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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
You guys can't comprehend how dumb some shitlawyers are    06/01/20  (13)
So ppl are arguing the cop intended to kill Floyd?    06/01/20  (13)
OH LOOK! THE LAWYERS ARE HERE!    06/01/20  (2)
More Bellevue, WA craziness: store owner defending his shop with gun (link)    06/01/20  (4)
Bunch of lawyers who don't understand tech act righteous when used against them    06/01/20  (3)
no one likes lawyers aka scum of the earth    06/01/20  (16)
Voted for Trump. Now want him to suffer a health scare and resign    06/01/20  (6)
SP: well I don't agree with libs nig stance .. but I do like their pedo stance!    06/01/20  (1)
lawyers have NO LAY PRESTIGE    06/01/20  (10)
Is the stock market even real?    06/01/20  (6)
Libs unironically squaking about white supremacy at some level realize it’s a    06/01/20  (4)
women don't even have to bother divorcing men now, just kill them, collect $$    06/01/20  (2)
Any shit popping off in NoVA?    06/01/20  (3)
rioters will all die of mass coronavirus soon, right? without masks/distancing?    06/01/20  (3)
Woman murders husband, claims 'emotional abuse', is granted his estate (NYT)    06/01/20  (3)
This is what happens when 40% don't pay income taxes, thanks libs    06/01/20  (7)
Imagine the world filled with koreans only ...    06/01/20  (11)
what are the best simpsons episodes    06/01/20  (20)
women: how many compact discs can you hang on your nipples?    06/01/20  (4)
Do MDs laugh at lawyerbros? Think we are dumb?    06/01/20  (9)
which of these male feminists would you peg? (pic)    06/01/20  (2)
epstein fucking kids w/ impunity is OK as long as goy chattel get gritty netflix    06/01/20  (30)
/pol/ is discussing ways to infiltrate and destroy Antifa    06/01/20  (21)
This is 100% the fault of antifa and the radical left, and no one else.    06/01/20  (24)
Not a single right-wing group confronted rioters in 20+ US cities over 5 nights    06/01/20  (111)
which city has the illest lootin right now?    06/01/20  (1)
Dr. Dong is back, tweeting about Algorand    06/01/20  (2)
rioters set fire to grassy hill from windows xp background (twitter vid)    06/01/20  (3)
CSLG - If you were to start a new business venture with $25,000    06/01/20  (10)
Trump lost. To be fair was right the entire time.    06/01/20  (3)
not motivated to do anything lol    06/01/20  (5)
are violent blacks/antifa are gonna attack whites at the voting polls in Nov    06/01/20  (5)
This is gonna get worst when Trump wins, isn’t it.    06/01/20  (3)
lmao at buckwild nigs own-goaling old white voters back into Trump's arms    06/01/20  (5)
HYPO: you wake up to the sound of rioters on ur street. what do u do?    06/01/20  (6)
Companies that increase board diversity may be shunned    06/01/20  (5)
My parents are first cousins. AMA    06/01/20  (4)
Earl, posting videos from white nationalist false flag riot in santa monica    06/01/20  (62)
Got to admit that Benjamin Crump made a nice little niche practice for himself    06/01/20  (4)
*class of 8 year olds saying o captain my captain as halford's led out in cuffs*    06/01/20  (71)
Quick Question: Did all those scooter companies disappear?    06/01/20  (4)
You can make a 180 molotov cocktail with liquid laundry detergent and gasoline    06/01/20  (15)
I'm a pussy but I need to buy a gun. Tell me what to get    06/01/20  (9)
Black protesters are starting to beat white Antifa libs (video)    06/01/20  (53)
Google: 5s44YzOs9pw    06/01/20  (31)
following the Lib Playbook of Treason, next move is another MAGA hat false flag    06/01/20  (1)
i want to make a film about riots with the vibe of van sandts elephant    06/01/20  (2)
Rioters’ next step: attack residential homes    06/01/20  (53)
