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Best movie soundtracks of last decade?    12/01/21  (2)
Just fucked a FOB chink. they scream when they get white cock.    12/01/21  (1)
First U.S. case of Omicron detected in California    12/01/21  (6)
real zkrollups are years away, the .eths won't tell you that    12/01/21  (16)
How can libs say that abortion is a Constitutional right?    12/01/21  (20)
California loot crews now invading private residences    12/01/21  (137)
Ancient tree protected by CA law falls on law prof/biglaw partner, instant death    12/01/21  (24)
S&P 500 has doubled in 5 years Dec 2016-Dec 2021    12/01/21  (36)
Got my booster. So when should I expect my heart attack?    12/01/21  (1)
NYUUG what happened when you met with the solana folks?    12/01/21  (9)
CSLG do you hire Christians?    12/01/21  (7)
Does she have a nice body?    12/01/21  (6)
Rate the holiday card from my pornstar intern (CSLG)    12/01/21  (21)
What are XO's thoughts on a late 20s chick dating early 20s dude?    12/01/21  (11)
Twitter bans posting photos or videos of private individuals without consent    12/01/21  (116)
Feels like there's something more to this stock crash today    12/01/21  (7)
The Curious Case of Kurt Mitman (Karlstack)    12/01/21  (4)
To unfuck America, conservatives should consider approaching foreign govts    12/01/21  (47)
Rate the incorrectness of this NYT sentence (RoE v WaDe)    12/01/21  (1)
OK for govt to force you to inject yourself with vax but not to deliver baby    12/01/21  (1)
who’s the poorest poaster?    12/01/21  (15)
World's most expensive city is Tel Aviv!    12/01/21  (3)
So libs here are all pedos and felons?    12/01/21  (3)
Getting my booster shot today    12/01/21  (86)
Any doubt that Kurt Cobain would be insufferable vocal shitlib had he lived?    12/01/21  (51)
i could've sworn Biden came in 4th in Iowa, 5th in NH why is he potus    12/01/21  (11)
Petition: Please ban the poast blanking pumo    12/01/21  (27)
rate this exchange between Fauci and reporter    12/01/21  (4)
Spaceporn poast my zip code (FLW)    12/01/21  (1)
what do you think of this guy’s asshole? (pic)    12/01/21  (1)
If you're not targeting a sexy Asian professional to fuck you're doing it wrong    12/01/21  (42)
Before killing yourself legally change your name to "Found Dead" will make for    12/01/21  (3)
honoria is the worst poster on the bort    12/01/21  (42)
Vedanshnew "Frank Lloyd Wrong" Mukherjee aka "Pleasureman" is a racist internet    12/01/21  (2)
FLW I have IDed you. Knock it off with the tormenting.    12/01/21  (5)
Why do lib women think they will have to wear old-timey pilgrim dresses if Roe v    12/01/21  (28)
Movie Titles if the movie were written by Evan39    12/01/21  (28)
Some Twitter accounts I think worth following (NSAM 57)    12/01/21  (35)
i’ve made so much money because of covid-19    12/01/21  (15)
Fewer deranged quotemos here now that Benzo is locked up    12/01/21  (4)
interesting long read on organized crime shoplifting in SF    12/01/21  (28)
Billie Eilish is a loser fraud 🤥 should he in gutter not have $ on shit drugs    12/01/21  (9)
So people know who FLW is now?    12/01/21  (82)
Fuck this place. I'm switching to Reddit. They appreciate me there and give me    12/01/21  (2)
why do female web authors write such long rape stories?    12/01/21  (4)
Odd case, Chinese media not worried about Omicron    12/01/21  (1)
2 Ofs Counsel in SCREAMING match about whether to uncapitalize 1st word in quote    12/01/21  (12)
Sotomayor actually heard a case about Sbarro (not flame)    12/01/21  (6)
$UBT, You have 2 days to get a bag    12/01/21  (106)
Last chance at buying Unibright (UBT) under $4 (OYT)    12/01/21  (3)
