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They're calling our web design stuck in the 90s, "Frontpage" esque    07/11/20  (1)
How can you tell if a post was by CharlesXII or CharlesXll?    07/11/20  (1)
Get down! *Halford fires shotgun at Chris Hansen in hallway*    07/11/20  (17)
Corrupt non-profits and city governments farm homeless people like cattle    07/11/20  (1)
Retired poster. Just coming back to say that CNN dork will regret what he did.    07/11/20  (5)
Confession: I parodied the C12 account and made the inflammatory posts    07/11/20  (3)
Stack Overflow's founder just tweeted us. We're Silicon Valley famous    07/11/20  (22)
"Blank bumps" are just deleted replies. Usually dissenting opinions.    07/11/20  (2)
Liberal and Progressive thought is simpy repackaged Maoism for the west    07/11/20  (1)
anyone want to chip in to hire private eye to dig up dirt on CNN writers?    07/11/20  (13)
The ending of Big Fish but it's Epstein and Paddock showing up at ur dad's funer    07/11/20  (16)
most egregious part of this: CXII got buff + shaved head, but they used old pics    07/11/20  (4)
libs want your entire life to be like a subreddit modded by blue-haired freaks    07/11/20  (5)
Daily reminder: libs have declared total war on the white race    07/11/20  (16)
Famous shitlib here, but I would support murder of whoever outted Charles    07/11/20  (44)
Let's talk about the religion of anti-racism    07/11/20  (128)
What % of Drudge audience still doesn't know it was bought by liberals?    07/11/20  (1)
This website was founded by 2 Jewish guys and coded by a gay black guy    07/11/20  (12)
the danger of CNN's shoddy journalism    07/11/20  (30)
MODS - Confirm/Sticky That the Account's Email Address Was Oliver Darcy's    07/11/20  (6)
Reminder: Drug cartel-backed terrorist Beto O’Rourke endorsed Biden    07/11/20  (1)
Guys, please support CharlesXII on his OnlyFans page (link)    07/11/20  (4)
how long until this blows over & they leave our autistic online family alone    07/11/20  (6)
Hi, My name is Amy at NBC News. I am interested in speaking with you.    07/11/20  (8)
Liberty, in case you stupid fucks at CNN forgot, is a soul's right to breathe    07/11/20  (2)
4chan is calling us based. We LOVE 4chan!    07/11/20  (8)
Really high chance someone is hacking this site right now to out more of us    07/11/20  (5)
CSLG - will you require masks and social distancing at the holiday party?    07/11/20  (1)
if you leave me now you'll take away the biggest part of me; woo-ooh-ooh, poaste    07/11/20  (2)
You have the eyes and ears of the world listening to you. Please be responsible    07/11/20  (2)
holy shit, one of the people in the Does case works for ADL now    07/11/20  (2)
Head writer for #1 cable news show in HISTORY suddenly available for employment    07/11/20  (4)
only comforting fact is tht whoever did this was a sick, lonely unloveable freak    07/11/20  (1)
Trying to understand the mentality of someone who tries to ruin a life for words    07/11/20  (3)
Why is CNN persecuting a bunch of queer, autistic incels? Such bullies.    07/11/20  (1)
#2 story on XO Daily Mail rn    07/11/20  (11)
Dear World: can you find spouses for lonely hunter and dr. whokebe, thank    07/11/20  (2)
This country is ripe for a philosophy that condones virtue and the Greater Good    07/11/20  (14)
Just gotta make it a few days before next big scandal draws attention elsewhere    07/11/20  (1)
Hmm, I think I figured out a way to rehabilitate Charles' reputation    07/11/20  (4)
Warning: This forum is protected by Article 1242 § 57 of the Admiralty Law Code    07/11/20  (7)
you should be armed at all times    07/11/20  (4)
I bet Oliver Darcy goes to the gym and works out with his clothes on    07/11/20  (4)
