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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I just accidentally wrote to opposing counsel “I love you.”    02/25/21  (7)
*scratches ass* *reads tea leaves in cup* "My price target for NIGR is $    02/25/21  (4)
You guys doing GME short squeeze part 2? What stop/limit prices?    02/25/21  (3)
How old is too old to learn martial arts    02/25/21  (2)
I'm not gay. I have relationships with women. And sex with men    02/25/21  (2)
Lol zip it be positive or just zip it    02/25/21  (7)
Eharmony best site and worth the money?    02/25/21  (8)
hub of positivity on here right now    02/25/21  (2)
Women: never not trying to ruin you financially    02/25/21  (10)
early 30s and really hard to keep caring    02/25/21  (12)
Why are Asians constantly cheating, stealing, and lying?    02/25/21  (1)
Chinese-American group calls Critical Race Theory a FRAUD.    02/25/21  (8)
Counting Crows    02/25/21  (6)
Youngest child did not test into Gifted and Talented at Kindergarten    02/25/21  (2)
Kind of amazing how much Meghan Markle got Harry to ruin his life    02/25/21  (109)
Biden will be forced to step down, election cases will confirm Trump victory.    02/25/21  (61)
Is there hard science behind "glow in the dark" or is this devil's shit    02/25/21  (8)
$TSLA has *glut* of inventory, ARKK crash imminent    02/25/21  (1)
Arizona election audit complete - shows signs of vote manipulation (link)    02/25/21  (2)
Don't think I can ever work hard again after leaving biglaw    02/25/21  (5)
McD's new spicy chicken sandwich is extremely good bros    02/25/21  (15)
Russian billionaire builds whole town on spinning disc to counter earth rotation    02/25/21  (8)
Drank seven White Claws tonight. Two hearings tomorrow.    02/25/21  (5)
one side of scholarships business card is just a big drawing of a rooster    02/25/21  (6)
stopped having sex w gf, just sit in bed and watch videos abt napoleonic battles    02/25/21  (7)
hold on babe, faggot time just started poasting    02/25/21  (13)
*hears theory of dna* “oh yeah, that sounds right.”    02/25/21  (2)
Rate this fag/dykes hatred of natural family “academic” thought piece    02/25/21  (4)
Wife got an $80k bonus.    02/25/21  (20)
whats some cool shit to see in Denver?    02/25/21  (4)
You accidentally just sent that email to opposing counsel instead of the client    02/25/21  (35)
What do *you* want the Republican party to be?    02/25/21  (181)
Fry’s Electronics permanently closing all stores nationwide    02/25/21  (77)
"I'm an options trader!" (Benzo offering the RigPig both his mouth & anus)    02/25/21  (11)
Craziest thing you've ever experienced or witnessed?    02/25/21  (108)
guy w Bozo the clown hair tripping over bacon in the bathroom    02/25/21  (2)
That cartel video where they've peeled the guy's face off and he's alive    02/25/21  (28)
Really sad to see my dad’s body age and breakdown    02/25/21  (8)
*approaches roulette wheel* “Great trading opportunity here”    02/25/21  (8)
Spaceporn Jr shrieking in terror everytime Bozo the Clown comes on TV    02/25/21  (25)
"Frankie, tell Bozo here what they do to guys w clown hair downtown"    02/25/21  (2)
so obama chose a complete bozo blowhard to be veep?    02/25/21  (2)
TSINAH why do you say racist shit here?    02/25/21  (11)
BBC Critics’ poll of Greatest Compliance Dwarves Of All Time: you guess top 1    02/25/21  (9)
🚨***🚨 JULY 2021 BAR EXAM MEGATHREAD 🚨***🚨    02/25/21  (1)
Anybody else wish they were dead?    02/25/21  (2)
Does spaceporn even realize what happens to guys like him in jail?    02/25/21  (11)
Me to Claims Adjustor: "I said tender DEM LIMITS, NIGGA!"    02/25/21  (27)
Why is the Tea Party rallying around Trump instead of Ted Cruz?    02/25/21  (14)
Reality: most GOP congressmen are low IQ lunatics like MTG, LB, MC    02/25/21  (9)
