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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Bill Gates should be stripped of all his wealth &a check given to every american    04/07/20  (33)
Woke up, ate breakfast, jerked off, logged into citrix    04/07/20  (32)
global elites too chickenshit to openly declare war on the masses    04/07/20  (3)
"The Americans" is the best show of the past decade. Criminally underrated.    04/07/20  (23)
fraudvirus tp    04/07/20  (2)
hundreds of hours of gay netflix movies flashing before your eyes on deathbed    04/07/20  (5)
Wrestlemania 36 Mega Thread(April 4-April 5, 2020)    04/07/20  (27)
ACLU finally filed a virus lawsuit    04/07/20  (1)
recommend some 180 documentaries to watch while were in lockdown    04/07/20  (1)
"in your ass, right?" squawks vaccine dr. "you betta belee-dat!"    04/07/20  (2)
Dont think Bill Gates is a nefarious guy    04/07/20  (40)
fuck it    04/07/20  (1)
Trump's Briefings are like MAGA rallies except audience isn't stupid + hates him    04/07/20  (7)
Trump's Briefings are like MAGA rallies except audience is retarded + hates him    04/07/20  (1)
guys, shh, hold on, 'Melinda Gates' has some important ideas to share    04/07/20  (1)
who is watching all these resident evil movies    04/07/20  (10)
LJL China could be accessing student data through Zoom    04/07/20  (71)
Knowing what we know about the fraud of the virus, how to live differently    04/07/20  (8)
Henry Aaron is so fucking dumb, he should be banned. Clearly illiterate.    04/07/20  (9)
*FBI Agent spreads butthole* “I’m Spaceporn Jr!” *whole office laughs*    04/07/20  (170)
dont forget that animals are getting coronavirus too, this quarantine wont end    04/07/20  (2)
where do we sign up to sarah connor the vaccine factories    04/07/20  (4)
LMAO BYE JOHN    04/07/20  (25)
Exile on Main St. was the best album of all time.    04/07/20  (30)
Bill Gates, WHO, "doctors" can all suck my fucking cock    04/07/20  (3)
Deep state killing xo Boris under the guise of Virus    04/07/20  (6)
Henry Aaron on 50th alt: "YOU'RE PENCIL!"    04/07/20  (5)
RATE the mask wearing skills of the Chair of Congressional Coronavirus taskforce    04/07/20  (3)
Henry Aaron's "401k" is just a bunch of Panera Rewards Points    04/07/20  (19)
ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING Twitter thread on Bill Gates' connection to COVID (link)    04/07/20  (41)
The Gates of Hell    04/07/20  (7)
Bill Gates, point man for elite on shutdown, wants to stop interstate travel    04/07/20  (67)
David Lat’s mother, a pathologist, credits Trump CURE with saving him (link)    04/07/20  (16)
Yeah no thanks Gates I'll take the Virus    04/07/20  (6)
Serious Q: How do you prevent infections from blowing back up    04/07/20  (6)
Vaccine will turn humans into flesh hungry "undead" monsters    04/07/20  (2)
Funds Flowing to Holocaust Survivors as Coronavirus Isolation Takes Its Toll    04/07/20  (1)
Virusfraudmos, defend defending "the economy"    04/07/20  (92)
So Peter Navarro warned Trump of pandemic in early (((January)))? Trumpmos?    04/07/20  (13)
fraud fuck "doctors" can shove this microchip vaccine right up their ass    04/07/20  (6)
Whokebe, cum on over, I have a hard cock and a roll of quarters for you    04/07/20  (11)
Big Pharma's opposition to a drug out of patent scares the shit out of me & they    04/07/20  (2)
Last of Us 2 release delayed indefinitely    04/07/20  (5)
How fast is your internet (up/down)?    04/07/20  (1)
*Orange Man Good!* *Virus Good* "I love Trump". *Grrrrrrr*    04/07/20  (2)
will shiv a "doctor" repeatedly before getting microchipped    04/07/20  (2)
Reminder that Irish "people" starved to death on an island surrounded by fish    04/07/20  (59)
