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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Just sold the AR-15 I panic bought    11/23/20  (52)
Watching "Crown" ep where Thatcher hangs out with Royals, total clique clash    11/23/20  (17)
Trump: What does funding Biden's transition have to do with fighting our cases?    11/23/20  (1)
Reminder: All holidays cancelled this year. Stay home! Wear a mask!!    11/23/20  (1)
Girl I’m seeing did something “inappropriate,” ATD or give her another sho    11/23/20  (26)
Bucs would be unstoppable if not for their QB    11/23/20  (10)
is it possible to begin an English sentence with "in" and emphasize it?    11/23/20  (4)
Spaceporn is actually one of the smartest posters here IRL.    11/23/20  (32)
12217 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico, VA    11/23/20  (40)
How has covid changed your understanding of human nature?    11/23/20  (24)
Rate my prestige = 14 BTC    11/23/20  (10)
Are Trumpers going to retaliate or just take it up the ass for four years?    11/23/20  (7)
How much CNN coverage over next 4 years will be dedicated to dunking on Trump?    11/23/20  (9)
I like Spaceporn bros. Stop being mean to spaceporn    11/23/20  (2)
*Jesus drinking sour wine from a sponge fades into Ricky smoking a cigarette*    11/23/20  (2)
memory hole is about to get a lot bigger    11/23/20  (11)
I can see playing in stadiums with no fans this time of year really sucking    11/23/20  (1)
Donald Trump presided over the biggest FUCKING CLOWN SHOW this nation has ever    11/23/20  (22)
Covid is a bio weapon used for fear to imprison the masses    11/23/20  (8)
AOC is MAF about KYLE    11/23/20  (60)
🚨 CNN going BUCKWILD rn. Dana Bash just TOOK OFF HER TOP 🚨    11/23/20  (8)
Spaceporn why didn’t sumi take your last name    11/23/20  (110)
Almost want to sue the trump campaign to get my $1k lawsuit donation back    11/23/20  (16)
Where are the federal charges against the insurrectionists at 'CHAZ'?    11/23/20  (3)
If you saved & invested $25k / year the past 10 years, you'd have ~$540k    11/23/20  (15)
The Atlantic is very low quality    11/23/20  (32)
thoughts on $OZON IPO? (Amazon of Russia)    11/23/20  (1)
Anyone else think Hideo Kojima is a genius    11/23/20  (7)
I don't believe that Sidney Powell would say there's KRAKEN if there's no KRAKEN    11/23/20  (1)
Nobody asked Qs about paddock, nobody will ask Qs about Biden hologram    11/23/20  (3)
Just got back from an amazing first date (TSINAH)    11/23/20  (66)
Willow (1988) was a cr as fuck movie brothers    11/23/20  (13)
Jesus fuck is he seriously conceding?    11/23/20  (90)
I love smoking cigarettes.    11/23/20  (1)
Pennsylvania suspends all alcohol sales due to COVID    11/23/20  (32)
180 that REAL Americans rejected trump so soundly    11/23/20  (4)
Post best randomized monikers ITT    11/23/20  (100)
Communism is Biblical    11/23/20  (25)
orson wells isnt all he's cracked up to be    11/23/20  (7)
Reagan would be appalled with all of you, just so you know    11/23/20  (2)
GC shitliberalism really destroys creativity    11/23/20  (1)
what are hobbies that make you lose respect for a person when they mention them?    11/23/20  (280)
Hard to explain how furious I get upon seeing a mixed race family in a commercia    11/23/20  (8)
Sign of the times (xo2020) - To be fair (giant retard) is back posting    11/23/20  (45)
Squanchin' Out (Christopher's Song)    11/23/20  (33)
Reminder: “Joe Exotic” was wealthier and happier than most Millennials    11/23/20  (1)
You ever woke ur girl up by shooting at the ceiling? Shortcut 2 find the 1    11/23/20  (1)
Well fuck, BTS songs are catchy.    11/23/20  (2)
"You're all delusional!" screamed Lawman8 as Trump was inaugurated 1/20/21    11/23/20  (4)
Are these twins too skinny?    11/23/20  (20)
