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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/14/19  (346)
Jim Jordan: If you didn't HEAR Trump directly say it then ... FUCK IT. He's guil    11/15/19  (3)
which casual Italian chains are the most prestigious / most prole    11/15/19  (13)
the board has fucking sucked the past few months    11/15/19  (3)
πŸŽΎπŸ’‚ ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread πŸ’‚πŸŽΎ #tennis    11/15/19  (150)
So Russia's entire economy is Oil + Artificial Intelligence?    11/15/19  (15)
Ohio State wrestling twinks say GOP congressman Jim Jordan let them get molested    11/15/19  (47)
Marie Louise "Masha" Yovanovitch (born 1958) is an American diplomat and member    11/15/19  (10)
Every season on Silicon Valley follows the exact same story arc    11/15/19  (24)
Idris yelling at Jim Jordan: THAS JUS WHAT HE SAY, NIGGA!!!    11/15/19  (1)
Jim Jordan: But YOU didn't SEE Lincoln free the slaves. Did you?! HEARSEE!    11/15/19  (14)
Jim Jordan: But YOU didn't hear Hitler order the HOLOCAUST, did you? HEARSAY!    11/15/19  (14)
Lol at the pearl clutching over miles garrett    11/15/19  (1)
Jim Jordan: If a tree falls in the woods, but no one is there to hear it, HEARSA    11/15/19  (1)
Naked & Afraid- producers secretly feed the women & poison the men?    11/15/19  (17)
*** Official IMPEACHMENT Day 2 PROCEEDINGS ***    11/15/19  (141)
True or false: pro athletes are much lower level celebs than 20 years ago    11/15/19  (14)
ITT: Things that are undeniably prole, but also undeniably good    11/15/19  (60)
Daily Caller PWNS libs with a parody of We Didn't Start the Fire    11/15/19  (3)
New SF DA: We're not gonna prosecute any quality of life issues    11/15/19  (123)
FYI citi has a $500 bonus after 3 months if you open checking acct & deposit 15k    11/15/19  (7)
Why is GOP still harping on whistleblower? Cat's out of the bag now, no?    11/15/19  (11)
I think I’m getting kicked out of my hockey beer league    11/15/19  (57)
How do you know you don't like gay sex if you never tried it?    11/15/19  (2)
got kicked out of a white supremacist meeting last weekend    11/15/19  (1)
Is Rapamycin anti-aging pool the real deal? Should I give it to my dog?    11/15/19  (11)
On addy. Drinking 32 oz monster. Snuss pouch in lip.    11/15/19  (2)
Travelmos: What Airline / Aircraft Is This? (NSFW)    11/15/19  (14)
Going back to UG next year. Taking qs    11/15/19  (3)
Explain Intel trading near all time highs for me    11/15/19  (4)
firm idea: benzo, :D, & lawman    11/15/19  (4)
Pretty sure I am the reincarnation of Hammurabi    11/15/19  (1)
nutting on titties    11/15/19  (5)
WA Supreme Court upholds first-in-time rental rule    11/15/19  (115)
9 yr old "Child Genius" ruins life, graduates from college with EE degree (link)    11/15/19  (3)
“Freedom of speech means freedom to broadcast porn, not freedom to say    11/15/19  (2)
nyuug, TT & DTP plz rate this video    11/15/19  (2)
TEENS harass and try to run over guy driving electric skateboard in DC    11/15/19  (20)
yo jcm    11/15/19  (5)
Rafael Nadal running DBG shtick #tennis    11/15/19  (1)
Probably the most depressing article I’ve read in ages    11/15/19  (29)
"And for more election commentary, here are six Jews who hate Trump." (CNN)    11/15/19  (40)
I have a sex addiction w/ escorts. Taking Qs.    11/15/19  (82)
Mr. Jinx in a lace choker and fuck-me boots accusing you of porn addiction    11/15/19  (14)
we all drank from wrong "career chalice" like in Last Crusade    11/15/19  (20)
Wow benzo is really an oligarch now. Crazy.    11/15/19  (16)
Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely. Mason Rudolph unpunished. (Link)    11/15/19  (38)
RATE Her As A Candidate For Implants (PIC) #ironside    11/15/19  (18)
ROGER STONE GUILTY    11/15/19  (55)
