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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
CR to forbid grandparents from seeing their grandkids?    04/03/20  (5)
Link to Doodikoff's daughter? I am looking to buy one    04/03/20  (2)
What It’s Like to Isolate With Your Girlfriend and Her Other Boyfriend    04/03/20  (65)
The number of virus Deaths is about to explode    04/03/20  (39)
anything more prole than "enjoying" things ?    04/03/20  (2)
180 that the Brits are burning down the 5G towers    04/03/20  (4)
Applied for SBA Covid19 $10K immediate loan with that website...    04/03/20  (25)
*Buys a $2 million house on $350k income*    04/03/20  (34)
LOL Trump’s hyped hospital ship only has 20 patients in NYC    04/03/20  (62)
Should allocate out of VBTLX (bonds) into VTSAX (stocks)?    04/03/20  (1)
Is this San Fran senate candidate the hottest white girl in bay area?    04/03/20  (1)
Truist Bank update on SHITLAW Protection Act Loan    04/03/20  (1)
Deadbeat “small business” losers sucking up $$ that could go to real compani    04/03/20  (1)
Doctors: Hydroxychloroquine not helping    04/03/20  (90)
If Bowling for Soup’s 1985 were released today, it would be “2001”    04/03/20  (7)
Anybody else think that Chris Cuomo testing positive is bullshit?    04/03/20  (6)
why aren't the homeless dying en mass    04/03/20  (4)
Link to Doodikoff's desk? I am looking to buy one    04/03/20  (20)
POTUS Trump destroys Schumer.    04/03/20  (10)
Try to ignore the news for now    04/03/20  (2)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/03/20  (258)
Law school c/o 2011 vs 2022-24    04/03/20  (46)
people were tuning out fake media political narratives, so they switch to Virus    04/03/20  (18)
More people have died from COVID-19 in 3 months than US combat losses in Iraq/Af    04/03/20  (19)
While we at Chase could not process your application now, a JD will open a lot o    04/03/20  (3)
they're putting up 5g towers and shit everywhere right now    04/03/20  (14)
fratty how is dallas handling the Chinese Virus?    04/03/20  (5)
Anyone else on the RNLA call right now?    04/03/20  (1)
Can I still pick my nose if I don't go outside at all?    04/03/20  (2)
Lawyers: Is Amazon Banning Me From Returns, Or Just No Courtesy Credits?    04/03/20  (28)
Anyone have the balls to hold stonks through the weekend?    04/03/20  (19)
Navy fires aircraft carrier crybaby corona captain (WSJ)    04/03/20  (35)
MELLOW 9.31 spinning tunes to appease you in isolation.    04/03/20  (1)
lots of people getting laid off right now before the weekend    04/03/20  (2)
so now there's going to be even more competition with NY waiving the bar exam    04/03/20  (13)
WaPo: "So yeah maybe this Coronavirus DID come from the Wuhan laboratory"    04/03/20  (66)
Coronavirus spread causes Munchausen Syndrome sufferers to seek new exotic disea    04/03/20  (1)
'does somebody have their cpap on? pls mute' (of counsel on conf call)    04/03/20  (26)
🚨Long-term SHORTAGES of FRUIT, VEGETABLES, possibly MEAT are coming (Reuters)    04/03/20  (56)
Corona? 5g? Or both?    04/03/20  (1)
bpm how are u contributing to ur family's finances rn?    04/03/20  (3)
It's a Very Special Christmas on 92.7 The Fear    04/03/20  (295)
Fun Legal Hypo (Coronavirus Edition) - From Talmud Law Class (Online)    04/03/20  (31)
anyone else peeing in your sink to protect yourself from corona?    04/03/20  (1)
Weird how old school shit like plaquenil, azithromycin, Bcg vaccine are cures    04/03/20  (1)
are olds shaking in their homes afraid to venture out?    04/03/20  (1)
How often do you have to dust? Shit builds up fast    04/03/20  (2)
Random Gen X guys like the "Stacy's Mom" singer dropping dead, boomers living on    04/03/20  (2)
