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TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    01/19/21  (174)
virgil leading dante down a subthread in a 140 post julia thread    01/19/21  (2)
better than even odds that Caesar's will actually named Brutus as his successor    01/19/21  (1)
what in fucking hell is 'the bachelor'    01/19/21  (19)
25 year old Octavian Augustus gets transported into present day Times Square    01/19/21  (11)
Lol so Trump got impeached with literally no due process?    01/19/21  (61)
How hard to get a law job in HAWAII?    01/19/21  (11)
Bump this when media celebrates a “first black woman tranny” Biden appointee    01/19/21  (10)
Alphabet City in Manhattan is successfully de-gentrifying:    01/19/21  (8)
Never forget: Virgil was Octavian's little bitch boy & nothing about his poetry    01/19/21  (1)
What’s the oldest acceptable Samsung Note to get used?    01/19/21  (3)
Foreign Direct Investment to China hits record low in face of Trump opposition    01/19/21  (3)
carlito's gay (ted cruz tp biopic)    01/19/21  (1)
future of poasters = Al Bundy suicidally wandering into middle of BLM rally    01/19/21  (1)
Rate this Dartmouth student who is also a bikini model (link)    01/19/21  (10)
life will never be normal again because of trump's retarded anti vaxx base    01/19/21  (4)
any libs DISAVOW the unhinged "Putin controls Trump" conspiracy theory?    01/19/21  (1)
Can’t handle Covid-insanity anymore. Better a plague had wiped us all    01/19/21  (2)
When loyalty oaths to Chairwoman Kamala?    01/19/21  (1)
Lol mcdonalds fries are $3.50 now? Wtf??    01/19/21  (55)
Biden afraid Trumpmos among the National Guard in DC will try to kill him (link)    01/19/21  (55)
Fwd: Newt Gingrich - Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president    01/19/21  (31)
The importance of the unboxing experience    01/19/21  (2)
ITT we record things nyuug says about himself    01/19/21  (81)
The KLF has a new youtube channel!    01/19/21  (3)
TSINAH is an obese shitlawyer    01/19/21  (20)
How am I just now finding out about Ben Shapiro's sister's HUGE TITS? (link)    01/19/21  (2)
REMINDER: KLF is gonna rock ya    01/19/21  (33)
The KLF, otherwise known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, are returning!    01/19/21  (4)
The KLF - Stadium House (The Trilogy).mp3    01/19/21  (3)
The KLF [feat. Tammy Wynette] - Justified and Ancient [live!].mp3    01/19/21  (4)
3 AM, KLF is gonna rock you    01/19/21  (5)
Any music MFE know about KLF?    01/19/21  (2)
This is what KLF is about. Also known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu.    01/19/21  (9)
Western culture peaked when Tammy Wynette sang w/The KLF - Justified and Ancient    01/19/21  (4)
KLF are writing a smart contract to burn a million in crypto for launch of new    01/19/21  (4)
"oh yeah, well my ass can handle a *12* inch floppy(henrys ass 1 upping 80s ibm)    01/19/21  (2)
hey man - just realized we never grabbed those beers haha. all good with you?    01/19/21  (1)
holy crap, Erin Burnett got white woman pwned hard    01/19/21  (2)
hey man - down to grab a few beers once this Covid craziness is over?    01/19/21  (1)
rsf: "I LOVE ICE CREAM" (mlk i have a dream voice)    01/19/21  (4)
Michael Lewis book 'Too Big To Fit' about condoms falling off TBF's tiny peni    01/19/21  (6)
a botched, deformed MPA clone floating in a glass tank fully nude    01/19/21  (1)
*retarded prole in a punisher shirt searching pelosi's desk for nuclear codes*    01/19/21  (13)
oh my goodness! the penis is here! Get it hard--put it in my rear!    01/19/21  (1)
we destroyed society 2 keep some unhealthy 80+ year olds alive for an extra year    01/19/21  (15)
redesigned indian condoms still too big for tbf (link)    01/19/21  (2)