Pointing to BLM yard sign: “You see this? It means WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD!”    11/23/20  (37)
Any chance Trump just goes away?    11/23/20  (3)
Gonna have a Thugzgiving this year, just drinking 40s wearing do-rag    11/23/20  (2)
The Federal Arbitration Act is ridiculous. How is this constitutional?    11/23/20  (67)
It’s pretty much solar sails and nanocraft for the next 200 years, I guess?    11/23/20  (5)
JR to Macho Man: "Somebody ring tha gaah damn bell! Biden is killing Trump"    11/23/20  (3)
Of all goyim, Italians are most similar to Jews.    11/23/20  (25)
This is your pilot, Trayvon Martin    11/23/20  (12)
ITT we remember consumer brands that were big deals but now forgotten    11/23/20  (157)
the women coming to ur thxgiving are bringing their real fav sidedish-- cocaine    11/23/20  (2)
Did Africans REALLY not have two story buildings until colonialism?    11/23/20  (203)
Donald Trump is the ONLY President who was Impeached, One-Term and lost popular    11/23/20  (69)
dolphins crushing the mirror test, still no movement on african children passing    11/23/20  (5)
Biden's new NSA: "Al Qaeda is on our side in Syria"    11/23/20  (4)
You people are such cucks. Relax. The GSA thing is part of Trump's plan    11/23/20  (12)
Today was a great day for America. Going to bed now. Night, night!    11/23/20  (4)
Am I a good poaster? (TSINAH)    11/23/20  (16)
Did anyone post on Biglaw Board? Pls describe    11/23/20  (1)
Here’s something to consider: aliens deactivated all of our nukes    11/23/20  (1)
your DNA suggests that 98.0% of your ancestry is Ashkenazi Jewish.    11/23/20  (20)
hey EPAH your wife is a nigger crackwhore and your kid is a tranny    11/23/20  (1)
I'm sad for America    11/23/20  (26)
2004. Pacific Northwest Peacefully Marches Against Iraq War.    11/23/20  (2)
buildbackbetter.gov    11/23/20  (1)
People who are actually insecure are mentally weak.    11/23/20  (1)
screens are for closers    11/23/20  (1)
I'm a css senior programmer and made 200k in my first real job    11/23/20  (1)
So basically if you don’t work for GC globohomo in 2021 ur fukt? Is this corre    11/23/20  (2)
rate Ricky's house (album)    11/23/20  (10)
Would be 180 if this all black MNF officiating crew blows game w awful call    11/23/20  (2)
damn los zetas are even up in alaska    11/23/20  (1)
REMINDER: In the end, Trump's presidency died in PHILADELPHIA. So. Fucking. Grea    11/23/20  (1)
just about that time of year to hang myself in my garage    11/23/20  (15)
FAGGOT TIME    11/23/20  (16)
Rudolph: Right about election. Right about COVID-19. Right about Henry Aaron.    11/23/20  (18)
So American Empire's biggest "win" was WWII, playing a team role    11/23/20  (14)
TRUMP LOST even after cheating in Florida? Pathetic    11/23/20  (1)
Dude tips delivery drivers $1,000...One woman breaks down, just lost her baby    11/23/20  (1)
Jim Mattis in Foreign Affairs: “END AMERICA FIRST”    11/23/20  (60)
Stonks down 30% this month. Still up 72% for year. Need YOLOs to get back to 100    11/23/20  (17)
If Trump is really out then he needs to form a true third party. Even if you're    11/23/20  (4)
Biden's one term will be most boring since....?    11/23/20  (15)
What’s a good budget to furnish a 5000-6000 sq ft house?    11/23/20  (127)
Poll: will Biden survive one term?    11/23/20  (2)
LOL at this ignoble flameout: Trumptards cannibalize Tucker, run to Parler    11/23/20  (2)
lol libs already have buyer's remorse bad    11/23/20  (6)
Just CLEARED my CALENDAR. Watching Hannity tonight. It's going to be GREAT!    11/23/20  (19)
I fucked a new girl last night. Great skinny legs TT6    11/23/20  (55)
Trump is taking a beating on PredictIt. What happened?    11/23/20  (2)
