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Sad that Joe forced his son into a mafia life of crime and depravity    10/23/20  (6)
Trump was really really LOW ENERGY at the debate last night    10/23/20  (7)
The only debate that mattered and moved the needle this cycle was    10/23/20  (5)
Said "outta the way, chinaman" to some g00k on the subway; lil guy was MAF    10/23/20  (30)
Too irate about the Giants to go to sleep    10/23/20  (14)
Rate this Politifact "Fact Check" (possibly the best fact check ever)    10/23/20  (3)
Trump demolishes Biden on his debate fracking lie    10/23/20  (5)
Expensify's CEO emailed users to encourage them to 'vote for Biden' Some recipie    10/23/20  (6)
how bad will the shitlib chimpout become when trump wins??    10/23/20  (22)
Rate first openly gay athlete at BYU (link)    10/23/20  (13)
πŸ‘ΆπŸ• How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! πŸ‘Ά    10/23/20  (8)
Watch this Chinaman get rolled up like a booger    10/23/20  (44)
Tesla's nea self-driving BETA appears to have solved 99.9% of self driving    10/23/20  (4)
200 Million Chinese men above the age of 50, suspected to be virgins (link)    10/23/20  (6)
Are Chinese people in US all going bankrupt?    10/23/20  (2)
Watch these chinks attack a prawn buffet.    10/23/20  (157)
Post best randomized monikers ITT    10/23/20  (27)
Still LOLing at Richard, from England    10/23/20  (53)
Going to the Turks & Caicos for Thanksgiving during Covid    10/23/20  (5)
Libs, is Texas still going blue after Biden said he would end oil industry?    10/23/20  (42)
True Detective S2 is one of the best TV seasons I have ever seen    10/23/20  (14)
Putin confirms ongoing talks with China on alliance treaty    10/23/20  (9)
Chinese tourists in Sweden: “This is killing! This is killing!”    10/23/20  (32)
First good video of a PD-14 being mated to an MS-21    10/23/20  (1)
Coastal libs are wrong about middle Americans    10/23/20  (92)
I pulled into Pounders, was feeling about half past dead    10/23/20  (3)
Mesut Ozil’s agent is a lawyer but calls himself a Doctor    10/23/20  (1)
**** OFFICIAL 2020 Presidential 2nd Debate: Trump vs. Biden ****    10/23/20  (1098)
It’s weird that Mexico has by far the best food, but worst music    10/23/20  (57)
πŸ‘… Vice: How to Eat Out a Non-Op Trans Woman πŸ‘…    10/23/20  (7)
Giants will find a hilarious way to lose this game    10/23/20  (33)
Foxy MILF Megyn Kelly still has it in SHEER shirt over black BRA (video)    10/23/20  (11)
The complete 5½-hour restored version of Napoleon (1927) is free online:    10/23/20  (1)
The Jews are afraid of a 2nd trump term bc they’re afraid of another holocaust    10/23/20  (1)
I'm not banning fracking, I'm just shutting down the oil industry.    10/23/20  (18)
Many of us *fell* for crypto AND Jordan Peterson    10/23/20  (65)
godawful week ahead rock bottom for many of us    10/23/20  (4)
many of us will die on this planet    10/23/20  (8)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    10/23/20  (307)
Finally got a final round interview at in house jerb    10/23/20  (46)
Biden looked old, weak, barely coherent. A shell of a politician    10/23/20  (8)
Did Rudolph really post a thread abt CNN outting charles one day before?    10/23/20  (43)
Crazy how we are literally witnessing the re-election of Donald J Trump    10/23/20  (10)
so looks like Trump is going to win this thing lmao    10/23/20  (7)
lmfao @ boomer economy    10/23/20  (2)
Just watched Trump 60 Minutes footage and it's the most humanizing I've ever see    10/23/20  (1)
‘Fake news’ is such a great simplistic phrase to penetrate prole minds    10/23/20  (5)
