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Links to any shitcons celebrating RBG’s death like libs celebrated Scalia’s?    09/19/20  (8)
LINDSEY GRAHAM: I won't vote on new justice before election    09/19/20  (12)
Is there a good argument for court packing being unconstitutional?    09/19/20  (14)
Roberts Alito Kagan Soto Breyer Sykes Kavanaugh Gorsuch Thomas    09/19/20  (179)
CRUZ FOR SCOTUS    09/19/20  (3)
libs we said you lost SCOTUS for a generation, but it really will be a generatio    09/19/20  (2)
Boomer dad: why not just bring your resume to the SC and apply in person!    09/19/20  (8)
libs i know "impeachment" didnt go as planned but don't forget u lost SCOTUS too    09/19/20  (10)
@realdonaldtrump: we're bringing back "Apprentice" but for SCOTUS nominees. Fun!    09/19/20  (2)
libs- i know Ossoff losing hurts. don't forget u lost SCOTUS also tho    09/19/20  (25)
Maybe America won’t collapse    09/19/20  (13)
Reminder: this is the beginning of the conservative momentum leading to TRUMP vi    09/19/20  (2)
Maxine Waters calls Amy Coney Barrett a "sadist, papist & rapist"    09/19/20  (1)
@realdonaldtrump: if you liked "RBG", just wait for "ACB"!    09/19/20  (1)
Kelly takes over McCain’s Senate seat on 11/30. So Dems need only 3 flips    09/19/20  (1)
Twitter: Dems announce that Trump’s RBG replacement nom sexually assaulted 4 w    09/19/20  (4)
Not gonna lie, Ruth Bader was disgusting on every level. Ugly inside and out, ju    09/19/20  (2)
Bros, how long did it take you to feel normal again after losing a family member    09/19/20  (50)
Bump this thread when Trump nominates Allison Jones Rushing    09/19/20  (1)
WSJ long read about NBA Jam's "he's on fire"    09/19/20  (3)
Anyone else sort of envy the dead. Maybe I have severe depression    09/19/20  (1)
excited to read all the rgb encomium bullshit this week.    09/19/20  (2)
Act Blue has raised almost $20 million tonight, more than $100,000 an hour    09/19/20  (5)
Lmao why didn’t RBG just retire during Obama admin?    09/19/20  (38)
Should I buy MARIO 3D ALL STARS?    09/19/20  (2)
WI, PA farmers turning out in droves to vote for another 'Kavanaugh'    09/19/20  (1)
Schumer: Extremists Judges like Barrett will Ban the Dogpill (Politico)    09/19/20  (1)
nominee will absolutely be Barrett right?    09/19/20  (31)
Blacks are fetishized on LinkedIn    09/19/20  (9)
2nd Cuz: Glad RBG burning in Hell! Shrew GF: Real men don't care my pussy smell    09/19/20  (6)
Wow 3D mario all stars and kike judge dies on the same day 180 billion    09/19/20  (9)
Midwestern factory workers devastated by RBG's death, vow to vote for Biden.    09/19/20  (5)
"Dont mind the house; its a disaster." No, Im not sending that. (facebook post)    09/19/20  (27)
Prediction: there will be a "gang of" moderates deal    09/19/20  (3)
this is the current front page of reddit less than 24 hours after RGB is dead    09/19/20  (1)
TRUMP when he heard the news that RBG died.    09/19/20  (83)
Why is TLS down?    09/19/20  (1)
Rate this prole bro throwing knives at beer cans in his prole yard    09/19/20  (4)
Will this be the excuse Biden needs to avoid debates?    09/19/20  (2)
CJ Roberts, sitting shiva with RBGs family, wearing a black pussy hat.    09/19/20  (2)
Scalia to St Peter: "Make exception for RBG?" St Peter: "Haha no"    09/19/20  (5)
So all those "hospital visit for routine procedure" stories were bullshit?    09/19/20  (7)
Why are libs so short sighted re: court packing?    09/19/20  (34)
Any chance they nominate an actual IRL conservative this time?    09/19/20  (6)
Exeunt, should I get a CFP? How tough?    09/19/20  (4)
