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Fiveten is back tonight, drunk, and taking questions    04/27/17  (53)
Why is Drake so popular?    04/27/17  (47)
Protester arrested for wearing a mask at Berkeley    04/27/17  (39)
Harrison Barnes Rolls Out Another Bizarre Rant    04/27/17  (33)
imagine if dems dropped the SJW and identity politics    04/26/17  (25)
Real talk, Jews are literally destroying America    04/27/17  (24)
Rate this cute Blonde Stanford undergrad that was "raped"    04/27/17  (24)
Was on an east coast college campus today. Almost every chick was fat.    04/27/17  (19)
"Native Americans used every part of the Buffalo" = bullshit flame    04/27/17  (17)
Hypo: $100k to fly coast to coast in a Cessna with an MD    04/27/17  (15)
Thinking about taking helicopter lessons. Can get commercial license for 35k    04/26/17  (15)
All these ESPN retards "bought in" to the ESPN lifestyle. Still got canned with    04/27/17  (12)
Does anyone here who makes a decent wage give a shit about this "ETH" crap    04/27/17  (9)
People that constantly complain about the NYC Subways...    04/27/17  (9)
Tinder date ordered "dogs of corn" at dinner    04/27/17  (9)
holy shit CONLAW just FUCKED MY ASS    04/27/17  (8)
Guy at work just won the lottery. Don't understand why he is still here    04/27/17  (7)
GULC professor ROBBED A BANK and you idiots worry about DWIs for bar.    04/27/17  (7)
What if income inequality gets so bad a group of Jews owns 99% of the wealth?    04/27/17  (6)
Innocence Project Jewess dropping off black murderer in your neighborhood    04/27/17  (6)
Vaguely remember Harvard investing in forests in 2004.    04/27/17  (6)
Yale grad students on strike for unionization    04/27/17  (6)
Middle Eastern guy demands equal rights for white people    04/27/17  (5)
prakeets are suprisingly smart    04/27/17  (5)
evan39 the (((doctor))) won't refill presciption unless I come in    04/27/17  (5)
is this berkeley thing happening or what?    04/27/17  (5)
Tom Emanski's center fielder could throw the ball into a garbage can at home pla    04/27/17  (4)
ljl new health bill can't even pass House (link)    04/27/17  (3)
Is early 30's too "old" to be vandalizing cop cars?    04/27/17  (3)
oh shiit, XO astros dominating the AL    04/27/17  (3)
Russian tesla coil in Syria kills 9 rebels (link)    04/27/17  (3)
Tom Emanski blamed for ESPN layoffs    04/27/17  (3)
Went in a Chipotle the other day, there was nothing but skeletons behind the cou    04/27/17  (3)
My next cycle is going to be cheque drops + TREN + anadrol + boldenone    04/27/17  (3)
Reminder: MODAFINIL works only works if you have LOW IQ    04/27/17  (2)
So you're all just freaks obsessed with politics, "cryptocurrency" & drugs?    04/27/17  (2)
Manchester derby lads get in. Buzzing. Well chuffed. What pace from Rashford    04/27/17  (2)
Milk expiration dates are dairy farmer flame. It will last for 6 weeks+ (evan39)    04/27/17  (2)
What is this dumb shit where people put 10 concerts up on FB?    04/27/17  (2)
~~ W E A B O O ~~    04/27/17  (2)
Tom Emanski won back to back to back AAU titles    04/27/17  (2)
Laid off ESPN employees learning to code    04/26/17  (2)
PROTIP: if MODAFINIL works for you, you're literally retarded (study)    04/27/17  (1)
Can someone PM me a good source for EQUIPOISE (boldenone undecanoate)?    04/27/17  (1)
mcinnis never even showed up?    04/27/17  (1)
28 Days yet? Wonder what country ((Ivanka)) will have us bomb next    04/27/17  (1)
New Trump proposal opens up PAYE to pre-Oct 1, 2007    04/27/17  (1)
ljl DING! ETH holders...weaboo dorks gonna lose all of your money    04/27/17  (1)
ljl at the word 'weaboo'...great urban dictionary read    04/27/17  (1)