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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Biz idea: hazmat suits u never take off. Docking portal for food, sex, waste.    04/06/20  (1)
Just put 1 million into VOO (CSLG)    04/06/20  (20)
NY Gov Andrew Cuomo: "Anecdotally, Hydroxychloroquine has been effective"    04/06/20  (7)
In college, if I was drinking 10+ beers a day, it was because I was fucking part    04/06/20  (11)
⚖ ‘Scared to Death’ by Arbitration: Companies Drowning in Their Own System    04/06/20  (10)
Anyone ever work at a firm with absolute alphas?    04/06/20  (15)
fauci had 40 years as a public servant to prepare for a pandemic    04/06/20  (3)
Libs: 'studies 4 hydroxy r critical. shutting down economy? nah don't need anyth    04/06/20  (2)
XO Trump smooth talks India into releasing THE CURE    04/06/20  (4)
Good risk: Unprecedented economic lock down. Bad risk: Try an old drug.    04/06/20  (6)
Will shutdown get extended past April 30?    04/06/20  (1)
POLL: are you having MOAR or LESS sex with wife/gf since quarantine?    04/06/20  (3)
Virusfraudmos, defend defending "the economy"    04/06/20  (45)
Almost incomprehensible to me that people take astrological signs seriously    04/06/20  (7)
jjc seducing doodikoff w/ unlimited weed, guns, and video games like Joe Exotic    04/06/20  (7)
Inside the epic White House fight over hydroxychloroquine    04/06/20  (61)
Can't believe Fauci let 10,000 Americans die when the cure is so obvious    04/06/20  (1)
Wheezy libs have shut down national parks. WHAT THE FUCK    04/06/20  (14)
So Tiger King "husband" had tattoo “PRIVATELY OWNED BY JOE EXOTIC,” but not    04/06/20  (3)
Job opportunity in Norway - thoughts?    04/06/20  (35)
Let$ cut the crap..get real and expo$e thi$ fraud    04/06/20  (4)
TIGER KING Discussion Thread ITT    04/06/20  (21)
Intel is fucked    04/06/20  (10)
"but there haven't been peer reviewed Studies" lib doctor tells u as u lay dying    04/06/20  (2)
Is there a good book that describes the NEW FRAUD ECONOMY?    04/06/20  (3)
Hitler in Hell: "Ok, 6 million is kinda high, but have you ever met one of them?    04/06/20  (1)
Wife's boomer parents won't help with out kids bc we might give them COVID-19    04/06/20  (190)
shitlaw shoulder ram ideal for opening doors w out touching handle    04/06/20  (2)
COVID-19 YOU=FRAUD    04/06/20  (2)
RATE MY STACK: Dbol, Test Cyp, Hydroxychloroquine, Deca    04/06/20  (1)
Ate instant ramen for first time since college. Underrated food    04/06/20  (36)
We shredded the Constitution & put 30M out of work so some boomers wouldn't die    04/06/20  (1)
CNN: FDA authorizes, without evidence, Hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus use    04/06/20  (4)
Bill Gates buying up world’s Hydroxychloroquine supply and burning it, cacklin    04/06/20  (8)
🚨Long-term SHORTAGES of FRUIT, VEGETABLES, possibly MEAT are coming (Reuters)    04/06/20  (68)
anyone ever get jealous of dudes for military benefits    04/06/20  (22)
Hitler standing at the gates of Hell: "C'mon, 6 million seems kinda high"    04/06/20  (1)
US will soon have the MOST deaths of any country. Trump doing 180 job MAGA    04/06/20  (52)
Is UBI one of the end goals of this? I’m beginning to think maybe    04/06/20  (20)
NIGGER?    04/06/20  (2)
PoliSci Shitheads Vindicated: qualified to disagree with drs on KungFlu (link)    04/06/20  (3)
Boomers our are most precious natl resource. Yall need 2 stop complaining about    04/06/20  (1)
In all seriousness, this is Rudolph, I hit rock bottom last nigh    04/06/20  (101)
"You have to lose your jobs to keep Boomers alive as long as possible." (Boomer    04/06/20  (13)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss the virusssss, here 4 boomersssss" *every1 cheer    04/06/20  (6)
Media will start to pivot to Trump failing to get chloroquine to minorities    04/06/20  (1)
If even one more boomer survives, it’s worth any number of unemployed. Cr?    04/06/20  (11)
