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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
Entire Mueller team suddenly on vacations outside the country 🤔    08/14/20  (1)
Fuck Idaho, Lewiston Maine is 180    08/14/20  (1)
Macy's Employee falsely accused of and beaten; now pleas for lenicency    08/14/20  (6)
"ok now enter ur password" (potbelly IT guy watching u type 'luisisgay180    08/14/20  (7)
I live in a Montana/Idaho type area... so tcr is to just stay?    08/14/20  (3)
Credited road trips from LA > 6 hours?    08/14/20  (14)
Trump's "stop Social Security's funding mechanism" should help lots in Florida    08/14/20  (3)
happiness, contentment, life satisfaction up many X after ditching car & walking    08/14/20  (4)
BLM protesting in Seattle neighborhoods, wants whites to give up their homes (li    08/14/20  (47)
im almost certain that this virus hysteria is directly in response to trump win    08/14/20  (1)
Alex Berenson is finally fed up with COVID hoax (link)    08/14/20  (9)
bend amerikkka over a saw horse and break her fucking spine    08/14/20  (3)
FBI Agent: “My Goddamn name is all over documents investigating Trump’s staf    08/14/20  (12)
Irish Riviera    08/14/20  (2)
XO 2030: Lawyers who hate living in Idaho    08/14/20  (3)
Everyone I know IRL is moving to Idaho    08/14/20  (5)
"bartender i'll have a luis" *fills up glass with aleve and pubic hair*    08/14/20  (4)
State of the Race: Is it Over? (NYT)    08/14/20  (3)
Museum, lunch and a snooze. Museum, lunch and a snooze!    08/14/20  (1)
Pete & Pete but instead of Artie it's setstein tp    08/14/20  (5)
cork d'ivoire    08/14/20  (2)
In Key States, The Trump Campaign Still Lags Badly (buzzfeed)    08/14/20  (2)
The Kids Are Alt-Right: When Your Star Pupil Gets Red-Pilled    08/14/20  (136)
Nobody: Nobody at all: Media: HERD IMMUNITY BAD AND IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!    08/14/20  (15)
Is Trump actively trying to lose the election?    08/14/20  (7)
NYT: Ex FBI Lawyer to plead guilty for falsifying evidence to spy on Trump admin    08/14/20  (66)
Mainstream media won’t touch murder of 5 yr old boy    08/14/20  (1)
XOXO Opinion on Uber/Lyft vs. California?    08/14/20  (4)
List the nicest small town in America you've ever been to    08/14/20  (178)
The Jewish writeups in the NYTimes go in any direction for the silliest reasons    08/14/20  (5)
Biden takes COMMANDING +11 lead in national poll    08/14/20  (25)
Theory: Jews are inferior    08/14/20  (2)
"C'mon, man!" wails Biden as Kamala __________    08/14/20  (12)
You square faggots better get laced . . . times running out    08/14/20  (2)
these aren't bags under my eyes, they're suitcases    08/14/20  (4)
should we try making a daily crypto thread again?    08/14/20  (7)
Are hyphenated surnames a jew thing?    08/14/20  (7)
California announces Tax Litigator Full Employment Act (Retroactive Wealth Tax)    08/14/20  (2)
Which xoer is this?    08/14/20  (2)
The most “Middle Class” brands    08/14/20  (100)
So libs just don't want anywhere to be nice?    08/14/20  (4)
Rate "Viva la resistance" lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, DragonCon attendee & Runner    08/14/20  (3)
Kevin I know you’re poasting here right now    08/14/20  (1)
Geico Gecko telling u "Bollocks! Ur spine was already shite. Claim denied, mate"    08/14/20  (5)
RATE these quotes from the indicted FBI lawyer    08/14/20  (16)
Investormos - plan on DCAing into VTI/BND. Dumb?    08/14/20  (17)
How dumb to stay in CA if high, medium or low earner?    08/14/20  (16)
sick of lockdown just dont care if olds die at this point    08/14/20  (1)
cant believe some states still havent opened gyms    08/14/20  (3)
a lot of fucking traffic for a lockdown.    08/14/20  (2)
