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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
CALLOUT PICTURE for Earl, RSF, Cali, Xoxo, etc. Sup bros?    08/11/20  (44)
In a rut / struggling with alcohol addiction. Taking Q’s and advice    08/11/20  (133)
The posts where benzo used to whine about love not existing were 180    08/11/20  (16)
“I’m an options trader!” Shrieked the craterfaced GED grad as he lost all    08/11/20  (24)
Help Me Choose: Which color to wrap my Range Rover    08/11/20  (38)
NYT: Black lawmakers call defunding the NYPD "political gentrification"    08/11/20  (17)
List the nicest small town in America you've ever been to    08/11/20  (173)
do jews think they can reel all this bullshit back in if they regain presidency?    08/11/20  (6)
Is Northern England CR?    08/11/20  (15)
bad news, genetic determinists: no one gene does everything always    08/11/20  (7)
Dr. Thunder here. Today sensed a palpable feeling that libs have gone too far    08/11/20  (3)
Is 24 too old to get into skateboarding?    08/11/20  (3)
10 years late but thought of the perfect name for Schwarzenegger when he was Gov    08/11/20  (21)
Friend on campaign confirmed, 100% Kamala Harris is VP, hth    08/11/20  (71)
rsf's writing career more stillborn than the twin he murdered in the womb lol    08/11/20  (8)
lol how many interns did the McDonald's CEO fuck?    08/11/20  (7)
why does no one make a decent monitor mount    08/11/20  (4)
I miss incel evan39    08/11/20  (5)
should i go to senegal    08/11/20  (16)
How much do you think this "addition" to my secret room will cost?    08/11/20  (14)
*tmf sitting in a meeting, alienware laptop glowing green & whirring loudly*    08/11/20  (10)
"IQ tests" might as well be homosexuality tests    08/11/20  (1)
Hey how about you eat my turds instead you fuckin' dork?    08/11/20  (1)
at least one thing’s for sure: all truths are non-axiomatic and shift constant    08/11/20  (2)
30 illegal immigrants found inside covered bed of pickup truck in Arizona    08/11/20  (10)
Lol at this gay guy on Tucker having 4 kids & saying he wants 4/5 more    08/11/20  (3)
Hypo: $100,000 to get infected with coronavirus    08/11/20  (11)
Any of you bros copped the 2 for $3 Hot and Spicy McChicken at McD?    08/11/20  (10)
Scientists still don't know whether dinosaurs had dicks    08/11/20  (3)
WSJ: Millennials Slammed by Second Financial Crisis Fall Even Further Behind    08/11/20  (46)
mcdonalds intern tp    08/11/20  (1)
Party bus full of debt free lawyers drives off overpass (liveleak)    08/11/20  (12)
Hypo: you get $250 everytime you watch mighty ducks 2    08/11/20  (37)
white people    08/11/20  (5)
Lakeith Stanfield is killing himself with pills on Instagram    08/11/20  (3)
you're a fucking retard if you think women shouldn't be encouraged to have kids    08/11/20  (7)
COVID Crisis Spurs Long Overdue Review of AIDS Quarantine Recommendations (NYT)    08/11/20  (1)
What prompted spaceporn to come back to the board    08/11/20  (49)
Literally, and I mean LITERALLY, cannot believe Roberts voted to close churches    08/11/20  (3)
LMAO at Ben Shapiro’s wife telling him that wet pussy is a gyno problem    08/11/20  (8)
Crypto bros get ITT    08/11/20  (75)
what's the update on the 3 gorges dam?    08/11/20  (5)
For more information, please contact your Foley relationship partner    08/11/20  (1)
Haven't had a normal vowel movement since November    08/11/20  (3)
So US Deep State wants Biden and Russian Deep State wants Trump?    08/11/20  (4)
Lol the Chinese had an emperor who looked like Bobby Hill:    08/11/20  (3)
