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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: Big changes   07/13/20  (283)
Niggers are retarded. I paid 200K for polsci degree (xo po    07/13/20  (184)
has evan39 posted in last few days?    07/13/20  (2)
The leaker was Arkan/Opera Soprano    07/13/20  (11)
*Reads a Teddy Beckersted poast, falls to knees, repents*    07/13/20  (10)
Giada de Laurentiis looking up at you with the following expression:    07/13/20  (29)
Can someone explain the nyuug military thing?    07/13/20  (64)
I'm starting to seriously worry about global supply chains for mesh shorts    07/13/20  (4)
*A fortuitous meteor appears overhead a la Majora's Mask*    07/13/20  (8)
*opens thread* *sees nyuug moniker* *closes thread*    07/13/20  (5)
Larry Bird, MJ, Kobe Bryant, Luka Doncic = Basketball's Mount Rushmore    07/13/20  (17)
*Prays for a fortuitous strangling between Carly Rae Jepsen's thighs*    07/13/20  (8)
*A fortuitous meteor hovers above Earth*    07/13/20  (48)
*Earnestly and fervently prays for a planet-sized meteor*    07/13/20  (10)
"Women don't appreciate sophisticated men," the prole-faced sociopath reasoned    07/13/20  (25)
Women who fuck non-Chads disgust me    07/13/20  (16)
lol, how does Roosh not get banned from Twitter for this    07/13/20  (12)
truly amazed @ the brazen "church banned but BLM protests are A-OK"    07/13/20  (2)
Conspiracy theory on reddit that Tucker and Charles are gay lovers    07/13/20  (9)
Breaking point: Threw a big turd at a nigger today    07/13/20  (7)
outings this week will make CXII look like a day spa    07/13/20  (1)
*wakes up* *rubs eyes* *spoons gf* *whispers in her ear* "nigger"    07/13/20  (49)
All The Latest Brandy Melville Models Are Garbage    07/13/20  (37)
Oliver Darcy to trucker: “I can do that, cost you extra” *beady eyes narrow*    07/13/20  (1)
Christianity: brings people together like nothing else. Libs: HATE Christianity.    07/13/20  (19)
Tara Lipinski sexbots have begun rolling off assembly lines in Guangzhou (link)    07/13/20  (9)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    07/13/20  (1)
my throat is dry. chances it's covid?    07/13/20  (1)
rach, when this blows over, please re-fix the monikers for the historical record    07/13/20  (145)
AMAZING side effect of this whole fiasco. No more shitty CSLG threads.    07/13/20  (5)
Archiving all of my dog’s UVT pics in one handy thread    07/13/20  (44)
JJC here: I stand with Charles XII    07/13/20  (95)
would Tucker look better or worse with 6% bodyfat?    07/13/20  (3)
Trump is a profoundly stupid individual    07/13/20  (2)
"I’ve had an annus horribilis" "What are you saying?" *beady eyes narrow*    07/13/20  (4)
your Uber driver, full beard, listening to Koran audiobook, ranting about birdsh    07/13/20  (6)
HYPO: $250k/yr but Guy Fieri follows you around complimenting you on everything    07/13/20  (6)
Serb anthem plays as GOY tp enters NZ mosque wearing go-pro    07/13/20  (16)
“MMM-Bop” plays as bonerpolice hangs chinks from meathooks in dark basement    07/13/20  (4)
just got random moniker “flirty turdskin rage”    07/13/20  (3)
the Lone Pringle    07/13/20  (2)
Meghan Markle to Buckingham Palace chefs "DAT TOO MANY LETTUCE”    07/13/20  (7)
"And when you *shuffles papers* 'blankbumped' 18 giant nigger cock threads, Sena    07/13/20  (30)
Speaking of insane shitlib overreach: STL white couple have their weapons seized    07/13/20  (13)
🚢 all 🦍's back 2 🌍    07/13/20  (26)
rach randomizing everyone's monikers is basically the ending of v for vendetta    07/13/20  (3)