i challenge alzabo to the ice bucket challenge    11/23/20  (1)
Rudoph: Giant shitlib. Takes it in the shitter. Sucks off Henry Aaron.    11/23/20  (1)
Most people only lose once. Trump has LOST at least 30 times since Nov 3rd.    11/23/20  (20)
Ok guess sending in the social workers isn't working    11/23/20  (1)
fat 6'2 white guy here, could i start an onlyfans for asian chicks?    11/23/20  (4)
So many Americans are food insecure, meanwhile Henry Aaron shoves it up ass    11/23/20  (1)
"YOU'RE LEGITIMATELY SCARY" Henry Aaron says to shit/blood covered eggplant    11/23/20  (1)
Summon D - I got the vitamin D supplement 2000 IU    11/23/20  (3)
Friend let Mormon missionaries into home, agreed to kneel & pray with them    11/23/20  (3)
libs are fucking stupid retards    11/23/20  (2)
ggtp crying like a fucking muppet baby as CFR swamp drones get sworn in    11/23/20  (6)
Lindsay Graham emailing Peterman about post-election "Opportunities to Explore"    11/23/20  (4)
Now we know why deep state let ACB in: didn’t matter for fake election    11/23/20  (2)
rumor has it charles is training to compete in the next beef boy classic    11/23/20  (1)
Trump polishing his Silver Medal. At least it wan't the Bronze!!!    11/23/20  (4)
Havent read puzzled articles about murder rates lately. Minn/Chi/Philly on track    11/23/20  (1)
apparently ‘check out the funbags on that househound,’ though famous, is nsf    11/23/20  (3)
Binance is giving me 14 days to move all my crypto    11/23/20  (18)
looking forward to four years of senile biden    11/23/20  (1)
TRUMP Authorizes the Transition!!!    11/23/20  (27)
Rate the butt on this girl    11/23/20  (2)
so drakemallard spends his life doing jews’ bidding and thinks posting “fuck    11/23/20  (27)
Assholes Philly TOOK DOWN: King George, Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Santa,    11/23/20  (40)
Trump was the best president of the past 40 years    11/23/20  (48)
Thousands wait in mile-long line for opening of ride-less part of Disneyland    11/23/20  (1)
"U libs are DONE now!" Henry Aaron shrieks as he's airlifted onto whale's dick    11/23/20  (96)
POLL: Which Trump family member charged with crime first?    11/23/20  (8)
Prison pumo, it’s hilarious how you can’t say what you want to me anymore    11/23/20  (3)
I love my ASSAULT RIFLE 15!    11/23/20  (4)
Smokeshow takes on BLM mob in Omaha    11/23/20  (79)
ITT we list OUR Top 10 television or mini-series rankings of ALL TIME.    11/23/20  (52)
"TICK TOCK SHITLIBS" Henry grunts with grandfather clock protruding from his ass    11/23/20  (29)
Biden's PA lead is widening more than Henry Aaron's anus on a honey dew melon    11/23/20  (11)
Barr, Hannity, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Kayleigh McEnany are TRAITORS    11/23/20  (30)
So I understand the playgrounds ban, but why no produce aisles Henry?    11/23/20  (7)
"Ohhh, Libs are really dun!" -Henry Aaron touring watermelon farm in daisy dukes    11/23/20  (50)
Henry Aaron has been pretty unhinged ever since Trump lost so badly    11/23/20  (2)
Okay, concession out of the way, when we be getting stimulu$?    11/23/20  (1)
What if Aliens go around and Disable all Nukes.... hot war scenario?    11/23/20  (9)
rofl at these pics of Omar and AOC    11/23/20  (43)
It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men! Fuck libs! (Henry Aaron)    11/23/20  (7)
Trump going completely silent for the past few weeks has been 180.    11/23/20  (1)
Why has Henry Aaron (unhinged trumpmo gook) not been banned for outing?    11/23/20  (31)
CRAVATH BONUSES ARE HERE    11/23/20  (25)
your bloated alcoholic face dripping with sweat as you hunt for misplaced commas    11/23/20  (22)
The Rams throw screen passes all game and are successful    11/23/20  (1)

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