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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
honestly being around all these micks has given me a potato face    09/24/20  (1)
Upset Jew is on fire lately. posts are unmitigated 180's every time.    09/24/20  (28)
Lockdown made me grateful to not have wife/kids    09/24/20  (67)
The Irish Soul    09/24/20  (1)
fucking your cute 26-year-old therapist in closed door sessions    09/24/20  (4)
but sexual relationships between humans and chimps are common in the region.    09/24/20  (7)
benzo my barber fucked up my hair    09/24/20  (10)
Rate this video from MFH on 9/12/2001    09/24/20  (10)
🚨🚨🚨ONLY 48 HOURS TIL SCOTUS PICK ANNOUNCED🚨🚨🚨    09/24/20  (1)
calendar of Biden calling a lid before noon. lol.    09/24/20  (8)
just being gay and shit    09/24/20  (6)
Chad Chaddington Chadwick, IV J.D.    09/24/20  (5)
Jews in the City (HBO Prime)    09/24/20  (3)
Frog and Toad run over faggy lib protesters with bicycles while Roman saluting    09/24/20  (2)
Kristi Noem destroys bedwetters    09/24/20  (7)
lmao. Boulder County, Co. prohibits gatherings of any size for 18-22 y/os    09/24/20  (9)
37 year old professional meekly handing mcdonalds worker his phone to scan coupo    09/24/20  (14)
in all seriousness i wish i could live 1,000,000 years    09/24/20  (13)
i make dating profiles just to sqipe right on myself    09/24/20  (1)
Kid in background of Zoom call: "MOMMY WHAT'S POLYAMO-" *call shuts off*    09/24/20  (2)
Mad About Marxism (NBC)    09/24/20  (1)
There is a whole porn genre where shitlib women eagerly fuck trumpmos    09/24/20  (10)
havent made a good thread in years    09/24/20  (12)
Must be weird when black guys named Tom have nieces/nephews    09/24/20  (7)
MAF irishmen lmao    09/24/20  (3)
It's clear whites hold back blacks because look how successful black nations are    09/24/20  (15)
(1) (((2)))    09/24/20  (4)
my only solice is knowing i will not have to compete for work w the next generat    09/24/20  (4)
(1)    09/24/20  (5)
No you don't understand, I'm a STUDIOUS racist. I read racism books!    09/24/20  (8)
Anyone able to buy an RTX 3090?    09/24/20  (18)
foppish mercian dandies    09/24/20  (4)
Racism has cost us 16 trillion dollars since 2000 (Citigroup)    09/24/20  (18)
Man found dead in car had 1,200 guns, 6.5 tons of ammo, amphibious SUV    09/24/20  (25)
told prole guy that soaking his cell phone in 'apple cider vinegar' would fix it    09/24/20  (4)
quit smoking a month ago    09/24/20  (5)
HTH: We're all free-falling. Hold onto your screen.    09/24/20  (1)
The Death Of Justice RGB Pushed Me To Join The Satanic Temple (nyt)    09/24/20  (10)
Stalin tp should do that "take a whole bottle of strong pills" thing    09/24/20  (1)
anyone here ever go to law school    09/24/20  (6)
apparently r/childfree is having a meltdown over RBG    09/24/20  (98)
Sophie Trudeau gave covid to Idris Elba but not her husband?    09/24/20  (1)
anyone here ever go to part time law school    09/24/20  (2)
Today's goal: watch all four predator movies    09/24/20  (10)
Tight | Indian | Pussy    09/24/20  (3)
"Tucker Carlson? Great show" the Lasik patient said to Charles XII in Blackface    09/24/20  (2)
White male/Indian female    09/24/20  (17)
Wonder what Charles XII is up to now    09/24/20  (1)
uncle thomas sowell    09/24/20  (4)
Why dont the bad guys just stand back and shoot the hero in the face?    09/24/20  (1)
More number paper makes suit men happy    09/24/20  (9)
"i'm also restoring a vintage car." michael scott: "ok, so one sikh."    09/24/20  (1)
Nevertheless I’ll persist...in asking you out haha    09/24/20  (14)