92.7 THE FEAR shutting down broadcast due to shelter in place    04/03/20  (18)
This sign language lady behind Detroit Mayor is making shit up    04/03/20  (2)
What the fuck are Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses    04/03/20  (1)
Gavin Newsom's wife is an 8.5    04/03/20  (11)
is biopussy and boipussy the same thing?    04/03/20  (3)
Buy oil and oil co calls and retire    04/03/20  (10)
Hello Virus my old friend    04/03/20  (1)
Now New York is forcefully taking property are riots and looting about to begin?    04/03/20  (4)
Biglawyer friend is sole income earner, 2 kids, SAHW, 1MM mortgage    04/03/20  (4)
Jew from brooklyn caught hoarding over a million masks & gowns (link)    04/03/20  (12)
I really respect healthcare workers who have to deal with this shit    04/03/20  (4)
China buys 4 pages of Iowa newspaper for anti Trump advertising    04/03/20  (25)
AP exams this year will be open book, 45 minutes online lmao    04/03/20  (9)
Would you fuck Fox News's Alex Hogan?    04/03/20  (3)
What's the mortgage refi rate now?    04/03/20  (5)
JFC. Why did French deaths spike crazily in the last 2 days?    04/03/20  (2)
Remember when Pauly D had a tanning emergency??? (video)    04/03/20  (5)
finally copp wfh & it's under biopunk technocrat lockdown martial law hellscape    04/03/20  (4)
globalists have forever ruined world's biological topography to 'get trump'    04/03/20  (4)
"Oh gosh. . .we just ran outta money, sorry hehe" - SBA Loan Officer    04/03/20  (2)
“Some of us paid our own way” coughed the Boomer, seeing COVID breadlines    04/03/20  (2)
*jew cackling wafts from sky as last Purell bottle in MFH sputters empty*    04/03/20  (5)
what will the 2020s be like?    04/03/20  (29)
wife and kid are both napping: finally some peace and quiet    04/03/20  (5)
Reminder: China arrested doctors who warned about SARS like virus in Dec    04/03/20  (3)
Lol South Asians might escape this carnage    04/03/20  (2)
wifi bluetooth 5G constantly pulsating thru ur soft tissue organs    04/03/20  (3)
WilmerHale PE Partner identifying the real heroes in this crisis.    04/03/20  (16)
When is Kim Wexler going to finally stand up to Jimmy?    04/03/20  (8)
Trump announces Jared Kushner as head of Martial Law Task Force    04/03/20  (1)
These otters pull a gangbanger on this orangutan (not flame)    04/03/20  (2)
Should I buy the Airbnb dip?    04/03/20  (2)
Meetup.com stock down an unbelievable 93%    04/03/20  (10)
Goodbye, Los Angeles - Covid-19 running wild in skid row    04/03/20  (6)
worst part of this fraudvirus is politics threads transformed into virus threads    04/03/20  (4)
underlying stress these days is 120    04/03/20  (25)
Thinking of buying USO tomorrow. Good idea?    04/03/20  (8)
Trump: highly credible source informs me water is turning the frogs gay. Sad!    04/03/20  (6)
Up To 30% Of All Mortgages Will Default In "Biggest Wave Of Delinquencies In His    04/03/20  (54)
Lib idiocy and insanity is reaching highest-ever levels    04/03/20  (2)
Texas casually joining OPEC this week nbd    04/03/20  (12)
Xo predicted that chandler and Cslg would split off from kenny and they did? 180    04/03/20  (10)
This pandemic is a shitshow and needs to stop    04/03/20  (6)
Tell me what's going on in the minds of 1Ls and 2Ls looking forward to summer    04/03/20  (30)
Lmao, travel insurance isn’t even paying out (link)    04/03/20  (2)
Fauci was against Hydrochloroquine, against people wearing masks    04/03/20  (57)
NO ONE HA$ "DIED" FROM ANY "VIRU$"=FAKE NEW$    04/03/20  (5)
How much new capital has everyone put into stocks    04/03/20  (3)
Brazil POTUS: COVID-19 is nbd, just another measly cold (link)    04/03/20  (1)
Explain under 40 y/os who are scared of the virus.    04/03/20  (8)