Will 23andme tell you if your son is a fag?    08/11/20  (15)
Rolling Stone: America Is Done Here Forever    08/11/20  (85)
Biden randomly mumbles "Am I diminished?" during zoom town hall (link)    08/11/20  (1)
How much of my lease payment can I deduct if self employed?    08/11/20  (4)
Will Teachers' push for online schooling backfire?    08/11/20  (4)
what's the update on the 3 gorgeous dames?    08/11/20  (1)
So XOXO's main stock tip is a biz that uses INTERNET to sell to jet black Congo    08/11/20  (10)
NEW VIDEO of my Porsche Cayman Supercar's SICK EXHAUST:    08/11/20  (7)
Xo Cliff Mass finally CANCELLED by NPR. He lasted longer than expected.    08/11/20  (3)
“Defund the Police” in the middle of nationwide riots is the worst idea ever    08/11/20  (25)
Mexican police is a joke. Rate how Mexicans take justice into their own hands    08/11/20  (15)
Why do Democrat Presidents have such ugly offspring?    08/11/20  (5)
Will the Chinese pwn the US in 2020?    08/11/20  (22)
Would more chaos be worse or better?    08/11/20  (1)
Detailed PORSCHE CAYMAN SUPERCAR. Pics inside.    08/11/20  (74)
Police are overpaid    08/11/20  (16)
Seattle police chief resigning    08/11/20  (12)
Trump is leaving China a broken nation    08/11/20  (40)
Who is most xo?: Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, or Madison?    08/11/20  (9)
this world is becoming such trash    08/11/20  (2)
Rsf I want you to paint me like one of your French girls    08/11/20  (1)
Fraud virus + lockdown + BLM riots = complete pwnage of US by China    08/11/20  (3)
Christianity doesn't actually work that well    08/11/20  (29)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/11/20  (37)
Nobody watched the Chicago riots overnight?    08/11/20  (55)
A thread of childhood memories    08/11/20  (14)
We must, us all, do as the boomers do    08/11/20  (2)
ibuprofen    08/11/20  (7)
2020 election is literally Jew vs. Jew.    08/11/20  (1)
SING TO ME MY ANGEL OF MUSIC    08/11/20  (1)
XO $VERB    08/11/20  (2)
So the US was destroyed by a bunch of fake racism narratives?    08/11/20  (4)
work 10+hrs/day. married w/ kids. most closely associate w/ online malcontents.    08/11/20  (12)
Ann-Margret’s dumper in Viva Las Vegas    08/11/20  (1)
Kelly Osborne loses weight. Looks like weird purple haired Instagram slut.    08/11/20  (1)
I bet the guys on xo have really good ideas I should listen to    08/11/20  (1)
Can someone, like I’m retarded, explain the stock VRTB to me?    08/11/20  (4)
Modest Proposal: Execute all US Law Enforcement Officers    08/11/20  (20)
17,600 California inmates may be released early due to COVID pandemic    08/11/20  (4)
THEORY: covid-19 = little tiny intelligent beings trying to take over planet    08/11/20  (7)
Furniture salesman wouldn’t stop talking to me about rocko’s modern life    08/11/20  (19)
Lol @ the video posted of a looter in Chicago yelling “I can’t breathe”    08/11/20  (1)
Rolex or Omega    08/11/20  (140)
Teachers on Twitter are discussing how to brainwash children with woke ideology.    08/11/20  (3)
GUNMOS, I re-watched Silence of the Lambs. All FBI agents had revolvers.    08/11/20  (42)
Who was on McCain's VP shortlist in 2008?    08/11/20  (21)
Democrats to campaign on abolishing ICE in 2020    08/11/20  (34)
So in Rainmaker Matt Damon doesn’t even cover expenses from suit?    08/11/20  (2)
Crypto bros learn how to use uniswap hth    08/11/20  (2)
hold on babe im being mean to my internet friends    08/11/20  (4)
Dunkin Donuts breakfast > McDonalds/BK/Wendy's/Taco Hell    08/11/20  (1)
what year will there be mass boomer retirement?    08/11/20  (84)
