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Report: China has tens to hundreds of thousands of Muslims in internment camps    05/19/18  (227)
Schlossberg freakout = totally understandable reaction to life in modern America    05/18/18  (220)
The half-black girl is prettier, right? RIGHT?? (Blue Smoke)    05/15/18  (184)
how do you end interviews    05/17/18  (168)
The problem with Meghan is that Harry could have done 10x better.    05/20/18  (155)
Would you let your kids fly biz with you?    05/15/18  (146)
How do we stop these school shootings?    05/19/18  (145)
Things that are both prestigious and prole    05/21/18  (139)
Pro golfer's wife arrested for "attacking" him, calling him pussy for losing    05/17/18  (135)
Massive Mexican protest outside Aaron Schlossberg condo    05/20/18  (133)
got a date in 3 hours with this Kiev chick (pic)    05/20/18  (131)
Why did incompetent Mueller indict a company that didn't exist? WLMAS???    05/15/18  (127)
Early to rise office cucks who set calls/meetings for 9 am. Lets bash these TTTs    05/16/18  (123)
Average salary of southern California cops is $176,000    05/18/18  (108)
How do so many people afford mortgages?    05/17/18  (107)
Aaron Schlossburg Loses His Office (not flame)    05/18/18  (106)
Wife's personality underwent a major change post marriage & baby    05/20/18  (105)
The Palestinian dead baby makes me so upset    05/17/18  (104)
What became of the biggest chad at your HS?    05/21/18  (99)
What are libs actually unhappy about re: Trump's POTUSy to this point?    05/17/18  (99)
rofl MoviePass pays FACE TICKET VALUE for every movie you see    05/18/18  (98)
JFC LOL @ how awful China (especially Beijing) is    05/17/18  (96)
The Texas high school shooter was another MAF incel    05/21/18  (94)
When the Mueller probe finds no collusion, how will the goalposts move?    05/20/18  (94)
Bros, the CHILLIPPINES are 180 and you should all consider going    05/16/18  (94)
ITT: Post pics of your ideal instagram slut and i'll rate your T level    05/17/18  (93)
Bort Jews: why so defensive of Israel?    05/19/18  (92)
Improved exercise + diet in part to motivate wife - now in best shape of my life    05/18/18  (92)
I try to leave a nice parking note and look what happens    05/18/18  (92)
Brother in-law facing pound me in the ass prison    05/16/18  (91)
I finally feel like a loser. I am 26yo. No career. No gf. Live w parents.    05/19/18  (90)
So biglaw guarantees a 30 year old $350,000 year and it's bad?    05/21/18  (89)
kaspar hauser    05/15/18  (86)
How damaging is a DUI/DWI on background check for most jobs?    05/20/18  (86)
Now that Bluesmoke is old she thinks it's "weird" for women to date 5+ yrs older    05/20/18  (84)
"cock carousel" mentioned in New Yorker. That's an xo thing, right?    05/17/18  (83)
TCTP here. Got fired from job today.    05/19/18  (82)
Jordan Peterson fucking GAPED by NYT    05/18/18  (80)
Learned to waltz at a church dance tonight (CharlesXII)    05/21/18  (79)
Anyone else tired of beckersteds aw shucks Im just humble catholic rican sht    05/20/18  (75)
Odd case: school shootings happen disproportionately in red states    05/18/18  (75)
so many men get fucked by Title IX that you'll never hear of    05/19/18  (75)
Spoke with a 29 year old yesterday. Said she would be ecstatic for a 60K salary    05/16/18  (75)
Science: classical music is toxic to blacks    05/21/18  (73)
Took some creepshots of girl across the alley (pics)    05/19/18  (73)
the conflict in palestine is the new spanish civil war    05/18/18  (73)
***RSF end of ASIA trip thread***    05/18/18  (72)
Beaners Are Far Worse Than Nigs    05/17/18  (72)