Never had sex taking qs    07/13/20  (10)
Whokebe, why do you come off as a gay autist on xo?    07/13/20  (32)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    07/13/20  (33)
The shitlib bullshit these days is completely unbelievable!    07/13/20  (9)
pretty cool that the usa is getting its own cultural revolution    07/13/20  (51)
"Eat a dick, bitch!" jinx ordered whokebe    07/13/20  (15)
BLM kills white mother of three for saying 'All Lives Matter'    07/13/20  (2)
only laugh i've had today: dailymail screenshot'd a bbooom post    07/13/20  (16)
If chandler and calf retired this really sucks    07/13/20  (3)
POLL: U.S. Posters, Do you plan on staying in America?    07/13/20  (192)
#JewishPrivilege is trending on Twitter (Twitter)    07/13/20  (33)
I'm cumming clean ITT (whokebe)    07/13/20  (16)
*holds up picture of crippled luis at police brutality rally*    07/13/20  (13)
Was the fall of the Roman Empire an apocalypse situation    07/13/20  (55)
luis, decked out in full riot gear, flips on megaphone: "i'm gay"    07/13/20  (13)
Okay, we're safe now. Can you fix the search tool again?    07/13/20  (9)
Reincarnation    07/13/20  (5)
Bros, during this dark time, I just want to say that I love you guys.    07/13/20  (4)
Bump if your IRL is so mad nobody can "ruin" it    07/13/20  (9)
I'm a Jew. And I just ruined 100 lives just add another million to my fortune    07/13/20  (8)
xo history being devoured like "the nothing" in NeverEnding Story    07/13/20  (1)
Rach, you could close this site to anyone not a poster    07/13/20  (4)
ITT: Randomized monikers that are really good    07/13/20  (27)
AutoAdmit was a 15 year sociological study conducted by Harvard University    07/13/20  (26)
George Floyd was a violent crackhead    07/13/20  (5)
PERROD HAS A MEAT SPIRE    07/13/20  (14)
rach adds new CAPTCHA to xo: select a type of food (8 of 9 pics are of dogs)    07/13/20  (4)
Violent felons should be released from prison but if you called someone a fag    07/13/20  (1)
Eminem - Splooge Yourself    07/13/20  (31)
Wu-Wang Clan - Tryrump    07/13/20  (6)
Eminem - Yann    07/13/20  (15)
one of my randomly generated archive monikers was 'Autistic School Cafeteria'    07/13/20  (1)
eating raw flour    07/13/20  (1)
L.L. Cool J - Mama Said Cock You Out    07/13/20  (13)
Huey Lewis and the Nudes - It's Hip To Be Bare    07/13/20  (25)
George Floyd had no ground game    07/13/20  (10)
niggers = 💩    07/13/20  (4)
The Official IFNB Songbook    07/13/20  (374)
My pumo becomes a sudo in randomized threads. Please don’t engage in this eras    07/13/20  (4)
We must avenge Charles    07/13/20  (6)
Something weird as fuck is going on    07/13/20  (9)
Entire social justice meme is based on a literally irrational read of reality    07/13/20  (11)
at some point in the future, all ur xo posts (w/IRL name) will be public record    07/13/20  (51)
Chapman reject insults HLS grad’s credentials    07/13/20  (3)
Believe it or not, I was here for the TECH all along    07/13/20  (4)
Thanks rach    07/13/20  (3)
benedict arnold reading darcy's CNN posts: "wow holy shit lmao"    07/13/20  (1)
That spastic quotemo in China always starts posting right about now    07/13/20  (1)
I am a pitch black son of Senegal    07/13/20  (1)
we need to track down a username/handle darcy used in the past    07/13/20  (4)
whokebe's origin in Anatolia, not Palatine Hill ruins    07/13/20  (1)
Stack Overflow's founder just tweeted us. We're Silicon Valley famous    07/13/20  (36)
