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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
NY Post front page: Benzo's hideous meth face + headline "COOKIE MONSTER"    04/02/20  (102)
bingdu the poster. xin guan bingdu. first day    04/02/20  (1)
hey '''"""    04/02/20  (5)
GGTP holding monkey's paw: "I wish I had an in-house job."    04/02/20  (12)
Realtalk: how quickly can i become a nurse/PA? need a backup plan    04/02/20  (1)
Why out Benzo? We all know who he is and *still* prefer him to TSINAH    04/02/20  (15)
You are living through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stop complaining. Enjoy.    04/02/20  (8)
Infectious disease specialistL Hydroxychloroquine is a GAME CHANGER    04/02/20  (32)
third of the posts here are by benzo alts    04/02/20  (2)
This "voluntary furlough" thing is catching on    04/02/20  (6)
New GF farted so loud she woke herself up    04/02/20  (11)
benzo, born Christopher J. Gravens is a white trash Pauper from Indiana    04/02/20  (1)
Nothing worse than patagonia fleece dad bod normies making references to Pornhub    04/02/20  (1)
We’ve lost 46 jobs for every confirmed Coronavirus case in this country    04/02/20  (18)
AZNs, will you disavow the virus?    04/02/20  (7)
Anyone like this self-important bloviating douche David Chang on Netflix?    04/02/20  (2)
Benzo’s PO doing the cuckoo sign as he tells TSINAH he takes complaint VERY se    04/02/20  (2)
is Tiger Show really worth watching    04/02/20  (29)
I RIKE-A EAT BAT, I RIKE-A EAT PANGORIN...    04/02/20  (10)
i rike a insidious thleat. i rike a rong incubation peliod. i rike a mass fumiga    04/02/20  (2)
i rike a colonvilus    04/02/20  (4)
i rike a virus-laden aerosol plume emanating from a SARS patient with diarrhea    04/02/20  (3)
benzo, I swear to fucking god    04/02/20  (151)
One dogs looking one way and the other one is looking the other way    04/02/20  (2)
Bitcoin is going to change the world    04/02/20  (42)
hey ggtp i know this sucks but remember bernie won't be president    04/02/20  (3)
rsf: "im smart!" * takes 5 years to graduate high school*    04/02/20  (27)
watch this black guy with covid-19 fight a doctor LIVE right now    04/02/20  (59)
you too 5 years to graduate high school? sick get in the car were fucking tranni    04/02/20  (2)
Trump says scarves could be better than N95s because they are “thicker”    04/02/20  (1)
Bank CEO makes "retarded person" gesture/voice, mocking Chief Compliance Officer    04/02/20  (30)
"doctors" should stfu & work until they collapse    04/02/20  (6)
Doing my part -- hand sewing masks for medical works    04/02/20  (1)
2nd Great Depression is here, folks: check out this line at food bank    04/02/20  (26)
Why are there so many benzo haters here?    04/02/20  (22)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/02/20  (186)
Tech bro fired for using deep fake for 2 months on calls while wfh    04/02/20  (1)
"tsinah needs to take the D and go to reddit" most accurate poast ever    04/02/20  (2)
"tsinah needs to take the L and go to reddit" most accurate poast ever    04/02/20  (36)
need askav itt. now, not 4 days later    04/02/20  (1)
GC takes you fishing on lake: "so i've been meaning to talk to u abt your adbloc    04/02/20  (10)
*Dr. Birx standing 2 ft. from Trump* "every SINGLE person needs 6 ft separation"    04/02/20  (1)
Switching to white claw to cut cals    04/02/20  (1)
RSF logs into zozo: I can handle things ... I'm smart! Not like everybody says!    04/02/20  (10)
female Ragnus tomboyishly punching me with her fat meaty hands (DTP)    04/02/20  (1)
Tiger King fraud revealed: "It was just discarded Far Cry 5 ideas," producers sa    04/02/20  (1)
I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated. Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon.    04/02/20  (11)
