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What is the risk of getting COVID sitting outside at a restaurant?    09/20/20  (41)
Jeff Flake urges Republicans not to hold vote    09/20/20  (18)
lmao there's an option move that's gotten a >50% return 80% of the time    09/20/20  (20)
The state that hates Jews the most has the most jews. Odd case.    09/20/20  (1)
“Panda Express” posting is the epitome of how gay and shitty xo2020 is    09/20/20  (5)
Remember shitlibs: You gave away SCOTUS for 40 years just to get tranny bathroom    09/20/20  (217)
have started asking histrionic shitlibs their favorite ginsburg opinion. ljl.    09/20/20  (1)
Civil war may be unavoidable at this point.    09/20/20  (1)
"can't spell pandas express without sex hehe" (me txting luis during my 15min br    09/20/20  (1)
does uspo work at the same panda express as Ricky    09/20/20  (10)
"No panda meat is used to make any of our dishes," uspo said to luis    09/20/20  (4)
has johnsmeyer said much about his personal life    09/20/20  (4)
*************** Peter North is ugly ****************    09/20/20  (15)
45yo single moms on ig who have onlyfans and are unabashedly pro-trump    09/20/20  (1)
Reminder: life expectancy of a woman with Type 1 Diabetes is 68    09/20/20  (3)
FLW's steadfast defense of megachink Henry Aaron shows he's really just 120    09/20/20  (6)
Henry Aaron - why exactly do you pretend to be white?    09/20/20  (7)
Crazy eyes just pooped on my tiny pink dick (CSLG)    09/20/20  (1)
oil/gas are from ancient life. luckily 3T lbs. of dinos died in 3-4 big piles.    09/20/20  (4)
'FILL *THIS* SEAT,' he lisped, spreading his ass in a NoVA Circle K men's room    09/20/20  (2)
hispanics and working whites vs blacks and sinecured whites    09/20/20  (3)
Hypo: Henry Aaron killed RBG to distract from his outing    09/20/20  (12)
Alec Baldwin (62) has had five (5) kids in the last seven (7) years    09/20/20  (18)
Kirkland NO FALL BONUS    09/20/20  (32)
Slovenians currently #1 and #2 in Tour de France. No French winner in 35 years    09/20/20  (3)
Not a poliscimo what's the actual feasibility of Dems packing the court    09/20/20  (19)
coding    09/20/20  (2)
City in the US where people are the most MAF?    09/20/20  (43)
Latest Senate polls: AZ-Dem+17, NC-Dem+11, IA-Dem+3, GA-TIE,    09/20/20  (1)
Pack the court (washington post)    09/20/20  (29)
we've only had 2 gamer justices so far: Kagan and Scalia    09/20/20  (1)
rate Jim Morrison's facial expression as he is arrested onstage in New Haven    09/20/20  (1)
The Supreme Court is only 25% Jewish rn. Yes, really.    09/20/20  (8)
Kagan reportedly “very intrigued by” Coney Barrett, invited her to WNBA watc    09/20/20  (4)
RATE this Austin house that will sell within 30 hours    09/20/20  (52)
Remember Trumpmos: You gave away SCOTUS for 40 years just to annoy establishment    09/20/20  (243)
Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son    09/20/20  (53)
So Drudge is just totally a lib now. Citing to Dem leaning articles on SCOTUS    09/20/20  (2)
Someone bump that 2016 thread about reptiles losing scotus for a generation    09/20/20  (3)
Art World Stunned After Man Eats $120,000 Banana Duct Taped To Wall    09/20/20  (9)
*fife & drum playing as Gorsuch finds 17 genders established in Constitution*    09/20/20  (7)
Went to a retarded chain restaurant then did degenerate sex shit with chink wife    09/20/20  (6)
father in law said i'm "exceedingly accomplished" (wife's translation) (CSLG)    09/20/20  (22)
Enjoy retaining 1/9th of SCOTUS, Trumpmos. You just handed Dems control of Senat    09/20/20  (17)
"I devastated him Henry" cooed VoodooChild, in nurse's uniform, gazing in mirror    09/20/20  (53)
the dead look in libs' eyes as Trump appoints his 4th SCOTUS justice    09/20/20  (61)
Watched Kindergarten Cop with kid. This might be the perfect 180 family movie    09/20/20  (9)
ASU demands hottie apologize for bashing Jacob Blake, she refuses, they fire her    09/20/20  (15)