voodoo child & henry aaron stand rump to rump defendimg their THAFE THPACE    12/01/21  (9)
How far can they go w "far right Nazis think that" before majority of people say    12/01/21  (6)
Moderna CEO: vaccines likely less effective against omicron    12/01/21  (1)
look, ok, yeah i literally look like a clown and molest kids, but can you stop m    12/01/21  (5)
dcpoast (41 yr old shirtless guitar player) tp— who the fuck is this idiot?    12/01/21  (70)
Simply having a fraudulent Christmas time    12/01/21  (6)
Twitter CEO: we are not bound by the First Amendment    12/01/21  (106)
What will happen when the hoodrats realize they can do this to people's houses?    12/01/21  (127)
any u bros doing BIGCAROLING this christmas?    12/01/21  (2)
Good news of the day: Antifa tranny kills itself    12/01/21  (19)
Biden ‘20: Covid deaths should disqualify a President (link)    12/01/21  (1)
might get Pfizer booster, only reason I wouldn't is my hatred of smug shitlibs    12/01/21  (8)
RATE this picture I took of NYC while flying today (RSF)    12/01/21  (19)
Mississippi woman gets life for 2oz of pot during traffic stop    12/01/21  (111)
This graphic sums up everything Biden gave up to the Taliban (link)    12/01/21  (5)
Alito and Thomas are 180    12/01/21  (5)
Can't believe how many of you are religious. Some faggot in the sky? Seriously?    12/01/21  (62)
kike walked into my latin mass. priest did a spot on Johnny Cash finger impressi    12/01/21  (3)
If your're a white 😎 dude where do you find asian pussy to flock to you?    12/01/21  (22)
Square, Inc. Changes Name to Block    12/01/21  (1)
When did you realize the Constitution being a living breathing document is flame    12/01/21  (1)
Sotomayor giving DNC speeches during oral argument today was insane    12/01/21  (1)
2030 - 2050 will be insane.    12/01/21  (18)
I'm poisoned by my envy of those unburdened by true genius    12/01/21  (1)
What? OBAMA is evolving!    12/01/21  (4)
Question for board libs: How does it feel to be a lowdown piece of fucking shit?    12/01/21  (12)
do u think benzo will realize he’s retarded while he’s in jail    12/01/21  (2)
A new cheaper form is meth is wreaking havoc (Atlantic). This country is dun dun    12/01/21  (16)
any other escortmos feel guilty?    12/01/21  (33)
Employees must give 2-week notice but employers can fire whenever?    12/01/21  (9)
Why do school shootings seem to tick up whenever Dems are in power?    12/01/21  (2)
Sonia Sotomayor is vile    12/01/21  (5)
We mock whok for being a dumbshit cumslut, but for an abo, he's pretty bright    12/01/21  (16)
Parag Agrawal’s wife is hella prestigious    12/01/21  (41)
Protip: VUDU has superior picture/sound to every other video streaming service    12/01/21  (1)
How the fuck do people keep track of bort drama and who's who?    12/01/21  (3)
Rate this Michael Burry tweet re: Rittenhero    12/01/21  (1)
Cathie Wood just destroyed Michael Burry    12/01/21  (41)
who’s the most genderfluid poaster?    12/01/21  (4)
Looks like “winter vagina” is another vaccine side effect (link)    12/01/21  (11)
only patent/IP litigators are the cr litigators hth    12/01/21  (3)
"Buttcoin? You mean bitcoin?" *beady eyes narrow*    12/01/21  (28)
Would you quit your job if you had $10 million saved up?    12/01/21  (100)
They HATE testing you for covid antibodies. Too many people have them.    12/01/21  (10)
Biden says no lockdowns for Omicron    12/01/21  (7)
ARKK to change ticker to LOL    12/01/21  (19)
U: buy ARKK at 144. ARKK: im just not a sexual person okay? shit.    12/01/21  (18)
Today is my last day living in the Big Apple    12/01/21  (53)
