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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
It is better to be a modern day NOWAG than a white chad in the 1940’s    08/05/20  (1)
Human civilization will be over in about 200 years    08/05/20  (8)
go fuck yourselves I barely post anymore    08/05/20  (2)
Moldbug does 4-hour podcast appearance; actually sounds quite reasonable:    08/05/20  (2)
shut the fuck up you fucking retarded frauds    08/05/20  (1)
chop dick off and put in door dash food order    08/05/20  (1)
Warren bullet is 900 billion trillion years old and is relevant age=flame    08/05/20  (1)
SomeOtheeGhost = spaceporn. Hth    08/05/20  (10)
yar har bald lie fuk amerikkkan 3 shrimp mmm creampie lawyer cop bullet inn yo a    08/05/20  (1)
Should I use a financial advisor? Have 2 million in cash.    08/05/20  (45)
Was the normal very good ?    08/05/20  (3)
Choke to death on your half eaten before delivered door dash order    08/05/20  (1)
Fucked a new 30 yr old SPICY ARGENTINIAN LATINA last night. LULZY twist. Taking    08/05/20  (8)
Guy who has fucked ~1050 girls + counting. Taking ?s on my sex life ITT.    08/05/20  (24)
Kristin Cavallari drops Jay Cutler to go back to her Laguna Beach HS CHAD BF    08/05/20  (67)
ITT: u post ur current credit card balance    08/05/20  (21)
ultimate wagecuck indignity: being expected to put "work" apps on personal phone    08/05/20  (9)
i'm a Dupa baybeeee, so why don't ya kill meeeee    08/05/20  (9)
Trump is a dead man walking, speech tonight was fucking embarrassing    08/05/20  (5)
"unghhh Kate Beckinsale" typed the antisemite XOer as her jew husband nailed her    08/05/20  (3)
just ate a whole can of bread crumbs, was 175    08/05/20  (3)
*assfaggot pulls panties off azn bumble date* *Mega Man SPRINTS from her pussy*    08/05/20  (3)
looks like im gonna make 8000 bucks for 15 minutes of work lmao fuck you rsf    08/05/20  (15)
Need to talk to someone who has been legally declared a pauper. Benzo around?    08/05/20  (14)
“I’m an options trader!” Shrieked the craterfaced GED grad as he lost all    08/05/20  (15)
BENZO KING: HOME OF THE PAUPER    08/05/20  (13)
🚨🚨🚨BUY XLE PUTS🚨🚨🚨    08/05/20  (8)
benzo = born loser    08/05/20  (2)
BUY XRT JUN 19 PUTS    08/05/20  (92)
Benzo: "I'm high IQ!" *puts entire savings into options bet* *loses*    08/05/20  (21)
they had airplanes in the 60s jenna    08/05/20  (1)
Kristin Cavallari cucking Jay Cutler proof CHADs always win    08/05/20  (12)
America has never been hit by a typhoon, and japan never hit by a hurricane    08/05/20  (8)
πŸ’£BREAKING: Tactical nuke explosion in Lebanon πŸ’£    08/05/20  (161)
Trump official fired after Anti-Clothmo Twitter Rant (link)    08/05/20  (19)
Why the fuck would someone choose NYC over Boston?    08/05/20  (30)
PSA: Smoking weed ruined my life.    08/05/20  (2)
ordered neurogum to take with my vvyanse lmao    08/05/20  (1)
"everyone's walking around like they're in a god damn enya video" most bboom    08/05/20  (2)
Just watched HBO interview. JFC can you imagine if journos were so rude to Obama    08/05/20  (64)
Lincoln’s son was present or nearby at 3 presidential assassinations    08/05/20  (6)
New Taibbi article: "Kansas Should Go Fuck Itself"    08/05/20  (109)
Lincoln’s son was saved from death by John Wilkes Booth’s brother    08/05/20  (5)
I can’t sleep, poast something interesting    08/05/20  (25)
Best Foods or Hellman’s?    08/05/20  (1)
cslg: you're just a cog in another man's machine. wilb:"u had me at 'in a man'"    08/05/20  (11)
rly wish u could see who viewed u on facebook    08/05/20  (1)
