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White bro flips out on elderly woman who asks him to wear a mask in a Costco    07/07/20  (19)
I get so pissed when I see some shitcoin moon without me    07/07/20  (2)
The Daily Mail is like if Drudge Report + NY Post had a baby.    07/07/20  (1)
guy who "doubles down" here. it will get you banned from all social media.    07/07/20  (2)
No one cared who I was until I refused the mask    07/07/20  (8)
Don’t be fooled by the fauxrage surrounding XO Tucker’s criticism of Tammy D    07/07/20  (4)
I'm as conservative as it gets, but honestly Tucker should be shamed off air    07/07/20  (13)
I don't hate america, I just want to destroy all vestiges of history and replace    07/07/20  (5)
Rate 40 year old Olivia Munn in a bikini    07/07/20  (60)
6'1.75 bro here. who wants to chill w/ me irl so i can call you out on ur height    07/07/20  (1)
French bus driver beaten brain-dead by fellow Frenchmen refusing to wear masks    07/07/20  (3)
Teachers unions are now talking about a national educators strike until vaccines    07/07/20  (20)
Dems: "Biden is up big in every swing state, let's push blowing up Rushmore."    07/07/20  (7)
my friends in NYC are still quarantining in their apartments    07/07/20  (9)
Life Advice (Episode 1): Relationship/sex advice for married dudes (CSLG)    07/07/20  (77)
So CSLG has like a 14-person staff now. What’s his role?    07/07/20  (26)
$5 Chainlink    07/07/20  (36)
Never got to show the real me to girlfriend    07/07/20  (2)
municipal ct tried zoom court today. complete fail.    07/07/20  (38)
Scientists: We live in a 'Hellroom' Universe and There is No Getting Out    07/07/20  (1)
elderly lawyer behind the monitor in a small firm    07/07/20  (2)
Tammy Duckworth ONE | SHOT | KILLS Tucker Carlson (link)    07/07/20  (127)
lol libs    07/07/20  (1)
Tucker: "Tammy should STAND UP for the America she claims to love"    07/07/20  (2)
Washington State to rename itself "The State Where Black Lives Matter"    07/07/20  (2)
Went to the beach near Wilmington, NC today. Wall to wall TRUMP    07/07/20  (7)
i stand with Tucker. if u don't, u hate America    07/07/20  (2)
BIZ IDEA: Prank covid testing kids that always come back positive    07/07/20  (1)
is there still somewhere with a critical mass of rich, decent looking people?    07/07/20  (12)
interviewee: this is madness! shitlaw steve: THIS IS SHITLAW!    07/07/20  (16)
Stock to buy: $PENN    07/07/20  (5)
what did tucker even say?    07/07/20  (1)
weird first date advice    07/07/20  (34)
gay hairy penis    07/07/20  (1)
Rate 40 year old litigation of counsel in a bikini    07/07/20  (2)
Is there a left wing analog of the Lincoln Project grifters    07/07/20  (1)
holy FUCK, 180. Tucker challenges Duckworth to a jumping jacks contest (link)    07/07/20  (3)
“And get this Becky, he’s a corporate attorney but he HATES capitalism”    07/07/20  (25)
one thing is clear: Tucker Carlson CANNOT BACK DOWN    07/07/20  (28)
"But you ain't got no legs, Senator Duckworth!"    07/07/20  (6)
Spill it xo: how bad is Hamilton?    07/07/20  (80)
Mueller sets Issac Aisimov’s Son Free After He Was Arrested On Child Porn    07/07/20  (23)
Excellent WSJ Editorial    07/07/20  (15)
Upset Jew (born, John Smithson) is an internet poaster and noted Fire Island per    07/07/20  (8)
Kurt Loder lost both of his legs in the army, became a journalis    07/07/20  (28)
LOL, white molotov cocktail thrower makes up story to blame black dudes!    07/07/20  (7)
Why are ShitLibs always saying "Folks"    07/07/20  (15)
My boomer parents think schools should remain closed in fall    07/07/20  (5)
"Hi, I'm Tammy Duckworth and I hate the airport scanner!" *faint laughter*    07/07/20  (1)
Well if America blew off my legs, I'd hate it, too.    07/07/20  (21)
the systemic racism of successful black men who prefer white women    07/07/20  (8)
