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luis waving BLM t-shirt out his Volt's window like the scene in Hotel Rwanda    06/01/20  (4)
google search: "google HQ" | 0 results, did you mean "city hall location"    06/01/20  (2)
Distraction from riots: dog is chewing on my nieces used tampon applicator    06/01/20  (6)
Why Did Trump Wait A Week To Deploy National Guard? For The LULz?    06/01/20  (14)
luis & me posing for kiss in front of ntl guard line    06/01/20  (3)
19 yo white women rioting in clothes without pockets    06/01/20  (3)
So Trump only willing to use military force domestically?    06/01/20  (6)
youth turnout is going to be epic this year and Trump is fucked    06/01/20  (8)
TMZ: George Floyd was on FENTANYL    06/01/20  (44)
Is the WFH dream over?    06/01/20  (43)
Sullivan response to D.C. Circuit    06/01/20  (11)
Wtf is this. Are we all being tested??    06/01/20  (11)
Lol, Trump’s photo op was pathetic    06/01/20  (2)
🚨 BITCOIN is over $10,000 🚨    06/01/20  (14)
Shlom-sensei cancelled my lesson because of the BLM protests    06/01/20  (1)
DC livestream holy shit    06/01/20  (7)
POTUS must feel ALPHA as FUCK with Praetorian Guards    06/01/20  (13)
i've gone from libertarian to right of bolsonaro in 4 days    06/01/20  (3)
if chinks are so smart, explain the Cultural Revolution    06/01/20  (7)
charlie brown's ticker is going to explode at this rate of shitmodding    06/01/20  (6)
things stupid faggots tell themselves to sleep at night    06/01/20  (14)
Fat antifa chick knocked over by Prius    06/01/20  (24)
shitmod Charlie Brown spams about WLMAS alts while using an alt    06/01/20  (2)
i guess if i got busted shitmodding like charlie brown did i'd double down too    06/01/20  (19)
lol charlie brown i just found a slam-dunk piece of proof you’re the shitmod    06/01/20  (14)
the board is getting fucking SHITMODDED like crazy. check the garbage board    06/01/20  (45)
Why did the shitmods delete this thread?    06/01/20  (2)
60-year-old sexpat shitmod charlie brown just un-shitmodded dozens of threads    06/01/20  (18)
shitmod test: Charlie Brown tp is a huge fucking faggot    06/01/20  (11)
someone should shitmod the WHO THE FUCK IS STILL SHITMODDING? thread    06/01/20  (9)
Shitmod: Outting threads are fine but NYUUG? No fucking way    06/01/20  (13)
Reminder: Charlie Brown shitmods then undeletes all his shitmodding to justify    06/01/20  (5)
PSA: When Charlie Brown shitmods, shit gets bumped    06/01/20  (28)
/* /* /* Charlie Brown is shitmodding /* /* /*    06/01/20  (9)
Who would want to start a family in this shit? It's only going to get worse for    06/01/20  (4)
There is a fucking curfew in place in my county now    06/01/20  (1)
POC/libs on social media get mad at you no matter WHAT you do if youre white    06/01/20  (9)
What % of population is secretly red-pilled?    06/01/20  (1)
Good in house job opportunity that is actually hiring litigators    06/01/20  (8)
Trump was like a BOSS today 1800000    06/01/20  (1)
Look at this poignant image from a shattered Allen Edmonds store    06/01/20  (34)
41yo in “recovery” humblebragging about how hard they used to rage on fb    06/01/20  (2)
Some people did some things    06/01/20  (1)
Holy shit trump emerged from White House and walks out to firebombed church    06/01/20  (19)
Trump's "Bible" Was Actually Jared's SIDDUR (NYT)    06/01/20  (2)
I literally hate and disagree with everything BLM stands for but only know libs    06/01/20  (4)
XO, pick out a firearm for a first time gun owner    06/01/20  (15)
***TRUMP TO GIVE A SPEECH AT 6:15PM ET TONIGHT***    06/01/20  (62)
ITT: things America has in common with first world countires    06/01/20  (22)
Pelosi: "even if DC burns to the ground, our love for Israel remains"    06/01/20  (19)
fuck tik tok for not censoring the #BLM hashtag    06/01/20  (3)
Biden: I’ll be dammed if I pay for something that happened 300 years ago    06/01/20  (2)
there's literally no where on Earth to escape to    06/01/20  (7)
your future son telling you he wants to be a teen girl when he grows up    06/01/20  (5)
same    06/01/20  (1)
XO: Sure, riots? Fine. Looting? Fine. POAST ‘DOG BONE’!?’ OMGGG OH MY    06/01/20  (1)
Does America have an Enoch Powell?    06/01/20  (3)
Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?    06/01/20  (20)
Why would chick be living with me sleeping with me not talking a lot?    06/01/20  (2)
Curfew tonight    06/01/20  (1)
Biden selects Joe Biden for VP. "Its what Jack Obama woulda done."    06/01/20  (3)
wow lmao great new schtick    06/01/20  (7)
seems silly that we don't have unmanned tanks rolling around in Iraq    06/01/20  (3)
LMAO, Biden chilling in his basement up 10 points in the polls    06/01/20  (1)
Marine survives tours in Iraq, Afghanistan. Spends 5 mins at DC McDonald's, and    06/01/20  (19)
update on 19 year old hooker apparently he's been feeling over the past few day    06/01/20  (3)
🔥 George Floyd protests day 7 🔥    06/01/20  (3)
good afternoon! isis running train in fallujah    06/01/20  (4)
teen twerking for her male 2nd cousin on tiktok (Link)    06/01/20  (9)
a beer summit could fix this    06/01/20  (1)
What Scandinavia can tell us about avoiding a second peak (Link)    06/01/20  (1)
Where are the protests in MFH tonight?    06/01/20  (2)