Pull the pantie$ and diaper$ off and expo$e thi$ lie    04/06/20  (1)
Bill Gates should be stripped of all his wealth &a check given to every american    04/06/20  (18)
Thousands of workers individually seek arbitration against DoorDash...    04/06/20  (77)
Well, we have to end apartheid for one. And slow down the nuclear arms race, sto    04/06/20  (1)
ITT: Media dismissing Hydroxychloroquine simply because Trump supported it    04/06/20  (51)
Where are you Tommy T? $tock$ way up!    04/06/20  (6)
The$e ma$k$ and glove$ $how$ the narci$$ci$t$ that over value their "live$"    04/06/20  (2)
Oh wow! Yeah that girl is looking like a SNACK!    04/06/20  (2)
"Hold on, I'll be right there, just need to blank bump this Nurgle blank bump"    04/06/20  (6)
"You have nothing to lose but your chains!" xo poaster: "but i like my cha    04/06/20  (12)
so basically all of the world's problems would be solved if Gamers were in charg    04/06/20  (8)
ROR the mugshot has 847 views now    04/06/20  (1)
Researchers create model of "Gamer" phenotype 20 years from now (pic)    04/06/20  (16)
we need Roman proscriptions to return for everyone pushing fraudvirus    04/06/20  (2)
CSG bobblehead is here    04/06/20  (23)
should i refuse to pay my "community area maintenance fee"?    04/06/20  (1)
Humanity ha$ a ma$$ive negative value a$ a whole    04/06/20  (1)
Worst lib line re fraudvirus is “you can’t put a price on a human life”    04/06/20  (21)
Good idea 2 put 80 yo govt bureaucrat @ risk of covid in charge of econ response    04/06/20  (1)
So libs new line is "think of the ppl in nursing homes!"? LMFAO libs need 2 die    04/06/20  (3)
A gamer can “log in” from anywhere and join an elite international cadre    04/06/20  (18)
Let$ fini$h it off forever to give 3000 people 3 more year$????    04/06/20  (1)
Civ VI bros: what to build first: granary, barracks or holocaust museum?    04/06/20  (3)
Sid Meier to add Luis the poster as Persian leader in Civ VI    04/06/20  (4)
India, 50% of global hydroxychloroquine production, bans exports to hoard CURE    04/06/20  (2)
Best way to leverage stock market investment of $100k? ($500k lost)    04/06/20  (1)
Prudential suspends life insurance policies    04/06/20  (1)
Called the bottom and no one responded to my post (CSLG)    04/06/20  (43)
thats horrifying -> how many museums -> wooden doors? -> I WISH IT HAPPENED    04/06/20  (1)
LMFAO at libs WHY DOESNT TRUMP LOCK US UP FOR LONGER lol just looooooooool    04/06/20  (27)
Think I’ve figured it out. Libs are cowards afraid to leave house. Want every1    04/06/20  (10)
Best way to leverage a home that costs $500k? ($100k down)    04/06/20  (1)
Neville Fernandes was fired by Littler and self deported due to NOWIG    04/06/20  (4)
Government death estimates revised WAY down. Virusbadmos blown out    04/06/20  (113)
Cheap ga$online to?    04/06/20  (1)
Seems like the Fed could make a shitton long term just buying VTI    04/06/20  (1)
Trump: “I have ordered the CDC to begin measuring the anogenital distance    04/06/20  (24)
Did you $ee lib$ having thi$ one up their $leeve$?    04/06/20  (2)
luis    04/06/20  (4)
What is ‘Doctor’ Ford up to these days??    04/06/20  (1)
lmao literally matched with luis    04/06/20  (2)
Many fraud lockdown order$ were and are $et to expire    04/06/20  (1)
anyone watch the platform on netflix    04/06/20  (6)
Apr. 6th: fraudmos launch surprise pre-dawn offensive, capture badmos' standard    04/06/20  (1)
Bowlcut slept over lass night but now my sheets stankkkk!!!    04/06/20  (4)
Brooklyn Landlord Avi Goldheim waives rent for 100s of his tenants    04/06/20  (76)
Krispy Kreme sales associate, 140k HHI - can I afford 500k home w/o family $$?    04/06/20  (3)
Fight racism with Python    04/06/20  (23)
Crisis actor details experience driving empty ambulance wth sirens on around NYC    04/06/20  (2)
How much house can I afford on $125k income ?    04/06/20  (3)
Scientists: "novel properties" of Covid-19 could delay vaccine for years (CNN)    04/06/20  (1)