The Atlantic asks, "Do Americans know how badly they're doing?"    07/07/20  (28)
Straight up. Kobe was an American legend. Belongs in Trump’s garden.    07/07/20  (4)
If WFH becomes the new normal, birth rates will plummet even farther    07/07/20  (36)
So LINK is being driven by a 4Chan ponzi scheme to enrich us all?    07/07/20  (1)
Tammy Ducksauce needs to go back    07/07/20  (3)
“bin laden allied with usa in the 80s. nobody could love america more.”    07/07/20  (1)
slimp tp    07/07/20  (2)
if tammy duckworth is fair game then im afraid nothing is sacred    07/07/20  (13)
Tammy Duckworth doing a cakewalk with her metal legs in solidarity with BLM (vid    07/07/20  (3)
started treating red lights like stop signs. has really improved my QOL    07/07/20  (3)
Goddamn this Aztec Calendar 5 oz Silver Round is beautiful as fuck    07/07/20  (7)
1966 lib: how DARE he criticize Charles Whitman that man is a VEterAN    07/07/20  (3)
after big talk, trump is backing a tiny pink $1 trillion stimulus package    07/07/20  (10)
Economy seems to be fucking booming here    07/07/20  (1)
need a deranged misogynistic rant from feral hypergamy 2 get me thru rest of day    07/07/20  (13)
Most prole DIY guys I've been hiring lately make more than lawyers here    07/07/20  (6)
benedict arnold loved america. he was a VETERAN. (libs)    07/07/20  (7)
BLM tears down statue of Benedict Arnold    07/07/20  (2)
ICE tells students on visas they must leave US if schools go online-only    07/07/20  (8)
DeSean Jackson DEBUNKED by (((media)))    07/07/20  (1)
Charles you guys seriously fucked up    07/07/20  (32)
"But Becky, he posts online with a self-deprecating moniker about hair loss!"    07/07/20  (5)
Look at map of your city upside down = drug like effect    07/07/20  (3)
tired topic, but i really don’t know what to do with money.    07/07/20  (1)
The London Times now writing about the LAB ORIGIN of the Wuhan Virus    07/07/20  (20)
Obama 2020: "If you like your dick, you can keep it."    07/07/20  (33)
bumping GOLD all the way to $2,000 from $1,330    07/07/20  (126)
Man shot dead in broad daylight in NYC while walking daughter (video)    07/07/20  (11)
"And, Becky, he knows which of his Internet enemies are Asian. It's so sexy & I    07/07/20  (2)
Need new cellphone, might try Android for the first time. Pixel 4? Samsung?    07/07/20  (9)
"OMG Becky he can recite the Unabomber Manifesto from memory!"    07/07/20  (22)
"Stacy, he totally gets the futility & absurdity of modern life. U have to meet!    07/07/20  (42)
Sure he's not PHYSICALLY attractive but his relentless cynicism makes me so wet    07/07/20  (19)
We need to make it a lot harder to invest in the stock market    07/07/20  (13)
OMG Becky, he made MPM elite 8! Wonder if my cheerleader outfit still fits..    07/07/20  (19)
(((AYN RAND))) Institutes Receives $1 Million PPP Loan (not flame)    07/07/20  (7)
holy shit, Notre Dame blogger earnestly suggests dropping "Fighting Irish" name    07/07/20  (1)
Should I poast my 23andme    07/07/20  (2)
Tucker getting fucking mauled for saying Tammy Duckworth hates America    07/07/20  (66)
how much gold and silver do you guys own now    07/07/20  (7)
Trump is Bob Roberts    07/07/20  (5)
"OMG Becky. . .they way he said, 'risten' over and over was so hot!"    07/07/20  (6)
I cry out to Trump seeking only his decision    07/07/20  (1)
women    07/07/20  (1)
"He's a 6th-year Schulte associate with suicidal ideations," she gushed    07/07/20  (3)
Lin-Manu Miranda's "New National Anthem" Is Breaking The Internet (BuzzFeed)    07/07/20  (44)
can a wise lib please differentiate lib positions on confederacy vs. indians    07/07/20  (7)
99.7% Ashkenazi Jew here    07/07/20  (28)
"He rocked my world last night, Becky. He's so hot and he poasts nigger online."    07/07/20  (10)
a line from Evan39 the Musical: "How dare you." *audience cheers*    07/07/20  (224)
ICE general attorney in flyover - would this be a chill fedgov gig?    07/07/20  (11)