Will suburban women really connect with 9-kid uber-Catholic pretty ACB?    09/20/20  (18)
ITT I rate you as a fast food chain    09/20/20  (74)
How do you move into non-first floor apartment?    09/20/20  (23)
Voodoo Child isnt afraid to battle with board retards like Rudolph and MDH    09/20/20  (19)
Mike Fart = MyPillow Guy (theory)    09/20/20  (6)
"Art snobs" laughing at stapled banana: "look at this worthless garbage"    09/20/20  (4)
Wow, Henry Aaron/Voodoo Child really went crazy after his outing    09/20/20  (7)
so 'conservative' SC just means pro-gay/mulituclti corporatism    09/20/20  (6)
waking up in a Panda Express tp    09/20/20  (2)
Guggenheim displays $150k taped banana to wall    09/20/20  (1)
Did I fuck up with this dating app match?    09/20/20  (22)
How is spaceporn like Tottenham Hotspur?    09/20/20  (1)
🚨🚨 BREYER CHECKED INTO MT SINAII 9/20 🚨🚨    09/20/20  (7)
Picking up GF at Dulles, just saw ACB and family get into 2 SUVs    09/20/20  (1)
Is every veteran basically deaf?    09/20/20  (1)
"And that's how I outlasted Sonic Youth," said MDH to his imaginary grandkids    09/20/20  (8)
Went to masked speed date, got more men's #s because mask hid pocks (Henry Aaron    09/20/20  (2)
Today's polls: Biden +9 MN, +2 FL, -1 GA, -2 TX    09/20/20  (1)
Rudolph crying, "it must be take a worm for a walk day!"    09/20/20  (1)
I will probably be one of the top earning lawyers in CA this year (CSLG)    09/20/20  (25)
pic of Kavanaugh's all-female clerk class partying w/ Amy Barret's Hatian kids    09/20/20  (1)
Dem bombshell: Thapar DM’d “vrry butiful, show bob?” to ACB    09/20/20  (1)
UAE gives Israel a military base on Yemen's Socrota island    09/20/20  (16)
Went to a masked, socially distanced speed dating event a weeks ago    09/20/20  (3)
FLW another gookbot taking the moniker of a white professional.    09/20/20  (8)
What will America look like if SCOTUS is Roberts, Kagan and 7 Trump picks?    09/20/20  (4)
Petition to ban MDH for threatening to out other posters    09/20/20  (35)
Stephen Breyer asking rambling, endless balancing test questions to RBG in hell    09/20/20  (1)
MDH's XO posting career: 2005-2020    09/20/20  (6)
Mimosas slowly disappearing from photographs across the country    09/20/20  (5)
We are entering the post-MDH era on XO    09/20/20  (18)
So Rudolph is that weird quotemo using "pock mark" as an insult?    09/20/20  (15)
Rudolph do you ever wear your "purple heart" to synagogue?    09/20/20  (1)
Dipping my choice ribeye steak into a ramekin of ranch. Fuck libs    09/20/20  (10)
180. Henry Aaron revealing all his alts by opining on his outing threads.    09/20/20  (23)
James Bond will return to battle The Proud Boys in 'Never Say N*gger Again'    09/20/20  (9)
remember how xo's entire argument hinged on him being a nurse    09/20/20  (1)
Hen Lee Allen and Teddy Huang, dynamic Sonic Youth/Henry Aaron duo    09/20/20  (1)
Tom Hardy reportedly cast as next James Bond    09/20/20  (23)
Game 2 of Eastern Conference Finals sinks to 17-year low    09/20/20  (4)
When MDH is banned from XO, will he kill himself?    09/20/20  (1)
Voodoo Child you dick fuck stop posting here or you'll be outed more    09/20/20  (21)
Brown University ranked #5 in the rankings that matter most!!!!!    09/20/20  (52)
why didn't italy develop their own notion of a christ    09/20/20  (2)
Rudolph is the most mentally ill poster in xo history and it's not close    09/20/20  (27)
Anyone watch the Challenger doc on Netflix? They fucking knew it would explode    09/20/20  (48)
trump should just remove the vacant scotus seat all together    09/20/20  (6)
Henry Aaron, please tell us how you got such huge pock marks    09/20/20  (2)
So MDH just flails his arms, calls all his enemies gook and turdskin?    09/20/20  (15)
told prole guy that soaking his cell phone in 'apple cider vinegar' would fix it    09/20/20  (2)
Do you ever answer another attys question he posts on a listserve    09/20/20  (2)