So libs went straight from #metoo to BLM to antifa riots?    09/19/20  (7)
Compromise idea: Trump puts O'Connor back on SCOTUS    09/19/20  (6)
RGB DIED    09/19/20  (3)
SNL Premiere: Kate McKinnon as RGB singing WAP in tribute    09/19/20  (21)
Obvious Pizza Man tp    09/19/20  (1)
New Madden VR game requires players to kneel, raise fist before each session    09/19/20  (2)
bill gates thinks totinos pizza rolls cost $25    09/19/20  (15)
Please God stop Drakemallard from posting about the Supreme Court    09/19/20  (1)
trump    09/19/20  (1)
Hey, guys. I had this stroke of genius...what if we ONLY nominate WOMEN???    09/19/20  (55)
have more respect for speed runners than people who wake up & go to office every    09/19/20  (4)
Preparing for my FINAL cheat meal    09/19/20  (34)
Shitcons: any movement on RBG death?    09/19/20  (81)
GINSBURG IS DEAD    09/19/20  (182)
my favorite movie endings    09/19/20  (1)
How good a gaming PC could someone build for $399 (entry level PS5 price)?    09/19/20  (38)
when you're so high on fent you don't know you're dying    09/19/20  (3)
Shocking study finds 2/3 of African studies professors are actually Jewish women    09/19/20  (3)
Spent last 5 hrs getting drunk, reading MAF lib rage on reddit    09/19/20  (5)
Mittens will vote to confirm cuz RBG hated his best friends, the corporations.    09/19/20  (3)
american diversity in a nutshell    09/19/20  (1)
biden town hall already memory hole'd, removed from search    09/19/20  (57)
Avenatti to drop thermonuclear bomb on xoKavanaugh at 4:30 EDT    09/19/20  (125)
star of Netflix docu-series 'Cheer' denounces direction of company re: 'Cuties'    09/19/20  (5)
Voodoo Child you dick fuck stop posting here or you'll be outed more    09/19/20  (8)
Does any IQ100+ poster doubt that xoKavanaugh will be withdrawn b4 vote?    09/19/20  (81)
Is it worth risking Ted Cruz's seat in Texas?    09/19/20  (1)
Didn't even realize that John Paul Stevens died. Holy shit.    09/19/20  (6)
Should Trump even announce the nominee before the election?    09/19/20  (9)
opening of Goodfellas but Liotta says "die for Israel" instead of "be a gangster    09/19/20  (116)
Why is Christopher Wray not out of a job yet?    09/19/20  (2)
What happens to RBG's clerks on Monday morning?    09/19/20  (49)
me refusing to use crypto board = modern day rosa parks    09/19/20  (3)
Anyone else have to comfort a crying wife / GF?    09/19/20  (36)
Cocaine mitch’s letter to his caucus    09/19/20  (5)
should David Duke's wife be a serious female candidate to replace RBG?    09/19/20  (1)
Democrats raise an avg. of $100,000 per minute since RBG death announced    09/19/20  (2)
how do we think RBG actually died? passed out on fent?    09/19/20  (16)
rate this azn girl (pic)    09/19/20  (2)
calm the fuck down that's not actually henry aaron    09/19/20  (19)
Democrats surpass raising $30 million since 8pm EST    09/19/20  (2)
Did enough reptiles already commit to cucking so as to block a SCOTUS nominee?    09/19/20  (2)
MDH saying "well hello" in Mrs. Doubtfire voice as he re-starts Cuties again    09/19/20  (2)
You can appoint one person to scotus, who do you pick?    09/19/20  (32)
GOP RBG replacement could present clear legal roadblock for critical theory    09/19/20  (1)
link to average fempoaster today    09/19/20  (1)
Chlis Spinerry?    09/19/20  (1)
How did Henry Aaron get outed?    09/19/20  (112)
Rapid City, South Dakota is having a record year for murders    09/19/20  (3)
Are Mike Fart and I'm thinking of aurochs and angels the same?    09/19/20  (18)
Dat Ass    09/19/20  (1)