Does Peter Navarro read this board? Dropped the “I’m a social scientist” l    04/06/20  (1)
*bumpersticker of Calvin peeing on Cravath logo*    04/06/20  (4)
Are psychological analyses of dreams real or bullshit?    04/06/20  (30)
It's important you never leave your house, ever. Some old people might die.    04/06/20  (8)
Heart of Darkness, but it’s Johnsmeyer in post-COVID Chicago    04/06/20  (2)
Columbus and Pittsburgh will be 2 most important cities in U.S. when NYC collaps    04/06/20  (33)
A service partner has been born in Babylon.    04/06/20  (6)
NYC coronavirus has PEAKED. LOL @ needing 30,000 ventilators.    04/06/20  (1)
How much longer do we get to enjoy social distancing?    04/06/20  (2)
Virusbadmos, get ITT and identify yourself so that you can be shamed later    04/06/20  (27)
Model used by White House to shut down country is wildly overestimating things    04/06/20  (62)
Kiryas Joel is a city-state in the new Civ VI expansion pack    04/06/20  (2)
I wonder if TT ever imagined what his life would resort to    04/06/20  (41)
Rate the 4 games I just installed on my new gaming desktop PC    04/06/20  (10)
libs need to be whipped publicly    04/06/20  (8)
Be kind to virusmos. They’re feeling sensitive about destroying the economy ov    04/06/20  (2)
I just ate hot dogs for lunch. I never would have done that at the office.    04/06/20  (18)
garth brooks the dance is one of the greatest songs ever imo    04/06/20  (36)
Tinder chick hunted me down on FB and LinkedIn, ding?    04/06/20  (15)
Egypt, Lebanon Evacuate Citizens From Nigeria by Islie: 7:36am More countries ye    04/06/20  (1)
I don't think I can ever go back to an office after this    04/06/20  (1)
rate this 19 year old I fucked of Eros last night    04/06/20  (19)
What is the most PRESTIGIOUS NYC park to be mass buried in?    04/06/20  (8)
We will be over 10,000 US Coronavirus deaths by TOMORROW.    04/06/20  (163)
Dem Congresswoman Refers Trump to Hague Prosecutors for Crimes Against Humanity    04/06/20  (24)
Estimate the tumescence of fraudvirus tp's current erection    04/06/20  (2)
Mayor Pete: “Telling black people to wear protective face masks is racist.”    04/06/20  (5)
Oh only 20k died from the TERRIBLE PANDEMIC!!! Guess we need a depression.    04/06/20  (4)
2020 SUMMER BONUS WATCH THREAD    04/06/20  (4)
Obviously we can't let this happen again. Are we all going to be wearing gas mas    04/06/20  (1)
Who did more to slow Coronavirus? Trump or Rudolph?    04/06/20  (2)
oh my god it's going to be a great week holy shit here we gooooo    04/06/20  (498)
Quick soneone write an article about how social distancing hurts womens careers    04/06/20  (1)
Social Distancing Is a Privilege The idea that this virus is an equal-opportunit    04/06/20  (8)
flip flop wearing faggots pwned once again    04/06/20  (20)
Has Kiryas Joel, NY been POZZED yet?    04/06/20  (7)
My gym sent an email saying it's possible it'll reopen this month. Odds of that?    04/06/20  (8)
Oh where oh are you Tommy T? Oh where oh where might you be?    04/06/20  (1)
Look at these Boomers paying poz cam girls to sneeze into tissue, mail it 2 them    04/06/20  (1)
Reminder: It’s Holy Week    04/06/20  (7)
friend who legit had coronavirus like 2-3 weeks ago asking friends to hang out    04/06/20  (3)
Nancy Pelois: "we have to discourage white families from forming.."    04/06/20  (6)
$tock Market up 1200+    04/06/20  (3)
Has anyone here ever actually been to Chicago?    04/06/20  (56)
Why do the Japanese love HITLER?    04/06/20  (8)
Is FRAUDVIRUS even worse than the 2009 BIRD FLU? (DTP)    04/06/20  (5)
Are hospitals getting overrun ANYWHERE in America or is that flame?    04/06/20  (16)
Florida hasn't updated its covid numbers in days. odd case.    04/06/20  (6)
Raccoons build rudimentary short-wave radio    04/06/20  (41)
REMINDER: u all pulled out at 22,000, boomers reinvesting so u get back in at 30    04/06/20  (1)

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