NYT: serious crimes haven't risen this year, but murders & shootings have (link)    08/10/20  (12)
my hobby is writing complaint letters to national businesses in calligraphy    08/10/20  (3)
In The Purge The Movie, why does everyone wear a mask?    08/10/20  (21)
'Hmm No suggested serving size' ;) bloodacre winks as he deepthroa    08/10/20  (1)
fucking bullshit they’re not refunding my lsac registration fee    08/10/20  (4)
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon or MSFT Surface Book 3?    08/10/20  (22)
They just forgive it, Jerry!    08/10/20  (12)
talking about chicken on the mother fuckin bone you punk    08/10/20  (4)
Ben Shapiro DESTROYS dogs    08/10/20  (7)
Most prestigious geological era to focus on as a hobby?    08/10/20  (6)
"show me on the doll where he squanched you"    08/10/20  (2)
War machine    08/10/20  (4)
responsible people who repaid their student loans: get itt    08/10/20  (50)
here's a GOOD DEAL on silver for my xo friends    08/10/20  (20)
"hmm i guess id suck his dick" (me watching depressing intervention episdoe)    08/10/20  (10)
Did I miss something? What's going on with student loans?    08/10/20  (25)
disgusting, fetid shitlib kikes in the media don't discuss Sweden anymore. why?    08/10/20  (4)
Remember when there was talk of banning masks in protests?    08/10/20  (2)
What is your preferred EDC knife?    08/10/20  (28)
Obama asks Dustin Hoffman to attend Ebola policy meeting.Not fla    08/10/20  (7)
About to "invest" 100k. Where should I put it?    08/10/20  (38)
Are people on planes using masks yet?    08/10/20  (9)
What's the nicest place to live in Africa?    08/10/20  (26)
Rate my night on the UWS last night    08/10/20  (5)
riots wouldnt be happening if we opened up da club    08/10/20  (1)
lockdowns -> riots is just a pendulum swing    08/10/20  (1)
How necessary is Quickbooks for a solo contingency practice?    08/10/20  (13)
A shitload of hot celebs in their 30's are single now.    08/10/20  (29)
List the nicest small town in Africa you've ever been to    08/10/20  (1)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    08/10/20  (40)
Pussy Galore here, taking questions about the BLACKS    08/10/20  (2)
poll: how many financial crises will boomers be responsible for before they die?    08/10/20  (1)
there is a huge untapped market for high end smegma    08/10/20  (2)
Watching One Tree Hill right now    08/10/20  (1)
Ever committed a serious crime and didn't get caught and never told anyone?    08/10/20  (38)
lmfao Beyonce's Disney+ "Black Is King" BOMBED LMAO    08/10/20  (13)
NYT: Online school has been great for dorks, losers, freaks, weirdos    08/10/20  (8)
Ever join a truly secret society?    08/10/20  (33)
Why don’t Republicans attack the Convenience Rule?    08/10/20  (8)
the most mediocre of all possible worlds    08/10/20  (2)
new gf's favorite musician is sarah mclachlan    08/10/20  (8)
anybody remember the I SPREAD MY BRIE!!!! Meme?    08/10/20  (2)
Spaceporn gives us a nice glimpse of what true evil looks like    08/10/20  (27)
i was only 1 year away from fulfilling my pslf agreement    08/10/20  (11)
Forgive it? You mean like with a plow?    08/10/20  (1)
Johnsmeyer is now posting as “debt plow”    08/10/20  (3)
BREAKING: Biden Dead! Final breaths nominates Sista Soulja    08/10/20  (1)
*holds up picture of crippled luis at police brutality rally*    08/10/20  (21)
time is a flat circle    08/10/20  (2)
When I was a teen (over a decade ago), one of my friends showed me some porn    08/10/20  (11)
Have your fucking phone GLUED to you this weekend please thank    08/10/20  (1)

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