Isolated XOer muttering "way of the future...way of the future...way of the futu    04/07/20  (1)
LOL wtf is going on with tezos    04/07/20  (15)
Gates and Iger knew.    04/07/20  (6)
Shitlib moaning "hail Satan" while getting vaccinated in the ass    04/07/20  (1)
Does JUST THE FTHLU kill 1500 people a day Trumpmos?    04/07/20  (1)
Silver lining: Microsoft chip will make ur lawyer productivity 30% better    04/07/20  (1)
*virusbadmo exits tiny submarine to a Pacific Island in 2050*    04/07/20  (3)
Is Maggie Haberman just sucking dick for sourcing now? Who is this kike bitch    04/07/20  (4)
JPMC CEO: Recession ahead    04/07/20  (47)
How the fuck did revelation even make it into the bible?    04/06/20  (3)
lol spacecuck    04/06/20  (4)
Replace one word in a movie title with SQUANCH    04/06/20  (50)
So we all have to get microchipped in order to get the vaccine?    04/06/20  (17)
this is one of the funniest arrests ive ever seen    04/06/20  (17)
*Al Pacino voice* When I see a naked lady's crotch    04/06/20  (149)
Jacobin on Gates Foundation fraud    04/06/20  (4)
and it was SQUANCH SQUANCH SQUANCH til CPS took the azn away    04/06/20  (4)
Got a little "squanchy" with a diminutive Asian child at the adoption agency    04/06/20  (27)
"Karen, it's so hot how he makes everything political and has thinning hair!"    04/06/20  (3)
The new Pixar movie is already on Disney +    04/06/20  (7)
Me Korean, Dad Adopt me, Now my hole is Squanchy Squanchy    04/06/20  (9)
New poasts on xo PLUMMET when bowlcut is poasting. (link)(pic)    04/06/20  (7)
Mother in law broke the $950 stylus of my turntable    04/06/20  (14)
I RIKE-A EAT BAT, I RIKE-A EAT PANGORIN...    04/06/20  (11)
“and this is where the magic happens” - sp doing mtv cribs of comet ping pon    04/06/20  (7)
Fordism: invest in Americans. Gatseism: despise Americans, give money to Africa    04/06/20  (2)
So Nyuug is "proud" he made Spaceporn leave by threatening child rape?    04/06/20  (16)
Thom Yorke warbling "hydroxy-chloroquine"    04/06/20  (3)
"Omg Lindsay, he always says he's gay and retarded, it's hilarious!"    04/06/20  (2)
Ivanka Trump palming a basketball    04/06/20  (2)
How 180 would the US be if everyone under 45 could go out, but over no?    04/06/20  (3)
bump if SP talking about "hosting little cheese pizza playdates" = creepy af    04/06/20  (4)
Is "whokebe" an actual person?    04/06/20  (9)
Well it's 1-2-3-4 take the ventilator at the Hotel Covid, I don't think I'll see    04/06/20  (7)
Ivanka looks better now than she did in her mid 20s    04/06/20  (8)
Researchers create model of "Gamer" phenotype 20 years from now (pic)    04/06/20  (50)
Spaceprawn! RingRing Brothers called to offer you old job back!    04/06/20  (8)
whok, this is how I imagine your personality IRL    04/06/20  (6)
Will Trump store offer MAGA Flu Rag?    04/06/20  (1)
Luis    04/06/20  (3)
Trump leads Biden by 6 points in Florida. Libs?    04/06/20  (2)
Does pelosi really become potus if trump and pence die ? Jfc    04/06/20  (1)
rate this indian actress    04/06/20  (2)
Universal Basic Income polling at 40 percent approve, 43 percent disapprove    04/06/20  (6)
NYT: Coronavirus has forced us to ignore issues of identity and power.    04/06/20  (3)
Whokebe: "I'm rich!!" *Posts paystub that shows he makes 96k USD yearly*    04/06/20  (13)
Fuck your shadowban, mods! Where are my 180's and blank bumps?    04/06/20  (1)
NYC guy who said they were burying people in parks WALKS BACK statement    04/06/20  (10)
The Sanders Covid Unemployment change that UBId America    04/06/20  (4)
De Blasio pounding shoe on podium: "We will bury you!"    04/06/20  (1)
Sieg Heil on Main Street    04/06/20  (1)
we could have done UBI for 5 years w/ same stimulus money    04/06/20  (8)
"It's a fairly prestigious Garth Brooks fan board"    04/06/20  (1)
