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trump team six and pedorastrain hating each other is hilarious    12/12/18  (42)
How is Trump's approval rating not 60%+ at this point?    12/12/18  (37)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/12/18  (35)
Obeezy and unhinged quotemo bumping all the same threads. Odd case!    12/12/18  (35)
***Michael Cohen Sentencing Live Blog***    12/12/18  (35)
Call it now: who cucks on the wall/gov't shutdown issue? Trump or Pelosi?    12/12/18  (30)
Caravan members demand "Let us in or give us $50k to go home"    12/12/18  (26)
Pelosi to Trump: "So how did my ASS taste you stupid RETARD?"    12/12/18  (26)
I think I'm going to UN-RETIRE from SHITLAW    12/12/18  (25)
I forgot what the bad part of shutting down the government is.    12/12/18  (23)
so biglaw sucks now. are there industries easier better to work in now    12/12/18  (23)
RATE this yoga girl    12/12/18  (22)
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED asks Blasey Ford to host Inspiration of the Year Award    12/12/18  (20)
RATE this Indian yoga instructor (genetic female)    12/12/18  (18)
Mexico pledges $30 Billion to BUILd A WALL    12/12/18  (15)
Would anyone like to r8 my haircut    12/12/18  (14)
*slips on Lib-Vision VR helmet* lol, holy shit... Pelosi is PWNING Drumpf!!    12/12/18  (13)
I thought Thailand was getting rich, it's still pretty poor.    12/12/18  (11)
WOW... Michael Cohen's daughter is shockingly beautiful    12/12/18  (11)
Guess semitism of Paul Weiss's latest partnership class    12/12/18  (11)
what is the max IQ to not be able to see invasive jewish influence in media?    12/12/18  (10)
National Film Registry adds 25 films    12/12/18  (10)
why the FUCK did Cohen not just turn on everyone to avoid jail time?    12/12/18  (10)
Netflix orders new season of The Critic    12/12/18  (10)
Hillary & John Kerry shake their groove things at Bollywood wedding (video)    12/12/18  (9)
What's the best way to work out at my desk without anybody knowing?    12/12/18  (9)
Just Logged onto AIM had unread message from crush from 13 years ago    12/12/18  (8)
do you gamble online?    12/12/18  (8)
Pics of Michael Cohen's HAWT DAUGHTER ITT    12/12/18  (8)
Hypo: Biglaw partner or chill solo    12/12/18  (7)
The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing,    12/12/18  (6)
Is "bipolar" just another way of saying "low iq?"    12/12/18  (6)
Woman Gets Pissed After Guy Calls Her Out for Parking in Handicap Spot (vid)    12/12/18  (6)
How much of a gay soy fag do you have to be to ride a bike past age 14?    12/12/18  (6)
Trump/Russia have hurt the NFL so badly the league is CUTTING the salary cap    12/12/18  (6)
I am a Baby Aryan, Not a Jewish or sectarian, I have no plans to marry, An Ape o    12/12/18  (5)
Thinking about talking mad shit about Luis so I can cop a free trip to bay area    12/12/18  (5)
There are free Xmas cookies in the office today....lawd help me    12/12/18  (5)
People who commute by bike in winter are modern day penitents in lycra hairshirt    12/12/18  (5)
RATE this yoga girl    12/12/18  (5)
Hosting Shabbat Dinner On Friday. Ideas On Reserve Beer List For Choice Guests?    12/12/18  (5)
1 blank bump = 1 letter in support of TRUMP SHUTTING DOWN GOVT FOR THE WALL.    12/12/18  (5)
How did n64 have so many 4 player games & ps4/xbox have none at all?    12/12/18  (5)
What if we instituted Chinese social scores for Americans?    12/12/18  (5)
i have sex    12/12/18  (4)
Is there anyone competent & 180 that could replace Theresa May?    12/12/18  (4)
Theresa May faces <><><>NO CONFIDENCE<><><&g
   12/12/18  (4)
Found something incredibly profound & interesting on reddit (link)    12/12/18  (4)
I am shutting down the government until taxpayers fund the Mexican-funded wall.    12/12/18  (4)
I told my girls I had to work this weekend and they weren’t happy. I said I wo    12/12/18  (3)