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Huge fan of the 38+ year old MILFs & GILFs, always have been, always will be    04/18/21  (4)
Encyclopedic collection of peccadillos,kinks and outre perversions tp    04/18/21  (1)
Who makes the best tool chest for a reasonable price?    04/18/21  (4)
This Fauci video is completely insane    04/18/21  (6)
Chances Doobs ends up with a Real Doll?    04/18/21  (4)
what will the chauvin verdict be    04/18/21  (2)
Libs don’t talk about Michael Avenatti much anymore. Sentenced in May.    04/18/21  (3)
They’re cornering the market on crypto by making it too valuable not to sell    04/18/21  (7)
Does the GOP take back Congress in 2022?    04/18/21  (22)
was it prestigious to be an abolitionist pre Civil War?    04/18/21  (3)
Will chicago real estate market ever boom like other markets?    04/18/21  (11)
ITT: the most immediately recognizable FIRST LINES IN LITERATURE    04/18/21  (18)
Describe Weimar Germany on 3 trillion reichsmarks per year    04/18/21  (13)
Is it just assumed that Jews in the workplace will band together?    04/18/21  (5)
faggy covid elbow bump    04/18/21  (3)
Bank of China: “crypto assets should be used as investment tools”    04/18/21  (2)
female Louvre security guard blasts .45 hole in Mona Lisa looking for chapstick    04/18/21  (6)
the Ukraine stuff is just as consequential as the events that started WW1/WW2    04/18/21  (3)
Official Exeunt WGWAG SOL BOAT Thread    04/18/21  (24)
RATE this pic of Fauci by the pool in a swimsuit (link)    04/18/21  (21)
Rate these terrifying 2 sentence horror stories    04/18/21  (76)
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes.mp3    04/18/21  (17)
Honda Accord seems 180    04/18/21  (19)
Dan Crenshaw is going blind in his good eye (not flame)    04/18/21  (42)
gatormo come in this thread and we'll give you fiat currency    04/18/21  (8)
Charles did more to improve his life than most Americans would    04/18/21  (7)
saw indian dude on i-35 driving imported renault duster suv shitbox yesterday    04/18/21  (3)
Can a mid-30s XO Chad poast a dating profile check on /r/datingoverthirty?    04/18/21  (2)
My old Range Rover looks just like this    04/18/21  (11)
Me and spritezero are going to a Visalia rawhides game    04/18/21  (6)
Watching the "Cosby Show" episode where Theo realizes he's a Chad    04/18/21  (1)
Texas school board indicted by grand jury for holding secret CRT meetings    04/18/21  (11)
What did John Rocker say that was racist?    04/18/21  (6)
US military will soon have woke political commisars.    04/18/21  (4)
When I compare Canada and the US, it seems like    04/18/21  (11)
$550 appraisal for refinance is huge scam. The lot alone is worth 2x loan.    04/18/21  (3)
SOL gonna make a run at $30 tonight?    04/18/21  (14)
this car has the best aesthetics of any car ever made    04/18/21  (37)
I wouldn't get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no.    04/18/21  (1)
just lost custody of my kids...summer is gonna be fuckin lit!    04/18/21  (7)
Mountainbikemos:. What's a cr entry level mountain bike?    04/18/21  (1)
How do we feel about the name Sabrina for a girl?    04/18/21  (24)
XO says to invest in real estate then says it’s stupid to invest in real estat    04/18/21  (34)
SOL was on sale for $21 last night. How much did you buy? Back to $28 now.    04/18/21  (1)
The media is pushing incest now.    04/18/21  (1)
Wonder if Charles has delved into Manga/Anime?    04/18/21  (1)
I am 40 years old and I can’t imagine having another kid    04/18/21  (17)
Can anyone rank these Anime series    04/18/21  (11)
Biden calls white supremacists 'fags'.    04/18/21  (20)
REMINDER: Your wives and girlfriends    04/18/21  (6)