Rolling Stones to play entirety of Exile on Main Street on upcoming tour (link)    04/06/20  (2)
Sticky Fingers vs. Exile on Main Street    04/06/20  (57)
there's a full Garth Brooks concert on Youtube. watch it before its taken down    04/06/20  (4)
6700 cases in South Korea, why such a cesspool ?    04/06/20  (26)
Anyone else here want to move to ENGLAND?    04/06/20  (26)
Reminder: Trump and DeBlasio have been SO bad on COVID, NYers look to CUOMO    04/06/20  (13)
How many acres is your house on?    04/06/20  (2)
Lonely Hunter, are you and you're daughter safe right now?    04/06/20  (14)
I JUST LOVE MY FAT UGLY WIFE    04/06/20  (40)
Researchers create model of “Poaster” phenotype 20 years from now (pic    04/06/20  (1)
nyuug buddy, are u wearing a mask? just checking    04/06/20  (13)
Should I move to England?    04/06/20  (4)
there's something off about this whole virus thing    04/06/20  (40)
So Frauci and Gates are self dealing frauds bent on murdering americans    04/06/20  (6)
First they came for the bowlcuts...and I said nothing as I opened train door    04/06/20  (2)
Fr&ud Univer$e causing fraud $hit to h@ppen    04/06/20  (1)
Newly updated, walked back Coronavirus model already 20% too high on deaths    04/06/20  (5)
Why is NYC trying to play up the coronavirus thing so much?    04/06/20  (12)
LOL...have an interview with Zappos    04/06/20  (5)
the gamer NEET is the noble savage of modern society    04/06/20  (8)
"First they came for the lawyers, and I did nothing, because nobody likes lawy    04/06/20  (1)
Shrewvanka caught hoarding TP Camp David (link)    04/06/20  (3)
Racist CIA & FBI, wearying of persecuting Trump, now shilling anti-China racism    04/06/20  (5)
Inside the epic White House fight over hydroxychloroquine    04/06/20  (88)
people were tuning out fake media political narratives, so they switch to Virus    04/06/20  (30)
made $400 on onlyfans this weekend taking ?'s    04/06/20  (1)
Best resources to learn PYTHON for an experienced coder?    04/06/20  (8)
"Don't wash your dick," RSF said as I set down my gym bag.    04/06/20  (207)
if Nietzsche had injected a gram of trenbolone and 500 milligrams of modafinil    04/06/20  (1)
"Heather, he's super smart. He always mocks these attorneys online by saying grr    04/06/20  (1)
Only 3 eps left this season of Better Call Saul.    04/06/20  (19)
POLL: do u miss working in your office? or do you prefer WFH?    04/06/20  (18)
Zappos.com is a great, great company. Everything about them is 180.    04/06/20  (5)
Countdown to $ocial unre$t...May 1$t, $ee you then!    04/06/20  (3)
Joe Rogan says he "could never" vote Biden over Trump    04/06/20  (1)
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Hong Kong Phoenix TV is owned by the CCP.    04/06/20  (4)
Trump to nominate 2009 HLS grad for the DC Circuit    04/06/20  (42)
Boris Johnson looked so healthy and vital. shocking.    04/06/20  (10)
Grown men bitching about politics online every single day: the XO shithead story    04/06/20  (1)
Now all we need is Yellowstone to have a super eruption    04/06/20  (1)
fucking ludicrous that Jared Kushner is sitting at table with adult doctors    04/06/20  (3)
Is twitter full of British libs wishing death on Boris Johnson right now?    04/06/20  (10)
XO Sweden mass-deploying THE CURE    04/06/20  (2)
Found out LTR’s tinder is still active, confront her or let it be    04/06/20  (24)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/06/20  (287)
Jobs- dead. Ballmer- Clippers. Ellison- Lana'i. Gates- 666 microchip implants    04/06/20  (3)
In the last 7 days I've played 4 rounds of golf and run 35 miles    04/06/20  (14)
COVID-19 assraping South Korea    04/06/20  (26)

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