"weaponized autism" he bragged about his study regimen before receiving 149 scor    01/19/21  (5)
a thin-lipped pussy slipping out of slit in yoga pants, dripping venom onto grou    01/19/21  (3)
"if ur scared stay home!" barked luis as my raw penis disappeared in his ass    01/19/21  (2)
NESCAC gf: plays naked drinking games/ ShrewWife: spends $3k on picture frames    01/19/21  (3)
carefree mulatto aerobics instructor directing your wife's 'spin' class    01/19/21  (3)
“You want my fuckin advice? Try to be more like Gaston.”    01/19/21  (6)
reminder: 95%+ of zoology is cryptozoology    01/19/21  (7)
singing 'penis of luis' to the tune of 'Time of the Season'    01/19/21  (1)
UA flight attendant stuffing Franzen in overhead bin    01/19/21  (2)
Three Diapers Outside Ebbing Missouri    01/19/21  (2)
naughties in the butthole    01/19/21  (1)
what do u even do & shit    01/19/21  (1)
is this kid taking a picture with MLK a young jeffrey epstein?    01/19/21  (2)
ur last lucid moment on this planet will be getting body slammed by latino nurse    01/19/21  (4)
my milky stick is ready to go call all the boys for a live gay sex show    01/19/21  (1)
'damn, and i thought i was autistic' (twins' daughter watching him look at elect    01/19/21  (1)
lmfao twins    01/19/21  (1)
Biden to countermand Trump Order Building the National Garden of American Heroes    01/19/21  (1)
*it is 1990* *Alannah Myles' 'Black Velvet' plays en route to see Arachnophobia*    01/19/21  (8)
has anyone else been 'late' to work yet while WFH    01/19/21  (1)
Comrade Putin! Civil War threading is up 300%! We are winning!    01/19/21  (17)
White House struggling to assemble crowd for Trump send-off (Maddow)    01/19/21  (9)
eggs are tasteless and texturally uninteresting    01/19/21  (1)
Holy shit, MLK didn't even live to be 40    01/19/21  (19)
Wait Giuliani was peddling pardons for $2 million apiece? WTF    01/19/21  (4)
know some libs who gave "FUCK TRUMP" style eulogies @ relatives' zoom funerals    01/19/21  (6)
NYT: "This Gay Expat Might Run Trump's Government in Exile - in Saudi Arabia"    01/19/21  (10)
How bad to have short arms?    01/19/21  (47)
Home prices are absolutely insane    01/19/21  (199)
so all Swedish people are on SSRIs and pay $11 for McDoubles?    01/19/21  (4)
Libs are fascists taking away Trump Twitter btw how can we promote fascism in am    01/19/21  (1)
Good morning XOXO! Arise Wagecucks, raging Trumpcucks & self-loathing Libcucks!    01/19/21  (13)
NESCAC gf: come to my dorm room after broomball / ShewWife: snarls @ you in hall    01/19/21  (3)
The "internet" is literally just a giant CIA operation to spy on you    01/19/21  (31)
"I see under 'Interests' on your resume you have 'Exposing the Holohoax.' Can yo    01/19/21  (60)
Rep. Steve Cohen Says He Saw Lauren Boebert Giving Tour Before Capitol Riot Day    01/19/21  (21)
Nocoiners, what's your excuse?    01/19/21  (2)
ETH! ETH! ETH! ETH!    01/19/21  (14)
Death to all Boart Turks    01/19/21  (2)
Giving serious thought to leaving law and becoming an AP Government teacher    01/19/21  (9)
What can we do to promote fascism in America?    01/19/21  (26)
God intended human life expectancy to cap around age 47    01/19/21  (8)
basically spending all day farting    01/19/21  (3)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    01/19/21  (427)
people not living in the us think it's basically mad max here    01/19/21  (6)
evan39 are you living clean, comfortable and safe my friend?(Boom)    01/19/21  (1)
evan39 I love you my friend! Covid making it easier to $ta$h ca$h!(Boom)    01/19/21  (5)
Biden is only 13 years different in age than MLK    01/19/21  (4)
is obama still gay?    01/19/21  (1)
Lose election so beat cops with flagpoles cuz somebody gotta pay?    01/19/21  (1)
