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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
How low iq to be outed and constantly post racist shit?    02/28/21  (2)
180 introvert lifehack: When delivery guy comes, pretend you have phone call    02/28/21  (74)
1550 sat is nothing to laugh at imho    02/28/21  (11)
DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS TERRORIST?? (FBI) (link)    02/28/21  (33)
Twitter purged a million badthinkers yesterday    02/28/21  (2)
Has anyone seen a photo of the guy who killed neighbors over snow argument?    02/28/21  (15)
Did anyone NOT cash out of the stock market yet?    02/28/21  (1)
XO Nick Fuentes full speech to AFPAC    02/28/21  (38)
My alcohol addiction is ruining my life and killing me.    02/28/21  (33)
God has crazy plans for us πŸ₯³ (lsd)    02/28/21  (3)
Two white women fight off an armed robber    02/28/21  (3)
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TRUMP TO SPEAK AT 3:40 EASTERN TIME TODAY 🚨    02/28/21  (14)
"I’m proposing $2,000 monthly payments for the duration of the pandemic" Harri    02/28/21  (12)
incredible long-read on the subversive uses of (((pornography)))    02/28/21  (18)
Rate this Indian bodybuilding champion in Singapore    02/28/21  (11)
I haven't been in a physical fight in a very long time    02/28/21  (2)
how do i invest is currencies other than USD?    02/28/21  (4)
We won WWII, we won the Cold War, we won the global war on terror    02/28/21  (1)
you’re literally insane if you’re still wagecucking    02/28/21  (16)
remember when SAT super scoring was controversial?    02/28/21  (2)
this article about consolidation in housing market deserves a separate thread    02/28/21  (4)
When I was a kid, people used to care about college basketball.    02/28/21  (12)
Air traffic controller fucks up; planes crash. Guy who lost family murders him.    02/28/21  (26)
Greetings from EL AIOUN morocco, bros    02/28/21  (2)
Cowgod do you want to meet up at Roots & Revelry or Moon Shine    02/28/21  (2)
Shouldn't bad cop shootings be treated like medical malpractice?    02/28/21  (2)
How has robin diangelo not been murked yet    02/28/21  (14)
is it credited to make ur gf or wife do weekly weigh-ins?    02/28/21  (3)
lunatic shrieking about 'Diaper Dandies' on early '90s ESPN    02/28/21  (1)
The Asian-Black thing will red pill Asians because attacks won't stop    02/28/21  (28)
March Sadness    02/28/21  (1)
Biz idea: male nannies    02/28/21  (5)
The Rome thread has a very iffy set of posters    02/28/21  (3)
Armed robber speaks    02/28/21  (1)
Haha sure! I’ll give up two St Patrick’s Day of my 20 relevant years. Sure h    02/28/21  (2)
why did Andrew Cuomo go from hero to huge punching bag so quickly?    02/28/21  (8)
1999 John Rocker blowing fastballs past libs as “I wanna Rock” plays    02/28/21  (1)
NASA: The trip to Mars can only be understood through Black Americans.    02/28/21  (60)
Lol at Dems constantly dividing ppl based on race while calling for “unity”    02/28/21  (31)
2001: John Rocker.......2021: Kumar Rocker    02/28/21  (4)
EVERY TIME i anally finger a white woman it smells like shit    02/28/21  (5)
Libs OK with Cuomo killing 20k olds, but asking weird questions = resignation    02/28/21  (4)
Wife just tried to tell me that I was fat and needed to go get vaxxed    02/28/21  (3)
private Alabama venues that few know about. Jjc MAF    02/28/21  (1)
Minneapolis to spend $1M+ On twitter influencers re: George Floyd trial    02/28/21  (43)
7-year-old Alabama girl selling lemonade to fund her own brain surgeries    02/28/21  (64)
all praise be to Allah    02/28/21  (3)
There are some truly misreable, unlikeable fucks here    02/28/21  (3)
Someone in my building has tested positive for the corona virus. we are freaking    02/28/21  (10)
