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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Rudolph why are you talking to yourself in multiple threads    02/28/21  (8)
Tourists throw food to lure hog next to gator, then gator attacks (vid) shitty?    02/28/21  (27)
GOP has completely coopted 'Trumpism', enslaved Trump w/ lawfare threats    02/28/21  (1)
which poasters should have blue check marks    02/28/21  (2)
*** OFFICIAL TRUMP CPAC SPEECH THREAD ***    02/28/21  (75)
lolled when Trump literally called Joe a 'skinsuit' in CPAC speech    02/28/21  (1)
"LOL whokebe gets RAILED 10x a day! btw where do I buy ketamine?"    02/28/21  (6)
So many people on this board are jealous of nyuug    02/28/21  (1)
Is it prole to drink canned beer?    02/28/21  (3)
Is Trump speaking at terrorist convention today?    02/28/21  (3)
lost all respect for joe rogan for not calling out fredo cuomo on fake weights    02/28/21  (14)
Mortgage delinquencies are higher than in 08    02/28/21  (41)
This virus AND the RNA vaccine are both designed to rigger autoimmune disorders.    02/28/21  (5)
CONFESSION: Sometimes I just want to take it in the ass.    02/28/21  (1)
Why are JRPGs made after the 90s so gay    02/28/21  (10)
Boomer hicks in MAGA hats and bowlcuts dancing to YMCA    02/28/21  (2)
Why are the Indians and Chinese here worried about European ancestry visas lol    02/28/21  (2)
6'9 Comey hid behind curtains?    02/28/21  (8)
Is viral vector jnj vaccine better than mrna?    02/28/21  (1)
SUMMON Lester Nygard    02/28/21  (17)
Bitcoin started pumping immediately after nyuug went short. Like clockwork    02/28/21  (4)
nostalgia is poison    02/28/21  (3)
Back in the day, there were at least 20 daily whokebe threads, lol    02/28/21  (2)
Does the trashy autistic old woman obsessed w/ Whokebe still poast?    02/28/21  (6)
I have so much nigger fatigue it's unreal    02/28/21  (3)
BTC will go to 150k. LOL @ idiots cashing out now    02/28/21  (69)
Just smoked my last cig ever    02/28/21  (85)
At my boomer cigar bar. I know everyone. (TSINAH)    02/28/21  (10)
How many of you can get a EU citizenship and escape this country?    02/28/21  (6)
How bad is milk for t levels?    02/28/21  (48)
Multiverse is real, and there is an unwoke version of America with 5% divorce    02/28/21  (14)
Something I must say about Rachel Levine    02/28/21  (3)
Is it prole to drink Pepsi?    02/28/21  (8)
This mRNA vaccine WILL FUCK YOU UP    02/28/21  (7)
NASA Nazis plan to ship all blacks to Mars    02/28/21  (3)
I have $1m I want to invest. Can any broke Korean sexpats give me advice?    02/28/21  (1)
For 9/11 to be an inside job, 100k+ federal employees would have to be in on it    02/28/21  (7)
about to buy 4-5 acres of land and put a yurt and starlink connection on it    02/28/21  (9)
TikTok doctor tells you why u should TRUST THE SCIENCE on gender (link)    02/28/21  (3)
Biden: Kids back to school when it’s safe. Science: It’s safe. Biden: Haha w    02/28/21  (1)
i just want to help motivate my fellow poasters to escape this kike demon hell    02/28/21  (4)
Hey TSINAH - ur fat and disgusting. lose weight pig.    02/28/21  (29)
ghostcuck    02/28/21  (1)
lol @ the walls closing in on nyuug as he limps into his mid 30s    02/28/21  (7)
U.S. virus curve is flattening sooner than expected, CDC predicts < 10k deaths    02/28/21  (20)
cuck    02/28/21  (4)
I'm still 100% pulling for ETH. Here's why    02/28/21  (12)
Ecuadorian prison riot carnage (gif)    02/28/21  (10)
Trumpmos should the people who stormed the Capitol go to prison?    02/28/21  (19)