damn, will anybody put fries in my burrito when im living in South Dakota    08/14/20  (6)
This is what Irish people look like now (pics)    08/14/20  (57)
Judge rules dad must pay $5K/mo to mom to help transition his 8yo boy into girl    08/14/20  (69)
do libs just hate everything and everyone or wtf is going on    08/14/20  (3)
White girl dating an Asian guy here. My boyfriend had a 35 ACT, straight A's, pa    08/14/20  (46)
How long until states are actively recruiting high net worth residents?    08/14/20  (4)
Shea Butter was originally called O’Shea Butter?    08/14/20  (2)
Teens commit armed robbery of middle schoolers lemonade stand (video)    08/14/20  (7)
"Inner suburbs" are going to see massive price increases over next 10 yrs    08/14/20  (89)
Actually the 5 year old executed in his yard was just KINDLING on the 🔥 of    08/14/20  (1)
I-84 at Oregon - Idaho border has 12 hour traffic jam, moving trucks everywhere    08/14/20  (1)
teen what, teen who    08/14/20  (1)
"And if ya don't know, now ya know, TEEN"    08/14/20  (1)
*tmf sitting in a meeting, alienware laptop glowing green & whirring loudly*    08/14/20  (20)
Luis, is it true you BEAT ur wife when she questions you about finances? (DTP)    08/14/20  (2)
Crowd cheers welcoming war hero Wilbur Mercer as he returns to sexual marketplac    08/14/20  (15)
jfc at kamala's backside (link) (pic)    08/14/20  (15)
Best country for xo to move to? Israel, Ireland, Italy or Russia?    08/14/20  (32)
luis's wife didn't realize what a depressed mentally ill freak he was    08/14/20  (9)
Where do you guys see ETH and LINK on December 31, 2020?    08/14/20  (2)
Killself Quotes    08/14/20  (2)
Compare the WSJ story on FBI spying arrest w the NYTimes one    08/14/20  (3)
Chomsky GAPES libs on Covid (video)    08/14/20  (5)
I have more $$ in LINK than BND &I have no idea how LINK is different than ETH    08/14/20  (1)
Black magician too amazed by his own magic to perform (video)    08/14/20  (6)
Xo VERB Second Quarter Earning Call Friday Aug 14 2020 @ 4:30pm    08/14/20  (11)
The whole economy is just white women being cunty    08/14/20  (11)
Hypo: Biden takes oath. IMMEDIATELY keels over before Kamala sworn in    08/14/20  (7)
Mystery of Uncut Gems: why didn’t he just jerk off and then chill out    08/14/20  (4)
Facebook bans theory that Jews control everything, proving that Jews control ev    08/14/20  (4)
American: I am feel amorous, I will speak sexually to fellow worker *loses job*    08/14/20  (5)
My favorite poem    08/14/20  (2)
New Novel Blowing Up In China: I, Richard    08/14/20  (10)
A long read on NEOLIBERALISM    08/14/20  (2)
Ethialtes. May you live forever. *Ethialtes grimaces under his mask*    08/14/20  (2)
Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge    08/14/20  (6)
Richard, from England, made an appearance at my son’s quinceanera    08/14/20  (6)
Richard, from England, put your ginger in the oven at 12:19 AM    08/14/20  (4)
Chris Rock in Season 4 of Fargo    08/14/20  (6)
Nebraska Cornhuskers your 2020 National Champions    08/14/20  (3)
What would happen if suddenly the media started shilling for Trump    08/14/20  (5)
i'm still mad about that NYT fact check on Bible burning    08/14/20  (10)
KamalaSexy protesting in DC neighborhood, wants white to give up his home    08/14/20  (3)
Who is most xo?: Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, or Madison?    08/14/20  (23)
Lol at how much money CSLG pays in taxes while stuck in CA    08/14/20  (10)
Wow! Richard, from England, certified my thread!    08/14/20  (7)
Made bottom wear a mask while I fucked his ass    08/14/20  (5)
ass lord (retired) tp whats ur handicap    08/14/20  (1)
wet ass, pussy.    08/14/20  (5)