Piped my White wife after she made me naan and butter chicken    02/28/21  (1)
White House phone rings at 3AM. Buttigieg carefully removes it from anus    02/28/21  (58)
No one mess with cowgod. He rubs elbows with elites at rooftop bars.    02/28/21  (16)
Dole South West salad    02/28/21  (1)
So glad I actually cashed out my crypto this bull run    02/28/21  (5)
Biden, sharp as ever!    02/28/21  (27)
Currently 61 shitcoins worth > $1 bil. This is going to end terribly lmao    02/28/21  (9)
RATE my finances. 30 years old    02/28/21  (28)
Whites are supremacists w/privilege, look we’ve gotta come together (Biden    02/28/21  (2)
Johnsmeyer is now poasting as “musicals”    02/28/21  (1)
Does anyone go to the “XO Bar” in their dreams?    02/28/21  (4)
Lmao at market psychology. No one has the balls to HOLD.    02/28/21  (1)
BTC will go to 150k. LOL @ idiots cashing out now    02/28/21  (2)
Getting ready for FREE FLURDA road trip in March    02/28/21  (1)
Cowgod like Jesus: Jew mocked & ridiculed then seen as prophet    02/28/21  (1)
Rate This Deposition of a Combative Attorney    02/28/21  (59)
Mmm. Bleach tastes sweet(Boom)    02/28/21  (4)
Trumpmos what’s the point of spending all your money on guns ur afraid to use?    02/28/21  (2)
I have no idea why they're down voting you tbh. It's like they lack a fundamenta    02/28/21  (1)
Cowgod give us details on the Birmingham rooftop scene man    02/28/21  (1)
I'm a neet who is non-ironically up 700k on Bitcoin since 2015    02/28/21  (30)
The modern Dem party is the most depraved and satanic org in human history    02/28/21  (2)
NASA: The trip to the Moon can only be understood through fiction    02/28/21  (1)
How mad we’re Trumpmos when Trump took out that Iranian General?    02/28/21  (11)
Comic book fans, do you actually pay for comics or do you read online    02/28/21  (4)
Had a dream of Luis in a pink thong forcing me to smoke Shisha    02/28/21  (1)
that NASA Mars tweet is insane    02/28/21  (61)
At the cusp of Ruination; a plea for help (cowgod)    02/28/21  (133)
CSLG completely humiliated Cowgod during their chess match    02/28/21  (28)
HBO Rome is the best television ever made    02/28/21  (37)
monikers like “nupid stigger” are highly offensive    02/28/21  (3)
I miss the days of offering 10eth for chandler to expose his asshole to xo    02/28/21  (1)
Trump telling his supporters to storm the capitol again in today’s speech    02/28/21  (8)
anything more emasculating that being portrayed by a woman on snl?    02/28/21  (5)
Sol whales shaking out the weak hands, accumulating all the way    02/28/21  (1)
Freak nationwide power outage occurs during Trump CPAC speech    02/28/21  (5)
Islam and the CCP    02/28/21  (3)
MODS    02/28/21  (4)
I have so much nigger fatigue it's unreal    02/28/21  (2)
Reminder: Trumpmos tried to straight up steal an election    02/28/21  (7)
Insane how johnsmeyer threads still get like dozens of serious responses    02/28/21  (12)
Overnight shitcoin holocaust    02/28/21  (1)
David Goggins: the anti-nigger. Dude is driven.    02/28/21  (3)
Sexual harassment allegations against cuomo are a hilarious deep state headfake    02/28/21  (5)
ETF bros, I just had to pay an accountant $7500 (PFICs)    02/28/21  (16)
Insane how much better Cuba is than the US    02/28/21  (5)
oh wow thank god i can buy cheap chink shit    02/28/21  (1)
Why is Rudolph spamming again?    02/28/21  (2)
i love fucking big black cock    02/28/21  (1)
Go away Rudolph    02/28/21  (405)
Minn. Supreme Ct. Justice’s Daughter Found Dead in Sorority Parking Lot    02/28/21  (61)
cr to lay in bed all day and alternate b/w anger & sadness?    02/28/21  (1)
libs are sick and evil    02/28/21  (1)