White Yale Professor Interrupts Black Man during Zoom: Calls for her firing    04/18/21  (113)
The brearly school sends 30% of their kids to hypsm. how do i en    04/18/21  (53)
Jake Paul is the last implicit stand of white identity    04/18/21  (31)
Cops now tasing random marines in hospitals    04/18/21  (2)
Gatormo+Exeunt SOL conspiracy theory ITT:    04/18/21  (64)
The only time a shad bake cost an army a battle - link    04/18/21  (1)
I'm 10 pages into The Turner Diaries.    04/18/21  (7)
are you hoping there are aliens or not?    04/18/21  (14)
ITT we list BASED leftists    04/18/21  (96)
Lawrence of Appalachia    04/18/21  (3)
Biden is No Show to meet Japanese PM - Sends Kamala, she does horrible    04/18/21  (52)
Is watching too much Anime bad for you?    04/18/21  (7)
Reminder: XO MoniCards holding value in a tumultuous market!    04/18/21  (3)
Make-A-Wish Foundation letting McCain nuke Iran    04/18/21  (192)
Will Covid 19 fade quickly from our minds next year?    04/18/21  (5)
Black female sexuality is disgusting    04/18/21  (28)
why work when you can steal Subway cookies and siphon gas?    04/18/21  (1)
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't    04/18/21  (1)
Leave it to fucking india to develop a double mutant variant    04/18/21  (2)
do you make him pull out or does he cum in your ass?    04/18/21  (7)
so you go by a "moniker" when you talk to your online "friends"?    04/18/21  (4)
During the NY Draft Riots (1863), the NYT defended its office w/ gatling guns    04/18/21  (2)
Was Lincoln the most XOXO President ever?    04/18/21  (5)
Range Rover moms judging Yukon Denali mom.    04/18/21  (3)
No one was driving the car! Tesla wreck in Houston    04/18/21  (5)
People are going to lose everything they own due to meme stonks and crypto    04/18/21  (16)
How did Chicago go from the Daleys to Lightfoot?    04/18/21  (3)
What's with electric cars bursting into flames? Seems worse than hydrogen    04/18/21  (1)
Anyone remember “Steak and Ale” restaurant?    04/18/21  (91)
Best Books on Vietnam War?    04/18/21  (10)
What's the XO consensus on investing right now in Index Funds    04/18/21  (8)
Crippling anxiety    04/18/21  (2)
Indian double mutation variant arrives in Britain    04/18/21  (3)
Call me Rachmiel.    04/18/21  (52)
Starting a new policy of only eating the FRESHest scat from now on (GJR)    04/18/21  (21)
Saudi billionaires vomiting in shock at the scat games GJR wants to play    04/18/21  (4)
Make a Wish foundation denying GJR's disgusting scat request    04/18/21  (4)
"All the kids are brown (alll the kids are brown), and/or fucking gay.."    04/18/21  (63)
"Nobody" is 180    04/18/21  (17)
group therapy thread    04/18/21  (20)
What will the US do when China's total GDP is 3-4x times US?    04/18/21  (40)
Your app date ghosting u 2 write letter 2 Scott Peterson in prison.    04/18/21  (1)
White soldier guy lives in black neighborhood, bullies black guy, is arrested    04/18/21  (100)
"i wish i died at auschwitz" rsf's grandfather thought after reading rsf's blog    04/18/21  (9)
GJR do you have an internal monologue?    04/18/21  (2)
fat mixed raced families in graphic tees roaming aimlessly over all public lands    04/18/21  (9)
Lori Lightfoot lesbian sex scandal    04/18/21  (27)
Holy shit, Initial D Fifth Stage and Final Stage suck...    04/18/21  (2)
Rate: These pics my gf sent yesterday    04/18/21  (14)
Florida Man crashes plane into a beach    04/18/21  (9)
No more kids allowed in brazil due to P1 variant    04/18/21  (1)
Cr to steal cookies from Subway & sell them on Craigslist?    04/18/21  (4)
Who would get hurt the worst by hyperinflation in America?    04/18/21  (32)
The only thing rsf and benzo have in common was big10. who did better there?    04/18/21  (9)
