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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
Telling people not to use the N word is now equivalent to using the N word    08/04/20  (12)
Chainlink $10 watch    08/04/20  (6)
ok boomer    08/04/20  (8)
CNN host argues with Yale scientist over hydroxychloroquine (link)    08/04/20  (65)
WTF is happening in this Beirut explosion video?    08/04/20  (15)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is about "money printing bad" (DTP)    08/04/20  (4)
As we all know, printing money is the only thing propping up Ponzi scheme, so    08/04/20  (4)
This is Alan Dershowitz's daughter    08/04/20  (49)
Can't believe my account still works    08/04/20  (13)
Idea: Nuremberg Trials, but for Boomers.    08/04/20  (1)
Spaceprawn! Stop dereeting threads and get warranty for kid this time!    08/04/20  (8)
"The Clown Behind Me, The Boy Underneath Me: A Memoir" (spaceporn)    08/04/20  (6)
Think I lost some friends last night over Covid    08/04/20  (71)
Just watched HBO interview. JFC can you imagine if journos were so rude to Obama    08/04/20  (39)
Rate my financial accomplishments this year    08/04/20  (13)
time to CLOCK OFF in house    08/04/20  (1)
Finally the best sports car is american again    08/04/20  (1)
jfc cigs are so fucking 180 its absurd    08/04/20  (44)
Should I use a financial advisor? Have 2 million in cash.    08/04/20  (27)
The ak47 letter    08/04/20  (31)
Neckbeard confirms Beirut wasn’t gunpowder (link)    08/04/20  (3)
Who nuked Beirut?    08/04/20  (3)
Goddamn Trump sounds fucking stupid in the Axios interview    08/04/20  (107)
Watched the movie Prisoners again last night    08/04/20  (3)
CA DA charges man for pointing gun at BLM protestors trespassing at his home    08/04/20  (53)
What does TMF think of the Nikola Motors concept truck?    08/04/20  (1)
"The cases are high because we TEST. We TEST and get them. If we didn't TEST, we    08/04/20  (3)
"how can we monetize this" rsf's entire family jewisly wondered    08/04/20  (2)
People massively underestimate how fucked the economy is about to be.    08/04/20  (19)
Mike Fart (born Mort Fartstein) is an American provocateur    08/04/20  (1)
going to medical supply store today to buy myself a wheel chair    08/04/20  (8)
Israel sending condolences in advance of Beirut 'firework' explosion    08/04/20  (3)
Legal Astrology experts at Capricornowitz, Areistein & Virgoberg    08/04/20  (1)
Rate this canadian law school student    08/04/20  (5)
Biden leading today in TX polls. For ref, Romney beat Obama by 16 in TX (2012)    08/04/20  (15)
JMIA at fire sale prices buy now    08/04/20  (5)
ITT I MPA-ify movie titles of your choosing    08/04/20  (82)
'Defund the police' activist shot dead by gangbangers:    08/04/20  (6)
💣BREAKING: Tactical nuke explosion in Lebanon 💣    08/04/20  (93)
Are BIG layoffs coming to transactional work??    08/04/20  (6)
that doesn't look like a fireworks factory    08/04/20  (4)
Why is there no shitcon version of Hawaii Judge who shuts down media?    08/04/20  (5)
Jewish friend grinds grain into flour and makes rap music; needs a rap name    08/04/20  (12)
Taiwan is a separate country from China    08/04/20  (50)
Illinois asked to suspend History classes in public schools    08/04/20  (4)
Taiwan is an independent country and will be recognized soon    08/04/20  (5)
Why doesn't China admit that Taiwan is a fully independent nation?    08/04/20  (8)
New Taibbi article: "Kansas Should Go Fuck Itself"    08/04/20  (97)
Rate this 4am tweet from the POTUS of Israel (maybe involving Beirut?)    08/04/20  (1)
My back is killing me, how does the Cripple Dipple work?    08/04/20  (16)
