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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
stand up paddle boarding is one of the biggest IRL flames    10/21/20  (6)
Russia draft boards now using hot 17yo girls to deliver draft notices    10/21/20  (13)
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal    10/21/20  (45)
Leaked texts show Trump daughters were underage for eighteen years    10/21/20  (2)
Do you remember where teachers had classrooms in your HS?    10/21/20  (7)
Pontius Pilot surrounded by angry kikes regrets asking for Jerusalem transfer    10/21/20  (22)
ITT: List phrases that instantly make you lose all respect for the speaker    10/21/20  (114)
Looters pause to ask stores to restock shelves.    10/21/20  (5)
rate this chicks ass    10/21/20  (6)
What Slav kids do while yours stare at screens    10/21/20  (6)
Creepy Hunter Niece Pics released!    10/21/20  (3)
LMAO at Giuliani admitting that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians    10/21/20  (14)
So hunter biden fucked his brother's wife and kept abusive pics of niece on lapt    10/21/20  (24)
Is that 62.6% tax rate thing in CA legitimate?    10/21/20  (16)
The Hunter story would be better for Trump if his henchmen weren't the ones    10/21/20  (5)
Are you wasting the Covid opportunity to change your life    10/21/20  (1)
Just told shitlib boss I’m calling a full lid for the day.    10/21/20  (1)
Growing up in the same suburb as assfaggot and Mike fart was so 180    10/21/20  (6)
"They call him Pedo Joe folks. Pedo Joe. Creepy Sleepy Pedo Joe, never forget it    10/21/20  (2)
Rate this creepy photo of Biden kissing his granddaughter while Kamala claps    10/21/20  (4)
John the Baptist really tired of being 1-upped by Jesus.    10/21/20  (6)
what makes TARGET (1985) (Matt Dillon, Gene Hackman) so good?    10/21/20  (6)
Poll: Pennsylvania tied - link    10/21/20  (3)
shoveling faggy jew garbage into your brainhole 24/7    10/21/20  (17)
i'm a 1 issue voter. not cutting off the dicks/balls of children is that issue.    10/21/20  (26)
Utah’s Nutty Putty Cave Is Sealed Up With One Spelunker Inside    10/21/20  (2)
XO dreamgirl puts Starbucks, virusbadmos and BLM on notice    10/21/20  (6)
Start your day with Graham Hancock    10/21/20  (1)
Giuliani announces Wed. Hunter info release, but reading between the lines ...    10/21/20  (84)
Rate Richard Spencer’s self-authored MSJ in Charlottesville lawfare    10/21/20  (47)
Hard reset    10/21/20  (1)
Deep State guy condemns anti-deepstate Trump    10/21/20  (2)
big-titted Colombiana drops $665k on 680ft2 in MFH    10/21/20  (76)
pleasingly plump OK State coed steals trump sign from yard    10/21/20  (1)
Trump now tied in Indiana. down 11 in PA and 14 in NH. going down hard"    10/21/20  (5)
strange that women dont even get better at any sex act as they age    10/21/20  (18)
Are libs ready for the big Biden bombshell today? tick tock    10/21/20  (1)
Shareblue pumos are working triple overtime as the walls cave in    10/21/20  (17)
What happened to Drudge?    10/21/20  (3)
CSLG, would you let CrazyEyes fuck a really tall, jacked Bull?    10/21/20  (27)
Not flame I’m up for work right now on the east coast taking questions    10/21/20  (28)
Rat faced jew CSLG forcibly paraded through town adorned w HORNS OF A CUCKOLD    10/21/20  (5)
Messed up that CSLG doesn't let CrazyEyes post here... seems controlling    10/21/20  (2)
what would be the best stocks to go all in on before the election?    10/21/20  (1)
Max IQ to see a photo of a big rally and say "there's no way he can lose!"    10/21/20  (4)
Can we get a moderate’s take on why libs keep peddling debunked conspiracy the    10/21/20  (2)
Experts predicting Bitcoin will break $12k today    10/21/20  (7)
WSJ: California Ballot Harvesting: Dems Object As GOP Imitates Their Methods    10/21/20  (2)
Professor Slams ‘Hegemonic Masculinity’ of Homeless Men    10/21/20  (2)