honorary jewish person tp    09/20/20  (1)
Henry Aaron: Masks = important to stop disease transmission and hide pock marks    09/20/20  (1)
Not a doctor but "MDH" posts like he received a massive head injury    09/20/20  (3)
Jeff Flake’s son caught using “N1ggerKiller” as his gamer handle for video    09/20/20  (2)
Henry Aaron - as a pock marked asian in medical profession, do u wear a mask?    09/20/20  (1)
MDH undefeated against XOXO Azn trash. Sonic Youth, Bull Connor, Henry    09/20/20  (2)
LOL, Henry Aaron going crazy bumping threads after outing    09/20/20  (1)
Jesus, the RBG Deathbed Wish Law.    09/20/20  (7)
white girl who bid $500k on Biggie Smalls 'crown' pays tearful tribute to RBG    09/20/20  (1)
racial animus towards a successful doctor tp    09/20/20  (2)
Henry Aaron is an ugly asian man with pock marks allover his face????    09/20/20  (26)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    09/20/20  (48)
Is AI a good career field to look into    09/20/20  (4)
should i try panda express?    09/20/20  (4)
Just put $5k on 49ers -6.5 against the Jets. You have been warned. On a 3 game    09/20/20  (2)
Haven't had a haircut since March.    09/20/20  (2)
Putin allocates $5 billion for self driving car research    09/20/20  (1)
Amy Barrett leaving 'napkin note' in adopted kid's lunchbox, it reads: 'Nigger.'    09/20/20  (29)
MDH you know this ends with you being googlebombed, right?    09/20/20  (29)
Make 2x more than the CEO of my wifes international 11000 person company (CSLG)    09/20/20  (10)
Voodoo Child outs guy he wants to ban for outing?? Dignity, Kindness, and Respec    09/20/20  (1)
dogma tp    09/20/20  (1)
How hot of a femboy would Ben Shapiro be if u started slipping him estrogen pill    09/20/20  (8)
Get in here to do SEXUAL PRIVACY HYPO thought experiment    09/20/20  (35)
whoever keeps screenshoting Henry Aaron posts. You are a 180 dude.    09/20/20  (3)
Why is Henry Aaron currently outing a poster??    09/20/20  (1)
Mario 64 has aged HORRIBLY    09/20/20  (41)
Just fasted for 3 days and jogged shirtless, got whistled at.    09/20/20  (18)
"MDH ur done here on xo!!!!" Henry Aaron huffed as his Medical License revoked.    09/20/20  (1)
Oh shit, if you search Henry Aaron on twitter right now!!!    09/20/20  (2)
Henry, please remember to have Dignity, Kindness, and Respect for others    09/20/20  (3)
someone is linking screenshots of all Henry Aaron's racist posts here    09/20/20  (1)
ah dignirty lespect kirdness i from usa i henry aaron not gookface    09/20/20  (1)
American Alex Jones to be the next James Bond (DM)    09/20/20  (1)
Thus guy is obviously relieved his son died    09/20/20  (14)
spaceporn, MDH, dbg, how does this place attract so many pedos    09/20/20  (8)
The board pedohpiles are all seething at Henry Aaron right now    09/20/20  (1)
Wife told me she shat her pants at same time kid was kicking my balls    09/20/20  (7)
Went out for a little vaping sesh, can't find my kid at the bar anymore    09/20/20  (7)
Dignity, Kindness, and Respect for others. Dignity, Kindness, and Respect for o    09/20/20  (2)
Max IQ to believe Henry Aaron was outed? 85?    09/20/20  (6)
peter north playing flute as water moccasins bite his parents in plano shithole    09/20/20  (3)
Breaking point: Jacobin goes Sweden/MAGA on covid-19 🦠    09/20/20  (39)
hypo: what would happen if medical board saw Henry Aaron's posts here?    09/20/20  (2)
Ginsburg must be relieved as fuck that she can retire now    09/20/20  (34)
MDH saying "well hello" in Mrs. Doubtfire voice as he re-starts Cuties again    09/20/20  (10)
Reminder: the Dems nominated the Senator from MBNA to be president    09/20/20  (28)
Mumbai Indians to change their name to Mumbai Cricket Team    09/20/20  (2)
Why would you appoint a failed senate candidate to an open seat and then run her    09/20/20  (2)
Call the fbi gook henry aaron/voodoo child killed RBG. Holy shit    09/20/20  (2)

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