PSA: Those virtual calls u've been having w/"Coworkers" "family"...deep fakes    04/02/20  (2)
Retrospective "canaries on the coal mine" of ITE    04/02/20  (3)
boner police arrested for turning tricks at Big Cat Rescue    04/02/20  (5)
reminder: mdh is a faggot striver try-hard jew dork    04/02/20  (13)
Just went over 10,000 COVID-19 deaths. More than doubled in under a week.    04/02/20  (89)
Divorced my fat, slutty, bitchy wife yesterday. Taking questions    04/02/20  (112)
Terrible news about dirte’s cancer, and also that it wasn’t DBG instead    04/02/20  (3)
nationalism is always "self-determination" and "independence" when it's non-US    04/02/20  (1)
Rank these women    04/02/20  (22)
garth brooks the dance is one of the greatest songs ever imo    04/02/20  (7)
XO marriedmos how is living with your wives 24/7?    04/02/20  (126)
Thunder Collins quarantine update    04/02/20  (64)
me: a leering dravidian. you: a dravidian leering back    04/02/20  (6)
in almost every general election poll, "undecided voters" are minority females    04/02/20  (6)
Who are the goat Hungarians? Liszt and?    04/02/20  (49)
🦗 Boomers at the early grocery shopping period are fucking locusts. 🦗    04/02/20  (30)
I still can’t buy ANY masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol, etc    04/02/20  (16)
I like to drink because when I don’t drink I go crazy    04/02/20  (3)
Is Walther PPQ better than the Glock 19    04/02/20  (39)
"you were decapitated by speedboat? sick get in car were going to shrinks(mdh)    04/02/20  (10)
If your bored you can go to an online AA meeting and listen to boozehounds    04/02/20  (11)
"YOU'RE INFECTED...with an ad-blocker. Sorry to scare you, but we rely on ads fo    04/02/20  (12)
Predict dow tomorrow    04/02/20  (5)
Ypu’re insane if you haven’t embraced the RESTAURANT SUPPLY hack    04/02/20  (7)
Been in a coma since Thanksgiving 2019. Did I miss anything?    04/02/20  (2)
CBS casting Benzo and Tsinah together on the Amazing Race    04/02/20  (7)
*is benzo* *never graduates from college* *spends adult life in prison*    04/02/20  (3)
Blacks 14% of Michigan's population but 40% of coronavirus deaths    04/02/20  (38)
November 4th, 2020 I am going to go crazy spamming polls on are bort    04/02/20  (1)
njlaxxer7@aol.com    04/02/20  (1)
Antisemitism is going through the ROOF these days...DAMN!    04/02/20  (3)
time to fullfill the nature of the assignment    04/02/20  (1)
The world doesn’t feel real anymore    04/02/20  (5)
rsf writing career: Dec 6 2017 - December 6 2017    04/02/20  (65)
🚨 4/2/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    04/02/20  (14)
what would it take for TSINAH and benzo to make a truce?    04/02/20  (7)
"I call it Covfefe virus" the childless wine aunt said proudly    04/02/20  (40)
literally only thing holding fraud USA together was pursuit of $$,now thats gone    04/02/20  (8)
Whatever happened to Davis Polk as a firm?    04/02/20  (2)
@realDonaldTrump: "+469 points on the Dow today. Enjoy!"    04/02/20  (1)
RATE this 180 link    04/02/20  (3)
Rate Trump's response to surrender-monkeys wondering why their economy sucks    04/02/20  (5)
Has anybody even seen “Peking Joe” Biden in recent days?    04/02/20  (1)
"From Now On, Reusable Bags Are Prohibited and All Regulations on Plastic Bag Ba    04/02/20  (4)
DIRTE, how are you man? Please update me.    04/02/20  (73)
*jason mraz making jim halpert face at camera while signing tsinahs tits*    04/02/20  (12)
TEKA$HI 6IX 9INE RELAEA$ED    04/02/20  (4)
MDH: dishing out plates of honesty. You: quivering over Bat AIDS    04/02/20  (1)
*tsinah throwing his toupee at jason mraz like they're panties at a white snake    04/02/20  (175)
Virus will be gone from continental US by April 15 due to warmth    04/02/20  (2)
Hillary Clinton sends her condolences in advance of Tekashi 69 murder.    04/02/20  (1)