where / how did you buy your RAY    02/25/21  (5)
Getting a staff counsel lawyer to return a call is impossible    02/25/21  (4)
Frog and Toad immanentize the eschaton    02/25/21  (4)
I want to live in harmony with blacks    02/25/21  (4)
Meek bald 35 year old Asian typing OFS on his ergonomic keyboard    02/25/21  (16)
"Mr. Porn, can you demonstrate a 'squanch'?" *jury begins to shriek*    02/25/21  (13)
Blacks need to realize that there are consequences for their behavior    02/25/21  (55)
I have a crush on my 19 yo spicy latina cashier coworker    02/25/21  (4)
Tell HR boss I want to suck her dick?(evan39)    02/25/21  (2)
# case of Flu in Britain so far in 2021? **ZERO**    02/25/21  (2)
NYT: Black student's claim of racist treatment turns out to be bullshit.    02/25/21  (65)
lol how "Genesis" is fucking done here as a brand    02/25/21  (66)
remember when a freaking virus DIDN'T dominate everything in life?    02/25/21  (1)
"try to make it to page 4 of rsf's screenplay" general told wavering kamikaze pi    02/25/21  (19)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    02/25/21  (35)
5 reasons US aircraft carriers are nearly impossible to sink    02/25/21  (48)
*peterman getting booed for singing "Rape Me" for the 16th time @ karaoke bar*    02/25/21  (22)
young Sofia Vergara hosts a travel show (link)    02/25/21  (1)
Nyuug is gonna get absolutely GAPED day trading crypto hfs    02/25/21  (2)
Shailene Woodley looks like an incredible farter (JJJ)    02/25/21  (21)
Jazz have made 12 threes in 1.5 quarters against Lakers    02/25/21  (34)
🚨***🚨 FEBRUARY 2021 BAR EXAM MEGATHREAD 🚨***🚨    02/25/21  (7)
Crypto sell off is over leveraged traders getting liquidated on their trades    02/25/21  (47)
YUGE crypto selloff coming soon    02/25/21  (138)
Is spyderco para 3 considered a switchblade under CA law?    02/25/21  (2)
The QOL difference from $100k HHI to $500k HHI is greater than $20k to $100k    02/25/21  (20)
How good is Banshee? Anyone seen it?    02/25/21  (5)
benzo how much did you get ass raped and mouth raped in jail?    02/25/21  (55)
normal to have intense internal paranoia over nothing 24/7    02/25/21  (10)
exeunt answering ur retarded q's    02/25/21  (158)
Literally blows my mind that you can drill hole into wall and screw fits perfect    02/25/21  (2)
Can you believe that this is a 15-year-old? (YouTube)    02/25/21  (2)
Wouldn't a Dave Chapelle podcast make way more $$ than Joe Rogan?    02/25/21  (1)
jackson...hit this crowd with an "oh yeah"    02/25/21  (1)
Reminder: Trump never reached 50% approval during his 1 term    02/25/21  (4)
Stared at CVS pharm unblinkingly after she straight up demanded I pay in front    02/25/21  (8)
Succession s2e10 is genius - Logan manipulated son into killing him to save co    02/25/21  (4)
cr to hear numbers station in ur head every time ur quiet for 10 seconds?    02/25/21  (3)
Send white kids to 50% Latino school district, or pay for private?    02/25/21  (56)
HBO doc on Woody Allen is a total hatchet job. Ronan Farrow friends driving it    02/25/21  (6)
*draws diaper on whiteboard* “Lot of support for BTC at 48000”    02/25/21  (13)
Cuomo accused of sexual harassment: axed hot aide to play strip poker & kissed    02/25/21  (41)
UNNNNGGHHH. Natalie Biden is a subjective 9.5/10. (Video)    02/25/21  (27)
microstrategy's Micheal Saylor buys SOL and LINK !!! WFT    02/25/21  (4)
JFC Hunter is a scumbag: was cheating on Beau's widow with her sister (xo dm)    02/25/21  (62)
ETHmos, are you cheering for ETH to go sky high or collapse to buy more?    02/25/21  (28)
Min. net worth before buying supercar?    02/25/21  (110)
the lorne malvo of cross-border transactional tax law tp    02/25/21  (1)
prole strivers: ever feel your family/old friends are rooting for you to fail?    02/25/21  (5)