New female poasters: Please rate yourself as a farter ITT    07/11/20  (4)
Leaks go both ways. One day, the CXII leaker will be discovered.    07/11/20  (6)
Can't wait til tomorrow night, UFC    07/11/20  (2)
This wasn't just an attack on Charles. It was an attack on all of us.    07/11/20  (2)
CNN did you know that a Playboy Playmate once posted here    07/11/20  (4)
CNN: btw it's illegal for anyone but us to read xoxo    07/11/20  (1)
i've come to peace that one way or another things will devolve to violence    07/11/20  (2)
maybe WaPo knew whole time    07/11/20  (2)
IFNB - Social Dicktorsion - Glory of My Pipe    07/11/20  (2)
OK WHAT THE FUCK CNN    07/11/20  (187)
You could find threads attacking/threatening every race, gender, etc. on here    07/11/20  (6)
HEY CNN, RONAN FARROW WAS A POSTER HERE, go cancel him    07/11/20  (7)
It’s sad when you can no longer duck around with some chill bros online    07/11/20  (1)
This is what libs do: they jack up the level of moral outrage to absurdity and    07/11/20  (4)
hey j-j-julia ... wanna f-f-f*ck?    07/11/20  (2)
"I HAVE LOPSIDED TITS!" (Lena Chen)    07/11/20  (2)
NYT’s 1619 Project founder: “FUCK WHITEY KILL WHITEY”    07/11/20  (55)
lmao just realized it was CNN "Business" that had the scoop    07/11/20  (3)
White supremacist forum? There have been THOUSANDS of anti-white posts here.    07/11/20  (8)
Inside the MIND of TOMMY TURDSKIN    07/11/20  (17)
RATE my song and NAME my band    07/11/20  (1)
95% of CharlexXII posts on twitter are trashing him for his looks    07/11/20  (6)
We're all gay here    07/11/20  (1)
from now on this forum is 100% about IFNB and doobs    07/11/20  (2)
it was incredibly cruel for CNN to tell AZN megashrew abt the thread    07/11/20  (17)
only laugh i've had today: dailymail screenshot'd a bbooom post    07/11/20  (10)
Hey Rudolph - I hope it wasn't you who did it    07/11/20  (7)
We need to bump nyuug posts more now than ever    07/11/20  (3)
just want to say on the record: i never had anything against blacks gays Jews    07/11/20  (1)
Reminder: all xo poasters are threads and consent to jocular racial epithets    07/11/20  (2)
Look here’s the bottom line.    07/11/20  (5)
I wish we could re-do this event but to ARE REPTILE    07/11/20  (1)
Associating Charles with a bunch of racist poasts he didn't make is libel.    07/11/20  (4)
A day in the life of President Donald Trump's America    07/11/20  (95)
"fuck me in the butt" --Emma Sulkowicz    07/11/20  (96)
can't even tell my wife why i've been sad all day    07/11/20  (8)
XO, time to posse up. Send a LEGAL TEAM to sue THE FUCK out of CNN.    07/11/20  (22)
“In Orlando, Hate Is On The Ballot” (NYT)    07/11/20  (76)
does Retinol really make people look younger?    07/11/20  (3)
TSINAH is FUCKED    07/11/20  (5)
war machine, why are you guys doing this to us?    07/11/20  (3)
Reminder: lower-case ls and upper case Is look exactly the same    07/11/20  (1)
So in the end, this site is Tucker’s downfall? Wow lol    07/11/20  (6)
Charles is currently one of the most famous people in the world right now    07/11/20  (11)
This is the first time Drudge linked to a story about ARE forum    07/11/20  (1)
I can't be silent about the disgusting racism Prateek Bhopale has posted her    07/11/20  (9)
Weird how CNN didn't mention the juice connoseur who wants to kill all whites...    07/11/20  (2)
Obeezy has un-quotemo’d his moniker    07/11/20  (2)
It’s time to run some “Nuremberg Trials” against CNN reporters in our gara    07/11/20  (1)
At least one antifa lib I know it's actually cool with xo    07/11/20  (1)
Anyone else honestly wish we were shooting immigrant youth    07/11/20  (8)
nation's top journalists dig for the truth - are MND & TMF licking each others a    07/11/20  (1)