Upset Jew showing apartment to a couple retarded Dominicans    07/07/20  (1)
"Becky, he was so cute. he said women we're subhuman, but i'm different!"    07/07/20  (2)
Don Lemon EVISCERATES Terry Crews on BLM (link)    07/07/20  (9)
"OMG Becky! His reply brief is full of snarky innuendos against lower court deci    07/07/20  (12)
Becky, his internet friend Boner Police won their version of the Oscars! so hot    07/07/20  (6)
Craigslist is going to be renamed CraigAndStephaniesList due to divorce settleme    07/07/20  (2)
UF Becky: of COURSE I don't care he's short and fat, he has a LAW KING brand!!!!    07/07/20  (6)
"Becky, when he talks about how he hates women...I get so hot down there"    07/07/20  (15)
Becky, he makes jokes about Bat Soup with his gay internet friends. How Kooky!    07/07/20  (5)
WR DeSean Jackson: Fuck Kikes and Hitler did nothing wrong    07/07/20  (24)
Neil Cavuto: "spike in cases not coming with a spike in deaths, sadly enough" (l    07/07/20  (2)
Would u buy a calendar of 90s MLB players posing nude    07/07/20  (6)
Can anyone find the Hamilton parody thread from years ago??    07/07/20  (6)
Ever get calls from unknown numbers originating from your hometown    07/07/20  (5)
And Becky, he screams at his TV while he poasts, calls it the 'Electric Jew'!    07/07/20  (11)
Another “human head“ found    07/07/20  (2)
You can pick up hot girls right now just by walking around without a mask on    07/07/20  (7)
Upset Jew, would you ever date a black homosexual?    07/07/20  (2)
Everything in the world is fraud now except guns, gold, family    07/07/20  (7)
Wait, Trump’s son-in-law is a Jew? Guess I’m for open borders then    07/07/20  (1)
Anyone tried a "dopamine fast"?    07/07/20  (38)
Biden’s brother owns an island right next to Epstein’s pedo island    07/07/20  (3)
ITT: poast the funniest racist “jokes” you know    07/07/20  (80)
Doodikoff get ITT    07/07/20  (1)
Shrew gets pregnant. Baby pops out holding IUD (link)    07/07/20  (4)
What's better to have on hand: augmentin or clindamycin?    07/07/20  (1)
This timeline is so gay that we have no math behemoths like Gauss or Euler alive    07/07/20  (6)
i'm genetically the most jewish poster on this board    07/07/20  (4)
NYT: New York beaches open up, Black dads can safely bring their families    07/07/20  (4)
So antibody tests work for less than two months, but you are still immune    07/07/20  (3)
What happens if Ghislaine Maxwell implicates Trump?    07/07/20  (5)
Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota    07/07/20  (2)
mr. jinx smoking meth and turning entire company gay during civil war reenactmen    07/07/20  (2)
PHYSICS MASTERMEN: I saw some thing on reddit where nazis dismissed einstein's    07/07/20  (10)
Stalin do you have a conspiracy I can dive into?    07/07/20  (15)
Shitlibs crying about an "attempted lynching" in Indiana    07/07/20  (9)
You guys know Lindsey Graham is gay right?    07/07/20  (7)
What happens if Ghislaine Maxwell implicates rachmiel?    07/07/20  (4)
chilling in a donut shop w no mask. fuck libs    07/07/20  (6)
BLM says blacks and allies are not supposed to spend money today    07/07/20  (4)
So Europe just stopped testing for Covid and libs use it to blame Trump?    07/07/20  (1)
Biglaw firms: copping Dat PPP cash. You: gay for pay    07/07/20  (3)
OH Malk! You take me to bedloom, u rike a ma pussy fraps? Facebook stock go up?    07/07/20  (2)
seems like libs are trying to resurrect the KKK so their narrative actually make    07/07/20  (1)
What happens if Ghislaine Maxwell implicates Biden?    07/07/20  (1)
New York City's recent descent into Absolute Third World Shit Hole is stunning    07/07/20  (90)
Lawyers: Predict Whether, Long Term, More Court Hearings & Args Are Telephonic    07/07/20  (3)
BOTUS of Brazil, Ballsynarrow, is POZ'd!    07/07/20  (1)

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