NFL hot takes ITT    11/15/19  (36)
A poast.    11/15/19  (7)
Walking around with lifts is 180    11/15/19  (15)
David Beckham eats cod sperm. UJ are you aroused?    11/15/19  (5)
Would you give hot single MILF hairstylist a chance, if she was into you?    11/15/19  (68)
Joaquin Castro riding new beard and success of 'Joker' all the way to VP nod    11/15/19  (2)
lmao at all the nigs defending Myles Garrett    11/15/19  (57)
greatest tv show theme song ever?    11/15/19  (83)
can someone EXPLAIN roger stone's profile? (pic)    11/15/19  (38)
The Astros players who cheated rumored to be Beltran and Cora    11/15/19  (9)
Brain cancer SHATTERS this KIRKLAND & ELLIS partner at the age of 46    11/15/19  (22)
Which American city has the highest IQ?    11/15/19  (28)
Absolutely insane Republicans are holding off on impeachment witness b/c sexism    11/15/19  (9)
What evolutionary benefits are there to being a short or bald man?    11/15/19  (26)
lol@dems switching to 'BRIBERY' after focus grouping 'quid pro quo'    11/15/19  (8)
Corrupt anti-white anti-nationalist deep state can really convict anyone of any    11/15/19  (8)
ITT explain to a retard what's gonna be in the IG report and when it drops    11/15/19  (2)
heres the thing about luis    11/15/19  (13)
Charlie Kirk and Roger Stone have the same head-shape?    11/15/19  (1)
New Yorker story: "The Nigger from Niger" (link)    11/15/19  (1)
reddit libs think the patriarchy is used to force women to marry ugly guys    11/15/19  (41)
Jim Jordan's IQ is what? 83?    11/15/19  (7)
Wow I guess Epstein really did kill himself    11/15/19  (3)
10 Countries That No Longer Exist    11/15/19  (1)
neither potential GOP Minority Leader (McCarthy / Jim Jordan) has >115 IQ πŸ˜‚    11/15/19  (2)
frauds completely crushed    11/15/19  (4)
Rosenstein to Rep. Jim Jordan: "There's no way to subpoena a phone call dumbass"    11/15/19  (13)
Imagine becoming a software engineer in your 30's    11/15/19  (4)
Have there been any big happenings in crypto lately?    11/15/19  (1)
In N Out burger weighs in on Epstein controversy    11/15/19  (9)
Addicted to micro dopamine hits every time refreshing xo & btc prices tp    11/15/19  (5)
In my 30s...rarely see anyone my age or older who is attractive    11/15/19  (11)
damn daddy and I 69ing, each of us removing cock from mouth to give 180s    11/15/19  (1)
Everyone says i look like a teenage Instagram model    11/15/19  (1)
travelling is fucking stupid and all non European countries are trash and shit    11/15/19  (33)
Real talk - describe how you discovered xoxo/PR    11/15/19  (140)
Jim Jordan: But YOU didn't SEE the Salem witch trials. Did you?! HERESY!!    11/15/19  (1)
30+ year olds generally have awful skin....no glow, etc.    11/15/19  (3)
Ur insane if youre not in a poly relationship with an older couple who babies u    11/15/19  (16)
This impeachment hearing is *the* most boring shit I've ever witnessed    11/15/19  (4)
SUMMON Dr. TikTok: I have TikTok-itis, and the only cure is more TikToks!    11/15/19  (12)
Morton's neuroma    11/15/19  (3)
Jim Jordan leaving the staff shitter full, then screaming about hearsay    11/15/19  (2)
Getting bored of sex. Break up with long time GF and fuck younger girls?    11/15/19  (2)
WSJ: Google interferes with the search algorithm to censor political issues    11/15/19  (9)
Hapa guys are kyoot. No idea why they go on shooting sprees    11/15/19  (3)
Found out my white coworker is only 8 years older than me...LMAO    11/15/19  (1)
not that Star Wars were the most mature movies out there, but Disney has complet    11/15/19  (1)
LOL BIRDSHITS: Santa Clarita "NOWAG" Gunman is WGWAG Hapa LJL!!    11/15/19  (109)
Dead Anthony Bourdain saying "wow, that's incredible" after you bust a huge nut    11/15/19  (7)
Idris Elba: "Ajection ya honuh. He say. Dat's jus what he say"    11/15/19  (133)
