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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Black woman on train refuses to move bag so others can sit (vid)    02/16/19  (6)
ITT: PREDICT where Pat Mahomes ends up on all time yards list    02/16/19  (2)
how does a gentle-souled,fat-rumped angel like scholarship survive in this world    02/16/19  (4)
Colin Kaepernick to receive $80 million settlement    02/16/19  (6)
Ann Coulter nails half of XO Trumpmos    02/16/19  (20)
Spending some time around 12-15 y/o kids: THEY ARE ALL SJW FREAKS    02/16/19  (2)
Is anyone here "blown out" by life in general?    02/16/19  (15)
I was surprised to find out Cory Booker is not gay.    02/16/19  (7)
Biglawyer, spent $30k on travel last year. Normal?    02/16/19  (2)
How does lawman8 have the balls to claim he was right about Trump all along?    02/16/19  (5)
2 .y.o. niece destroyed $900 tv two weeks after I bought it.    02/16/19  (2)
Does Kurt Warner deserve to be in the hall of fame?    02/16/19  (7)
Found Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's porn dopplebanger ywia    02/16/19  (19)
Military is looking like a better option than college at this point    02/16/19  (20)
Clique Theory: To understand computer programming you MUST be a nerd.    02/16/19  (7)
Exeunt, Joel Osteen, and now Trump. Which charlatan will lawman8 fall for next?    02/16/19  (20)
Does this 24yo white girl look older than she is?    02/16/19  (7)
Proles fly down highway in 0 visibility blizzard.    02/16/19  (22)
Rate this NYC jew who cut in front of us to get his matzo ball soup    02/16/19  (22)
Man plays prank on owl. Owl gets MAD AS FUCKKKKK    02/16/19  (20)
Institutional collapse    02/16/19  (10)
A guilty pleasure is watching ice driving videos where everyone spins out    02/16/19  (1)
im gay    02/16/19  (1)
Would you ever fuck a chick who you saw eat fast "food"?    02/16/19  (8)
How long until the shooting civil war begins? 2025?    02/16/19  (3)
"nice to meet you! this is my 1st tinder..." bboom: "are u blown out    02/16/19  (42)
Salt Lake Stallions @ xo Birmingham Iron (2pm, TNT)    02/16/19  (6)
σ € πŸ’£    02/16/19  (17)
The idea that you "can't eat moldy bread" is such hilarious GC flame    02/16/19  (5)
Why is Thailand’s unemployment rate so low    02/16/19  (4)
Nate Silver stands by his 2016 presidential model, calls it best they've ever    02/16/19  (1)
Better for a BIGLAWYER: living in BAYONNE or STATEN ISLAND?    02/16/19  (3)
🚨🚨🚨Consumer Reports: Arsenic, Lead Found in Dozens of Fruit Juices 🚨    02/16/19  (1)
Has anyone here exchanged business cards with a Japanese person    02/16/19  (32)
Trump's nicknames for 2020 Dem hopefulls?    02/16/19  (32)
Media accepting OpEds from Asian Harvard Grads telling other Asians rejected    02/16/19  (3)
A lot of bros age 22-24 I know wish they joined the military    02/16/19  (1)
Bald chick from Marjory Stoneman Douglas had her nudes leaked    02/16/19  (1)
What is it about McDonalds food that makes you feel like you need a shower after    02/16/19  (2)
Why did Kamala's parents name her after a Ugandan WWF wrestler?    02/16/19  (2)
The 1990s were a terrific time to be alive. God do I miss them.    02/16/19  (7)
I network hard on the Internet when I'm drunk    02/16/19  (4)
Just decided to buy a performance SUV, taking Qs & advice ITT    02/16/19  (12)
"Hamilton" now declared racist and problematic, to be burned    02/16/19  (24)
if that's all there is, my friend, let's break out the booze and have a ball    02/16/19  (1)
so "NPC" is just how alt-right dweebs call women and left-wing milksops "basic"?    02/16/19  (78)
When I was a little girl I always worried about whether I would become pretty    02/16/19  (11)
Why isn't the Media highlighting the VA LT Gov accusations like Kav?    02/16/19  (3)
The dark sons of Nigeria flipped and were released by the Chicago Police Dept.    02/16/19  (21)