It’s 1979, you are watching Sanford and Son on family tv    02/28/21  (3)
"HOA is such a scam!" *TMF moves next door with shitpits and builds a carport*    02/28/21  (44)
Flatten the curve fraud lie$$$    02/28/21  (3)
"Not now, mom... I'm getting dating advice from divorced oil rig worker"    02/28/21  (29)
Oscar Peterson Trio - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (180)    02/28/21  (5)
If you're an employee, when do you begin to experience age discrimination?    02/28/21  (4)
so wilbur is literally marrying a gypsy?    02/28/21  (8)
STRONG homosexual urges since taking vaccine; normal?    02/28/21  (2)
Stupid for wife and I to not get Moderna vaccine bc of infidelity concerns?    02/28/21  (4)
"she's in the attic!" UJ blurted to distract nazi traffic cop from issuing parki    02/28/21  (34)
RA Doobs showing Spaceporn Jr his new dorm room at Dickinson University    02/28/21  (3)
That’s it? That’s all trump had to say? How will we hear from him again?    02/28/21  (1)
drug addled prince thinking he's smart reminds me of Charlie thinking hes smart    02/28/21  (4)
Florida Sen. Rick Scott: "Joe Biden absolutely legitimately elected" (link)    02/28/21  (2)
My trip to romania diary    02/28/21  (17)
Stupid for wife and I to not get Moderna vaccine bc of infertility concerns?    02/28/21  (47)
why not go 50/50 ETH BTC, get BlockFi loan off ETH and buy BTC?    02/28/21  (2)
Stupid for I to use "I" when I should be using "me"?    02/28/21  (1)
How long do these hot twins have to cash in?    02/28/21  (17)
Can't decide if this Czech porn star is hot or not -nsfw    02/28/21  (4)
And I wonder who, who, who that will be!    02/28/21  (1)
Will there be YMCA and dancing after this speech?    02/28/21  (3)
AAVE looks legit as fuck    02/28/21  (2)
TRUMPMOS - how MAF will u be at borders if Trump loses?    02/28/21  (28)
prince here, freaked out about what i learned today in physics    02/28/21  (36)
you’re literally insane if you’re still wagecucking    02/28/21  (20)
WE WILL WIN    02/28/21  (1)
How long is he gonna talk lmao    02/28/21  (3)
ETH killers (ADA, BNB, DOT, ATOM, SOL) ready to re-PWN ETH    02/28/21  (2)
everything about the 'red pill' community is so fucking cringe gay    02/28/21  (2)
Reminder: Trumpmos tried to straight up steal an election    02/28/21  (9)
Reminder to people new to crypto (key advice)    02/28/21  (4)
Does anyone here contact 23andme relatives?    02/28/21  (3)
Advice to newcoiners: the bottom was in a few hours ago    02/28/21  (2)
Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any POTUS in history    02/28/21  (16)
Covid fatality rates are better than ever expec & shutdown measures more extreme    02/28/21  (1)
How does ARE REPTILE feel when TMF furiously denies being a compliance guy?    02/28/21  (13)
Imagine daily life as a board lib. LMAO    02/28/21  (11)
Has Trump apologized yet to the families of the seven people who died?    02/28/21  (21)
TMF at work humming pretty fly for a compliance guy    02/28/21  (10)
Where and how can I collaterallize BTC/ETH into a real estate transaction today?    02/28/21  (10)
Vegas home prices overvalued by 28% right now lmao    02/28/21  (17)
Is Kamala Harris a secret conservative?    02/28/21  (1)
We must get are kids back to school    02/28/21  (8)
lol Trumpmos    02/28/21  (3)
borders tp - any regrets?    02/28/21  (10)
Henry Aaron was also borders. Never forget.    02/28/21  (82)
How do you find a gay guy who is into LTR and marriage? (Asking for a friend)    02/28/21  (2)
“Hmm maybe we should nominate guy who lost by 7 million last time.”    02/28/21  (18)