anyone listen to "Renegades" podcast starring Bruce Stringsteen and Barack Obama    02/28/21  (3)
TT beat me to death with a pipe and knife be I'm not a birdshit(Boom)    02/28/21  (10)
Is James Woods playing Bidan right now? πŸ€” (lsd)    02/28/21  (2)
Yo Yo Yo diss Anoop Doggy Doggy coming to you straight out of Calcutta sup sup    02/28/21  (5)
The only diversity “training” orgs need to is be colorblind    02/28/21  (1)
How will millennials keep the planes in the air after boomers/GenX retire?    02/28/21  (5)
“Hmm maybe we should nominate guy who lost by 7 million last time.”    02/28/21  (16)
At least one country will screw up their vaccine and start a new AIDS    02/28/21  (3)
Has Trump apologized yet to the families of the seven people who died?    02/28/21  (19)
If humans are supposed to be vegan, why do vegans need to take b12 supplements    02/28/21  (76)
We have 15 years tops before terminators take over    02/28/21  (3)
Is Trump speaking at terrorist convention today?    02/28/21  (1)
Is CRT scholarship in the johnsmeyer sense of the word?    02/28/21  (2)
Lib censorship and "fact checks" will be overwhelming soon    02/28/21  (5)
Does anyone actually believe "President" "Biden" "won"?    02/28/21  (18)
the left is really pushing this demonic stuff hard    02/28/21  (1)
Modern 'America' has created Jewish and mischling white nationalism    02/28/21  (11)
"This is my rock bottom," ETH sighs as it ejaculates on your face    02/28/21  (1)
YOU'RE OLD: Green Jolly Rancher has made her 1 millionth insane post    02/28/21  (4)
Ikea launches little tiny trailer houses so that Millennials can be homeowners    02/28/21  (24)
“My Daddy has two pussies,” doobs blurted out during Torts    02/28/21  (79)
I have to give it to you all! XO is spot on! No reason to be angry(Boom)    02/28/21  (7)
Not an exaggeration to say Luka is best all-time at his age    02/28/21  (1)
Charles lifted weights and read 100 books a year. And Libs tore him apart.    02/28/21  (3)
Been under a rock. Why are Asians getting beat down in NYC?    02/28/21  (10)
UTTTexas's new defensive line coach makes $875,000/yr. U: poast.    02/28/21  (1)
Russian frigates arrive in new Sudanese naval base    02/28/21  (1)
Hope musk loses it all..what a FRAUD    02/28/21  (7)
do you know how much it takes to be the top 1% in various countries?    02/28/21  (56)
new forcememe: FBWNT (Fat Boomer With Nubile Teen); push it hard    02/28/21  (4)
Will Market ever crash?    02/28/21  (1)
I want to see a major crash! Time for a depression and major market crash    02/28/21  (3)
"diversity" hiring how Libs take over your organization    02/28/21  (1)
Missile defenses built to deal with Iran mysteriously all built facing Russia    02/28/21  (1)
Your h.s. girlfriend pulling your pants down and eagerly licking your    02/28/21  (20)
Ex’s firm’s biglaw firm no longer has her page.....shitcanned?    02/28/21  (6)
guy literally sucking suggestively on a chili dog outside Tastee Freez tp    02/28/21  (1)
the love of a christian maiden    02/28/21  (2)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    02/28/21  (506)
people no longer have any conception of life not spent thinking abt blacks 24/7    02/28/21  (7)
9am and I am watching Russian propaganda    02/28/21  (1)
Hitler and Stalin sing Video Killed The Radio Star    02/28/21  (1)
Its sure lonely at the top..and the fall is hard! Love to see it    02/28/21  (1)
'New' Hollywood icon Gene Hackman is literally 91    02/28/21  (8)
Crypto tanking again    02/28/21  (6)
Rate this text from my downstairs neighbor who I just texted after he banged on    02/28/21  (67)
Kathleen Kennedy on hot mic: "We have to release the film b4 we know what's in i    02/28/21  (9)

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