Black Lives Matter and the Mechanics of Conformity    09/19/20  (49)
SCOTUS will never allow court packing    09/19/20  (4)
The sim won't be able to hold this together for much longer    09/19/20  (6)
Flo smiling as Progressive finds loophole in coverage to exclude your sons death    09/19/20  (5)
Earthquake in la    09/19/20  (6)
Collins: I will not vote for Trump nominee in a lame duck session    09/19/20  (2)
West is best. White is right. My asian pussy feels so tight!    09/19/20  (123)
what does "post no bills" mean    09/19/20  (3)
Lib here: delete Henry Aaron's name. It's still not right.    09/19/20  (33)
lmao at libs trying to forcememe 'AKSHULLY the 2016 polls were BASICALLY *right!    09/19/20  (1)
gjr 2023 "fart did me dirty. a memoir"    09/19/20  (1)
found my dream apt    09/19/20  (2)
Jim Kelly, what’s your opinion on Gunderson? Chill place?    09/19/20  (4)
SCOTUS phone rings at 3am, Amy Coney Barrett answers nursing Lawman8    09/19/20  (9)
I know LOTS of gay guys and have yet to find 1 that identified with trans issues    09/19/20  (1)
Michael Scheuer pens lengthy irate screed about BLM Antifa and Kyle Rittenhouse    09/19/20  (1)
should i buy this apt    09/19/20  (5)
🚨🚨🚨🚨 STEPHEN BREYER RUSHED TO THE ER 🚨🚨🚨🚨    09/19/20  (1)
everything is fine, go back to your netflix content trough    09/19/20  (1)
imagine being a stupid fuck goy slave getting kicked in the nuts every day by GC    09/19/20  (3)
Maryanne Trump: law gunner -> COA judge; Don: real estate guy -> 3 SCOTUS appoin    09/19/20  (2)
RESOLVED: democracy is the worst thing that ever happened to species, world    09/19/20  (1)
4 senators from DC and PR, 0 new GOP judges until the end of time lmao    09/19/20  (3)
better news this week: princeton investigation or rbg death?    09/19/20  (2)
*kisses* you on the cheek Ross, goodnight    09/19/20  (1)
imagine being a random dood falsely “outed” on insane messagebort    09/19/20  (36)
wtf 53% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance?    09/19/20  (5)
Rate this SEAL PUP hitching a ride on a sea kayak    09/19/20  (1)
Gonna laugh so fucking hard when Biden (corpse-DE) loses    09/19/20  (1)
Libs frothing at the mouth going after attractive white mother of 7.    09/19/20  (1)
"ross the boss" you are not a tough guy lmao    09/19/20  (12)
they can silence me on the internet, but they will never silence the hatred in m    09/19/20  (1)
Who is talking shit?    09/19/20  (2)
Lmao rate this 1991 pic of Elaine Chao swooning over MISH (2 yrs b4 marriage)    09/19/20  (19)
Calling some guy a "virgin" isn't an insult. It's a call to action for u to fuck    09/19/20  (1)
Pope Francis: May we all try to emulate RBG    09/19/20  (1)
GOP: u can't have only 8 justices during election it would be con. crisis!    09/19/20  (11)
Green Jolly Rancher, give us one (1) engorged clit pic & we'll call it even    09/19/20  (1)
welcome to AutoAdmit—how tough are ya?    09/19/20  (1)
Bay single moms = bad news    09/19/20  (7)
Trump's gonna nominate a MILF and it's going to be 180.    09/19/20  (2)
Anyone wanna play connect the dots on Henry Aaron's face?    09/19/20  (1)
Sorors throughout the Black Greek system prepare to back Harris/Biden ticket    09/19/20  (1)
They constantly SCREW and SUE everybody!    09/19/20  (3)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    09/19/20  (87)
Bros, I feel guilty for insulting whokebe. Now he's gone for good.    09/19/20  (6)
did Scalia and Ginsburg, you know ....?    09/19/20  (1)
Henry Aaron - why dont you have one of your Dr. friends fix your pock marks?    09/19/20  (1)

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