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Anyone here quit a legal career?    05/25/17  (63)
Is Aziz Ansari attractive or ugly for an Indian dude?    05/25/17  (45)
has anyone here actually withdrawn 500k+ from one of these coinfraud sites?    05/25/17  (30)
1000% certain cryto-currencies will one day be illegal    05/25/17  (26)
barbri torts day 180    05/25/17  (23)
best place to attend barbri lectures?    05/25/17  (21)
Rate these salaries for elected officials in Orange County, CA    05/25/17  (19)
Anyone here use robinhood to trade stocks?    05/25/17  (13)
law girl in class has worn same bright patterned yoga pants all week    05/25/17  (11)
PSA: learn linux and you can cop any chill 100k computer job    05/25/17  (11)
Big-tittied HS senior may not graduate because she wore a shirt showing too much    05/25/17  (9)
Have you heard of any libs complaining about INTELLIGENCE PRIVILEGE?    05/25/17  (9)
gods must be crazy is a 180 movie    05/24/17  (8)
Gen-x uniform is a polar fleece vest, bootcut jeans, and Oakley sunglasses    05/25/17  (7)
Mexicans use fake Social Security Numbers yet FeD government doesn't do squat    05/25/17  (6)
Would u rent to a tenant who foreclosed on his home in 2011?    05/25/17  (6)
Most wealthy people started off as sales reps    05/24/17  (6)
what do you do in a clerkship    05/25/17  (5)
Any of you have any good public comments for Bears Ears?    05/25/17  (5)
Do u realize how easy it was to make $$$ from the mortgage industry???    05/24/17  (5)
Finished watching Master of None; LOL at the NOWIG wet dream    05/25/17  (4)
What's with normal white american bros becoming jihad terrorists?    05/25/17  (4)
BOOM has been MIA for a while, did he maek it or what?    05/25/17  (4)
Was at lunch, saw HS girl in tight white jeans with a period blood stain (pic)    05/25/17  (4)
Val Kilmer looks great. Doesn't look a day over 75.    05/25/17  (4)
Conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud    05/25/17  (4)
My uncle is at Taft Correctional Institution for mortgage fraud    05/24/17  (4)
You obviously love anti-semitism    05/25/17  (3)
Gangster Party Line    05/25/17  (3)
f14 tomcat    05/25/17  (2)
Do these escort companies exist in SF/LA like they do in London/NYC?    05/25/17  (2)
Retired Delta Force Chad runs over crowd of Jew protesters with muscle car (link    05/25/17  (1)
how hard to cop a good QOL, relativity high paying in house tech jerb in west?    05/25/17  (1)
A "McDouble" costs 2.49 now what is the point? Ljl at this inflation    05/25/17  (1)
I don't care about solving other people's problems    05/25/17  (1)
Sim glitch: Mitch Romney    05/25/17  (1)
doobs please explain intentional infliction of emotional distress    05/25/17  (1)
REALTALK: no matter how decident the food, nothing beats a MF'int Fruit Roll Up    05/24/17  (1)
Easy money - Amazon and Google will DEFINITELY break 1000    05/24/17  (1)