Ljl @ everyone tuning in to watch benzo embarrass himself in front of a judge    12/01/21  (1)
Alpha Omicron Pi variant asking "what does your dad do?"    12/01/21  (4)
The scam should have been stopped. But you did not want to stop it.    12/01/21  (3)
Peterman screaming w/ ecstasy as 300 lb. trucker makes deposit in his 'Coinbase'    12/01/21  (65)
Fact: 99.9% of cases never go to SCOTUS    12/01/21  (2)
What happened with the SCOTUS abortion oral argument?    12/01/21  (6)
Is Montreal the undisputed "best" North American City?    12/01/21  (47)
benzo offered his xo login as bond    12/01/21  (1)
Do XO reptiles actually hate the USA or just sour grapes over lib government?    12/01/21  (237)
The peterman lot lizard meme is 180 but obscures his actual XO legacy    12/01/21  (50)
Alpha Omicron Pi variant will only infect you if you drive a BMW    12/01/21  (5)
Kav and Barrett seemed skeptical of Casey/Roe    12/01/21  (1)
REMINDER: there is still NO TEST to positively identify COVID virus    12/01/21  (3)
High school shooter identified , pic itt    12/01/21  (41)
LOL WTF, left the house DOW+300, come back -200    12/01/21  (17)
The Dread Justice Roberts    12/01/21  (8)
If ur just ass-burgers u get bullied but full autistic everyone cheers for u?    12/01/21  (1)
Trans woman smashes swimming records    12/01/21  (26)
RSF, u mad that Darnell is gonna make Benzo's ass way too loose for you?    12/01/21  (1)
Zeta-Jones variant causes mouth cancer (science)    12/01/21  (3)
Alpha Omicron Pi variant asking where you summer    12/01/21  (1)
anyone buy (not inherit) a ski / lake house in upstate new york / new england?    12/01/21  (7)
"BUT IT WAS A BLUE WAVE," he screamed as Justice Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in.    12/01/21  (62)
going to barber w/ a pic of spaceporn's hair    12/01/21  (9)
Can you lead? Ill be driving so will listen in and comment when needed    12/01/21  (8)
SPLK (Cathy wood new darling) down 20% today    12/01/21  (1)
this pic still makes me laugh    12/01/21  (2)
will libs go to war with Russia?    12/01/21  (3)
big mac + mcchicken = $1.29    12/01/21  (17)
Are parents aware that this sort of thing is being posted on TikTok?    12/01/21  (21)
“Hegemon, put it inside, I’m ready!” cried the middle-aged balding lawyer.    12/01/21  (6)
Anyone want to rate my $895 OTR suit from Bloomingdale's?    12/01/21  (7)
is Judaism Cr?    12/01/21  (1)
Australia Plans Enormous Fines, INCARCERRATION For Vaccine Refusers    12/01/21  (5)
What’s the Wizardchan take on the school shooter?    12/01/21  (1)
HOT HUNG HOMO, when is the NGM AVAX integration planned for?    12/01/21  (2)
Feels like it's almost time for SOL to moon 🚀    12/01/21  (2)
Hard times create strong men and fertile women    12/01/21  (9)
What percentage of Ashkenazi are olive skin vs completely white    12/01/21  (15)
Was this police shooting justified or no? (video)    12/01/21  (60)
Secular Jews tend to believe flyover whites are Nazis.    12/01/21  (76)
a day in the life of Elizabeth Holmes    12/01/21  (4)
Ethan Crumbley's tight little asshole feeling the first, second third black cock    12/01/21  (1)
I'm starting to get concerned that there was no significant voter fraud.    12/01/21  (12)
U of Minnesota tells faggot Foo Fighters to fuck off    12/01/21  (12)
Has someone helped benzo yet? I'd kick in a Sol with proof of bonding him out    12/01/21  (19)
Lmao @ this tweet shitting on SOL    12/01/21  (31)
Buffett indicator is getting kooky    12/01/21  (20)
Peterman is the Bill Brassky of xo    12/01/21  (1)
How unsafe is Mexico City    12/01/21  (43)
Why did stocks crash after being up big today?    12/01/21  (16)

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