Fuck China. COVID turning into 2 lost years now. Will it be more?    01/19/21  (4)
just emailed in sick for work tomorrow FUCK YOU JEWS THE HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENE    01/19/21  (10)
hilarious how trump just ended up being the effective caretaker of obamas legacy    01/19/21  (2)
and Eminem murdered you on your own shit    01/19/21  (36)
ETH hitting $1400 will be a profound, emotional event    01/19/21  (20)
white men now a bigger threat to america than al qaeda. thanks trump.    01/19/21  (2)
trump most hated president ever (gallup)    01/19/21  (2)
btc at all time high? buyer's market. (xo poa    01/19/21  (1)
better book: atlas shrugged or fountainheaed?    01/19/21  (1)
Canada is weird as shit. Probably shouldn't have been allowed to exist.    01/19/21  (9)
“Social media” is just a giant data mining operation hth.    01/19/21  (4)
wet out there tonight    01/19/21  (5)
MLK and his wet dream has miserably backfired    01/19/21  (4)
Liz Cheney CENSURED by Wyoming GOP for impeachment vote    01/19/21  (48)
watching japanese dubbed king of the hill    01/19/21  (3)
Any wrestlemos planning to watch Burroughs-Taylor tonight?    01/19/21  (14)
Thank fucking god Fentanyl Floyd is dead    01/19/21  (3)
Lately I've met a bunch of people who are foreveralone    01/19/21  (48)
anyone want to talk    01/19/21  (14)
Andrew Torba: "The way forward is to unify around Christ."    01/19/21  (5)
fact: johnson would be a mt. rushmore prez if not for vietnam    01/19/21  (3)
Most talented rock bands of all time: Zeppelin and Cream cr?    01/19/21  (101)
Poland tried to bring big band music into the pop era in the 1960's    01/19/21  (2)
Rate and critique my home workout dumbbell-only routine    01/19/21  (3)
Stupid to challenge. No way to overturn this. Can't see dick.    01/19/21  (17)
No one should know MLK existed after 53 years being dead    01/19/21  (2)
Why are libs so angry and sensitive?    01/19/21  (1)
Trumps life over...hes failed..literally lost to washed up dementia case    01/19/21  (9)
me and jamie xx 69'ing in one hyde park    01/19/21  (1)
REMINDER: Candy Ride is def not Voodoo Child who is not Frank Lloyd Wrong who is    01/19/21  (14)
Martin Luther king has been dead for 52 years 13 years different than biden    01/19/21  (3)
lol look at the gab wikipedia article and scroll down    01/19/21  (1)
wow i'm very depressed    01/19/21  (33)
Recreating Garth Brooks’s “that summer” w Luis in the fields of Visalia    01/19/21  (10)
ITT: the ASIAN STUD all XO ASIANS wish they could be (nyuug,chandler,kenny,earl    01/19/21  (10)
Stockmos what are your plays this week?    01/19/21  (5)
Kamala will be 65    01/19/21  (1)
Biden will be 86 when he leaves office! Berry young    01/19/21  (3)
What's the best state in the continental US to move to now?    01/19/21  (138)
do you think violence will be more common again/how will it manifest    01/19/21  (5)
ELECTION INTEGRITY MASTERMEN: link to single strongest item of proof    01/19/21  (9)
this is the most nurgle video ive ever seen    01/19/21  (3)
GOP will never be allowed to win again, the smart ones already switched    01/19/21  (3)
hotto doggu    01/19/21  (1)
Biden giving citizenship to 11 million mexican democratic voters lmao    01/19/21  (7)
Multiracial/multiethnic is NOT the problem: White Nationalism/Poor Whites are    01/19/21  (95)
just declare war on 'white men,' bro. what could go wrong.    01/19/21  (3)
Shouldn't election be given to Trump since Biden has dementia?    01/19/21  (1)
Buden literally has dementia and should be removed by 15th ammendment    01/19/21  (1)
Bill Bellichick really showing that Tom Brady is a fraud with his 180 system    01/19/21  (40)
Amerikkka hasn't had 1 term Prez like Trump in a long time    01/19/21  (1)

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