Jersey shore is STILL on MTV    10/23/20  (1)
An average human life has 30,000 days. After the first 10,000 days you're 27 yea    10/23/20  (2)
borders: what's your probability of trump winning? what does your map look like?    10/23/20  (25)
best used SUV for occasional use?    10/23/20  (34)
the boomer economy is utterly over    10/23/20  (1)
seriously still freaking out at the pics of Mitch McConnell's hands, JFC    10/23/20  (2)
Sounds like shit is about to get REAL real for Rudy Giuliani this week    10/23/20  (4)
hilarious sam hyde video    10/23/20  (3)
Trump: Biden too tough on crime! also u won't be safe in Biden's America!    10/23/20  (4)
Really see no reason/argument “Canada” should exist as an independent countr    10/23/20  (6)
Pullin a "Toobin", "Toobin it" - Toobin already being used as a verb    10/23/20  (1)
will never be able to own a home like my 190 combined IQ boomer parents    10/23/20  (1)
TGIF: Last commute from NYC to Baltimore for the week (Taking q’s)    10/23/20  (1)
Rome Suburra >>>> True Detective Season 3    10/23/20  (3)
vice pussy grabber    10/23/20  (1)
Trump: "Are you the big guy?" Biden: "For you."    10/23/20  (9)
No    10/23/20  (1)
Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” except it’s McConnell transmogrifying into a    10/23/20  (5)
RATE this Twitter thread on Trump and white voters    10/23/20  (21)
Basedophrenia    10/23/20  (1)
I said RESEMBLE Abe Lincoln    10/23/20  (10)
who built the cage, spaceporn?    10/23/20  (7)
HOLY FUCK @ this pic of Mitch McConnell's hands (pic)    10/23/20  (7)
"Rap" is a musical genre that's almost impossible to properly criticize    10/23/20  (1)
Haha I'm teh motherfuckin pockle rick! Love vaping! Sons fuckhole is a disaster    10/23/20  (171)
yves tumor - kerosene.mp3    10/23/20  (1)
pregnant bay area teen negress named “Sereinat’e” killed in drive by. libs    10/23/20  (5)
If anyone wants to trash talk, take it to me    10/23/20  (28)
10th year Boies associate getting the talk as hunter streams espn in new office    10/23/20  (4)
Stock picks for 2021    10/23/20  (35)
tame impala - borderline.mp3    10/23/20  (3)
Imagine taking on ALL the worlds sins    10/23/20  (10)
🐱‍πŸ‰ The devil put dinosaurs here. 🐱‍πŸ‰    10/23/20  (1)
Hey! I know, let’s take our sons to “infamous pizza place” linked w pedos.    10/23/20  (6)
The debate moderator did great    10/23/20  (50)
Anything further from Defense counsel?*doesn't look up from EU4* "nah whatever"    10/23/20  (3)
just voted for trump lmao (luis)    10/23/20  (3)
After Borat 2, Trump might be toast    10/23/20  (8)
how do so many blue checks not know what "coyote" means re immigration?    10/23/20  (1)
Absolutely devastating for board libs    10/23/20  (19)
MAN, WILL YOU SHUT UP?    10/23/20  (1)
COME ON, MAN!    10/23/20  (1)
the maps he colored in EU4 changed him.    10/23/20  (7)
Why hasn't trump disavowed attempted child fucker Rudy giuliani?    10/23/20  (14)
NPR interviewing "non binary" chick seminary student trying to become priest    10/23/20  (9)
something old, something new, something borrowed & a vial of thick SLIME    10/23/20  (3)
Did google starbucks die    10/23/20  (6)
Something old, something new, something borrowed, share blue    10/23/20  (12)
luis    10/23/20  (6)
Uber and Lyft lost the appeal in California, they need the proposition to pass    10/23/20  (7)
lol at all the ShareBlue pumos MIA tonight    10/23/20  (3)
Blompft? Pshhh. More like, hoes glompf on my penis!    10/23/20  (1)
Anyone else have a gigantic chip on their shoulder    10/23/20  (28)
To be clear— I legit want board libs to contract bubonic plague and/or Ebola    10/23/20  (14)