biggest life regret will always be wrong move re: "haha lets fuck jk" txt in hs    08/05/20  (1)
Tucker last night: brilliantly Biden segment, earlier use of “PROTIP “    08/05/20  (3)
Fuck I think my gf may be pregnant    08/05/20  (6)
I don't understand why I haven't gotten COVID    08/05/20  (26)
This thread makes me think NYUUGs conquests are all hookers    08/05/20  (15)
anyone else come here to feel better about themselves?    08/05/20  (2)
Describe the first time you WEAPONIZED your autism.    08/05/20  (10)
I'd also depressed if my claim to fame was whining "i'm gay" waiting for chink b    08/05/20  (10)
"i'm self directing my portfolio"rsf told himself as he spiked his brothers coke    08/05/20  (8)
luis making spritezero laugh out when he strikes his pose (takes off all his pre    08/05/20  (1)
Any steak better than flank?    08/05/20  (3)
nothing seems more mentally ill than "sex goals"    08/05/20  (4)
NYUUG do you have random ex conquests blowing up your phone daily    08/05/20  (16)
Young lady mauled by "teen" dogs. You'll never guess what owner of dogs looks    08/05/20  (20)
The NYUUG / RSF Debate Settled    08/05/20  (210)
The MyPillow guy sounds really autistically gay    08/05/20  (2)
Can't believe my account still works    08/05/20  (69)
Anfita running shit in Portland tonight (livestream link)    08/05/20  (1)
wow 180    08/05/20  (5)
tylenol    08/05/20  (3)
"hmm i guess id suck his dick" (me watching depressing intervention episdoe)    08/05/20  (9)
should i learn to surf    08/05/20  (3)
whataboutism    08/05/20  (3)
do argentinians only eat flank steak?    08/05/20  (2)
Clean coal    08/05/20  (2)
Is Hamilton’s “My Shot” the worst main song of all the great Broadway musi    08/05/20  (26)
ITT I MPA-ify movie titles of your choosing    08/05/20  (112)
Embarrassingly horny daughter    08/05/20  (4)
Dating a girl with a dark sense of humor    08/05/20  (42)
lol at the soyboi turdskins running white founded us tech companies    08/05/20  (2)
Did acupuncture today. It was amazing. Will do again for sure    08/05/20  (7)
Saying you don't date blacks is a hate crime now (link)    08/05/20  (7)
CNN: Meet the women of Blaxit leaving AmeriKKKa cuz racism    08/05/20  (31)
What is it like to be one of Biden's 'handlers'?    08/05/20  (1)
HCQ doesn’t work. Just send it all to Israel.    08/05/20  (3)
Rate this blonde 2020 Harvard Law grad?    08/05/20  (145)
What percentage of xo2020 posters are actual BIGLAW attorneys?    08/05/20  (4)
Andy Ngo Speaks at Congress About Antifa    08/05/20  (5)
Lol, a literal psycho SJW homeless crazy bitch is going to Congress as a Rep:    08/05/20  (4)
"who the fuck are you?" "I'm KID motherfuckin' ROCK from the old school"    08/05/20  (3)
sean carroll=jewish physicist, hot white shrew wife he dominates intellectually    08/05/20  (11)
The POTUS of one of Lebanon's main Christian parties was assassinated in blast:    08/05/20  (25)
29yr old guy tricks his 18 yr old GF into exercising    08/05/20  (41)
Trump conceds Epstein Maralago member, but insists was thrown out for being jew    08/05/20  (2)
Do blacks not realize how privileged and coddled they are?    08/05/20  (23)
”₯πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’»πŸ”₯ RTX 3080 Ti will be an absolute BE
   08/05/20  (19)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is about "money printing bad" (DTP)    08/05/20  (98)
Tesla (TSLA) looking to hire multiple litigators    08/05/20  (10)
Goddamn Trump sounds fucking stupid in the Axios interview    08/05/20  (130)
shoot straight bro’s are we going to have football y/n?    08/05/20  (26)