Gunmos/schizos what are your thoughts on having a bow as a backup to gun?    10/21/20  (23)
Michael Savage savages whiny little bitch / Iraq war supporter Rush Limbaugh    10/21/20  (2)
you have to admit it’s weird it ALWAYS comes back to weird pedo shit w dems    10/21/20  (30)
Gymmos/schizos what are your thoughts on having a bowflex as a backup to gym?    10/21/20  (2)
My 2-Year-Old Doesn’t Seem to Care About Being Anti-Racist (nyt)    10/21/20  (4)
Hunter Biden October Coast To Coast Laptop Giveaway    10/21/20  (1)
real talk though: we will all be in jail for our poasts in 2025    10/21/20  (5)
oh gimme the niece boys and free my soul    10/21/20  (5)
1st page of dotter's History textbook:"Black and brown bodies are gunned down in    10/21/20  (1)
no one cares that biden's son had incest porn trumptards    10/21/20  (5)
Eate these 3 Polish sisters (video)    10/21/20  (16)
Douthat: Trump is Giving Up    10/21/20  (24)
Hunter Biden's full legal name is "Milf Hunter Biden"    10/21/20  (1)
got 2 big glasses of iced lemon water (strong)...poasting like a madman    10/21/20  (1)
FBI indicts trombone player from Barnaul for hacking    10/21/20  (1)
you don't have the balls that hunter has...you would ape him if you dared    10/21/20  (1)
hello my beautiful son    10/21/20  (13)
Look, if we don’t find a crack smoking pedo to fill that seat- who just joined    10/21/20  (1)
why are all white girls super into IRELAND    10/21/20  (13)
NYC even has a ban on commercial foreskin circumcisions    10/21/20  (2)
I’ve drank alcohol approximately 28 days in a row    10/21/20  (35)
Right wing eco fascism would be 180. Death squads planting trees on mass graves    10/21/20  (42)
US: we need more PoC on our board. Ukrain: we need more crack smoking pedos on    10/21/20  (1)
hey! hunter! leave those kids alone!    10/21/20  (21)
NYC even has a ban on commercial foreclosures/evictions    10/21/20  (1)
Joe Biden caught on camera kissing 19-year old girl on the lips (twist) (pics)    10/21/20  (17)
the bottom line is that I create & caused a very unsafe environment for the kids    10/21/20  (9)
she told my therapist that i was sexually inappropriate with [14yo girl]    10/21/20  (10)
"field & stream numbers look good" - borders watching parasites devour my organs    10/21/20  (3)
i called a lid and it slipped awaayyyyyyy    10/21/20  (7)
IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO TODAY... LUIS WENT ON XO AND SAID “I’M GAY”...    10/21/20  (21)
i wish i had my brother's girl. why can't i find a child like that?    10/21/20  (6)
this might be the gayest thing I've ever seen in my life    10/21/20  (2)
hunters in the niece that is what we are no one in between how can we be wrong    10/21/20  (2)
LMAO: Rudy Giuliani is going to release a "report" on Ukraine findings soon    10/21/20  (38)
This video of Trump donating a wad of $20s to a church is AMAZING    10/21/20  (3)
WTF? Hunter was IN THE PHOTOS with the underage relative    10/21/20  (22)
Remember when obeezy’s exgf killed herself LOL    10/21/20  (22)
7am and Im already working. Praying for death etc....    10/21/20  (1)
Kyoot 21 y/o with some kind of anxiety disorder wonders why she has no friends    10/21/20  (4)
Will election night 2020 greatest day EVER for XO poasting?    10/21/20  (1)
how did beau biden get brain cancer?    10/21/20  (1)
*sp jr in James Brown voice” I FEEL BAD *dananana* GOT RAPED BY MY DAD    10/21/20  (56)
Official thread to congratulate ARE Reptile on his new job!    10/21/20  (6)
Vibe on this board seems to be shifting toward Trump winning, what gives?    10/21/20  (35)
Why wasn't there large scale immigration from Latin America in late 1800s/early    10/21/20  (20)
look at this EPIC Kamala harris rally, bros    10/21/20  (53)
“It is what it is” sighed Nurse Henry as he lowered himself onto the eggplan    10/21/20  (12)
VoodooChild: Raging about Laptop / Nurse Henry: Pulls out Eggplant, audible Pop    10/21/20  (1)
Being a True Account of the Wallruse, its Splendors and Marvells    10/21/20  (18)
