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Being a COP seems like a sweet gig    05/30/20  (16)
I want to give luis a ride in my 4runner    05/30/20  (4)
#1 strategic blunder during COVID was $600/week federal unemployment    05/30/20  (66)
Is Minneapolis's mayor literally mentally-ill/unstable/emotionall
   05/30/20  (5)
It increasingly feels like Trump has lost control of the country    05/30/20  (11)
did i dream that Obama tried to kill US space program & funnel money to islam    05/30/20  (4)
Elon Musk blowing Obama the fuck out as he launches astronauts back into space    05/30/20  (2)
Holy shit, Walter Cunningham just had the most 180 answer to Cavuto's question    05/30/20  (28)
*** Attempt 2: SpaceX astronaut launch at 12:30pm PST. Stream is live ***    05/30/20  (15)
Anyone else remember how Napoleon first made a name for himself?    05/30/20  (3)
LAW under attack in Portland    05/30/20  (43)
VP nominee Stacey Abrams on riots: “Let me eat cake”    05/30/20  (33)
lib supremacism    05/30/20  (2)
brazen absurdity (white supremacists did Minneapolis!) is a feature not a bug    05/30/20  (13)
So why exactly are the "white supremacists" rioting?    05/30/20  (1)
So why exactly are the "white supremacists" rioting?    05/30/20  (1)
What’s your senior year prom date up to these days?    05/30/20  (9)
people being too close together in parks was a huge deal to the media    05/30/20  (3)
what’s good to loot?    05/30/20  (23)
Avg cop salary in Oakland is $135k/year. They must love protests    05/30/20  (2)
Libs are going all in on it being white supremacists rioting    05/30/20  (26)
computers are the only good thing that came out of industrial society    05/30/20  (1)
My black neighborhs are having a pool party    05/30/20  (14)
2020 DNC will just be nut jobs screaming I hate white people    05/30/20  (11)
MSM: Villainizes peaceful lockdown protests, defends destructive race rioting    05/30/20  (20)
*elon musk adding final powdered shrooms to oxygen lines*    05/30/20  (2)
Baltimore had 7 shootings and 2 stabbings last night    05/30/20  (2)
lol @ Trump's befogged Boomer-Brain fucktardation re: winning 'black vote'    05/30/20  (4)
7-11 just sent me an extremely desperate email (Krampusnacht)    05/30/20  (2)
Blue checkmarks & MSM now claiming riots are false flag op by white supremacists    05/30/20  (4)
Us darkies oughta go Reginald Denny on some white boys tonight 😻    05/30/20  (1)
Real talk: If you care about 'Pink Floyd' you're a fucking hipster    05/30/20  (15)
there comes a point at which, if you joke about this stuff, the joke is on you    05/30/20  (5)
Libs are going to win in a landslide now    05/30/20  (2)
Learn how badass the A-10 Warthog is in just 16:26    05/30/20  (10)
who wants to help me build a cabin like Uncle Ted did    05/30/20  (12)
the protests, riots, Biden, etc. can all be traced back to Gamergate    05/30/20  (1)
what are bort shitlibs (EPAH, Obeezy) saying about looting and rioting?    05/30/20  (15)
hi! i (63m) am trying to learn about politics. can any redditors help me?    05/30/20  (1)
Is Sarah Jeong still tweeting about Gamergate?    05/30/20  (2)
“libs”    05/30/20  (2)
Delicious WOC explaining how SpaceX puts man back in space, libs MAF    05/30/20  (1)
the long con: BLM were white supremacists the whole time    05/30/20  (1)
Libs / People who don't hate niggers, get in here and defend your view    05/30/20  (2)
Carson Wentz goes shitlib    05/30/20  (9)
Is uncut gems a must see?    05/30/20  (2)
can't go to school or church but you can form a mob and burn down a Papa Johns    05/30/20  (9)
PSA: When cops actually want to injure or kill someone, they aren't seen doing i    05/30/20  (4)
