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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
i like cute guys    01/17/21  (3)
Take out is a total fraud    01/17/21  (26)
Bump when Trumpmos pivot from “lol Biden has no shot” to “VOTER FRAUD!”    01/17/21  (41)
Any anti-biden gatherings going on in NYC today or this week?    01/17/21  (1)
Hillary attended Trump’s inauguration but Trump won’t attend Biden’s? Why?    01/17/21  (13)
There are 10s of thousands of people who still think Trump will be POTUS on Weds    01/17/21  (4)
doodikoff, what are they saying about gamestop stock on gamefags?    01/17/21  (3)
i "cook from home" eating pb and mayo sandwiches still got roaches    01/17/21  (1)
“Trump is a genius!” *loses to Hillary by 3,000,000, Biden by 7,000,000*    01/17/21  (13)
waking up in a depressed haze    01/17/21  (3)
John's Hopkins: Inhaling farts protects against Alzheimer's    01/17/21  (4)
did Hitler do anything wrong?    01/17/21  (2)
Henry Aaron making $5/k week on crisis nursing contracts, touching black cocks    01/17/21  (1)
assfaggot is a 180 cook    01/17/21  (1)
We need a Media Control Act    01/17/21  (43)
told lib friend about holdups godlike aesthetics and zhe immediat self-immolated    01/17/21  (12)
Please stop calling TC, "OP," it's TC (Topic Creator)    01/17/21  (20)
Ayanna Pressley: "We want $2k/month forever"    01/17/21  (37)
the truth about me    01/17/21  (108)
The minds of the resistance are already formed. They can pull the plug on us    01/17/21  (1)
"not all trump voters are terrorists. oh by the way we need a muslim ban."    01/17/21  (10)
trump selling pardons to the highest bidders    01/17/21  (3)
Lower IQ: Trump or Kemp?    01/17/21  (16)
i’m marrying my boyfriend    01/17/21  (1)
Lol so that story about guy with fake inauguration credentials was bullshit    01/17/21  (3)
what state has the least likable people in your opinion?    01/17/21  (104)
Bros with SAHM: how do you split finances?    01/17/21  (12)
we need Jewish nationalism    01/17/21  (1)
Browns over Chiefs/Bucs over Saints    01/17/21  (3)
Reminder: Rudolph loves Larry Krasner and is glad that Philly dude was murdered    01/17/21  (9)
The 'political' spectrum really should be satanic<->godly, feminine<->masculine    01/17/21  (4)
if BLM riots were covered like Capitol shit, Trump would have won 45 states    01/17/21  (6)
Biden's first day: rejoin Paris climate accord + end Muslim ban    01/17/21  (1)
i want to give birth    01/17/21  (1)
Let’s all with bloodacre well ITT    01/17/21  (2)
Disneyland annual pass done here.    01/17/21  (7)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    01/17/21  (189)
How prestigious is Anthony Gonzalez?    01/17/21  (5)
It would be fucking 180 if Rudolph got trapped in a tuna oven    01/17/21  (12)
*henry sees eggplant shaped bat light* "brb deshaun i need to empty a bedpan"    01/17/21  (18)
Rudolph, how thrilled are you when a fellow Democrat murders an innocent person?    01/17/21  (2)
"CHECK YOUR FUCKING PRIVILEGE!" Rudolph screamed at the dying murder victim    01/17/21  (5)
All kidding aside, I sincerely do wish bad things on Rudolph IRL    01/17/21  (26)
the duke lacrosse scandal was all so insane    01/17/21  (67)
Libs already have buyer's remorse bad    01/17/21  (1)
literally just bought an apt from Ryan Serhant from MDL. Doodikoff MAFFFFFF    01/17/21  (9)
Are Trumpmos irrational because they're trying to justify their racism?    01/17/21  (3)
Voodoo Child: Biden makes him steamin! / Nurse Henry: Gargles ProudBoy Semen    01/17/21  (24)
Rate this Cute Greek girl married to Ryan Serhant (Instagram)    01/17/21  (5)
