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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
succession is just unlikable sociopaths telling each other to fuck off for an hr    01/25/22  (1)
TT, how will you spend your last couple months overseas?    01/25/22  (13)
Wordle    01/25/22  (142)
We haven't won a war since we changed the name of the Department of War    01/25/22  (24)
Tourist arrested for Nazi salute at Auschwitz    01/25/22  (1)
has there been a nuclear exchange yet? im bored.    01/25/22  (1)
Friend said I don't post on Facebook because I'm not happy with my life    01/25/22  (4)
Invest in your family if you want to be happy (CSLG)    01/25/22  (60)
Target in downtown Seattle ravaged by thefts    01/25/22  (5)
Co-worker with MBA went from stores to "corporate" (evan39)    01/25/22  (4)
Problem physical metals nuts don't get is there's no way to verify authenticity    01/25/22  (4)
Down syndrome chick at my workplace wants to hang out with me at her apartment    01/25/22  (5)
LINK will hit 200s by July-Aug 2022    01/25/22  (7)
so god's love is why we're trapped here with billions of sick retarded faggots    01/25/22  (2)
Disney release movie about serial killer cannibal who kills women + sells meat    01/25/22  (6)
How’s everyone weathering the crash brothers    01/25/22  (52)
hey whok, is Pattaya a beautiful city? What's the best part (exclude gay scene)    01/25/22  (4)
This country has never been worse    01/25/22  (2)
luis, im learning portuguese again - its happening    01/25/22  (1)
kikes impute sin onto gentiles then have them slaughtered to Moloch    01/25/22  (1)
cant believe kobe is dead    01/25/22  (8)
Seattle tent city slums are alive with kickboxing meetups and margarita mixers.    01/25/22  (5)
i wanna kill libs    01/25/22  (4)
“World peace” is backdoor Zionism, right?    01/25/22  (2)
Fuck homeless people they need to get rounded up    01/25/22  (1)
resolved: tennis is gay    01/25/22  (2)
Rate the following posters    01/25/22  (3)
gen xers mistaking sewage for mud, wrestling in it while creed plays @ w'stock99    01/25/22  (1)
"the unexamined life..." thought lex watching his hot pocket rotate in microwave    01/25/22  (1)
Odds USA gets stealth fucked in war bc Charles fired from wargames?    01/25/22  (6)
AO 2022 - Shapo v Nadal - LIVE Thread #tennis    01/25/22  (9)
Murdered LA chick was absolutely gorgeous    01/25/22  (99)
85y/o Paul McCartney discussing what a shitty drummer Pete Best was in 1959    01/25/22  (3)
What exactly is vodka for? What is its point?    01/25/22  (90)
Timothy Hutton dead from 'covid complications'    01/25/22  (2)
highly sensitive and moralistic posters who are on the side of the angels    01/25/22  (2)
Johnny cash's first wife (Italian) was dark as fuck    01/25/22  (3)
dacryphilic guys with HSP girls    01/25/22  (1)
benzoid, how's ur boy Biden doing?    01/25/22  (1)
Benzo recently took a racist turn. What’s up with that?    01/25/22  (4)
Jim Cramer in studio pressing buttons screaming BUY BUY BUY as GME rises 2,000%    01/25/22  (25)
Biden owes Ukraine one for helping him with Trump impeachment    01/25/22  (4)
You keep picking ugly buttplugs for me, jinx. I'm sick of it (whok)    01/25/22  (9)
we got two honkeys out there dressed like hasidic diamond merchants…    01/25/22  (1)
Is the College Of William & Mary an "Elite" school?    01/25/22  (2)
I said ohhh no! William & Mary won't do!    01/25/22  (4)
Highly Sensitive Posters (HSPs)    01/25/22  (1)
I would love to see a normal sized dude beat the fuck out of "Peter Dinklage"    01/25/22  (10)
Disney announces new live-action remake of Snow White with Peter Dinklage as Doc    01/25/22  (5)
