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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Biden's one term will be most boring since....?    11/23/20  (14)
Watching "Crown" ep where Thatcher hangs out with Royals, total clique clash    11/23/20  (10)
Rudolph: Right about election. Right about COVID-19. Right about Henry Aaron.    11/23/20  (12)
Just sold the AR-15 I panic bought    11/23/20  (25)
Donald Trump is the ONLY President who was Impeached, One-Term and lost popular    11/23/20  (65)
If Trump is really out then he needs to form a true third party. Even if you're    11/23/20  (3)
Rate my prestige = 14 BTC    11/23/20  (1)
LOL at this ignoble flameout: Trumptards cannibalize Tucker, run to Parler    11/23/20  (2)
lol libs already have buyer's remorse bad    11/23/20  (6)
Of all goyim, Italians are most similar to Jews.    11/23/20  (1)
So American Empire's biggest "win" was WWII, playing a team role    11/23/20  (13)
Just CLEARED my CALENDAR. Watching Hannity tonight. It's going to be GREAT!    11/23/20  (19)
I fucked a new girl last night. Great skinny legs TT6    11/23/20  (55)
Just got back from an amazing first date (TSINAH)    11/23/20  (53)
Trump is taking a beating on PredictIt. What happened?    11/23/20  (2)
i challenge alzabo to the ice bucket challenge    11/23/20  (1)
Rudoph: Giant shitlib. Takes it in the shitter. Sucks off Henry Aaron.    11/23/20  (1)
Most people only lose once. Trump has LOST at least 30 times since Nov 3rd.    11/23/20  (20)
Ok guess sending in the social workers isn't working    11/23/20  (1)
fat 6'2 white guy here, could i start an onlyfans for asian chicks?    11/23/20  (4)
Are these twins too skinny?    11/23/20  (16)
So many Americans are food insecure, meanwhile Henry Aaron shoves it up ass    11/23/20  (1)
Jesus fuck is he seriously conceding?    11/23/20  (88)
"YOU'RE LEGITIMATELY SCARY" Henry Aaron says to shit/blood covered eggplant    11/23/20  (1)
Summon D - I got the vitamin D supplement 2000 IU    11/23/20  (3)
Friend let Mormon missionaries into home, agreed to kneel & pray with them    11/23/20  (3)
libs are fucking stupid retards    11/23/20  (2)
ggtp crying like a fucking muppet baby as CFR swamp drones get sworn in    11/23/20  (6)
Lindsay Graham emailing Peterman about post-election "Opportunities to Explore"    11/23/20  (4)
Now we know why deep state let ACB in: didn’t matter for fake election    11/23/20  (2)
rumor has it charles is training to compete in the next beef boy classic    11/23/20  (1)
Trump polishing his Silver Medal. At least it wan't the Bronze!!!    11/23/20  (4)
Havent read puzzled articles about murder rates lately. Minn/Chi/Philly on track    11/23/20  (1)
apparently ‘check out the funbags on that househound,’ though famous, is nsf    11/23/20  (3)
Binance is giving me 14 days to move all my crypto    11/23/20  (18)
looking forward to four years of senile biden    11/23/20  (1)
TRUMP Authorizes the Transition!!!    11/23/20  (27)
Rate the butt on this girl    11/23/20  (2)
Communism is Biblical    11/23/20  (20)
so drakemallard spends his life doing jews’ bidding and thinks posting “fuck    11/23/20  (27)
12217 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico, VA    11/23/20  (33)
Assholes Philly TOOK DOWN: King George, Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Santa,    11/23/20  (40)
Trump was the best president of the past 40 years    11/23/20  (48)
Jim Mattis in Foreign Affairs: “END AMERICA FIRST”    11/23/20  (58)
Thousands wait in mile-long line for opening of ride-less part of Disneyland    11/23/20  (1)
"U libs are DONE now!" Henry Aaron shrieks as he's airlifted onto whale's dick    11/23/20  (96)
POLL: Which Trump family member charged with crime first?    11/23/20  (8)
Prison pumo, it’s hilarious how you can’t say what you want to me anymore    11/23/20  (3)
I love my ASSAULT RIFLE 15!    11/23/20  (4)
