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RSF really gaped lil' TMF in that points thread lmao    05/25/18  (165)
Trump CANCELS on Kim Jong Un    05/24/18  (152)
black kid parks across two handicapped spaces, refuses cop instructions.Is Tased    05/24/18  (105)
Date lab: woman enthusiastically embraces interracial date with younger hill sta    05/24/18  (99)
Tinder forced to pull racist ad    05/24/18  (86)
Rate this Kappa Delta's tweet that has libs FUMING    05/25/18  (84)
Meeting a STEM PhD chick tomorrow night (CharlesXII)    05/25/18  (74)
Petition to join Chandler and kennys firm    05/25/18  (67)
ROLAND GARROS DRAW CEREMONY LIVE (VID) #tennis    05/24/18  (57)
Colleges Bend the Rules for "Disabled" Students, Give Them Extra Help    05/25/18  (55)
Kim Jong Un: no worries, how about next week? Haha    05/24/18  (51)
Stats and analytics really have ruined baseball    05/25/18  (48)
WSJ tears down ESPN's drift to politics in lengthy expose    05/25/18  (48)
Parentmos: what cartoons do you let your kids watch?    05/24/18  (45)
San Fran is a terrible city. Lol @ anyone living here    05/25/18  (45)
Remember when law students were so excited/impressed by law review?    05/24/18  (42)
DTP taking questions here on death and mortality (5/24/2018)    05/24/18  (39)
Well I moved back to Minnesota    05/25/18  (37)
dems are gambling everything on 2/3 of Senate voting to remove Trump?    05/24/18  (37)
Wife made me watch "A Handmaids Tale". A Poasters would fit right in    05/24/18  (37)
nonwhites gloating to whites 'your grandchildren WILL be brown' = not racist    05/25/18  (36)
This graph proves Jews are forever done here.    05/24/18  (36)
white women are literally saying: 'we don't care about survival of race/West'    05/25/18  (35)
Remember when everyone was MAF when Netflix raised prices for DVD rentals?    05/24/18  (33)
S/O: What crimes would you turn a family member in for?    05/25/18  (31)
insight into the toxic soyboy libcuck "mind":    05/25/18  (31)
Hi wagecucks. Do me a favor and google DJ Pauly D's net worth.    05/24/18  (31)
"This is my rock bottom" as she reluctantly chooses you over being alone forever    05/24/18  (30)
North Korea talks off... hows that nobel peace prize looking?    05/24/18  (30)
HYPO: You become famous. Would any women in your past accuse you of sexual    05/25/18  (29)
Here's what bothers me about libs harassing that lawyer:    05/24/18  (28)
Latest vid from lil tay, MSM embarrassed to discuss her, literally    05/24/18  (28)
RATE these pictures from a Florida Supreme Court opinion    05/25/18  (27)
This NBA game is entertaining    05/24/18  (27)
Hypo: Billionaire buys all public gun manufacturers    05/24/18  (27)
More Elon Musk SHITTING on journalists (link)    05/25/18  (25)
Cut all ties with my brother 3 months ago and have never felt better    05/25/18  (25)
Self-employment should entitle you to free healthcare    05/24/18  (25)
Shitlawyer cops $1 Billion verdict with single victim; no punitives    05/24/18  (25)
Weird to see libs cheering cancellation of a peace summit    05/24/18  (25)
Liberals trying to murder Schlossbergs staff    05/25/18  (24)
Auschwitz pop quiz time: in what part of camp was Elie Wiesel when liberated?    05/25/18  (24)
why are enchiladas on menus anyway    05/24/18  (23)
Pick one for ug: Hopkins, Rice, Vanderbilt, WUSTL, Emory, Carnegie Mellon    05/24/18  (23)
pick one for ug: UVA, Georgetown, UMich, BC, ND, Cornell    05/24/18  (23)
Not normally into 9 year olds, but I'd fuck the shit out of Lil Tay.    05/24/18  (23)
What happened at UVA law last month?    05/24/18  (23)
Team RSF vs Team CharlesXII    05/24/18  (23)
Mia Farrow gets taken down in epic screed by one of her 60 kids    05/24/18  (23)
If I haven't done acid by age 30, is it worth doing it?    05/24/18  (22)