where can i find an adoptive dad (or dads)    05/30/20  (11)
How did STAY HOME -> FLATTEN THE CURVE -> WEAR MASK -> DIE WHITEY    05/30/20  (2)
none of us are free like at all    05/30/20  (5)
early Mars Volta is incredible    05/30/20  (1)
Imagine if the US was just Asian and Latino    05/30/20  (29)
Drink 2 gallons of antifreeze leave next to manifesto?(Boom)    05/30/20  (5)
Greta Thunberg fuming as the news cycle passes her by AGAIN    05/30/20  (3)
So Democrats in MN just let white nationalist nazis burn Minneapolis down?    05/30/20  (1)
MSM: No riots, just protests > Ok the riots are justified > It’s whites riotin    05/30/20  (4)
Carson Wentz used the words "institutional racism"    05/30/20  (3)
Shitlib in my neighborhood took off BLM sticker, replaced w gays for biden stick    05/30/20  (1)
what can we give blacks women and jews to shut them the fuck up    05/30/20  (1)
they're now blaming the riots on Kaep being blackballed from NFL    05/30/20  (1)
Twitter: "Peaceful protests underway in Newark, Philadelphia & other cities"    05/30/20  (1)
i dreamt i was ice skating with GHWB last night    05/30/20  (2)
how lolzy is this SpaceX rocket blows up?    05/30/20  (3)
🦠 Closing in on bad flu. CDC reduces COVID-19 fatality rate again. 🦠    05/30/20  (1)
Anyone here actually against reparations for blacks for slavery?    05/30/20  (85)
shitlibs clarify MN situation: online white supremacists egg on the violence!    05/30/20  (12)
what would life be like if mitt romney had been made potus in 2016?    05/30/20  (1)
an open air prison called America    05/30/20  (12)
Roberts: Bill of Rights was a mistake, Gov. knows best    05/30/20  (14)
Trust Satan    05/30/20  (3)
never should have let women vote    05/30/20  (4)
Talk to your kids about your wife’s sexual partner count    05/30/20  (2)
It’s a full time job being this mentally ill    05/30/20  (4)
been cumming in my wife last 5 weesk straight, America still a septic shithold?    05/30/20  (1)
NYPost: New York's nursing home horrors are even worse than you think    05/30/20  (2)
So “race” is going to be the biggest issue our entire lives. Great. Awesome.    05/30/20  (5)
Is carrying a pocket knife cr?    05/30/20  (65)
Can’t wait until tonight’s episode of RACE WARS. I love the new ARMY subplot    05/30/20  (2)
So rioters are white nationalists. Trump threatened to shoot white nationalists    05/30/20  (3)
XO CHAUVINISTS check-in thread (supporters of cop XO Derek Chauvin)    05/30/20  (1)
"They burned down a pizza place?" Yeah Little Caesars "Ok but what pizza place"    05/30/20  (2)
is there an “Underground Railroad” for poasters    05/30/20  (8)
Rate this video of kids playing on the street in 1978    05/30/20  (43)
Wach this big ol' black lady get chinned by a cop.    05/30/20  (2)
Benjamin Crump sitting atop a throne of skulls.    05/30/20  (7)
Trump pwn the libs, but u have to admit he didnt make America great again    05/30/20  (4)
Kamala is a Queen    05/30/20  (3)
Kamala predict the score of the Nebraska vs. Iowa game    05/30/20  (2)
Did Tou Thao deserve to be fired?    05/30/20  (9)
Have you ever had a girl ask you to piss sitting down?    05/30/20  (49)
Female protester harasses short cop (brutal)    05/30/20  (21)
***Heroes Riot Here***    05/30/20  (2)
Jonah Hill Dating TS Amanda? (Variety)    05/30/20  (2)
You’re going to have to come to terms with TS Amanda’s COCK    05/30/20  (5)
“The goyim no longer fear the virus, m’lord” “Burn down Minneapolis    05/30/20  (11)
NOT at all gay but I'd let TS Amanda have her way with me    05/30/20  (4)
Landlord added a $70 “COVID-19 fee” to rent - should I pay?    05/30/20  (3)