The 2 scenes in 22 Jump Street when Ice Cube finds out Jonah is fucking his daug    11/23/20  (2)
Smokeshow takes on BLM mob in Omaha    11/23/20  (79)
ITT we list OUR Top 10 television or mini-series rankings of ALL TIME.    11/23/20  (52)
"TICK TOCK SHITLIBS" Henry grunts with grandfather clock protruding from his ass    11/23/20  (29)
Biden's PA lead is widening more than Henry Aaron's anus on a honey dew melon    11/23/20  (11)
Barr, Hannity, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Kayleigh McEnany are TRAITORS    11/23/20  (30)
So I understand the playgrounds ban, but why no produce aisles Henry?    11/23/20  (7)
"Ohhh, Libs are really dun!" -Henry Aaron touring watermelon farm in daisy dukes    11/23/20  (50)
Henry Aaron has been pretty unhinged ever since Trump lost so badly    11/23/20  (2)
Okay, concession out of the way, when we be getting stimulu$?    11/23/20  (1)
What if Aliens go around and Disable all Nukes.... hot war scenario?    11/23/20  (9)
rofl at these pics of Omar and AOC    11/23/20  (43)
It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men! Fuck libs! (Henry Aaron)    11/23/20  (7)
Trump going completely silent for the past few weeks has been 180.    11/23/20  (1)
Why has Henry Aaron (unhinged trumpmo gook) not been banned for outing?    11/23/20  (31)
CRAVATH BONUSES ARE HERE    11/23/20  (25)
Squanchin' Out (Christopher's Song)    11/23/20  (29)
your bloated alcoholic face dripping with sweat as you hunt for misplaced commas    11/23/20  (22)
The Rams throw screen passes all game and are successful    11/23/20  (1)
Why is a fag hosting Hannity tonight?    11/23/20  (6)
7 brave anthropological scientists donning VICTOR Mk. II suits to embark on expe    11/23/20  (1)
Earl do the needful and get Henry Aaron banned    11/23/20  (268)
WWW.LOSER.COM    11/23/20  (3)
life is a nonstop hell without family money    11/23/20  (14)
The Taming by the Jew- A History of the Trump Presidency    11/23/20  (17)
Mossad just poisoned Giz Maxwell (CNBC)- that was fast!    11/23/20  (1)
BTC mooning > politics "win" and it's not close    11/23/20  (3)
Trump announces new Kikeocratic Party to carry on MAGA legacy    11/23/20  (5)
spacepornify goosebump titles    11/23/20  (28)
henry aarons friendsgiving just him and diff squash varieties sitting on chairs    11/23/20  (5)
Dave Coulier has fucked some top tier pussy    11/23/20  (11)
Maybe CSLG can rep Trumpmos in a class action to get their money back from Trump    11/23/20  (2)
"At least he cut taxes for my rat-faced kike boss" wheezed the obese Trumpcuck    11/23/20  (17)
"..Government of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews, .."    11/23/20  (2)
best part of home for holidays is driving past hs ex gf's house    11/23/20  (13)
alzabo    11/23/20  (2)
In last 3 months, TSLA has gone from $361 -> 996/share. AMZN from $1600 to 2600    11/23/20  (38)
war, CRT, corruption, but at least they're PROFESSIONALS!    11/23/20  (3)
Lol my house is literally worth 5x spaceporn’s    11/23/20  (8)
Kike grifter Stephen Miller pretends to be a White Nationalist    11/23/20  (56)
What’s a good budget to pay a 40-50x bigger bull?    11/23/20  (4)
If you saved & invested $25k / year the past 10 years, you'd have ~$540k    11/23/20  (8)
The Wall will be beautiful, my son-in-law Jared is going to build it, with Israe    11/23/20  (13)
Kathleen Breitman is a disgusting ginger    11/23/20  (21)
just bought another ticket to richmond    11/23/20  (11)
*la cucaracha car horn honking outside sp's office*    11/23/20  (1)
Kushner moves Ghizlaine Maxwell to Israeli Safehouse to "Ensure Election Result"    11/23/20  (4)
“Incompetent as a criminal, incompetent as a troll” the prison pumo story    11/23/20  (1)
Can’t believe Ricky has a million dollars in crypto. We’re all losers    11/23/20  (11)
Tesla was crazy smart    11/23/20  (1)