wow im a handsome genius with insane muscles and hair    10/23/20  (6)
Don’t understand what borders is saying, but I like his conclusion    10/23/20  (3)
Election Night 2016 was so fun. And libs are giving it to me again?    10/23/20  (82)
millions of americans seeing back of Biden's giant bald head for first time    10/23/20  (1)
Black guy with 3.6 gpa from an Ivy goes to Cornell for law school    10/23/20  (4)
Ferrari California or kid's college fund?    10/23/20  (3)
should i rent this apt    10/23/20  (6)
balding report - airtight proof of Biden corruption, but >180 characters    10/23/20  (1)
Wife and Me voted early today. Took only 30 min EAT SHIT REPTILES    10/23/20  (17)
*cocks pistol* "The only thing I could never have. Being tall. Hand over the ins    10/23/20  (2)
Trump repping Queens big time on the debate stage    10/23/20  (14)
Rate Richard Spencer’s self-authored MSJ in Charlottesville lawfare    10/23/20  (53)
Trump purposely uses inaccurate numbers bc it forces ppl to correct him    10/23/20  (8)
Don trump on toilet, midnight, lights dimmed, watching take back our future vid    10/23/20  (2)
I’m a tortured genius    10/23/20  (2)
Our Trump threads will blot out the bort, then we will poast in the shade    10/23/20  (14)
Instead of a mask I've been wearing computer    10/23/20  (6)
Look at Fordham’s numbers rn:    10/23/20  (6)
Biden built the cages and put thousands of young black men in prison    10/23/20  (4)
Banging Models and Eating McDonalds: the Donald Trump Story    10/23/20  (8)
when Trump wins the nom the bumped threads will blot out the sun    10/23/20  (56)
ketamine intranasal activates your opioid receptors    10/23/20  (4)
Want trump to win but don’t want to hear about him nonstop for 4 more years    10/23/20  (1)
biglaw associate dies at desk from a GALLSTONE ATTACK    10/23/20  (2)
How can you make the most money with the least amount of work    10/23/20  (3)
so when TRUMP wins the election it's gonna be like the first Star Wars ending    10/23/20  (21)
The election is one Scaramucci away    10/23/20  (2)
Stanely Tucci is Italian but looks so Jewish, it's no wonder    10/23/20  (24)
so trump won hispanics the first debate & moderates the second debate? lol biden    10/23/20  (4)
Why is Biden barely talking in the debate    10/23/20  (1)
Watching debate, damn Biden is tanking    10/23/20  (1)
Every undecided voter in Frank Luntz's focus group would vote Trump after tonigh    10/23/20  (22)
A man should have sex like 5 times his whole life tops    10/23/20  (22)
"Trump won moderates" = code for, Trump took it from Biden like a little bitch    10/23/20  (3)
how underrated is the cayman?    10/23/20  (12)
in HS we used to fart in the drive-up banking money tube canister and watch the    10/23/20  (3)
Frank Lutz interviewed a gypsy who guaranteed Trump wins 400 electoral votes    10/23/20  (1)
only took me 5 mins to vote    10/23/20  (3)
Can’t even repent tp    10/23/20  (4)
corvette v. cayman    10/23/20  (55)
Just held focus group of 1 million Pennsylvania swing voters, all are for Trump    10/23/20  (1)
watching debate, Trump much more direct, high energy    10/23/20  (1)
My life would suck so much without Trump as POTUS. I might never laugh again    10/23/20  (1)
to win over virusbadmos, trump should dedicate his campaign to herman cain    10/23/20  (1)
How do I bring glory to Jesus every second of the day    10/23/20  (5)
New surgery that places virtual crucifix in your upper peripheral vision    10/23/20  (1)
"i'm here for the peanut butter cups" (depressed halloween jafar)    10/23/20  (6)

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