IRL LOLing at him calling out these RINOs and the resulting boos    02/28/21  (1)
Colleges now giving their students useful advice - how to be a prostitute    02/28/21  (20)
Minneapolis to spend $1M+ On twitter influencers re: George Floyd trial    02/28/21  (63)
Trump is definitely going to win in 2024    02/28/21  (10)
Is Mike Pence a secret shitlib?    02/28/21  (4)
SOL BROS: Are you STAKING? If so, how did u pick validators and how much $ u get    02/28/21  (9)
Indian man killed by chicken    02/28/21  (2)
TMF 2 kid's 4th grade class: "That's why the compliance officer is so important    02/28/21  (43)
Time is an illusion, duck sauce is real. Beep boop nigger poop quack quack    02/28/21  (43)
HBO Rome is the best television ever made    02/28/21  (55)
Liberal here but I do NOT agree with the way spaceporn treats that boy!    02/28/21  (1)
Should Biden tear down the border wall?    02/28/21  (2)
Buy physical silver ASAP (lsd)    02/28/21  (18)
Tough watching people in their 40s wreck themselves with booze    02/28/21  (224)
DR to build a fence along the border with Haiti    02/28/21  (1)
Shocking statistic: South lagging far behind rest of country for covid vaccine    02/28/21  (9)
Need some advice on work wife brothers    02/28/21  (6)
just bought some more SOL. yny    02/28/21  (25)
RATE Robin DiAngelo’s new book “Nice Racism” #RespectTheGrift    02/28/21  (60)
Will Trump win in 2024?    02/28/21  (1)
WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU    02/28/21  (3)
libs coming after ww2 era "stuart" light tanks (link)    02/28/21  (1)
There’s no way. No way this guy isn’t running in 2024.    02/28/21  (1)
beautiful thing to see so many board trumpmos deflated and MAF    02/28/21  (62)
Rate this video of Boner Police/American losing it when stopped by the coppers    02/28/21  (1)
“THEY STOLE IT!” shrieked the aging Trumper, crumbs flying everywhere    02/28/21  (9)
The "we love you" chant is back!    02/28/21  (1)
This guy is 180    02/28/21  (1)
Trump lost the popular vote 2X, ‘populist’ Trumpmos cry fraud whaaahhhaaha    02/28/21  (3)
By the Way, Woody Allen Is Innocent    02/28/21  (6)
Urban US blacks are going absolutely berserk this year in terms of crime    02/28/21  (4)
does anyone still believe Biden won    02/28/21  (1)
People are asking "What's Trumpism?"    02/28/21  (1)
Let’s be real, what other GOP candidate can get this much enthusiasm?    02/28/21  (1)
this article about consolidation in housing market deserves a separate thread    02/28/21  (53)
Someone said "oh that's gonna be controversial." You haven't heard anything yet.    02/28/21  (2)
Libs are done here    02/28/21  (1)
Women’s sports: “BOOOOOO” a lot of new records are being broken!    02/28/21  (1)
30 years of my life in 30 seconds    02/28/21  (2)
sex is so fucking gross and frankly embarrassing after like 32    02/28/21  (7)
HELP: How to buy weed online?    02/28/21  (1)
Lmao    02/28/21  (1)
Just imagine what pussy and sex was like for most of human existence    02/28/21  (136)
theory: lib states wanted to fail/kill under covid    02/28/21  (5)
He didn’t really know what the hell was happening    02/28/21  (2)
Can we start a gofundme for luis’s back?    02/28/21  (1)
What is the credited order at Burger King?    02/28/21  (1)
IT BEGINS: Why 'Infertility' as a Covid Vaccine Side Effect is Okay (link)    02/28/21  (3)
Just got the second Pfizer shot, anxiously awaiting side effects    02/28/21  (9)
All the richmos I know wear Apple watches now, luxury watches = flame?    02/28/21  (37)

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