It’s the fucking eschaton    11/23/20  (3)
Anyone else going to stake in Ethereum 2.0?    11/23/20  (13)
we misread Q: "unleash the kraken" = "ETH bullmarket incoming on Kraken"    11/23/20  (2)
My coworker told me they're starting a podcast. I literally LOL'ed. They got mad    11/23/20  (3)
Way to combine economic leftism with immigration restriction +rejection of CRT?    11/23/20  (7)
What’s a good budget to furnish a 5000-6000 sq ft house?    11/23/20  (126)
Libs loudly defending child molesters because "Gays have a right to breed too!"    11/23/20  (7)
Scott Disick dumps 22 year old for 19 year old (pics)    11/23/20  (17)
Pointing to BLM yard sign: “You see this? It means WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD!”    11/23/20  (35)
Thinking of investing in a pharma microcrap that hawks anti-suicide nasal spray    11/23/20  (2)
Every Biden cabinet nominee so far is a FUCKING PROFESSIONAL with actual experie    11/23/20  (32)
I put some broccoli in a paper bag and it immediately smelled terrible    11/23/20  (1)
"the kraken" = two random balkan countries signing treaty to support Israel    11/23/20  (6)
Ricky do u ever eat straight from the parmesan shaker    11/23/20  (2)
Spaceprawn! Ring Ring Brothers call! You dress as SomeOtherGhost tonight ok?    11/23/20  (15)
"Operation Goy Plunder- Inside KushJew's Cucking of America" (link)    11/23/20  (11)
All this drama is making SP look sympathetic. HTH    11/23/20  (6)
Been streaming my old high school football game tapes on Twitch. No viewers    11/23/20  (2)
Benzo's loose fuckhole backfiring like a Harley with straight pipes    11/23/20  (275)
libs complain about Trump not conceding, yet NY&CA just stopped even counting    11/23/20  (7)
Now is the time to donate to SAVE THE STEAL: 1400% match and I tell my dad you d    11/23/20  (2)
GOP: 'yeah, we're a nationalist party... for Israel.'    11/23/20  (4)
*Jared Kushner SPRINTING to JFK to catch first flight to Israel*    11/23/20  (4)
Singing "I wanna die for Israel" like it's the first verse of the Pokemon theme    11/23/20  (2)
Moishe, does Jarred have the final 'Wish List'? Shabbos Goy is gone in 2 months!    11/23/20  (4)
FAGGOT TIME    11/23/20  (15)
12217 Gayson Rapin’ Blvd, HenryAaron, VA    11/23/20  (2)
looking for 180 book on founding fathers/revolutionary war. thoughts?    11/23/20  (9)
swing set in the back, front yard in complete disrepair    11/23/20  (1)
Our "rivals" China and Russia can't even field a viable vaccine    11/23/20  (4)
New chapter of When Prophecy Fails about Trumpmos    11/23/20  (1)
"A bald faggot addicted to podcasts" your obituary began    11/23/20  (33)
@Barnes_Law to take over Trump legal team    11/23/20  (1)
Rudy better get used to stuff dripping down his face lmao    11/23/20  (2)
"The earth revolves around the sun!" "Some of these claims are disputed. Click    11/23/20  (1)
listening to podcasts & talking abt podcasts with other faggots    11/23/20  (15)
the woman, speaking another tongue / the boy, issued from other loins (spaceporn    11/23/20  (7)
did GJR quit xo    11/23/20  (4)
I once hesitated to reach around. Worst decision of my life    11/23/20  (1)
GC is going to force BYU in Playoff over Coastal Carolina's rightful spot    11/23/20  (13)
I once hesitated to reach out. Worst decision of my life    11/23/20  (14)
any alphas here have cookie icing recipes (royal only, not "easy icing" garbage    11/23/20  (3)
hey biglaw lives matter remember the Toobin penis story?    11/23/20  (1)
90% of my IRL friends have houses like this    11/23/20  (1)
Every NYUUG sexual conquest so far is a FUCKING PROFESSIONAL with actual experi    11/23/20  (1)
in all seriousness lol at “law” just lmao jfc    11/23/20  (17)
how do i hide buckets of shit for GJR?    11/23/20  (1)
90% of my IRL friends who own house are gay    11/23/20  (4)

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