💡: Make school year-round. Might keep these hoodlum rioters of the streets    06/01/20  (3)
the point of the rioting is to make pig cops think twice before strangling someo    06/01/20  (5)
Any Chicago bro’s? Sounds like everything is getting looted tonight    06/01/20  (6)
Romper    06/01/20  (2)
Who stole the cookies from the Subway store? Benzo stole the cookies from the Su    06/01/20  (42)
it was peaceful but then 1 bad apple forced 300 protestors to attack passers-by    06/01/20  (9)
I hope nyuug is refused an evacuation flight to the US when Korean War II starts    06/01/20  (9)
ITS HAPPENING - Trump at WH door Dual Wielding AR-15s    06/01/20  (4)
media trying to control narrative like we cant literally see the vids on twitter    06/01/20  (10)
"he just came out of nowhere & saved our asses- on a skateboard." - NYPD Chief    06/01/20  (1)
multiple stores being looted around me in downtown chicago    06/01/20  (37)
wtf just saw a protester with "justice 4 benzo" sign    06/01/20  (1)
white supremacist laughing like Woody Woodpecker, burning down historic church    06/01/20  (2)
NYT: right-wing white supremists responsible for looting downtown Juicy Couture    06/01/20  (1)
former NBA reporter self pwns in hilarious tweet series    06/01/20  (1)
heat is only $4.99 on amazon prime    06/01/20  (1)
These riots are a direct result of the COVID shutdown    06/01/20  (8)
boston cleared the protestors out so quickly    06/01/20  (20)
Just Voted In Upscale Philly District: 80% Female Voters    06/01/20  (186)
HOL UP HOL UP    06/01/20  (3)
Gucci, Chanel, and Coach have been sacked in SoHo.    06/01/20  (5)
SoHo being absolutely looted right now    06/01/20  (10)
the riots just mean the lockdowns are working    06/01/20  (1)
Soyboy goes REEEEEEEEEEE after rioters harass him (link)    06/01/20  (3)
ITT: ballers NAME YOUR TOP 3 baller ass BRANDS    06/01/20  (86)
Trump can lose FL and still win w/ PA    06/01/20  (6)
538 currently gives Trump every state he needs but one. NH or CO or PA or MI    06/01/20  (42)
Board shitcons are absolutely OBSESSED with Obeezy, LOL    06/01/20  (20)
So “sports” in 2020 is now watching cops crack antifa/looter skulls in cnn?    06/01/20  (2)
this is RAPE CULTURE.    06/01/20  (1)
Post the most 🔥 riot videos    06/01/20  (208)
Does trump have better shot than McCain ? Seems like def better than romney    06/01/20  (7)
Minneapolis department also had black cop who killed unarmed white woman.    06/01/20  (4)
Chances there's even an election this November?    06/01/20  (1)
If polls are as accurate as they were in 2014...it is POTUS Trump!    06/01/20  (4)
Trump leads Florida poll by 2 (not flame) - link    06/01/20  (11)
Starting to think Trump needs PA/MI upset. Path is: PA+MI+((FL) or (NH+NC))    06/01/20  (3)
yanny. yanny. laurel. yanny. laurel. yanny. laurel. laurel.    06/01/20  (5)
will probably see a boston-style homemade explosive bombing soon    06/01/20  (1)
Fukkk is michigan slipping away from trump ??    06/01/20  (14)
lawyer on dirtbike does sick fender kiss over flaming cop car (link)    06/01/20  (1)
luis & me posing for kiss in front of ntl guard line    06/01/20  (2)
lawyer on dirtbike does sick fender kick over flaming cop car (link)    06/01/20  (1)
wtf turn on CNN- a skateboarder is taking out all the Antifa    06/01/20  (2)
#sedition_teens    06/01/20  (1)
19 yo white women rioting in clothes without pockets    06/01/20  (2)
nyt running another story suggesting it's rightwing extremists w/o any evidence    06/01/20  (1)
USA Today poll: Hillary 47, Trump 38 - link    06/01/20  (6)
You may hate his wgwag spamming, but nyuug IS always right    06/01/20  (9)
Either Trump wins or loses, China wins BIGLY (uvt)    06/01/20  (1)
portland livestream. tear gas is ABOUT TO FLY    06/01/20  (11)