The girl who scored you in HS reading about you in Super Lawyers.    01/17/21  (78)
I had lunch with Ryan Serhant today and he showed me his cock, taking Qs    01/17/21  (4)
Ducktales | Darkwing Duck | Talespin | Rescue Rangers    01/17/21  (34)
So Dems were right about Trump all along?    01/17/21  (17)
I'm glad doobs is ok, but I'm not sad he got shot.    01/17/21  (5)
gibberish = animeboi = Drake Mallard = lawman8 = Voodoo Child = Henry Aaron    01/17/21  (4)
SNL writer: “We just can’t find an angle for Biden. Nothing to work with.”    01/17/21  (13)
Just pwned some Harvard guys at the bar    01/17/21  (16)
Biden confiscates National Guard ammo "they will try to kill me" (cnn)    01/17/21  (7)
180    01/17/21  (1)
Largest drop in US life expectancy in 40 years due to COVID-19    01/17/21  (6)
wife's ass is getting big. like a black woman's ass. what should i do?    01/17/21  (26)
Republicans picked up two more House seats in NY    01/17/21  (6)
What's the best state in the continental US to move to now?    01/17/21  (107)
🚨🚨🚨TRUMP WINS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 🚨🚨🚨    01/17/21  (7)
The authoritative description of the “black pill”    01/17/21  (17)
I can't take too much more of this COVID-19 shit    01/17/21  (1)
Prole workplaces have become a nightmare of plexiglass and dividers    01/17/21  (4)
Lamar’s last three games: 3 INTS, 2 mid game shits    01/17/21  (1)
They need to bring back Men's SRO hotels    01/17/21  (1)
The successful evan39 2024 Presidential Campaign: a timeline    01/17/21  (5)
libs act confused when u mow them down on sidewalk in f150 blasting skynyrd    01/17/21  (1)
Rate this 27yo woman owned by 34yo named Matt    01/17/21  (45)
Modern Soundcloud rap sounds the same globally    01/17/21  (5)
Christ is King    01/17/21  (1)
'Like a G6' literally came out more than a decade ago    01/17/21  (5)
remember when they tried to make aisles at stores one way only    01/17/21  (3)
Parents- what are some things you wish you learned sooner?    01/17/21  (8)
close to pulling the trigger, talk me out of it    01/17/21  (9)
I used to be a Super Lawyers Rising Star. Now look at me.    01/17/21  (3)
Is SUPER LAWYERS prestigious?    01/17/21  (5)
close to pulling the trigger on a house, talk me out of it    01/17/21  (72)
SUMMON: TSINAH and other Florida shitlawyers    01/17/21  (6)
The more I think about Crypto,    01/17/21  (6)
remember those videos ofal asians touching/coughing on everything at the store    01/17/21  (1)
Lamar Jackson discreetly hanging a noose on his own locker    01/17/21  (5)
Lamar Jackson’s career just ended    01/17/21  (40)
F-150 VS SILVERADO VS RAM    01/17/21  (2)
95% of 2020 US deaths counted as COVID-related    01/17/21  (1)
JJC: Sarging all night. HB9.9 Ivy-plus girl dinged me. Tyler's PUA class misled    01/17/21  (58)
Rams over Packers/ Ravens over Bills    01/17/21  (30)
Damn, still surreal that Kobe died a year ago    01/17/21  (7)
*McConnell underhand tossing Trump's favorite hermes tie to Biden* here just use    01/17/21  (14)
Open source licenses and UCC 2-316(2) vs. 2-316(3)(a)    01/17/21  (8)
could listen to Tulsi Gabbard's voice all day    01/17/21  (9)
America 2021: Carjackers lecture you about leaving infant in car they want (link    01/17/21  (6)
Is Putin going to arrest Navalny when his plane lands in Moscow today?    01/17/21  (1)
90s nostalgia! post here if you had polly pocket    01/17/21  (25)
Moscow airport:” met planes from Germany in 1941 and will meet them in 2021”    01/17/21  (1)
This Dinesh D'Souza video on the twitter lawyer is hilarious.    01/17/21  (7)
it appears ive let some evil into my life    01/17/21  (6)