s*x    10/21/20  (1)
"Wanna see how fucked libs are?" Henry Aaron snickers as he sits on 14" squash    10/21/20  (4)
Reminder: Trump got impeached for daring to investigate obvious Biden corruption    10/21/20  (57)
Hehe late capitalism pupper doggo chapo    10/21/20  (23)
Giuliani butt-dials NBC reporter, is heard discussing Biden and demanding cash    10/21/20  (17)
Giuliani's decline is more disappointing than any athlete or entertainer's down    10/21/20  (19)
Wait so Giuliani has literally been working closely with russian intelligence?    10/21/20  (5)
Copped an oculus quest 2, taking q's    10/21/20  (18)
Russian money --> Giuliani sources --> American campaigns. Trumpmos?    10/21/20  (27)
*Rudy Giuliani leans in towards FNC anchor* "It's called Inception"    10/21/20  (8)
🚨 Giuliani unearths Hunter Biden travel records to flying J 🚨    10/21/20  (2)
So here's the plan... We release the LEAST incriminating stuff first. (Giuliani)    10/21/20  (17)
UpsetJew: why do gay men refer to selves as “PIGS”?    10/21/20  (4)
Friend (NYC female older than me w good job) just reached out to me via    10/21/20  (11)
the average goy is not even sentient, truly beasts of burden littering the world    10/21/20  (1)
How full do you fill your coffee cup?    10/21/20  (38)
MORNING POLL: shower or coffee first?    10/21/20  (38)
Navy wife calls husband 'passive pussy', then gets him convicted of agg assault    10/21/20  (4)
Maybe Toobin was jerking his schmeckel to pics of Biden nieces?    10/21/20  (6)
alien world of craigslist mestizos /w 'scam likely' caller ids sellin used cars    10/21/20  (4)
90s Brave Assfaggot dislocates his shoulder while sieg heiling around the bases    10/21/20  (1)
should I buy this pillow    10/21/20  (1)
ITT suggest words for Rach to add to the random moniker generator    10/21/20  (17)
"But mommy's husband, I poop from there!" -- The Spaceporn Jr. Story    10/21/20  (3)
Huge Trumpmo here, feel bad for Biden though in a way    10/21/20  (4)
random brazilian guys sings exactly like axl rose    10/21/20  (1)
Biden has to be the easiest win ever for a president. He's done basically zero.    10/21/20  (40)
The elites despise Trump bc he isn't a devil-worshipping pedophile like they are    10/21/20  (6)
REMINDER: Biden is a literal Chinese blackmail threat.    10/21/20  (6)
Lmao at how Trump/Putin are following same playbook    10/21/20  (2)
Why didn’t Rudy start with the pedo accusations?    10/21/20  (2)
WSJ reports on the Biden-Hunter-China ordeal (link)    10/21/20  (13)
"I'm taking a giant black cock in my ass right now, Fuck Libs!!!" (Henry Aaron)    10/21/20  (27)
Happy Wednesday Autists!    10/21/20  (19)
Remember when libs said Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation?    10/21/20  (1)
"U libs are DONE now!" Henry Aaron shrieks as he's airlifted onto whale's dick    10/21/20  (3)
Doobs, CUT UP on SLINGBLADE, "chaperoning" a girl scout field trip    10/21/20  (7)
how acceptable is it for people to know you post on xo?    10/21/20  (56)
luis: hello my beautiful sun    10/21/20  (2)
so Hunter banged his dead bro's wife and teen daughter?    10/21/20  (2)
Gay cuckold preventive strike    10/21/20  (2)
what do board trumpos like about him? obama deported more mexicans    10/21/20  (4)
Borders rounding the bases with one arm up and a USA flag in the other    10/21/20  (38)
anyone remember that blog of that dude who vowed to never have sex again    10/21/20  (1)
okay, enough is enough. it has always been an absolute pleasure but im retiring    10/21/20  (2)
Type “archduke” into search. What the fuck?    10/21/20  (1)
this is what they're teaching students at Columbia (pic)    10/21/20  (74)
The Archduke of Scholarship: Roland    10/21/20  (1)
ITT: Name ur price range, ur current guns/gear, I give buy list 4 civil war    10/21/20  (42)
cute guy with a cat    10/21/20  (1)
companies    10/21/20  (7)

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