when are we going to get past the fireworks factory?    08/04/20  (1)
adoption agency employee confused when SP keeps referring to boys as 'THOTs'    08/04/20  (1)
Are Americans uniquely bad with money?    08/04/20  (24)
gf tested poz for Covid, I’ll probably have it by tomorrow    08/04/20  (33)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/04/20  (80)
Video from 2002 of lumberjacks felling massive redwood tree    08/04/20  (6)
"honey, it's mike fart on the phone for you ... he sounds angry"    08/04/20  (3)
Attending 4 hours of Implicit Bias Training Today for Work    08/04/20  (3)
Been observing the people who don't wear masks on NYC subway. Thoughts-    08/04/20  (36)
Ant colony locked in nuclear bunker for years, survive through cannibalism (link    08/04/20  (33)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/04/20  (13)
Financial mastermen, should I lend my securities out or is it a (((Jew))) scam?    08/04/20  (1)
Teen activist who rallied to defund police, remove police from schools, killed    08/04/20  (11)
Does anyone have too much energy / overactive in social situations?    08/04/20  (21)
Had an MMF threesome with Jamie from Progressive. Taking q’s.    08/04/20  (6)
Recently did a couple group CrossFit classes and it was 180    08/04/20  (3)
Chris Farley's Brother, Jim "Jimbo" Farley, Appointed CEO of F15 Company Ford Mo    08/04/20  (5)
PSA mix ammonium nitrate fertilizer and diesel    08/04/20  (6)
Nashville residence hosts massive COVID party, features public ass eating    08/04/20  (25)
Trump is not smart enough to do hostile interviews    08/04/20  (1)
There is no God but Science, and Fauci, praise be unto him, is the expert    08/04/20  (4)
Big fat lawyers    08/04/20  (1)
who did the beruit bombing?    08/04/20  (3)
Proof that praying to Jesus saves Lebanese Xtians from Hezbollah    08/04/20  (1)
Bumping SILVER up to $100 (although its going much higher)    08/04/20  (2)
When you see someone drowning    08/04/20  (8)
having a legit nervous breakdown irl rn lol    08/04/20  (49)
All 3 seasons of 12 oz Mouse are in this Mega.nz file:    08/04/20  (1)
Ass eating has been debunked!    08/04/20  (10)
the 'average' LSAT is 151; there are 43 law schools with median LSAT </= 150    08/04/20  (12)
Have about $100k liquid. What to do with it?    08/04/20  (19)
Benzo, are you interested in opening a SLAW KING franchise?    08/04/20  (9)
Tattooed cookie cutter Canadian hockey player kneeled for the US anthem    08/04/20  (9)
did you do any 180 fireworks this year    08/04/20  (1)
GOLD & SILVER will reach their highs ONLY after upset jew& wilbur go heavy in it    08/04/20  (1)
Joe Biden: "There absolutely will be a debate". Scared, Trumpkins?    08/04/20  (9)
bumping GOLD all the way to $10,000 from $2,000    08/04/20  (17)
Reminder: Fireworks depot could explode at any moment, killing you, family    08/04/20  (4)
baked alaska only its a cake of smoked salmon under the meringue    08/04/20  (3)
Has Homelessness Risen?    08/04/20  (1)
RATE this low budget HOME THEATER system I just bought    08/04/20  (19)
Trump official fired after Anti-Clothmo Twitter Rant (link)    08/04/20  (18)
Got 60 likes on NeoGAF for a snarky comment regarding XBox’s awful exclusives    08/04/20  (8)
Have any other news outlets mentioned the new George Floyd bodycam footage?    08/04/20  (2)
bucks, raptors, and heat look good as fuck rn could make a run    08/04/20  (4)
He isn’t dead, he’s just sippin’ juice in a different WRLD    08/04/20  (6)
Gabe Newell: Xbox Series X is better than Playstation 5    08/04/20  (4)
George Floyd’s reading level: over-under sixth grade?    08/04/20  (27)
Just watched Trump speak. JFC imagine if Obama was this much of a stupid asshol    08/04/20  (4)