People over 60 should be forced to stay home 24/7    04/03/20  (10)
Chandler is a total piece of shit    04/03/20  (1)
Can somebody copy & paste this WSJ article pls?    04/03/20  (3)
She Survived The Holocaust, But Couldn’t Survive Covid. 54 yo Rachel Goldstein    04/03/20  (9)
People are getting BLASTED every night; People are hooking up like RABBITS    04/03/20  (5)
The former bass player for ska/punk band The Suicide Machines now a shitlawyer    04/03/20  (14)
Fancy Miami Hotel Cancels Passover Program, Refuses To Refund $2.3M Deposit    04/03/20  (64)
200k mostly from typhus    04/03/20  (1)
6,000 Americans have already died and it's not slowing, it's getting worse    04/03/20  (48)
put on some system of a down, it's like looking through the matrix    04/03/20  (1)
life is really miserable when dealing with back pain all the time lmao    04/03/20  (11)
COVID-19 "invariably fatal" to patients with pre-existing back pain.    04/03/20  (1)
Is it odd that Trumpmos think Trump is a good source of medical advice?    04/03/20  (80)
Anyone notice that Askav has done nothing to stop Coronavirus spread?    04/03/20  (11)
"Here to discuss Biden's nepotism are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Welcome to    04/03/20  (4)
NYC is full of short, balding men with pot bellies and narrow shoulders    04/03/20  (3)
Iverson: "We talkin' bout virus?"    04/03/20  (1)
Man refuses to be tested for #COVID19Pandemic and fights hospital staff    04/03/20  (3)
Causality between vitamin D levels and Covid 19 prognosis (link)    04/03/20  (11)
chill fratty bros who bang sluts ain't even tryna give a fuck about a virus    04/03/20  (2)
NY State to not flame push for brevet lawyers    04/03/20  (14)
Someone gifted me an Aeropress    04/03/20  (6)
Why is Rudolph being *such* a fag about the gay FraudVirus?    04/03/20  (9)
Corona beer stops production    04/03/20  (3)
Firm is calling a partner meeting next week (Zurich)    04/03/20  (38)
Final Countdown music: "It's the gay fraud virus" duna nun dun, duna nun dun dun    04/03/20  (1)
People in the park literally yelled at my kids    04/03/20  (39)
luis do u like sublime    04/03/20  (9)
Okay, so who made up this virus in a basement somewhere?    04/03/20  (1)
WHO: Huawei CFO needed to fight Coronavirus.    04/03/20  (2)
COVID shoots someone who jumped off a building, mid air. Is it murder?    04/03/20  (11)
CNN's Brooke Baldwin now positive for COVID-19    04/03/20  (14)
Kushner at podium flexing executive power, trumpmos cheering, going wildly    04/03/20  (2)
Brooke Baldwin cries every day on CNN now    04/03/20  (8)
Gen Alpha can be our saviors    04/03/20  (1)
Abandoned burnt out cities ringed by mass graves    04/03/20  (16)
So can we go to the small banks doing the ppp, or do we need a relationship with    04/03/20  (1)
Rat-faced Vox creature: UwU Cowonaviwus gun sawes wiww wuin amewica!    04/03/20  (6)
Are all u faggots applying for the disaster loans or just the ppp loans?    04/03/20  (1)
"--very chunky and nutriti--hi, who just joined?"    04/03/20  (8)
Client just said in London got a ticket for walking dog twice in one day.    04/03/20  (8)
we are being sodomized by repetition    04/03/20  (1)
Hehe we XO 180 XOers don't like something so we call it Fraud lmao    04/03/20  (1)
What chair do you use at home to work/poast, surf the net, etc    04/03/20  (10)
Do you think a corp transactional attorney could get ICE General Attorney?    04/03/20  (3)
Anyone else having problems getting caviar since this thing began?    04/03/20  (1)
Stay home and code    04/03/20  (1)
watched woody allen's "cafe society": ridiculous jew flame    04/03/20  (18)

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