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Bros China is EVERYWHERE in Africa, WTF are we doing about it?    01/15/19  (89)
New Amex Gold is 180!    01/15/19  (83)
Ocasio destroys Scott Walker.    01/15/19  (75)
US has spent $4.9 trillion on Iraq and Afghanistan    01/15/19  (63)
BREAKING: May's Brexit Voted Down, 202-432    01/15/19  (60)
Blacks really showed their true colors when they celebrated OJ acquittal.    01/15/19  (60)
Why is Georgetown not higher ranked (ug and ls)?    01/15/19  (56)
CSLG just got me $10K for 1.5 year old case w/ no medical bills    01/15/19  (55)
ITT: COUNTERINTUITIVE Cheapo Moves That Goyim Do, But Jews Don't Do    01/15/19  (54)
MSNBC says Bernie is canceled.    01/15/19  (53)
rate this girl demonstrating proper squat form    01/15/19  (51)
Let’s put the lib Russian story line together    01/15/19  (49)
Bros making north of $300k congregate ITT    01/15/19  (46)
for an avg normie male, what UG is best for getting with cute girls    01/15/19  (46)
Non-Turds: How Many STATES OF INDIA Can You Name?    01/15/19  (45)
Sopranos 20 year anniversary cast interview (vid)    01/15/19  (42)
I come here for validation because I have no soul (CSLG)    01/15/19  (41)
Goyim: How Many CITIES In ISRAEL Can You Name?    01/15/19  (38)
Did your high school have a retarded kid everyone was "friends" with?    01/15/19  (38)
Manual drivers, do you ever downshift to slow your car down    01/15/19  (38)
where to escape coming race wars, destruction of western civ, AOC POTUS etc    01/15/19  (37)
Rate this white girl w a big butt SFW    01/15/19  (36)
Found out gf follows male pornstar on ig. Dealbreaker?    01/15/19  (35)
Law school now $100,000 a yr., hehe    01/15/19  (35)
"Suspender" Thongs are the new rage in female underwear    01/15/19  (35)
Updates ITT on my efforts to quit cheating on my Wife.    01/15/19  (34)
xo Jamie Dimon: Trump knows what he's doing re: shutdown    01/15/19  (30)
Brothers, should I ask out my dental hygienist?    01/15/19  (30)
One small case is reaping tons of referrals for me    01/15/19  (29)
Anybody else love biglaw?    01/15/19  (29)
3 students from same HS get perfect score on SAT (1 in million odds) guess race    01/15/19  (28)
I dated an autistic girl for a while in college and actually learned a lot    01/15/19  (28)
Whose rise to wealth is most impressive?    01/15/19  (27)
Best thing about government shutdown is only Dem voters not getting pay checks    01/15/19  (27)
Ex-DOJ leader: Trump clear and present DANGER to NATIONAL SECURITY of USA    01/15/19  (26)
Aussie TEEN forced to wear colostomy bag after ROUGH ANAL SEX    01/15/19  (26)
Someone other than nadal, djoker and fed needs to win the aussie open    01/15/19  (25)
flip flop prole what do you think of this?    01/15/19  (24)
furloughed government workers actually get BACKPAY for the days they are furloug    01/15/19  (24)
its unbelievable how horrendously bad trump is at picking admin officials    01/15/19  (24)
hypo: this girl delivers you pizza (pic)    01/15/19  (23)
Can't bend hand after dog bite & in immense pain    01/15/19  (23)
imagine being “ironside” lmao    01/15/19  (23)
Up to 2800 trophies in brawl stars    01/15/19  (23)
Tucker Carlson goes HAM on CNN and FBI Traitors    01/15/19  (23)
I am pretty repugnant.    01/15/19  (22)
Couches cost a thousand dollars    01/15/19  (22)
NYT: Trump told senior aides he wants to pull the US out of NATO    01/15/19  (21)
US News ranking of most powerful countries 1-80    01/15/19  (21)