I'd like to make an existentialist art-house film about roofing    11/15/19  (19)
Every DBG thread that goes beyond 5 posts is 99% him posting more    11/15/19  (1)
acp here let's talk about airpod pros, shinolas, big ten football, NU girls    11/15/19  (16)
Pretty 180 that xo inspired boner_police to become a pothead again    11/15/19  (5)
Dog$ are the $marte$t in Amerikka 🐢 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ    11/15/19  (1)
dirte must make DBG maf    11/15/19  (33)
are damn daddy and honiara the same poaster?    11/15/19  (1)
skinny-fat birdlike obj. 5 shrews in spandex are so fucking hot it hurts    11/15/19  (7)
rats keep on spinnin, spinnin, spinnin, into the future    11/15/19  (20)
#nofempoasters. NEVER. Not even once    11/15/19  (6)
Should I move to salt lake City or Denver Colorado?    11/15/19  (12)
Come home from a hard day of Law and find this    11/15/19  (6)
Explain the Nick Fuentes news    11/15/19  (9)
XO Michelle Malkin STANDS with nick Fuentes and the Groypers    11/15/19  (9)
General Nick Fuentes leads our troops to total victory.    11/15/19  (15)
Pulled all my money out of the stock market today. Calling the top.    11/15/19  (56)
erections in the back of your 8th grade crush freaking to "Too Close"    11/15/19  (3)
just gonna lay her naked, hope damn daddy doesn't cum by    11/15/19  (1)
Imagine how trashy TMF looks walking around his shitburb with a shitpit    11/15/19  (1)
Hopkins LAX | Notre Dame SticknPuck | Buckeyes Football: THIS IS BIG TEN    11/15/19  (1)
DIRTE, have you ever hooked up with an Inuit?    11/15/19  (2)
It's Friday, and the rats have begin spinning    11/15/19  (1)
dirte ive been to TWO games at Denver U    11/15/19  (1)
getting laid got 100x harder after 30    11/15/19  (49)
Question for Upset Jew tp about homo behavior    11/15/19  (13)
This gay amputee veteran is UCLAs best wrestler. And her story has inspired thou    11/15/19  (1)
TT kicked out of Chinese bar for yelling, "INDIA WILL BE A SUPERPOWER BY 2020!"    11/15/19  (2)
prices at my supermarket alternate b/w like X and 3X    11/15/19  (3)
Deval Patrick is an IRL XO meme    11/15/19  (2)
"Impeachment" insanity already over?    11/15/19  (2)
the skinny-fat spandex-clad objective 5 shrews in the gym always look so sexy    11/15/19  (7)
Sun is setting DBG! Board will be 180 in a few minutes    11/15/19  (2)
Well great. Wife found my tiktok browsing history. Wants "to talk" when I get ho    11/15/19  (31)
The best part about the coming Deval Patrick-Sherrod Brown ticket is that    11/15/19  (1)
Put your HEIGHT on your resume.    11/15/19  (6)
DCmos: Thoughts on BROOKLAND neighborhood?    11/15/19  (19)
Apple BANS vaping apps    11/15/19  (2)
PJ Fleck is really overrated HTH    11/15/19  (5)
Breaking out jeweler magnifying glasses to count quote marks and separate pumos    11/15/19  (1)
Greek villagers greet migrant buses w open arms, olives, FETA, tomatoes & SONG    11/15/19  (5)
And finally my good man may I inquire as to your height    11/15/19  (14)
"No Wall, More Illegals. Lets Distract The Goyim w A Nigger Football Brawl Hehe"    11/15/19  (2)
I started on Yale's national championship hockey team, now at YLS, taking Qs    11/15/19  (12)
Johnsmeyer calling Suze Orman w/ "Scream" voice distorter    11/15/19  (159)
Having beautiful wife, smart & attractive children = >50% of success. T/F?    11/15/19  (7)
China is going to swallow us    11/15/19  (1)
Hillary Clinton Will be Impeached if She Wins (FYI)    11/15/19  (7)
Reminder: LOCK HIM UP    11/15/19  (14)
xo Trumpos' kids: "I want to be a fall guy for the Trump family when I grow up!"    11/15/19  (1)
Key Impeachment witness perjured herself under oath re: coordination with Dems    11/15/19  (12)

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