Burevestnik nuclear powered engine completes state acceptance trials    02/16/19  (3)
If bill is enacted expect largest surge of unaccompanied minors US has ever seen    02/16/19  (9)
Are priests still catching some good altar boy action?    02/16/19  (1)
Drunk woman kicked off JetBlue plane, spits at passengers, hits staff (vid)    02/16/19  (3)
Does this 11 year old Hispanic girl look older than she is?    02/16/19  (1)
What viable career options will kids have in 20 years?    02/16/19  (7)
A lot of "Elite" Whites are racist against Asian Americans especially in    02/16/19  (2)
Protip: take your infants into the Rio Grande River    02/16/19  (1)
Nintendo Switchmos - should I get Nintendo Online solely for Tetris 99?    02/16/19  (9)
BAM! You awake from 5-yr coma, learn Trump is POTUS & US is on brink of civil wa    02/16/19  (11)
Jemele Hill is a nasty black bitch that is fun for violation cum in face    02/16/19  (43)
where's (((consuela))) tp?    02/16/19  (5)
i can tell after half a page if something is written by a woman    02/16/19  (5)
Bryan Adams getting MAF at Ryan Adams    02/16/19  (24)
Captain Pike rolling in. Taking Yes/No questions for a while    02/16/19  (2)
just realized all the kids portrayed in "Mad Men" are boomers    02/16/19  (28)
Birmingham & Orlando on a long fated Eastern Conference collision course    02/16/19  (2)
cherchez la femme    02/16/19  (1)
scientist: why haven't you cured the common cold yet?    02/16/19  (17)
*New female politician emerges* *first male thought: "what is she like in bed"    02/16/19  (7)
CNN "reporting" on Kamala Harris.    02/16/19  (6)
so hitlers heart was in right place but was an underachiever?    02/16/19  (1)
junk food | joyless masturbation | mindless media consumption    02/16/19  (26)
Do Uber riders not like it if your car has some rust on it?    02/16/19  (2)
63mm Americans vote 4 wall: no wall; AIPAC: make BDS illegal: passed unanimously    02/16/19  (6)
ive gotten really good at posting everyday for the last 7 years    02/16/19  (2)
If I take enough stimulants I actually enjoy socializing with people    02/16/19  (3)
"Back pain" is made up    02/16/19  (3)
CSLG how hard does this video make you cum?    02/16/19  (1)
pretty insane how (((government))) just does whatever it wants, ignores voters    02/16/19  (8)
Have you dreamed today?    02/16/19  (36)
WORLD PREMIERE of Anna Karenina at Joffrey Ballet, 1 week only    02/16/19  (1)
you're old: Julian Lennon has died from Alzheimer's disease (DM)    02/16/19  (1)
Trump plans to expand "Implicit Bias" standards into healthcare, education and t    02/16/19  (89)
xoxo, now sponsored by Burger King πŸ”πŸ‘‘    02/16/19  (3)
Mental Health Protip: sit in room,drink vodka, think abt everyone whos wronged u    02/16/19  (112)
hmm. truly seems like xo is dying.    02/16/19  (3)
Assfaggot rips prayer beads from Megachurch Girl's ass like a lawnmower cord    02/16/19  (28)
goodfellas scene where kid henry leaves court but its kenilworth leaving bbw's    02/16/19  (1)
Feels like xo is dying    02/16/19  (2)
It's funny that Trump is tearing up Constitution by using powers given by Congre    02/16/19  (1)
ITT I list what Conservative Principles are (or should be)    02/16/19  (5)
Part of my blackpilling is realizing that there are indeed a large amount of    02/16/19  (2)
Is buying a condo a $cam???    02/16/19  (28)
"Aren't I a principled conservative," cooed lawman8    02/16/19  (23)
Going on a tinder date with an objective chubby 3.5/10 for valentines day    02/16/19  (72)
Moderate NYTOpEd: We should at least give Esq. cover boy a chance to not be cons    02/16/19  (1)
GameStop tranny is BACK    02/16/19  (16)
Scientist busily work on womb transplants for male to female transexuasls (link)    02/16/19  (5)
ITT: 2016 presidential candidates that would have been better than Trump    02/16/19  (2)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.    02/16/19  (122)
