Alt-Right: When Your Star Pupil Gets Red-Pilled    08/14/20  (140)
bad day for libs. 9th Cir Ok'd LCMs; Obamagate conviction; Cal wealth tax ...    08/14/20  (1)
Your future wife sobbing as her mom tells her you are basically her last chance    08/14/20  (91)
Evanston, IL schools: "Black and Brown students" given priority for in-class    08/14/20  (89)
How dumb to stay in CA if a high earner (>1M)?    08/14/20  (14)
Susman Associate vs Senior Load Master in California?    08/14/20  (1)
Crane operator Eric Trump giving thumbs up dumping mail trucks into Grand Canyon    08/14/20  (5)
snow cones    08/14/20  (1)
How significant is Trump's Middle East peace deal?    08/14/20  (4)
i miss crazy pills    08/14/20  (1)
LOL at Ellen Page getting top billing in Umbrella Academy    08/14/20  (6)
feels like all this stuff was made up    08/14/20  (1)
Investormos - plan on DCAing into VTI/BND. Dumb?    08/14/20  (21)
Reptiles can u debunk the USPS conspiracy theory    08/14/20  (1)
still wild to see our own media root for China and against our own POTUS    08/14/20  (1)
How dumb to stay in CA if high, medium or low earner?    08/14/20  (21)
FBI Agent: “My Goddamn name is all over documents investigating Trump’s staf    08/14/20  (28)
"I was raped during my rape fantasy"    08/14/20  (105)
How are the Las Vegas suburbs? Any decent ones?    08/14/20  (1)
Haha I'm teh motherfuckin pockle rick! Love vaping! Sons fuckhole is a disaster    08/14/20  (157)
what’s cr at ice cream store: scoops, sundae, or concrete?    08/14/20  (7)
What do you bros think about shorting CureVac?    08/14/20  (1)
libs maybe put the Bibles and matches down    08/14/20  (3)
Do you guys realize the utter sincerity of Germans' belief that the US is ...    08/14/20  (184)
Some dude exploded himself while trying to car-bomb a courthouse:    08/14/20  (1)
anyone w half a brain now realizes this is insane    08/14/20  (4)
who is benefiting from all this    08/14/20  (1)
MDH, do you have those little curly sideburn things?    08/14/20  (6)
trump might win or on the other hand biden    08/14/20  (3)
ETH to $1000 by the end of the year    08/14/20  (17)
fucked up trying to mount a floating shelf. need to hire a chad to do it right    08/14/20  (35)
So libs just don't want anywhere to be nice?    08/14/20  (9)
So Dems are sabotaging the mail system and blaming it on Trump?    08/14/20  (2)
IRL and in my job and in my role as Congressman, I OUT LIB THE LIBS    08/14/20  (1)
Austin, Texas city council votes UNANIMOUSLY to defund the police    08/14/20  (5)
ibankers all intentionally caught covid months ago.    08/14/20  (5)
why are libs pushing to close schools in places scientists say are safe to open?    08/14/20  (3)
LOL @ the year-to-date US federal budget:    08/14/20  (3)
Watching this NYT forecast dial collapse tonight will be best moment of my life.    08/14/20  (156)
So this is the 1st virus with a 0.3% fatality rate to ever hit humanity, right?    08/14/20  (4)
anti-semetic monotheism    08/14/20  (1)
State of the Race: Is it Over? (NYT)    08/14/20  (19)
Portland abolishes single family zoning    08/14/20  (42)
Aerial photo of an ongoing wildfire in Oregon:    08/14/20  (1)
trump crippling post office will kill seniors who rely on medications by mail    08/14/20  (1)
Oh shit, Kamala NOT ELIGIBLE to be vice president - Dem fuck up    08/14/20  (50)
With comfortable lead, Biden begins laying plans for his White House agenda (WaP    08/14/20  (3)
Outted on Twitter and taking it in the shitter, the Henry Aaron/Voodoo Story    08/14/20  (57)
Black Lives Matter is state sponsored Chinese Communist terrorism against whites    08/14/20  (1)
being 30+ and married w/o kids seems like a cruel joke    08/14/20  (1)
Olivia Munn: Aaron Rogers is a closeted homosexual    08/14/20  (13)
Rate the intro to this opinion by a black Federal judge in MS. JFC    08/14/20  (10)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is about "money printing bad" (DTP)    08/14/20  (103)
scholarship come itt    08/14/20  (1)
HBO Max adds splainer to start of Blazing Saddles    08/14/20  (9)
Entire Mueller team suddenly on vacations outside the country 🤔    08/14/20  (4)
psychic agony tp    08/14/20  (5)
#SayHisName is trending on Twitter for 5 y/o kid Cannon Hinnant LOL    08/14/20  (34)
The job duties of a Load Dispatcher    08/14/20  (1)
There won't be "normal" for YEARS (link)    08/14/20  (1)
Went hiking today. Virtually everyone had masks. Completely insane.    08/14/20  (55)
RATE this picture I took today    08/14/20  (12)
deeply regret not spending most of my time freebasing    08/14/20  (1)
I’ll beat that fuckin mask off your face, and I’ll fuck a retard    08/14/20  (29)
Hard to believe how little trump has gotten done in 3 years    08/14/20  (19)
Is Trump actively trying to lose the election?    08/14/20  (10)
some tweaker stole all my healing crystals    08/14/20  (1)
PI bros: have client sign off on settlement accounting before disburse?    08/14/20  (7)
is 311 prole    08/14/20  (1)
"..igger threading and buying VERB...sorry who just joined?"    08/14/20  (1)
Xo VERB Second Quarter Earning Call Friday Aug 14 2020 @ 4:30pm    08/14/20  (12)
NJ: richest state, miles of coast, nice communities, city access    08/14/20  (23)
Michael Cohen claims he saw the Trump “Golden Showers” incident    08/14/20  (4)

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