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Self-ordering kiosk at McDonald's is 180. All cashier jobs are toast within 5 ye    08/21/18  (34)
Anyone ordered Ben Shapiro's new supplements yet? Looking for reviews.    08/21/18  (32)
Rate my options for a Tuesday night hook-up    08/21/18  (15)
Ask cowgod anything    08/21/18  (15)
Is visiting Zanzibar cr?    08/21/18  (14)
Ranking of bottled water in order of prestige    08/21/18  (14)
Have an interview at the end of the day    08/21/18  (14)
Trump White House orders scrub of clearance from political enemies    08/21/18  (13)
For years a Nazi camp guard had been living in NYC - a terrible injustice. Past    08/21/18  (12)
Hapa Daughter weeps over the death of culture (New Yorker)    08/21/18  (11)
Is 92% cacao chocolate prestigious?    08/21/18  (7)
ICE agents arrest last known Nazi labor guard in U.S.    08/21/18  (7)
McDonald's app fraudlies    08/21/18  (6)
Mike I know you post here    08/21/18  (6)
I lost my neighbor cat. HLEP    08/21/18  (6)
had dinner at the bar at redneck place on Sunday    08/21/18  (6)
Took family to amusement park- Every type of human filth stereotype run amok    08/21/18  (6)
Trump finds time to deport 95 y/o 'nazi camp guard', while 23m browns remain    08/21/18  (5)
Almost all girls get breast implants now    08/21/18  (5)
Dorky Northwestern 1L gets caught playing with herself in the library on camera    08/21/18  (5)
Has ANYONE w/ an Engineering undergrad ever been appointed to the Supreme Court?    08/21/18  (5)
Daily Stoic, 8/21/18    08/21/18  (5)
Truckmos: are Nissan Frontiers and Toyota Tacomas the cr compact pickup truck?    08/21/18  (5)
Do all "men" in LA wear jewelry?    08/21/18  (4)
had this involved dream where i wore jeans to work but had a hearing    08/21/18  (4)
The idea of working for 30 more years    08/21/18  (4)
George RR Martin hints he won't complete ASOIAF    08/21/18  (4)
Do nonwhites lack existential angst? Why dont they suicide much?    08/21/18  (4)
This is one happy as fuck dog right here    08/21/18  (3)
not till next year, but 40 is the new 30, haha    08/21/18  (3)
TSINAH what are some of your favorite Mraz songs    08/21/18  (3)
China sends 3,200 soldiers to Russia for largest joint war game in history    08/21/18  (3)
did the founding fathers envision a welcomed Somali invasion?    08/21/18  (2)
One Tower, Two Tower, Three Tower$-Ka'Ching! YLS, CLS, HLS-DING! (RSF    08/21/18  (2)
What does the word "felch" mean to you?    08/21/18  (2)
Let's waste the rest of our lives pining for youth.    08/21/18  (2)
for a TRUE blank bump (no ...) enter one space in the "subject" field    08/21/18  (2)
Actual cripple fight caught on video    08/21/18  (2)
All Nazis must hang!    08/21/18  (2)
Russia now hacking think tanks that advocate for sanctions    08/21/18  (2)
John I know you poast here    08/21/18  (2)
Are "My wife was not into me at first" Reptile haha    08/21/18  (2)
Do women enjoy the taste of semen?    08/21/18  (2)
I enjoyed the movie Hustle and Flow but it did not deserve those Awards    08/21/18  (2)
puke in my trashcan, 30 unread texts/voicemails saying theyre calling the police    08/21/18  (2)
Doobs's vote for Lessig was a vote of affirmation.    08/21/18  (1)
U guys have any suits/jackets w STUPIDLY big 70s lapels?    08/21/18  (1)
Why is Obongo still receiving Intelligence Briefings?    08/21/18  (1)
There needs to be an IQ test to poast, rach plz fix this, tyia    08/21/18  (1)