**** August 2020 Net Worth Check In ****    08/05/20  (1)
chaturbate is 100% meth addicted sex slaves lmao    08/05/20  (11)
Rate this Chaturbate Latina getting gang-fucked by cartel guys right now - link    08/05/20  (13)
2020 Sex Goals **progress thread**    08/05/20  (17)
You can fuck ANYTHING on viagra    08/05/20  (1)
Jewish friend grinds grain into flour and makes rap music; needs a rap name    08/05/20  (22)
Music today has become unlistenable    08/05/20  (7)
do u guys like these glasses? (im blind)    08/05/20  (2)
reddit is banning all links to the george floyd body cam footage    08/05/20  (33)
Outter Hanjal Line Basement Dweller    08/05/20  (1)
how is meth?    08/05/20  (1)
Is this what the fall debates will be like after Biden decides not to show up?    08/05/20  (1)
What are best dogs to defend against shitpitts and are good with kids    08/05/20  (1)
nyuug you ever fuck a dude?    08/05/20  (53)
"how soon is now" and "in the air tonight"... top fucking songs    08/05/20  (3)
i enjoy dairy products    08/05/20  (7)
"my back" luis deadpand as he crushed 180 mg worth of oxycodone tablets    08/05/20  (3)
Have about $100k liquid. What to do with it?    08/05/20  (35)
Don't like Trump but he's the "pro USA" candidate &--you guessed it--I'm 4 that    08/05/20  (2)
σ €     08/05/20  (536)
   08/05/20  (1)
The Betamorphosis    08/05/20  (1)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is    08/05/20  (2)
South Korea reports 600 new coronavirus cases    08/05/20  (15)
Nyuug, why can't TTT Koreans get corona under control?    08/05/20  (139)
I live on an INDIAN reservation AMA    08/05/20  (21)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/05/20  (18)
You can't understand Charles until you've walked 7.5 miles in his shoes    08/05/20  (10)
CORONAVIRUS TRACKER: up to 35 cases in US now... 11 in Nebraska!    08/05/20  (68)
Anchorage Mayor, (((Ethan Berkowitz))), shuts down all restaurants, but his own    08/05/20  (31)
Is anyone noticing massive inflation on certain goods? Don't tell me THEY will    08/05/20  (1)
Ted Cruz trolls Hawaii Senator Hirono on Antifa    08/05/20  (2)
wow lmao    08/05/20  (7)
hamilton is actually one of the whitest things ive ever seen    08/05/20  (1)
Antifa Lawyers Sue Cuty of Seattle to Pay for Gear    08/05/20  (6)
What is your NOT FLAME answer: when do you think things will be "normal"?    08/05/20  (37)
Where to park cash? Marcus and Ally slashing rates to 0.80%    08/05/20  (4)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    08/05/20  (91)
Now South Korea is cracking - 245 new cases today    08/05/20  (33)
COVID-19 assraping South Korea    08/05/20  (68)
not swearing makes you seem 5-10 iq points smarter    08/05/20  (7)
Two Sets Of Footprints - Jesus And Charles Walking Across NoVa    08/05/20  (13)
Recall of Gavin Newsom    08/05/20  (3)
*awkwardly listens to the jail rap of a white guy who grew up in amish country*    08/05/20  (4)
wife has no idea what's going on in the world    08/05/20  (3)
FUCK. Kobach is going to lose to Bush-Romney cuck Republican, Marshall    08/05/20  (6)
Sorry badmos, the virus has already peaked and it didn't do shit    08/05/20  (44)
Unhhh Manuals say you can test too much. READ THE MANUALS    08/05/20  (1)
I'm still pissed that most people in the country got $1,200, and I didn't    08/05/20  (3)
You basically have to have a PhD to follow “Dark” on Netflix    08/05/20  (9)
i hate libs but i love musicals    08/05/20  (1)
Energetic Asian man says you can $$$$ wholesaling real estate. Whats the catch?    08/05/20  (7)

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