*tsinah rigging tactical poppers to his CPAP so he can parTy even in his sleep*    04/02/20  (11)
Fair value for TSLA = $500    04/02/20  (9)
CCP sending Chink agents to infect everyone with COVID-19    04/02/20  (25)
Stripper side piece threatened to contact my wife    04/02/20  (103)
CCP manipulation of SJWs in the US is hilarious    04/02/20  (13)
You can tell someone's a lawyer when they are excessively skeptical and rigid    04/02/20  (1)
Should I get wife S&W M&P9 Shield or Ithaca M37 Featherlight-20g for anniversary    04/02/20  (8)
georgia statewide shelter in place order released    04/02/20  (1)
Describe how lockdown backlash starts?    04/02/20  (21)
How many jew lawyer posters here did time in IDF. If not why not?    04/02/20  (4)
Business has slowed significantly lately (CSLG)    04/02/20  (64)
So these bug creatures bought up all the masks and now are trying to price gouge    04/02/20  (1)
I know leukemias bad dirte but at least it isn't cancer (whok)    04/02/20  (4)
rach just made benzo a mod, again    04/02/20  (19)
Guy I am trying to serve says he has coronavirus, not flame    04/02/20  (9)
Cici Bellis Comeback Thread #tennis    04/02/20  (53)
reading the gulag archipelago for the first time. holy shit.    04/02/20  (3)
I just bought puts on Tesla expiring April 3rd    04/02/20  (12)
are 24 acres of land worth $80k?    04/02/20  (10)
any other str8 bros who have sex w men    04/02/20  (7)
It's really happeneing. FANG down 15%. Here we gooooo.    04/02/20  (2)
*mdh walking client with fake neck brace into psychiatrists office*    04/02/20  (7)
Haha    04/02/20  (1)
Do you believe U.S. will EVER get on the ball about Corona virus?    04/02/20  (3)
Is this a good time to buy insurance company stock?    04/02/20  (8)
Do Italian wives still accept their man having a goomah    04/02/20  (1)
Anyone Seen ZULU (1964)?    04/02/20  (1)
Why is chandler flaming me    04/02/20  (1)
Ur doctor creating obeezy pumo tracking thead on worst day of worst outbreak in    04/02/20  (4)
More than 759k Chinese people visited the US during the critical period    04/02/20  (7)
Um... how is benzo poasting from jail rn?    04/02/20  (4)
Henry Aaron: Really 180 guy    04/02/20  (4)
Any way to get some money back for Amazon Prime issues?    04/02/20  (1)
FLW, just emailed you at your firm email (CSLG)    04/02/20  (10)
motel virus discount rates, full kitchen suite $50 / nite    04/02/20  (3)
Apartment bldg emailed to say somebody has symptoms but hasn't tested positive    04/02/20  (8)
Amazon has become much more fraud scam since coronavirus    04/02/20  (2)
Trump's Surgeon General now saying everyone should wear masks    04/02/20  (3)
The Appetite for US Dollars is Insane    04/02/20  (37)
Firm is calling a partner meeting next week (Zurich)    04/02/20  (6)
ARE Reptile - why don't you go back to Russia?    04/02/20  (2)
Defensed another civil lawsuit and was paid in MARIJUANA GUMMIES    04/02/20  (28)
Confirmed U.S. cases increased 15 percent today (April 2), to 236,339    04/02/20  (7)
Worst-Hit ZIP codes per capita in NYC:    04/02/20  (29)
clown world: Jared Kushner giving coronavirus speech    04/02/20  (1)
Italian Lawyer Suing Emirates for 9hr Flight Next to Obese Fatso (PIC of Fatso)    04/02/20  (65)
so w/i 1 yr CLSG gave chandler brikfuss at the real firm and dropped kenny like    04/02/20  (13)
kenny FLW and I speaking on a panel at aryan brotherhood meeting    04/02/20  (5)
In case u forgot, Jemele Hill wants to remind u she's a retarded hack    04/02/20  (5)
So let me get this straight, this virus just kills boomers and minorities?    04/02/20  (2)
Any good Lawyers here that are licensed in Australia?    04/02/20  (2)
go to germany and refuse to cooperate or talk    04/02/20  (1)

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