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Lets try to understand the plights and difficulties faced by opposite sex    11/22/17  (82)
Welp. Hit my wife today.    11/22/17  (54)
Let's be clear: the IQs of poaster range about 120-135. No one here is 140+    11/22/17  (48)
147 IQ RSF copping a "chill" 3.25/162 en route to TTT Fordham    11/22/17  (42)
Meet Malia's new Chad, Rory (UK)    11/22/17  (35)
So we're defending Roy Moore although he's a confirmed pedophile?    11/22/17  (32)
Would USA be different if we had 18 percent Muslim population ?    11/22/17  (31)
New "woman-spreading" meme puts men in their place!    11/22/17  (29)
If you have a boss at work, you're not a real man.    11/22/17  (28)
Really hate musical theater but love Phantom. Anyone else?    11/22/17  (27)
Hypo: you find a dead body in the woods with 10k in cash    11/22/17  (22)
Honestly North Korea looks like a very chill place. No GC bullshit    11/22/17  (20)
Thanksgiving is 180. No weird Libs in my family that I have to deal with    11/22/17  (19)
I am out of dishwasher detergent. Will 7/11 have it?    11/22/17  (18)
just paid $150 for a turkey, taking questions/criticism (fratty)    11/22/17  (17)
If ND beats Pac-12 champ Stanford and Bama beats both Auburn and Georgia    11/22/17  (17)
Should the Browns fire Hue Jackson?    11/22/17  (16)
*Gooble Gooble* I'm a turkey btw.    11/22/17  (15)
On Refusing To Share 'Feminine' Responsibilities With Women    11/22/17  (14)
i am maf that trump saved the ucla faggots from china    11/22/17  (14)
Already had an explosive fight with my ex wife - might get kicked out before THX    11/22/17  (14)
Fastest, most reliable strategy to stop being a wagecuck?    11/22/17  (14)
Fag marriage?? Whats next, pedophilia? Also: vote Roy Moore 2017!    11/22/17  (13)
What's with people taking their RELATIONSHIP cues from MASS MEDIA?    11/22/17  (13)
Does XO seriously not remember that RSF used to claim his dad made him go to LS?    11/22/17  (12)
Not going to be able to get any HEROIN until after thanksgiving bros :(    11/22/17  (12)
HEY YOU - out there on the road, lifting tired, lifting clothed, can you stim me    11/22/17  (12)
So XO "conservaheroes" advocate/defend pedophilia, wife beating, and heroin use?    11/22/17  (11)
i work for a programming company    11/22/17  (11)
Holy shit one night stand sent certified letter containing pregnancy exam result    11/22/17  (11)
Ironside would obviously be the bottom if he and DBG had sex right    11/22/17  (10)
hypo: man evolved trex arms that can't reach dick. how is world different?    11/22/17  (10)
Hold up guys RSF was in the HONORS PROGRAM at tttOSU    11/22/17  (10)
Orrick is how colt pronounces "oil rig"    11/22/17  (10)
biglaw bonuses    11/22/17  (9)
Do bipolar brehs iq fluctuate with their mood swings?    11/22/17  (9)
Chandler turned CSG down because his wife told him NO    11/22/17  (9)
Manute Bol: playing in the NBA at age 50 u: chest pains at law desk    11/22/17  (9)
Baath party unsuccessful in outreach campaign in India    11/22/17  (9)
PRO TIP FOR GOYIM: cook chicken, not turkey, for thanksgiving    11/22/17  (8)
Blacks voting for a black: Enthusiasm. Whites voting white: Dangerous tribalism    11/22/17  (8)
I work in a 70% white environment. the rest are Latinos. I'm a programmer btw.    11/22/17  (8)
Just lol at Charlie Rose. He thought he was pursuing shared feelings    11/22/17  (8)
Trumpos can't distinguish between LeVar Burton and LaVar Ball. Explain yourselve    11/22/17  (8)
lmao: article touts the "Death of the MBA"    11/22/17  (7)
What are you thankful for? "The turkey isn't a nigger" (Turd Sandwich on Tgiving    11/22/17  (7)
PSA: Jews want war with North Korea to establish a central bank there.    11/22/17  (7)
Racist judges fuck over black man on Jeopardy    11/22/17  (7)
REMINDER: a bunch of Jews led the 2016 POTUS DNC convention    11/22/17  (7)
Why are liberals allowed to say the dumbest shit & still get to keep their jobs    11/22/17  (7)