Pro tip: the people who are against free speech are the bad guys. Every time.    01/17/21  (76)
rate these bands    01/17/21  (5)
70's chicks were so slutty lmao    01/17/21  (13)
NYT firing brutal shot at Trump hairline    01/17/21  (1)
People now saying "I'm a conservative" not " I'm a republican"    01/17/21  (19)
a women will never really love you    01/17/21  (7)
If others did what Nyuug did this board would be unreadable    01/17/21  (57)
a featureless wasteland of precariat doordashers & carpetbagging foreigners    01/17/21  (4)
Trump is a huge pussy for not attending Biden inauguration    01/17/21  (8)
anyone have Dark Night of the Soul? I think im in one rn    01/17/21  (1)
all this because Trump and Trumpmos couldn't accept losing    01/17/21  (30)
crazy how the media still hammering trump , it’s over , they won    01/17/21  (2)
Harvey Keitel was nude a lot in his 90's films    01/17/21  (1)
Why no communication here anymore?    01/17/21  (2)
PLTR to hit 30-32 soon    01/17/21  (41)
TRUMP strikes back    01/17/21  (2)
ITT I rate you as a porn genre    01/17/21  (24)
This is all so fucking stupid and libs are going to fail    01/17/21  (2)
GOld: It's present and future.    01/17/21  (3)
i wanted a youthful cheerful wife i enjoyed having sex with    01/17/21  (4)
Lots of UMC-bred Yuppie millennials are living w/ parents and saving 90% income    01/17/21  (16)
Tucker cashing $20M check to read 2-page 'dems are real racists' monologues    01/17/21  (5)
Former CIA Director Brennan is literally a Muslim communist. Lol at this "countr    01/17/21  (14)
New video of nyuug released    01/17/21  (1)
doordash notifies turdskins on bikes when u order mcd? $100b valuation?    01/17/21  (1)
Deep state had Russia down a plane to kill the head of the John Birch society    01/17/21  (30)
Depressed bc I am old    01/17/21  (2)
Tucker needs to get some skin in the game or he loses me    01/17/21  (8)
I wish my gf was Loren Gray    01/17/21  (10)
Really hope rickie makes it out of this shit hole    01/17/21  (7)
The fuhrer’s going to be Nick Fuentes isn’t it?    01/17/21  (8)
Hey Arnold! porn    01/17/21  (5)
Young people have no idea how intense post-9/11 patriotic fervor was    01/17/21  (36)
Btc will not 80 or 100k this runup    01/17/21  (3)
People who say they dont drink or smoke b/c they dont feel anything    01/17/21  (3)
Jan 15, 2021. How many Bitcoins do you have?    01/17/21  (36)
Could XOXO Satanists confirm the accuracy of the following    01/17/21  (1)
You can solve literally all your problems by regularly attending Orthodox mass    01/17/21  (8)
You can solve literally all your problems by regularly attending Latin mass    01/17/21  (8)
REMINDER: You should drink more water, you're probably dehydrated    01/17/21  (11)
If you had to endure severe physical vs emotional pain, which would you pick?    01/17/21  (11)
Hypo: Endure scaphism torture for 12 hours, receive $200K/yr for life    01/17/21  (85)
Obama says "we" when referring to Muslim Community. Not flame    01/17/21  (3)
Reminder: current POTUS is a foreign born muslim communist    01/17/21  (10)
Naked MFH guy knocks guy out on train tracks, tries to perform fatality, killed    01/17/21  (4)
You really need to be more careful, I just found typo on page 16. How can I trus    01/17/21  (1)
Just went to gun store, no white people at all    01/17/21  (55)
Average millenial in America make $36k driving for Uber. Xo: I only make 270k :(    01/17/21  (5)
Sometimes I look around and wonder, how can there be so many ppl    01/17/21  (4)
xo Juice Man    01/17/21  (1)

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