So the US was always evil and oppressive except for 1939-1945?    01/25/22  (5)
rate this based take on the 'JQ' from John Lennon    01/25/22  (4)
Impossible to find any real journalism on Kamala.    01/25/22  (2)
5’10 actor Peter Dinklage irate that Disney is remaking Snow White and 7 dwarv    01/25/22  (11)
I’ve started using “the Ukraine” now because I’ve noticed it pisses libs    01/25/22  (3)
how popular were the HIGHWAYMEN in the 80s/early 90s    01/25/22  (1)
lol at blowing $$$ on "eating out" just eat a god damn peanut butter sandwich    01/25/22  (3)
do you think Kobes daughter sucked or fucked any dick before she died?    01/25/22  (1)
Libs: US is systematically racist and oppressive. Also the Capitol is sacred.    01/25/22  (4)
so how long have you been hairdressing for?    01/25/22  (4)
Tucker the Hutt    01/25/22  (1)
Blind girl is now blind gf    01/25/22  (376)
Psaki: "It's Russian propaganda to say the Afghan withdrawal was a disaster"    01/25/22  (4)
How do I find and join a satanic cult?    01/25/22  (10)
"Tennessee Whiskey" plays as I begin to kiss my dog beside a crackling fire.    01/25/22  (13)
My buddy from prison is out less than a week- called him up, he's on a date    01/25/22  (8)
West Elm ads appearing for me now    01/25/22  (1)
What’s best options trading platform?    01/25/22  (19)
Asian man grabbed by his neck and his side, kissing woman passively who is leani    01/25/22  (5)
Cramer recommended buying Netflix @ 509    01/25/22  (1)
If we actually go to war over "Ukraine" DC deserves to be nuked into glass    01/25/22  (2)
TT what are the BUGS like in SE asia    01/25/22  (2)
imagine if Orange Man called a reporter a "stupid son of a bitch"    01/25/22  (11)
“Is Inflation a Liability?”    01/25/22  (3)
best program for learning Portuguese?    01/25/22  (6)
What net worth at 40 to be considered middle class?    01/25/22  (106)
started shooting up HGH, test and var again    01/25/22  (3)
Biden calls HEROIC JOURNALIST a "stupid son of a bitch"    01/25/22  (61)
uncircumcised bros check in itt    01/25/22  (1)
you guys shoulda listened to me. made a call that had a 99% 1 day return(benzo)    01/25/22  (17)
I got money in the bank, shawty what you think bout that?    01/25/22  (3)
any anti depressant medication recs?    01/25/22  (5)
Juden are going to shut it all down soon.    01/25/22  (2)
Biden and Putin struck a deal    01/25/22  (5)
would you rather be goff or mcvay?    01/25/22  (5)
How it’s made: Canola Oil (short video)    01/25/22  (49)
Okay to slide your hands inside the back of her shirt while hugging?    01/25/22  (3)
Rate this propaganda piece from CNN    01/25/22  (11)
why isnt Goff the Rams' QB anymore    01/25/22  (2)
Neil Young demands Spotify to remove his music bc Joe Rogan's anti vax stance (l    01/25/22  (20)
Would you guys Smang (Smash & Bang) this Big Ol' Girl?    01/25/22  (7)
if you u haven't maed it already, crypto needs to tank another 50%    01/25/22  (1)
In the world as its about to exist a bag of antibiotics will make u a millionair    01/25/22  (1)
how are you prepping for tomorrow's market?    01/25/22  (10)
Friend texted me this. Someone get him a moniker.    01/25/22  (13)
Marilyn Manson forced hottie actress to write “KILL ALL JEWS” above their be    01/25/22  (37)
Would u rather be obtain knowledge of the Truth or achieve lifelong contentment?    01/25/22  (14)
would you have threesome with 2 married chicks?    01/25/22  (12)
Last November I almost bought a bitcoin at $1,100. Fuck that!    01/25/22  (6)
Broken condoms, lipstick marks and unprotected sex: The Jinx-Whokebe Love Story    01/25/22  (3)
a lot of posters are doping in the modern era    01/25/22  (5)