Real talk though, this country is full on fucked    06/01/20  (21)
Trump's call with governors    06/01/20  (1)
Rate These Guns    06/01/20  (80)
lazy jenkins taking a break from sucking &fucking in the rape van to 420 raid ur    06/01/20  (2)
Wow Seoul is safe right now. Very first world.    06/01/20  (12)
who the fuck "lives" in Fallujah at this point    06/01/20  (5)
Lmao Don Lemon is crying on CNN right now    06/01/20  (2)
All right libs, what are you going to destroy next?    06/01/20  (1)
well trump just proved its possible to quickly clear an area    06/01/20  (3)
I found a pic of nyuug talking to a member of his harem    06/01/20  (1)
is nyuug still claiming that korea is a first world country?    06/01/20  (16)
just came in my wifes pussy trying to have a baby taking qs    06/01/20  (1)
PSA: you could travel safely in Iraq pre-war; now shithole    06/01/20  (7)
lol this country is clearly dying.    06/01/20  (132)
Imagine when whites become 49% of America. You've given up the country and it    06/01/20  (6)
why do we let people go to yemen/syria/somalia, etc. again?    06/01/20  (5)
hey nyuug. tell me more about how you live in a first world country faggot.    06/01/20  (10)
how come there are no big, balls-out fallujah action movies?    06/01/20  (7)
diapered looter tp    06/01/20  (2)
lmao the libs on my feed are already moving on to pride month    06/01/20  (1)
Chick and I are fucking and staying together communicating a lot=bail?    06/01/20  (3)
Come ITT if you support new poster “Dog Bone”    06/01/20  (3)
Posts get “law of the land” moderated for posting “Dog Bone”?    06/01/20  (1)
PSA: 1 in 1000 black men and boys will be killed by police during their lives    06/01/20  (31)
guess we are going to do this for the next 40 years, huh?    06/01/20  (29)
genderfluid looter zoomers    06/01/20  (1)
Sim Programmer #1: "...and NOW's when I set off the EMP" #2: "haha nice!"    06/01/20  (1)
How are there still people living in Iraq/Syria?    06/01/20  (4)
why is there no more news about isis in iraq/syria    06/01/20  (7)
ancient romans could not imagine a world without rome    06/01/20  (10)
TRUMP    06/01/20  (2)
Sim Glitch: NYUUG is basically right about everything he says.    06/01/20  (31)
A cloud based riot control solution    06/01/20  (2)
told you, minority (asian) + Trumpmo = Peak mental illness (Henry Aaron)    06/01/20  (1)
cloud-based riot evangelists    06/01/20  (1)
And you thought nyuug was kidding w/his guy from a 1st world country sup shtick    06/01/20  (8)
when was the last time you saw a good looking person in public    06/01/20  (6)
I'm 85% sure NYUUG is a profit who saw all of this coming    06/01/20  (14)
So they letting “protestors” burn the storefronts they didn’t need anymore    06/01/20  (1)
Yeah but there arent any far left groups in the US, but there are tons of Nazis.    06/01/20  (1)
non-white Trumpmos (Kenny, USPO, Henry Aaron) are the worst of the worst    06/01/20  (48)
advanced machine learning & AI will end the riots    06/01/20  (3)
***Islamic Republic of Fallujah***    06/01/20  (14)
wtf was the truck driver supposed to do    06/01/20  (6)
Henry Aaron: "lol you have dogs! What a faggot." This guy is 100% Asian    06/01/20  (10)
Putin definitely advised Trump to do a "strength walk" to the church.    06/01/20  (1)
un-fortuitous banana peel made out of fentanyl    06/01/20  (1)
"There were very fine people on both sides"    06/01/20  (1)
Lab friend occupying Zucotti Bark    06/01/20  (4)
The civil war in Iraq has begun    06/01/20  (9)
Racism is engrained into the fabric of our society.    06/01/20  (4)
Trump doing next photo op with piece of apple pie while DC burns    06/01/20  (1)
Are you buying a gun because of the riots?    06/01/20  (42)
Poetic that joggers are setting fire to Sprint store    06/01/20  (2)
So wtf did Floyd die of: asphyxia or a heart attack?    06/01/20  (3)
Half of Kayleigh McEnany's bodyweight is in the plastic surgery in her face    06/01/20  (2)
What is Henry Aaron/Voodoo Child's race?    06/01/20  (4)
fox news's cameraman right now is horrible    06/01/20  (3)
XO CHAUVINISTS check-in thread (supporters of cop XO Derek Chauvin)    06/01/20  (3)
Trump holding up Bible is lulzy, he probably jerked off with that palm 2 mins ag    06/01/20  (6)
Pretty 180 that Henry Aaron tp is asian, homosexual and a male nurse.    06/01/20  (2)
James TW - Incredible.mp3    06/01/20  (2)
ACOSTA IRATE: trump's military is sweeping the streets so he can go to church    06/01/20  (3)
what virus    06/01/20  (1)
lmao at trump posing with a bible in front of the church    06/01/20  (1)
Is this the fight both sides have been wanting for a while?    06/01/20  (1)
Really want to go back in time to buy a Mossberg 500 Retrograde    06/01/20  (2)
Lol Red Hen owners getting brutally doxxed    06/01/20  (8)
something will get bombed boston-style this week    06/01/20  (1)
black power types always into really shitty art    06/01/20  (1)
thank god jared kushner is headed to the church    06/01/20  (1)
Trump doesn’t even look presidential. Get Biden in there.    06/01/20  (1)
This country is irretrievably gone & fucked burn it all down    06/01/20  (6)
I'm giving nyuug a temporary pass on his third world responses.    06/01/20  (9)

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