it's so easy to pirate books    04/18/21  (4)
Done chasing the market. It's all going into BABA.    04/18/21  (22)
go back to jail benzo    04/18/21  (4)
Gravens rap sheet ITT    04/18/21  (3)
XO poaster pulls kid out of private school, sends antiwoke letter to all parents    04/18/21  (73)
Drive by a “garbage dump” immediately thought of CHRIS GRAVENS    04/18/21  (7)
entry-level salaries stay at EXACTLY the same levels permanently    04/18/21  (41)
Retarded pauper Benzo (Chris Gravens) thought he would make $$$ trading options    04/18/21  (8)
Is a new version of the Knock-Out Game emerging in NYC? Hint: Yes (link)    04/18/21  (7)
*starts life on 3rd base* *stays there for 47 years* (rsf)    04/18/21  (12)
What if George Floyd hadn't been named George?    04/18/21  (2)
   04/18/21  (2)
Christopher "Ugly broke white trash felon" Gravens    04/18/21  (12)
SIM GLITCH: there’s still a Quincy’s Steakhouse in Florence, SC    04/18/21  (1)
CLASS ACTION MFEs: Does uncompensated SUNDAY DREAD violate the FLSA?    04/18/21  (4)
Crypto in free fall    04/18/21  (7)
Dear Salma Hayek: We saw your tits in 1995. You can go away now. TYIA    04/18/21  (8)
Calling it now: You PERSONALLY will never have first-hand evidence of aliens    04/18/21  (4)
Anyone else eat at least 5 candy bars per week?    04/18/21  (19)
newest way gays pervert sex: SMOTHERBOX    04/18/21  (62)
"ive been everywhere montage" of rsf destroying fast food restroom toilets    04/18/21  (4)
my anaconda don't want none unless she got buns    04/18/21  (1)
luis gently wrapping his tanned oily foreskin over the tip of your nose    04/18/21  (13)
the giving tree, but the whole tree made into TP for one rsf diarrhea sesh    04/18/21  (4)
"still got it" rsf thinks to himself after hooker od's in his bathroom    04/18/21  (9)
*surreptitiously takes pic of male hooker in a wig* "libs your response?" (rsf)    04/18/21  (3)
stand and deliver, but it's about a chicano teaching rsf long division    04/18/21  (2)
Remember when white guys ended the ancient practice of slavery?    04/18/21  (13)
rsf has opened dennisboihole.png more recently than novel.docx lmao    04/18/21  (8)
made in jersey, based in dunkin donuts (rsf grindr profile)    04/18/21  (9)
saddest thing about rsf's shitty writing is he types it w 2 fingers cuz hes 51    04/18/21  (8)
*attic rsf rapidly shifting weight to crush nazi search party*    04/18/21  (3)
"how convinient" rsf thought as he matched with an 11" bbc special ed teacher    04/18/21  (4)
*rsf blasting apprentice theme song while rescue workers try to listen for survi    04/18/21  (3)
Oregon considers making mask mandate PERMANENT in workplaces    04/18/21  (41)
High IQ kid at Harvard Westlake writes a reasonable response to Bari Weiss    04/18/21  (16)
"LOL rsf's melting down" "no that's just how he looks shirtless"    04/18/21  (8)
investment objectives: trust find icing (rsf). schwab: "you've had enough fatty"    04/18/21  (3)
mrs. doubtfire cake icing subterfuge scene, but it's rsf's face glazed with jizz    04/18/21  (16)
"saw rsf beating his dick like it owes him money" (doodikoff 9/11 text to date)    04/18/21  (3)
my eye color has changed from brown to blue, google has me worried    04/18/21  (22)
"challenge accepted" replied rsf to olive garden's never ending pasta bowl    04/18/21  (4)
"boobs are too small" (kathy bates dinged from starring role in rsf biopic)    04/18/21  (2)
*isis told to stand by as rsf gets approved for a td ameritrade acct*    04/18/21  (8)
judaism and terrorism blaming each other for inflicting rsf on everybody    04/18/21  (3)
"how much extra for no condom?" (rsf texting SA whore during brothers eulogy)    04/18/21  (37)

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