Taking ?s on what Bluesmoke is like IRL. No outable details. Go!    05/18/18  (71)
LJL at xo posters tryna handle this WOC waitress (pic)    05/16/18  (71)
1990s HS girls wearing those silky Umbro soccer shorts    05/19/18  (70)
Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton    05/15/18  (68)
HiffPo: Affirmative Action benefits everyone, including Asian Americans (link)    05/16/18  (64)
Protip for men: NEVER marry a materialistic or status hungry woman.    05/19/18  (63)
The Atlantic hit piece on all of us with crushing student loan debt!    05/18/18  (63)
Midtown Trump Supporter goes on tirade against Spanish cafe workers (video)    05/17/18  (63)
All things aside, Dartmouth would probably be the best Ivy to attend    05/20/18  (62)
ITT: list prole / MC activities and values you'll happily never outgrow    05/18/18  (61)
Let's not sugarcoat this. What Obama/Hillary did is 100x worse than Watergate.    05/20/18  (61)
we live in a basically Soviet society now    05/19/18  (61)
Great article on Argentina and how it was ruined by Third World immigration    05/16/18  (61)
Has anyone here tried bear? Smells so nasty    05/14/18  (61)
If XO ever 'leaked' IRL, they *would* write about it in all popular press, story    05/21/18  (60)
Get married at 35 to 28 year old. You'll be fine.    05/20/18  (59)
At age 36, can Princess Markle even bear children?    05/20/18  (59)
JIM_KELLY: Mid-May 2018 Update?    05/17/18  (59)
The modern workday has been a disaster for the human race    05/18/18  (59)
i'll say it. san diego fucking sucks.    05/17/18  (59)
So KJU was just playing Trump the whole time?    05/17/18  (59)
why is israel murdering innocent protestors    05/16/18  (59)
Does anybody know any successful Trumptards IRL?    05/21/18  (58)
Libs why is race/income inequality social illls, but sexual inequity is nbd?    05/21/18  (58)
60+ nigger teens attack white woman (video)    05/20/18  (58)
Peterman taking ?s (May 2018)    05/18/18  (58)
uncomfortable truth: War Machine treated with kid gloves on XO b/c he's black    05/18/18  (58)
Moving back to my hometown after 6 years of biglaw    05/21/18  (57)
Anyone else ever think "What the FUCK am I doing on this board????"    05/20/18  (57)
David Hogg is barely literate. No wonder he couldn't get into college    05/20/18  (57)
JFC understanding the Trump investigation requires a PhD, wtf is going on    05/20/18  (57)
Rate my new office art (CSLG)    05/20/18  (56)
I am pretty certain that I am about to get shitcanned    05/19/18  (56)
what do you know about yourself as a baby    05/18/18  (55)
things you think are 180 as a kid but prole as an adult    05/19/18  (54)
Mueller concludes Trump is innocent.    05/17/18  (54)
Zdravstvuyte xo    05/20/18  (53)
Why are American police over-the-top aggressive?    05/21/18  (53)
lib carnival is so awful now i don't even need the 90s i'd go back to 2004    05/21/18  (53)
U.S. GDP is now 20 trillion, GDP per capita is around 62k    05/17/18  (53)
the risk: if Dem collusion on Trump spying is proven, Dem party dead for 30 yrs    05/20/18  (53)
Cliffs on Schlossberg? Did he really only ask someone to speak english?    05/20/18  (52)
rating monikers (not poasters) as historical leaders    05/19/18  (52)
Just settled a case for $170K with a random pumo (CSLG)    05/19/18  (52)
Do many/most germans in germany still think of themselves as a superior people?    05/18/18  (52)
USC on-campus gynecologist about to get NASSARED    05/18/18  (52)
an observation about 'networking'    05/20/18  (51)
Solo being trashed in reviews.    05/17/18  (51)
Law student with $285k in debt fails bar exam for 6th time.    05/20/18  (51)
REMINDER: video of a woman who SURVIVED a Mexican cartel attack:    05/21/18  (50)