2022: "We are asking you to FIRE JOHN SMITH because he follows Ted Cruz on Twitt    08/14/20  (2)
My Son’s .1% (a poem)    08/14/20  (25)
California to introduce wealth tax    08/14/20  (70)
shitlaw boss ordered a treble cheeseburger    08/14/20  (123)
*rachel ray voice* "& just keep removing that white wealth, till it's brown all    08/14/20  (8)
The Joe Rogan Ideology is dangerous    08/14/20  (23)
describe a day without processed food    08/14/20  (8)
Young women are so incredibly cruel (to each other, to lower status men)    08/14/20  (10)
Hypo: everyone pays a 100% wealth tax on their 76th birthdays and enters a govt    08/14/20  (10)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/14/20  (92)
When did libs completely forget about crime victims, but care about the perps?    08/14/20  (4)
ETH to $1000 by the end of the year    08/14/20  (12)
Now is the time for Galt’s Gulch, disappear for 50 years    08/14/20  (4)
One morning, a white woman uses an Asian man's toothbrush. Why?    08/14/20  (13)
Portland abolishes single family zoning    08/14/20  (25)
2010 Alabama Texas on ESPN U right now    08/14/20  (15)
Couple next door wants to “share” our partners. He’s kinda hot? Good idea?    08/14/20  (15)
Why do European girls just look better, even the fat ones?    08/14/20  (150)
NYT article on camping during pandemic lists Bible as excellent kindling source    08/14/20  (1)
So anthropomorphic climate warming is well within avg oscillation for past pas    08/14/20  (55)
"100 Greatest Britons"    08/14/20  (3)
"Actually the Bibles were mostly kindling for the other books" lmao    08/14/20  (3)
on cocaine    08/14/20  (5)
Remember: Implicit bias training doesn't work.    08/14/20  (1)
NJ: richest state, miles of coast, nice communities, city access    08/14/20  (11)
Why can’t store round up or round down to closest quarter/dollar amounts?    08/14/20  (3)
Wow cool pic of you on a boat, you must like the implication haha    08/14/20  (2)
What's the least prestigious luxury vehicle?    08/14/20  (125)
so jmaw is back and crypto once again skyrocketing? bullish    08/14/20  (1)
blacks aren't even people. that's what's so crazy about this    08/14/20  (3)
Remember the "mediocre HBO shows" era?    08/14/20  (66)
Libs: we need to be united! *pushes critical theory in every institution*    08/14/20  (1)
It's completely insane how much "US" libs hate their own country    08/14/20  (2)
on living among total trash    08/14/20  (1)
AZ/TX/FL numbers are improving despite no change in social distancing    08/14/20  (79)
XO should have an editorial opinion page    08/14/20  (16)
luis u failed at everything in life. why doesnt ur wife divorce you?    08/14/20  (2)
What's with libs fleeing shitlib states then voting lib again in their new state    08/14/20  (11)
How dumb to stay in CA if a high earner (>1M)?    08/14/20  (8)
5 year old white boy shot to death point blank by "25 year old man"    08/14/20  (19)
"joe rogan says childless women have mental problems" ur son remarked to teacher    08/14/20  (10)
Landlord Crisis: Empty Apartments in MFH Smash Record (link)    08/14/20  (10)
does cbd actually do anything beneficial or is it fake like kratom?    08/14/20  (17)
rudolph what are ur thoughts on crypto right now    08/14/20  (5)
CNN FINALLY covers shooting of 5 year old boy (link)    08/14/20  (2)
Thoughts on this cool&definitely not satanic art group that’s been tied to 9/1    08/14/20  (21)
"California Ranger" antifas roving the American West for wealth tax "cheats"    08/14/20  (2)
the amount of shitlib insanity on the xo front page today is unreal    08/14/20  (1)
California tax collectors scouring the globe like Simon Wiesenthal    08/14/20  (1)

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