In VC, taking Questions    09/24/20  (170)
Hypo: For 100k, Donald Trump will suck upon your erection for 10 minutes w/ eye    09/24/20  (15)
women need to stop watching so much pornography    09/24/20  (1)
GRINDR fails to remove "race" filter after pledging to, Minority gays ballistic    09/24/20  (7)
Seattle cop runs over protester REEEEMIIXXXX    09/24/20  (2)
Hillary Clinton: "You know, I met many gay men. I used to walk in the woods so I    09/24/20  (1)
BBC-loving pornstar jessa rhodes comes out for Donald J Trump    09/24/20  (3)
link: c12 now a jet black congo lasik surgeon    09/24/20  (1)
one of the most infuriating parts of riots imo is the blocking of cars (link)    09/24/20  (33)
"i know :( she was a legit super hero... hike this weekend, in her honor? :)"    09/24/20  (25)
'I wanted my son's cock to be a pussy...' *audience cheers*    09/24/20  (4)
Elon Musk is the best current method actor on Earth    09/24/20  (2)
(link nsfw) Girl discovers injured wolf in Oregon preserve, fucks him to health    09/24/20  (3)
Why do scientists say genome mapping proved no separate races?    09/24/20  (37)
pretty insane how openly and brazenly shitlib drudge is now    09/24/20  (5)
"but six million, come on...who just joined?" "It's Fiveish! I have to report th    09/24/20  (2)
Check out this trailer for the new IFNB TV show coming out on Netflix    09/24/20  (3)
"I think we MAGA. Make a good arrangement! Haha. Tapas Friday?"    09/24/20  (1)
Earth is an old moon of Saturn    09/24/20  (6)
180 source on virus and climate fraud    09/24/20  (1)
SHOCK POLL: Biden +1 in Alabama    09/24/20  (9)
pack up that “N” key because we’re heading to computertown    09/24/20  (4)
Trump tweeting about another Biden “full lid”    09/24/20  (2)
Israel busted with spy devices all over the White House    09/24/20  (68)
Trump= Marius / Terrified of the Coming Shitlib Sulla    09/24/20  (3)
So much this    09/24/20  (1)
Crypto is mooning. LOL if you didn't buy    09/24/20  (9)
Are CSLG and his wife interlinked super close?    09/24/20  (6)
gonna trash entire life start over    09/24/20  (3)
libs need to chill: Roe and right to abortion will never get overturned    09/24/20  (2)
White male/Indian male (an xo love story)    09/24/20  (5)
Biden: We must continue to speak Breonna Taylors name    09/24/20  (11)
Is an MPH degree a good degree to get if you know how to CODE    09/24/20  (4)
Lawyermos - need to get out a lease. HALP    09/24/20  (40)
Bass guitar-any reason not to get a 6-string if you are considering a 5-string?    09/24/20  (9)
Canadian teenager arrested for anti-black hate speech in high school Zoom class    09/24/20  (12)
police nuke the moon, causing it to crash from orbit into Breonna Taylor's house    09/24/20  (1)
My frustration about not being able to feel luis' olive anus around my cock grow    09/24/20  (1)
180 game theory explanation of "ferry scene" in The Dark Knight    09/24/20  (21)
What kind of dumbass is a catholic    09/24/20  (14)
Modern-day Conservatism is an inversion of Biblical Values - r.e gays & abortion    09/24/20  (9)
So is xo just "meh" on the whole build-the-wall thing now?    09/24/20  (2)
House full of screaming kids. I made them go outside and shoot hoops w    09/24/20  (5)
😍 Feels really lucky that we have Upset Jew here! 😍    09/24/20  (1)
cky - 96 quite bitter beings playing as drugged out scumbags file into CSLG bedr    09/24/20  (1)
FBI finds mail-in ballots discarded in PA. All of them were cast for Biden!!!!    09/24/20  (16)
Upset Jew's current posting really speaks to me    09/24/20  (1)
How do I tell Crossfit girlfriend to stop squeezing my dick so hard?    09/24/20  (1)