im fucking high as shit on drugs right now    07/11/20  (1)
Marry, Fuck, Kill: AOC, Tlaib, Omar    07/11/20  (21)
Charles, start a YouTube channel, NOW. Spin this shit around.    07/11/20  (17)
Lmao at the Brian Leiter reference on Tucker    07/11/20  (72)
I was a regular here in 2004    07/11/20  (16)
if you think Charles can no longer write for Tucker you don't understand shit    07/11/20  (6)
Real Talk: Dinosaurs were invented by some child somewhere    07/11/20  (55)
Reminder: use the red button to the left of the thread title to archive posts    07/11/20  (3)
bad goys bad goys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when libs come for you    07/11/20  (1)
Charles being thrown under the bus is just a dirty shitlib ploy    07/11/20  (9)
Hi, I’m Jamie from Joe Rogan Podcast. Do you have a moment to talk with us ab    07/11/20  (3)
“We only burn the bad poasters,” writes CNN president    07/11/20  (1)
Tucker used the N word on three non-consecutive occasions    07/11/20  (1)
My secret trauma: David Andelman asked me for a “super gay hand job”    07/11/20  (1)
libs sure went frm hippy free speech defenders 2 pearl-grabbing stalinists quick    07/11/20  (1)
BLM mob burns down CNN center in Atlanta. Response: take out CharlesXII.    07/11/20  (3)
Great news guys    07/11/20  (3)
Can’t keep quiet any longer. I am a victim of the Acosta “chop”    07/11/20  (1)
bros, we're famous again    07/11/20  (2)
Fuck this fraud shit...I dumped the bitch am turning evidence on her    07/11/20  (15)
Maybe he just really doesn't want Lasik?    07/11/20  (1)
So a pillow is the only thing maintaining even a smidge of Free Speech?    07/11/20  (2)
South Koran press come up with term lower than Chaebong Hyung for Charles outter    07/11/20  (1)
would happily introduce r-ch to any of my ex girlfriends    07/11/20  (1)
would be 180 if the mypillow guy hired charles    07/11/20  (2)
AJIP can you bump some of my old By yous?    07/11/20  (1)
go back to israel, gook    07/11/20  (61)
xo is so great because it speaks to all the voices in my head at the same time    07/11/20  (6)
i wish there was an IRL adblocker for lib freaks    07/11/20  (2)
China/India/US 3 most populated countries, can you name 4-6??? WITHOUT GOOGLING    07/11/20  (13)
men who have sex with men for money    07/11/20  (1)
"He wasn't that great" - Alexander the Great's brother, Tim the Pretty Good    07/11/20  (63)
Rach, OPEN REGISTRATION. Let's engage with these fuckers    07/11/20  (2)
DateLab was a bad idea and we should’ve modded it    07/11/20  (5)
If we can’t joke about asian women driving, then society is not worth saving    07/11/20  (1)
Weirdly Charles seemed like one of the mild mannered ones here    07/11/20  (10)
how fucking dumb do u have to be to end up at uc merced    07/11/20  (4)
Wait a minute - if Tucker is legit, he HAS to hire him back    07/11/20  (16)
Je Suis Charles    07/11/20  (4)
If I get nabbed IRL by libs, I will sell you all up the fucking river    07/11/20  (1)
xoxo is hosted in international waters, right?    07/11/20  (1)
This site truly was the last bastion of free speech. Now that's gone.    07/11/20  (8)
CNN wanted to shut down Trump’s comeback window. They did it.    07/11/20  (5)
For God did not send Charles onto the board to condemn the board, but to save bo    07/11/20  (1)
Shadows are falling and I’ve been here all day. It’s too hot to sleep    07/11/20  (1)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss meee, the virusssss" *everyone disconnects*    07/11/20  (135)
PSA: never trust a man who doesn't spout off a few politically incorrect views a    07/11/20  (7)
alzabo, Wǒ shì jī lǎo    07/11/20  (74)

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