There must be some way to not lift queer, said J.K. Roher to his briefs    07/13/20  (53)
I wanted to be protected from my own racism and bigot behavior    07/13/20  (1)
You will step to the front in nationally televised segment of news    07/13/20  (2)
Only black lives matter    07/13/20  (1)
is aaron burr's "contemptible, if true" the best one line diss of all time?    07/13/20  (8)
Getting a strong shit sniffer vibe from this Oliver Darcy geek    07/13/20  (1)
when u graduate from UC "Merced" u can either turn tricks or be a grifter    07/13/20  (1)
Boart Trumpmos begging for their safe space right now lol    07/13/20  (14)
Taking a shit in my house is now referred to as a "Darcy"    07/13/20  (1)
Life is so fucking pointless    07/13/20  (1)
LJL at this pathetic, souless grifter for hire    07/13/20  (1)
Somebody used my IP address to post racist gay shit online    07/13/20  (9)
Dire Straits - Cock Of Life.mp3    07/13/20  (55)
So the search function was disabled? Isn't this cowardly as fuck?    07/13/20  (11)
"... our own damn cotton. Hi, who just joined?"    07/13/20  (17)
Darcy dipshit, who by the way is ugly and dumber than dirt, has a lot of nerve    07/13/20  (1)
whokebe, you're next    07/13/20  (8)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/13/20  (165)
im making a lot of money right now    07/13/20  (16)
Libs Want to Turn Us Into Brazil    07/13/20  (30)
What will Trump's campaign slogan be in 2020?    07/13/20  (27)
cheesecake tp    07/13/20  (4)
remember, reality, facts and logic don't matter    07/13/20  (4)
Post your fav cologne ITT    07/13/20  (86)
"I don't get it. I'm just gonna say upvoted."    07/13/20  (7)
Breitkikes moving in for the kill tomorrow, delete all ur poasts tonight or else    07/13/20  (1)
some1 with username "oliverdarcy" discussed "global warming hysteria" online    07/13/20  (3)
[Darcy] is constantly advocating for people to be banned and silenced    07/13/20  (8)
Most prestigious cologne?    07/13/20  (1)
Tucker browsing xo trying to write for himself    07/13/20  (107)
most egregious part of this: CXII got buff + shaved head, but they used old pics    07/13/20  (21)
XO is the least censored website on the internet    07/13/20  (23)
Hey Charles thanks for fucking up the board    07/13/20  (18)
Suck a fat nigger cock, jinx    07/13/20  (109)
Gatormo: throw C12 10k    07/13/20  (47)
The CNN Story is a Lie With No Evidence - SUE THEM    07/13/20  (24)
The DEFINITIVE List of NYUUG Predictions ITT (v2):    07/13/20  (9)
some1 with username "oliverdarcy" wasn't too excited michelle obama gave speech    07/13/20  (1)
Dear visiting libs: I hope your families get raped by a pack of niggers    07/13/20  (17)
Supporters of the marketplace of ideas and freedom of expression    07/13/20  (2)
Peter NotGaybriel - Big Rods    07/13/20  (13)
I can't be silent about the disgusting racism Prateek Bhopale has posted her    07/13/20  (13)
Cringing at the thought of Charles performing that song at a holiday party    07/13/20  (3)
Italics look classy as fuck. Splash zone of prestige.    07/13/20  (1)
biglaw vs. fertilizer truck bomb thread    07/13/20  (10)
Cock crowing as Tucker denies Charles the third time    07/13/20  (6)
I have hope rach May find the rat who outed Charles 🐀 🐀 🐀    07/13/20  (5)
Ricola commercial but it's some guy yelling Prateek Bhopale    07/13/20  (4)
fed. gov to execute white supremacist this morning (first fed execution in 17 yr    07/13/20  (1)
Rach should put up a sticky explaining this site    07/13/20  (106)

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