any way to relive entire life but make better decisions along the way?    02/25/21  (5)
falling in love with 20yo from october 1992 retro commercial comp. youtube video    02/25/21  (2)
it would take me 55-85 hours to count to 1 million in 100s (not BY 100s)    02/25/21  (1)
Invisalign was the best investment I ever made    02/25/21  (23)
Let's face it, anything in Top 50 crypto is too overpriced right now.    02/25/21  (10)
remember how everything was absurd, provocative, difficult fraud for last 40 yrs    02/25/21  (1)
damn GME up 100% today    02/25/21  (43)
bitter, yappier, more reductive    02/25/21  (1)
The legal profession is the universe's way of punishing polisci shitheads    02/25/21  (1)
I love you all! We're killing ourselves for nothing! Life sucked out of us    02/25/21  (4)
Guggenheim’s fundamental analysis says bitcoin should be $400k (link)    02/25/21  (4)
boomer mom just yelled at me to “shut up about the damn blackpill”    02/25/21  (9)
ETH stopped mooning for 3 minutes, very boring night!    02/25/21  (5)
Getting hit with brokerage good faith violations left and right. Lol idgaf    02/25/21  (2)
Harvard club cancels event set to feature expert on cancel culture    02/25/21  (4)
Natalie Biden    02/25/21  (7)
i’m a 38yo middling iq wagecuck and here are the hidden truths of the universe    02/25/21  (4)
God doesn't exist    02/25/21  (6)
itt: list mean/median/key outliers on xo poa chad status    02/25/21  (1)
Don’t think I can ever get hard again after leaving biglaw    02/25/21  (2)
How Chads vs. Melvins wear masks    02/25/21  (12)
The problem with wealth & the pursuit of wealth is at every new level u realize    02/25/21  (12)
Why hasn’t NY legalized recreational weed    02/25/21  (7)
What is going on with BIGLAW and women lawyers?    02/25/21  (68)
cr to pull police academy podium bj prank on judge?    02/25/21  (2)
Has anyone lived through a scalping? I'd like to try it.    02/25/21  (7)
And now Cuomo is being accused of sexual harassment.    02/25/21  (9)
We are in a collective dream, and our psyches produce reality    02/25/21  (7)
there's a massive physical silver shortage    02/25/21  (34)
The more I move crypto, the more convinced I am that ETH ecosystem = garbage    02/25/21  (35)
I'm starting to think nyuug is a troll account and always has been    02/25/21  (2)
**Tic Tac UFO just interfered with American Airlines Flight**    02/25/21  (6)
Twitter blue check calls Autoadmit "popular Qanon message board"    02/25/21  (78)
Wait were we the ones causing SOL to pump?    02/25/21  (13)
SPjr staring jealously at the unadopted pets in cages during ASPCA ad    02/25/21  (14)
Social media is a democracy killer    02/25/21  (1)
The frenetic speculation going on right now makes perfect sense to me    02/25/21  (19)
Does society subconsciously accept and approve of Hunter Bidens degenerate chad    02/25/21  (4)
It’s as if opioids are an escape mechanism for an oppressed class of people    02/25/21  (2)
Rate this interior designer    02/25/21  (11)
Pretty crazy those DC bureaucrats who see Nazis everywhere    02/25/21  (1)
At your disciplinary hearing the IT guy pulls up browsing history    02/25/21  (3)
I never believed in Clique Theory until I started watching Food Network    02/25/21  (3)
really love working with zero sum parasitic gooks who only care about themselves    02/25/21  (3)
Where do you get those bars for your windows    02/25/21  (7)
has anyone flown US biz class lately? Sounds SPS post-COVID    02/25/21  (1)
ljl at how thoroughly the right is done for in this “country”    02/25/21  (1)
sinola cartel backing away in disgust as doobs' clitpeen grows during tit tortur    02/25/21  (1)
This extremely racist cataloguing of late 19th Century USA immigrants is 180    02/25/21  (85)

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