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MAGA kid's statement (pdf)    01/20/19  (91)
Libs have all the MAGA teens numbered like a most wanted list wtf?    01/20/19  (74)
Tony Romo got the EXACT call right there    01/20/19  (44)
6'2 is the ideal male height    01/20/19  (37)
So Tom Brady is the GOAT now? It's settled?    01/20/19  (30)
HE DIDN"T TOUCH IT    01/20/19  (30)
When i was dating megachurch girl, I was working out 6 days/wk    01/20/19  (24)
Client texted me at midnight for update on his DUI case    01/20/19  (24)
this MAGA teens thing is insane    01/20/19  (23)
Need an OTC sleep medicibe    01/20/19  (22)
Maybe the Chiefs shouldn’t have just cut their best player due to libs    01/20/19  (22)
I will spell moniker in the snow with piss of 10th person to bump this thread    01/20/19  (21)
How the FUCK did this dorky asian dude land this chick?    01/20/19  (20)
Saints got jobbed. And I hate the Saints.    01/20/19  (19)
What is best COUNTER-ARGUMENT to this LIB talking point re: FREE SPEECH    01/20/19  (18)
Would CNN try to ruin kids' lives just for supporting the president?    01/20/19  (17)
Say you were given 60 seconds to fuck any woman you wanted, what sex acts would    01/20/19  (17)
Man 100% needs a women to max potential    01/20/19  (16)
just do slave the prime years of your life away for the chance of "retirement"    01/20/19  (16)
HOLY SHIT AT THESE REFS    01/20/19  (16)
That old Injun bastard is a nutjob.    01/20/19  (16)
Is there any point to having "Director" in front of my title if I am "Senior Cou    01/20/19  (15)
Every generic guy in beer commercials now i picture is corp slave    01/20/19  (15)
the breathless lies of the media have astonished me today    01/20/19  (14)
corp slaving blasting "Shipping up to Boston" as he drives south on 405 to OC    01/20/19  (14)
Every single other internet board has an ignore function, this one doesn't, why?    01/20/19  (13)
China Built a Big, Beautiful Wall, Too. It Failed.    01/20/19  (13)
Bald lawyer threatens to sue Ana Navarro over MAGA teens    01/20/19  (13)
Online Dating Study: You're screwed    01/20/19  (13)
holy shit how is that not PI    01/20/19  (13)
lmao remember how much brett 'favre' sucked    01/20/19  (13)
rate this V50 firm focused on work-life balance and eliminating billable hours    01/20/19  (13)
Libs are missing the gene that makes them feel bad about being wrong    01/20/19  (12)
My gf saved all of her high school notes and has them in a box    01/20/19  (12)
I never realized what a faggot corporate slave was. Until today.    01/20/19  (12)
Spaceporn, corp slave, and I are gonna watch the Pats game at Buffalo Wild Wings    01/20/19  (12)
Punting on 4th & 1 at opponent 40 is extremely bad. Belichick is a moron.    01/20/19  (11)
That would have been food from 70    01/20/19  (11)
Zeuerlein best kicker in the nfl    01/20/19  (10)
Should I get a nissan frontier?    01/20/19  (10)
Ljl at Patton Oswalts fat dead druggy wife    01/20/19  (10)
Patriots = MAGA students, Chiefs = Nathan Philipps    01/20/19  (10)
I find some levels of violence against women to be sexually arousing. Why?    01/20/19  (10)
COME ON BRADY END THIS SHIT    01/20/19  (9)
How often do you take a shit in a public place?    01/20/19  (9)
Friend knows Peter Thiel IRL, just told me he is backing libel suit for MAGA tee    01/20/19  (9)
Has Chief Liz Warren commented on the MAGA teens?    01/20/19  (9)