If you joined army or became a cop you could be retiring next year    09/24/20  (16)
The Cycle of Grief: Login XO, Poast, Bump, Refresh, New Tab, Login Autoadmit    09/24/20  (1)
'we'll have the most beautiful, peaceful transfer, folks -- but we won't need it    09/24/20  (2)
New Balance 990 V5. Are these good for running and for normal gym use    09/24/20  (8)
You think they’re panicking over #RBG ? Just wait till Roberts resigns soon    09/24/20  (4)
"Maybe if I win, postal workers get a bonus. 10,000 each? Maybe. Sounds good!"    09/24/20  (2)
So Cryo Joe can only be reanimated in 90 min increments?    09/24/20  (4)
Now this is a story about Everytown, USA, where the anal sex flowed & swapping    09/24/20  (1)
vote by enema    09/24/20  (3)
Board Ashkenazim, why did you steal the identity of the Black Hebrew?    09/24/20  (6)
Computertown, Everywhere, USA    09/24/20  (15)
Archbishop Vigano: Trump preparing to fight against demonic forces of deep state    09/24/20  (1)
Now this is a story all about how my trans-son's cock got flip turned inside out    09/24/20  (1)
2020 SIM OUT OF CONTROL / BREYER IS DEAD /    09/24/20  (1)
SF will be a rogue city-state if Trump wins    09/24/20  (6)
Do dems really not remember their ACCEPT THE RESULTS screeds from 2016    09/24/20  (1)
why are the japanese so 180?    09/24/20  (8)
Wait, so "fibromyalgia" is an entirely made up disease?    09/24/20  (1)
For Those With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Covid Deals A Double Blow (NYT)    09/24/20  (5)
Kayleigh addresses the "peaceful transfer of power" question    09/24/20  (10)
Christians: "Ur a serial killer pedo rapist but u accept Christ? Heaven awaits!"    09/24/20  (19)
Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses    09/24/20  (25)
The southernmost state where you can still get a good bagel is Delaware.    09/24/20  (65)
'Shattered Glass' (2003) = 3 jews portrayed by 3 scandinavians. weird phenomenon    09/24/20  (23)
animeboi = Drake Mallard = Henry Aaron = Voodoo Child = lawman8    09/24/20  (2)
my gf is a butt slut    09/24/20  (23)
SHOCK POLL: Trump +1 in Michigan    09/24/20  (10)
Think I'd go crazy having to WFH all the time    09/24/20  (14)
So Christians can do horrible things entire lives, right b4 death accept christ,    09/24/20  (7)
Rep. Adam Schiff aide arrested with 100,000 mail-in ballots in trunk of car    09/24/20  (1)
Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind's elation    09/24/20  (1)
Condoleezza Rice tp    09/24/20  (1)
*kid raises hand during bio class* “Ms. Smith do fags get brain cum?”    09/24/20  (4)
Why isn't aging considered a disease?    09/24/20  (14)
which non Jew actor played a Jew best?    09/24/20  (41)
Wife just facesat me for like 45mins, taking Qs    09/24/20  (30)
are today's polls good or bad for DRUMPH?    09/24/20  (9)
Evidence confirms Clapton wrote Tears in Heaven months before son's death.    09/24/20  (14)
would you leave wife who had preventive double-mastectomy?    09/24/20  (9)
Will birthrates / abortions be noticeably affected by Lockdowns? Up or down?    09/24/20  (6)
If there is a civil war, are social media algorithms to blame?    09/24/20  (9)
Mike Fart fucked me and my IQ went up 7 points    09/24/20  (1)
How can Upset Jew think he is high iq or interesting?    09/24/20  (17)
The "bigger plate" at panda express is a regular plate plus an entre pint box    09/24/20  (4)
u can stand under my umbrella    09/24/20  (2)
Lemme get this straight. Cops had a warrant. Knocked. Dude inside started    09/24/20  (81)
Are Fender instruments overpriced    09/24/20  (67)

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