Should I go back to law school and become a district attorney    08/04/20  (1)
Sorry badmos, the virus has already peaked and it didn't do shit    08/04/20  (23)
Any Reason to Buy Anything More than a Glock 19 for Home Defense?    08/04/20  (61)
What's the difference between coronavirus and RSF?    08/04/20  (268)
Virgin Atlantic bankruptcy    08/04/20  (2)
*rsf pumping his fist a empowering dove fat chick commercial like it's 9/11*    08/04/20  (3)
rimjob    08/04/20  (1)
Anchorage Mayor, (((Ethan Berkowitz))), shuts down all restaurants, but his own    08/04/20  (27)
"i'm self directing my portfolio"rsf told himself as he spiked his brothers coke    08/04/20  (6)
Back to depression mode since I’m pretty sure I blew my shot with this chick    08/04/20  (43)
jfc julia is starting to look old as fuck    08/04/20  (10)
Why are Dems starting this rumor that Biden won’t debate? Lower expectations?    08/04/20  (1)
ITT: Identify the NYC gangs for a new remake of The Warriors    08/04/20  (2)
Have about $100 liquid, what to do with it?    08/04/20  (1)
Phone buzzes, you look down. "Mike Fart"    08/04/20  (2)
Hezbollah bomb makers tossing passes to Elvis Grbac IN HELL!    08/04/20  (2)
WSJ: Public school teachers are extorting the country    08/04/20  (4)
remember when the world was going to end if we lost "net neutrality"    08/04/20  (1)
One third of Minneapolis PD is retiring. Only 550 officers left for entire city.    08/04/20  (15)
boston strong, please rate this racehorse (and now sire)    08/04/20  (3)
We lost CXII -- but at least we lost DBG at the same time.    08/04/20  (7)
spritezero do you have back pain    08/04/20  (3)
Great now we have tons of fighter planes headed toward Beirut    08/04/20  (1)
Matt Leinert: The fireworks were the better cause of the beirut explosion on fie    08/04/20  (11)
Peak XO was the "drawing" of the XO Defendants. Anyone got a link to that?    08/04/20  (19)
looks like im gonna make 8000 bucks for 15 minutes of work lmao fuck you rsf    08/04/20  (14)
People ending interactions with “be safe”... go fuck urselves    08/04/20  (16)
If you are planning on voting, why?    08/04/20  (6)
If Trump wins should he leave GOP form 3rd party like XO Bolsonaro?    08/04/20  (6)
Bide to angry voter: "Who told you that? Mike Fart?"    08/04/20  (19)
We appear to have hit the second COVID-19 death peak.    08/04/20  (15)
please present anuses supreme chancellor for life of the Americas, Mike Fart!    08/04/20  (2)
NOT FLAME: TSINAH refers to his Law King associates as “lawlings”    08/04/20  (1)
After visiting the Law King, stop by the Slaw King for lunch!    08/04/20  (1)
90s wigger is going to be despondent when Drumpf loses    08/04/20  (53)
Second building explodes in Beirut. Missile visible several frames before impact    08/04/20  (7)
If Trump loses will GOP establishment try and erase him?    08/04/20  (11)
When objective 8/10 TSINAH gets elected POTUS I'll say - I was there    08/04/20  (14)
Fireworks can blow up steel beams    08/04/20  (4)
What happened to wigger culture?    08/04/20  (2)
sack up, faggots    08/04/20  (4)
Mike Fart rating poasters as things poasters want to be rated as.    08/04/20  (9)
look i'm all for private property, but if a shitlib mob wants to bang on ur door    08/04/20  (3)
Amazing how Andersen dominated the consulting, window and pea soup markets    08/04/20  (3)
sometimes i eat food. anybody else?    08/04/20  (5)
spaceporn is now GC of the False Memory Foundation    08/04/20  (3)
RSF duckface selfie at Beirut port trending in Instagram    08/04/20  (2)
8/4/20 4pm e.s.t. xoxo estimate deaths in Beirut bombing    08/04/20  (5)

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