cookies    05/30/20  (7)
im gay    05/30/20  (7)
George Floyd may have reopened the country    05/30/20  (66)
creepy 19 minute video about the homosexual lifestyle (UJTP)    05/30/20  (1)
national guard convoy deployed    05/30/20  (1)
What would happen if the protesters do breach WH security perimeter    05/30/20  (12)
"These are Trump supporters burning and looting."    05/30/20  (1)
Cable TV split screen: Patriotic Trump rally vs BLM/Antifa riot    05/30/20  (1)
They killed a FED in Oakland last night?    05/30/20  (3)
Minority rule doesn't work. Trump has proven that.    05/30/20  (115)
Red Pill Comix seemed to stop around the time Stan Lee passed away    05/30/20  (1)
I heard jobs added numbers went down as soon as GOP took over but deficit up    05/30/20  (5)
Riots in Minneapolis prove trump is literally never wrong    05/30/20  (9)
Wow so citizens are refusing to put up with Trump’s bullshit? Huge fucking sur    05/30/20  (1)
how long until millions of small business burn down from mysterious fires?    05/30/20  (15)
"GRANT" on History Channel was pretty a 180 series    05/30/20  (20)
PSA: Super Deluxe on Netflix is 180. It’s like Pulp Fiction + season 2 of Farg    05/30/20  (1)
Legally, cops could should a protester and charge every protester with murder    05/30/20  (4)
libs on facebook not posting pictures/videos of riots. why?    05/30/20  (2)
White Nationalists are responsible for the rioting & looting. THANKS TRUMPCUCKS!    05/30/20  (2)
xo parents: i highly recommend “the toilet bowl cleaners” on spotify    05/30/20  (1)
Women will never be hardliners against crime, illegal immigration, etc    05/30/20  (5)
haha wow what a fringe idiot practicing his god given rights to freedom    05/30/20  (1)
cold hard truth - mexicans saved LA from being burnt down in 2020 riots    05/30/20  (7)
Boomer rapes & kills woman in 1970. Never caught until after he's dead.    05/30/20  (20)
did USSR ever cancel spaceship launches because of pussy rain    05/30/20  (1)
MN press conference says they're gon a use NSA signal intercepts to hack rioters    05/30/20  (2)
Police Seize $130,000 Cash From Guy At Airport For No Reason At All    05/30/20  (129)
Maximum IQ to believe Trump is actually President, is in control?    05/30/20  (4)
White police save black lives.    05/30/20  (15)
all the stay at home nonsense is over now right    05/30/20  (1)
Is Trump still locked inside his own house?    05/30/20  (1)
Riot survivors deserve reparations from rioters    05/30/20  (2)
Bill de Blasio is flying to Minneapolis to join the peaceful protesters    05/30/20  (2)
CoronaVirus Hotel except he jumped on a Volt    05/30/20  (1)
Kids are awesome why don't you want them?    05/30/20  (4)
America is a shithole    05/30/20  (3)
Rate this quote from a South African woman re: diversity being our strength    05/30/20  (22)
Tim Cook weighs in on riots    05/30/20  (11)
"Why would ANYONE need these weapons of WAR?"    05/30/20  (1)
POLL: How many unarmed black men did police shoot and kill in 2019?    05/30/20  (19)
180 bit from tucker on the rioters    05/30/20  (111)
comparison of races by IQ, height, 40 yard dash, obesity %    05/30/20  (8)
Thousands chanting "Black Lives Matter" outside US Embassy in Berlin    05/30/20  (4)
is Tater Tot and Patten better than that Upload show on Amazon prime?    05/30/20  (1)
All these "protests" will lead to herd immunity and an end to COVID crisis.    05/30/20  (3)
XO Gunmos: looking to buy a handgun and assault rifle    05/30/20  (10)
Shooting baboons with a .50 cal (video)    05/30/20  (118)

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