🚨 Bernie Sanders records video announcing 2020 campaign 🚨    02/16/19  (5)
Rate this 23yo Latina SFW    02/16/19  (7)
New TMZ Smollett article has a pretty aggressive comment section    02/16/19  (2)
Maxine Waters says "take to the streets".....because POTUS wants border security    02/16/19  (1)
Air Force tech sergeant had access to crown jewel intelligence secrets wtf    02/16/19  (3)
Got too "into it" & let my Tinder date finish inside, no condom. Plan B time...    02/16/19  (21)
Reminder: Ted Bundy's life was far better than yours    02/16/19  (1)
FBI arranged quid pro quo with Obama DOJ to minimize Clinton email investigation    02/16/19  (59)
heatmap intensifying as boner police/uspo releases a hot coil on a calcutta stre    02/16/19  (1)
Ann Coulter comes out in favor of William Weld in 2020    02/16/19  (1)
Angela Merkel: "We must counter Russia in Syria!* *buys all gas from Russia*    02/16/19  (6)
LJL at BIRDSHITS literally DESTROYING females    02/16/19  (29)
AOC’s old dating app profile revealed, has “No Asians please”    02/16/19  (8)
Anglos plowing boner police, yelling OO YEA DIS TURD SHIT TIGHT    02/16/19  (1)
Libs are beginning to shape narrative in light of Smollett Hoax (link)    02/16/19  (24)
Changes to your dating profiles are immediately forwarded to your employer    02/16/19  (1)
can you practice solo on the side?    02/16/19  (4)
Don't Be a Menace to Birdshits While Drinking Your Juice in India    02/16/19  (1)
DOCTOR David Duke weighs in on Trump’s amnesty bill    02/16/19  (2)
Just woke up from coma: Trump declared the Smollett story a natl emerg?    02/16/19  (2)
2029: Putin sparks outrage over misgendering POTUS Ramirez-Stein    02/16/19  (31)
The great dealmaker can't make a deal, has to bypass constitution?    02/16/19  (5)
LOL @ you flabby hindus    02/16/19  (1)
Holy living fuck! Massive dump on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nude titties!    02/16/19  (3)
Misgender me once you get corrected! The 5th time I get devil aggresive!    02/16/19  (1)
Shitlibs declare victory: Amazon not coming to NYC.    02/16/19  (110)
Why is everyone so fat wtf    02/16/19  (54)
modern america makes '70s hippies seem rational    02/16/19  (1)
Rate this Argentinian chick SFW    02/16/19  (7)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, my, oh my, you're retarded and gay    02/16/19  (5)
Being a doctor is the only profession worth anything    02/16/19  (48)
Jussie Smollett: “And....scene. Thanks everybody!!!!”    02/16/19  (5)
Are most indians in america from the brahmin class? i think yes, right?    02/16/19  (52)
fuck you browns, you're shit, your 'societies' are shit, your cultures are shit    02/16/19  (1)
Lost it in court today and accused opp counsel of being Petumkin (WLMAS)    02/16/19  (7)
Now that Trump is done, who will XO flock to next?    02/16/19  (1)
TT I faced juice discrimination last night    02/16/19  (14)
Real Talk: Steph Curry would be a sixth man at best in 1990s NBA    02/16/19  (7)
Her economics make no sense said the old white guy as he votes for war    02/16/19  (1)
Chicago PD confirms Smollett attack happened - Nigerians wrongfully IDed    02/16/19  (2)
lawman is my boyfriend (consuela)    02/16/19  (12)
Ilhan Omar, mouth full of khat, hacking AIPAC jews head off with rusty machete    02/16/19  (3)
Anybody here been a tourist in India? Whats it like?    02/16/19  (60)
"It's called.. *inhales sharply* ..the 'Amnesty Pipeline', folks."    02/16/19  (1)
Boss said to girl "I love when you assign me things" She claims sexual harassmen    02/16/19  (1)
upset jew not even gay    02/16/19  (24)
/*/* Bryce Harper Signs 10 Year $250mm Deal With Giants /*/*    02/16/19  (3)
Charles Barkley elbows KD. KD dies.    02/16/19  (1)
lol, Trump broke Ann's brain by betraying his voters! lmao, so 180 (Xo mongoloid    02/16/19  (10)

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