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I propose two laws. You pick which one gets enacted.    10/20/18  (100)
What's it like to go to Washington State?    10/20/18  (34)
Kidmos: how long did it take to get pregnant?    10/20/18  (23)
Hypo: your daughter graduates college, is single. She asks which city to live in    10/20/18  (21)
ANN COULTER tears CNN a new one (link)    10/20/18  (21)
at a swim meet. got my shit together this time.    10/20/18  (18)
Dont think I could handle the lump sum Mega Millions jackpot    10/20/18  (18)
What do you do with friends if you give up booze?    10/20/18  (15)
Best Halloween costumes to piss off shitlibs?    10/20/18  (15)
xo Tulsi Gabbard to run for POTUS in 2020    10/20/18  (14)
Look at what $5900 buy$ you in Kent, Iowa    10/20/18  (14)
Christian monarchy NOW    10/20/18  (13)
rate this Trump JOKE told at the Al Smith dinner    10/20/18  (13)
mega millions now at $1.6B    10/20/18  (12)
what do you guys want me to buy you when i win mega millions    10/20/18  (12)
iPhone XS seems too big for girl hands.    10/20/18  (10)
is crypto totally done here?    10/20/18  (10)
is it illegal if i pull over, drink a beer in a parking lot, then resume driving    10/20/18  (10)
INF treaty is dead — one step closer to Red Dawn    10/20/18  (9)
Owning a car is a pain in the ass lately    10/20/18  (9)
Do big 10 fans like the 11:30 am starts    10/20/18  (8)
If one of you bros wins MegaMillions and doesn’t buy an aircraft carrier    10/20/18  (8)
Why did Jeb Bush marry a 5 foot tall Mayan?    10/20/18  (8)
Hypo: wife turns into Lou Holtz or Lee Corso. You must fuck to change her back    10/20/18  (7)
Sad to see slow, dumb minorities at work    10/20/18  (7)
Dear Abby, Giving your child a 'foreign' name is a good thing    10/20/18  (7)
Ban anyone who complains about student loans    10/20/18  (6)
Akron i$ the only rea$on Nebra$ka i$ not 7-0    10/20/18  (6)
BINOCULARS MFEs: What brand/model are these?    10/20/18  (6)
Rate this t shirt I saw a college girl wearing last night    10/20/18  (6)
Over/under on rating of chick that rejects Obeezy tonight?    10/20/18  (6)
College football is trash this year except for Notre Dame    10/20/18  (6)
Sport fraud needs to become blood bath violent with constant sudden death    10/20/18  (6)
"Daddy why are some dogs clever and others not?" (pic)    10/20/18  (6)
Can’t find any of my 180 threads    10/20/18  (5)
Saudis would never dream of committing human rights violation during Obama admin    10/20/18  (5)
Trump performs "Green Acres Theme" w/ Megan Mullaly    10/20/18  (5)
It doesnt really seem like Russian ppl trolling on twitter is actually "illegal"    10/20/18  (5)
930 drunk and high crew    10/20/18  (5)
Has any poster been gaped worse than Bart O’Kavanaugh was two weeks ago?    10/20/18  (5)
Poasting while literal nigger plumber snakes my houses shit pipe    10/20/18  (4)
New girlfriend washes and reuses doggie doddie bags. Wtf    10/20/18  (4)
Gayest thing about football now is they can't show hot girls in the crowd    10/20/18  (4)
hey libs football is on today suck my ass you fuckin idiots    10/20/18  (4)
Hey libs I just got huge cumshots in my face and ass from nigs. Lick my balls.    10/20/18  (4)
Lol how cops pile up from a zillion agencies on a scene    10/20/18  (4)
Boss has been tense as fuck, which sucks because i have to work more.    10/20/18  (4)
Told friends wife "shut your cunt mouth" right in front of him    10/20/18  (4)
if you're a male who never played a little college ball you're not an adult    10/20/18  (4)
i won $5k in a mailer but didnt claim it in time what is my legal recourse    10/20/18  (4)