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Vox: Trump is wrong about Sweden and crime    02/21/17  (61)
Where do you fall on this Political Inclination Test??    02/20/17  (59)
Trump always criticized Obama playing Golf, now Trump plays Golf every week    02/21/17  (27)
Dad spanks his HS cheerleader daughter at school event (vid)    02/21/17  (25)
Poll: will you buy the Nintendo switch    02/21/17  (22)
A $10 "microbrew" in the US tastes worse than the cheapest beer in Europe    02/21/17  (20)
Kelly Clarkson is 320 lbs now (link)    02/20/17  (18)
Rate this SEC football Chad and his girlfriend    02/20/17  (17)
Dr David Duke puts Milo in his place    02/20/17  (16)
(((Sarah Silverman))) tweets about Child Molestation    02/20/17  (16)
Getting stronger, getting fatter    02/20/17  (16)
Shampoo was literally created by capitalism ... It's pure flame    02/20/17  (14)
wild ocelot thinks nature show dood is one of her littermates:    02/21/17  (9)
In WW2 they ran out of shells so fired big rocks from the battleships in the Pac    02/20/17  (9)
Will we see a former WWE champion elected president in our lifetime?    02/21/17  (8)
When did women decide to start wearing jeans 24/7?    02/20/17  (8)
Gummy smile, bobcut, fat upper arms. Loves to gossip. Mom of 3 wonderful kids    02/20/17  (8)
Milo is Jewish    02/20/17  (7)
H.R. McMaster. JFC what an alpha name and history.    02/20/17  (7)
WaPo: Stockholm riots "doesn't happen often, but regrettable when it does"    02/21/17  (5)
Guess the age of this cute NY Times couple without reading it (Link)    02/21/17  (5)
Can a US Citizen get deported by ICE?    02/21/17  (5)
Maggot infestation at San Diego Korean church has investigators baffled (link    02/20/17  (5)
Trumpmos- Powerbottoming for Putin is Patriotic    02/21/17  (4)
Immigrants should commit zero crime. Any amount is unacceptable.    02/20/17  (4)
Glenn Thrush (NYT white house reporter) called himself a hack    02/20/17  (4)
Relative bought a new car so he could write it off. How dumb?    02/20/17  (4)
Have you noticed libs starting to use the word "praxis"? Jamelle Bouie used it    02/21/17  (3)
There are underground tunnels from Langley to the Mormon Temple in D.C.    02/20/17  (3)
LOL, so it was EPHEBOPHILIA that finally took Milo over the red line?    02/20/17  (3)
Mom blogs about taking her daughter to try on bras (link)    02/20/17  (3)
If Europeans are the best, why is America the best country?    02/20/17  (3)
DBG rate this Federer story    02/20/17  (3)
Gorsuch passively making hundreds of thousands per year.    02/20/17  (3)
I'm closing down my Ja Rule fansite. Just not worth it anymore    02/20/17  (2)
James Joyce I have a Facebook post for you to rate    02/20/17  (2)
Getting stretched is highly underrated (your future wife)    02/20/17  (2)
50 years from now, how will we look back on lib position re: immigration    02/20/17  (2)
Poor commit more crime because they tend to be lower IQ, right?    02/20/17  (2)
Why are there so many Indians in Boston?!?    02/20/17  (2)
CNN is not mentioned Trump's clarification...just harping on NOTHING HAPPENED    02/20/17  (2)
Barack putting his phone on silent after Michelle texts another Craigslist job    02/20/17  (2)
7 year-old girls pole dancing in booty shorts    02/20/17  (2)
"HIV-negative, but it won't last past black october."    02/20/17  (1)
Lawrence O'Donnell was linked to KERRY WASHINGTON and Tamron Hall    02/20/17  (1)
Litter all you want, crows will pick it up and put it in the trash (gif)    02/20/17  (1)
Are VPNs safe or can they steal your bank login etc    02/20/17  (1)
There is a twitter account that only posts pics of Serena Williams eating banana    02/20/17  (1)
Am I supposed to tip if I call front desk and ask for towels?    02/20/17  (1)
Milo is a fake conservative    02/20/17  (1)