Trump already back down to 26 on PredictIt. He spiked to 31 when FBI story broke    06/01/20  (5)
A noble black man looting and burning a Payless Shoes because of white supremacy    06/01/20  (2)
Biden to black dude: “If you vote for Trump you aren’t black”    06/01/20  (113)
So decades of communist professors and music glorifying violence is good, right?    06/01/20  (8)
Literally America in 2020    06/01/20  (3)
Andy Ngo shot and killed    06/01/20  (3)
What are the world's HOT TRAVEL DESTINATIONS in 2020?    06/01/20  (41)
Do libs finally realize they’re fucking DONE HERE?    06/01/20  (1)
Hollywood Alarm Grows Over Prospect of Donald Trump Victory (link)    06/01/20  (24)
Which states will flip for trump? PA? NH/NV?    06/01/20  (14)
Can't believe that fag nyuug has been right this entire time    06/01/20  (34)
Big swing in Trump's favor on PredictIt    06/01/20  (15)
I'm giving nyuug a temporary pass on his third world responses.    06/01/20  (6)
HuffPo "election forecast" gives Trump a 1.8% chance of winning    06/01/20  (5)
White reporter gets beaten up by peaceful black protesters (link)    06/01/20  (2)
Trump at 24.8% on 538 Polls Only - Predict % in 24 hrs    06/01/20  (11)
Hillary crushed Trump in another Pennsylvania poll    06/01/20  (12)
Trump at !!!36!!! on Predictit. Literally DOUBLE    06/01/20  (13)
why aren’t they burning down tech offices    06/01/20  (7)
So Trump just completely lost control of the country? Very weak!    06/01/20  (5)
Lmao they're even rioting in Canada (link)    06/01/20  (4)
I want total chaos communism    06/01/20  (171)
Trump's fucked: huuuuge voter increases in Democratic counties in Florida    06/01/20  (21)
google search: "google HQ" | 0 results, did you mean "city hall location"    06/01/20  (1)
I've helped countless lawyers take cyanide and it's painless.    06/01/20  (2)
Nate silver: trump 33% chance. Predictit: trump 38% chance    06/01/20  (4)
40% unemployment | 400 cities burned | 4000 s&p    06/01/20  (2)
FUcK you, daddy! I'm going to act as a white human shield at the BLM riot!    06/01/20  (2)
Earl "the goat" Manigoat (born Shmuel Goldenberg) is an American lawyer and twee    06/01/20  (2)
Tons of cops on Market St. in San Francisco    06/01/20  (14)
TrumpMos. Hillary is winning. Don't even vote. It's over :(    06/01/20  (2)
which part of the “education” system turns most people into cynical sociopat    06/01/20  (1)
TRUMPMO HERE: I'm getting worried.    06/01/20  (12)
XOXO: Where lawyers come to pretend to be programmers    06/01/20  (5)
“Fuck my TUSH harder daddy!!!” (Kenny and/or Chandler to CSLG)    06/01/20  (9)
XOers who don't own guns - cum ITT and describe your piss-soaked undies    06/01/20  (13)
Trumptards, want to explain this video?    06/01/20  (1)
jobs are meaningless | women are disgusting | everything is a lie    06/01/20  (3)
Policies libs killed this wkd: Gun Control, UBI, COVID Lockdowns    06/01/20  (8)
what % of lawyers are mentally ill sociopaths?    06/01/20  (4)
more beta on average, lawyers or accountants???    06/01/20  (5)
Who's this pumo who got CUCKED by a Chad alpha lawyer?    06/01/20  (1)
POLL: U.S. Posters, Do you plan on staying in America?    06/01/20  (164)
Keith Ellison’s (who is now in charge of Chauvin case) son declares official    06/01/20  (5)
We may have overdone it with teaching moral relativism to kids for years    06/01/20  (3)
Is it odd for lawyer to schedule doctors appointment for you    06/01/20  (3)
remember when “they” lied to you about everything?    06/01/20  (2)
A Russian Professor's Map of the Future Divided States of America (map)    06/01/20  (26)
wtf i love JJC now    06/01/20  (2)
Lawyers - what's it feel like to have no valuable IRL skills?    06/01/20  (7)
david hogg says fuck donald trump    06/01/20  (1)

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