6-month-old baby fatally DOMED by thugs in Atlanta:    01/25/22  (7)
🚨***🚨 MULTIPLE COPS SHOT DEAD IN MANHATTAN 🚨***🚨    01/25/22  (12)
Rachmiel's 50 greatest acts of heroism in no particular order    01/25/22  (4)
tucker's getting fat again    01/25/22  (4)
111 murders in 22 days libs explain    01/25/22  (2)
DHS wants country Russia will fry our electric grid if we step too hard in Ukrai    01/25/22  (6)
80-IQ third worlders poisoning ur son and calling him a genetic waste    01/25/22  (7)
Can someone clearly explain Neon Genesis Evangelion to me?    01/25/22  (29)
You're Old: Metroid Prime is 20    01/25/22  (3)
When did it hit you that you're just not good enough to get a good life?    01/25/22  (64)
🇮🇱the scrabble dictionary has jew listed as a verb lmao✡    01/25/22  (1)
Cash Aid to Poor Mothers Increases Brain Activity in Babies (NY Times)    01/25/22  (12)
what will libs do when the GOP has 60 senate seats    01/25/22  (26)
RSF will you raise your dog in the Jew faith?    01/25/22  (7)
We are not the country the beat down Nazis in Germany and kamikazes in Japan    01/25/22  (1)
*Clears throat, approaches podium* "Rachmiel's Life Matters. Thank you."    01/25/22  (4)
Can’t believe I invested in ARK    01/25/22  (8)
The Mandalorian is terrible. WTF    01/25/22  (41)
in 20 years Meta/Google will have a longitudinal dataset on human thought    01/25/22  (1)
GONDORIAN SUPERSTAR    01/25/22  (2)
power stone on dreamcast was the perfect video game.    01/25/22  (4)
All you lame-os. So quiet Monday night. Busy Tuesday ahead.    01/25/22  (1)
fridge shaped white women w ssri fried brains screaming at you forever tp    01/25/22  (3)
Oxford philosophers. All getting high as fuck. Tryna generate more papers.    01/25/22  (1)
all I really want to do is baby be friends with you    01/25/22  (3)
I knew Biden would be bad times, but Jesus fucking christ    01/25/22  (71)
Whitest region of the US = New England. Also the most lib/dem. Odd case.    01/25/22  (7)
MODAFINIL IS 180 AS FUCK    01/25/22  (16)
The latent White Supremacy behind the "anti-war" movement (NYT)    01/25/22  (7)
wife suggesting we move "down south". wut do?    01/25/22  (133)
"Hold on babe, I think yordle is about to drop an effortpoast"    01/24/22  (3)
Who else is left holding the bag with ARK    01/24/22  (1)
Non-Jewish Midwest Prole Chad Catholic here. All xo isolationist pussies deserve    01/24/22  (54)
*Russian soldiers cowering before rainbow flags*    01/24/22  (3)
9 of the Top 10 all time greatest IFNB pros were Autistic. Name them    01/24/22  (9)
Houston, we have a fraud.    01/24/22  (4)
No Ruskie ever called me an incel white supremacist.    01/24/22  (1)
XO's ridiculous groupthink & risky obsession with scam crypto is fascinating    01/24/22  (22)
over 5% of 4 shot Israel has COVID right now    01/24/22  (2)
How many females currently post on xo? and what percent are crazy?    01/24/22  (14)
The dogs must have escaped on their own (Rudolph)    01/24/22  (87)
MILF Asian Chicks I'm into Part IV Thai Edition w/Pics (SAD)    01/24/22  (26)
Smoothie throwing dad episode is a crysis actor psyop.    01/24/22  (5)
Thoughts on Trusts and Estates as practice area?    01/24/22  (38)
Just watched Episode 1 of The Mandalorian. Here is my review.    01/24/22  (42)
ON THE RECORD *#*#*#*#*# NO INVASION *#*#*#*#*#    01/24/22  (2)
real talk: the outside pussy CSLGs wife is ok with is what keeps things good    01/24/22  (4)
Russia is NOT invading Ukraine LOL    01/24/22  (37)
Exeunt cslg crypto sol - keys to a successful life    01/24/22  (4)
North Korea: We will resume long range missile tests    01/24/22  (8)

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