i love CA, the weather is 180 (guy in his air conditioned office on saturday)    05/18/18  (50)
Talk me out of going to vet school in my 30s    05/17/18  (50)
Refugees into US drop precipitously    05/18/18  (50)
reminder, 70% of american doctors are incompetent third world turds brought in    05/17/18  (49)
Pack of wild Dachshunds mauls Oklahoma women to DEATH    05/20/18  (49)
Bros, lately I've srsly considered killing self    05/15/18  (49)
GMAT vs. GRE vs. LSAT - people who have taken more than one, difficulty?    05/15/18  (49)
So-called "litigators" who never clerked    05/18/18  (48)
spent the last few days in Boston    05/15/18  (48)
Midlevels who "add value" by stripping every semi-colorful line from a brief    05/19/18  (47)
Chandler Kenny and Cali PLC settlements in last 30 days (CSLG)    05/20/18  (47)
Tucker: "a cog in the machine of global capitalism"    05/19/18  (47)
"bacon wrapped xanax"--who is this raging 104 IQ faggot?    05/17/18  (47)
Couldn't the internet render college useless?    05/17/18  (47)
New Thread    05/18/18  (47)
Biggest sign of lib mental illness: unqualified opposition to death penalty    05/20/18  (46)
The JJC HBS email makes me lol literally every time    05/20/18  (46)
I'm going to raise my daughter to focus solely on her looks    05/15/18  (46)
Immigration crackdown shifts to employers as audits surge (link)    05/15/18  (46)
Extremely detailed analysis on how Admiral Michael Rogers saved America    05/20/18  (45)
Danica's back! Gonna be a great month of May in Indianapolis    05/21/18  (45)
Trumpmos, if Russia attacked the US would you take up arms against the US govt?    05/16/18  (45)
Caught in a "catch 22" at my firm with inhouse counsel.    05/18/18  (45)
$100 million sent to fucking SOMALIA from welfare fraud (guess the state)    05/16/18  (45)
Why didnt you guys become electricians?    05/15/18  (45)
Paul Krugman: "We've basically crossed the line into treason now"    05/19/18  (44)
Baseballmos, how good is Ohtani's batting? Top 10 in MLB?    05/20/18  (44)
XO actually defends nutjob Aaron Schlossberg?    05/20/18  (44)
Why is everyone saying Megan Markle is black?    05/18/18  (44)
XO asians, please explain what the fuck this is Im looking at    05/17/18  (44)
Client settled with State Farm for 2K... I undid it and got 70K (CSLG)    05/16/18  (44)
IP litigator bills 3,600 hours in one year (link)    05/18/18  (43)
viral racism/bigot videos make no sense to me    05/17/18  (43)
Mueller violated federal law, could be indicted    05/18/18  (43)
Rate my diet & figure    05/18/18  (42)
Protip: Amazon REALLY Doesn't Check WTF You Return    05/20/18  (42)
Why does XO think HUG is harder to get into than HBS?    05/19/18  (42)
Currently wandering around a resort town smoking a black and mild    05/18/18  (42)
NYT 2017: only idiots think Obama spied on Trump. 2018: spying was justified (li    05/17/18  (42)
Rate this doctor itt lying about his shit declining profession    05/21/18  (41)
I am a fucking failure    05/20/18  (41)
The Jordan Peterson + Stephen Fry vs. Libs debate on free speech is up    05/20/18  (41)
Glenn Greenwald on Trump spy    05/20/18  (41)
Explain how telling people to speak English is racist    05/18/18  (41)
i have to get out of accounting. data science seems the only cr    05/19/18  (41)
So DNA contains 3 billion base pairs but life only began 3.5 billion years ago?    05/18/18  (41)
"America's Minority 'Baby Bust' is Racist"    05/16/18  (41)
Is this a perfect 10/10? (pic)    05/21/18  (40)
Incel Texas school shooter was rejected by one of the victims    05/21/18  (40)
The identity of the FBI's mole in the Trump campaign must be kept secret    05/18/18  (40)