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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
flexjobs.com    04/23/19  (9)
Canada unveils new loonie commemorating poopdick    04/23/19  (1)
Trumptards: Your god will be imprisoned the second he leaves office and returns    04/23/19  (46)
20th Century Fox securing rights to the JJC fictional universe.    04/23/19  (2)
McKayla Maroney ***DID*** peak when she was a teenager    04/23/19  (1)
So McKayla Maroney just dropped off the grid?    04/23/19  (35)
Lawyers are fucking horrible at succinctly conveying info via PowerPoint    04/23/19  (11)
Twitter's heavy handed censorship --> shrinking profits    04/23/19  (2)
Can someone explain the census citizenship question debate and why it matters?    04/23/19  (41)
Why do high earning men marry?    04/23/19  (27)
Israeli-American pleads guilty to terrorism charges in Wisconsin (link)    04/23/19  (1)
white men must be always deferentially present, silently acknowledging privilege    04/23/19  (1)
Free Speech ‘Meltdown’ At Williams. White Males Told To Sit Down & Shut Up    04/23/19  (16)
SCOTUS census transcript released    04/23/19  (2)
HALFORD, what's the single best IFNB pic ever?    04/23/19  (18)
Do y'all living with a wife & kids ever get alone time?    04/23/19  (120)
women can get everything they want by being complete whores    04/23/19  (2)
have a feeling the Kraft massage parlor video is gonna be hilarious    04/23/19  (1)
Why is Iran bad?    04/23/19  (74)
So there's no plan to ever reduce the national debt?    04/23/19  (16)
Links to Thunder Collins seminal threads?    04/23/19  (1)
Did Russell Wilson basically call his O-Line a bunch of stupid Ni    04/23/19  (2)
Chinese war on a Greek city in 100 BCE    04/23/19  (33)
half asian kids named liam, aiden, and finn    04/23/19  (4)
watching foxnews. Only commercials are mypillow and that gold selling co.    04/23/19  (5)
CNN town hall is rigged    04/23/19  (52)
35 year old woman pens her own obituary before dying of cancer (link)    04/23/19  (22)
TBF, writing fantasy novels for adults seems like one of the most difficult task    04/23/19  (1)
Xo Heather MacDonald absolutely destroying libs on race and women    04/23/19  (2)
America needs its booty judged    04/23/19  (1)
Was the most recent GOT episode the worst in the show's history?    04/23/19  (30)
You can now be fired for eye contact, no eye contact, or bad eye contact (CNN)    04/23/19  (39)
mindless retard 'boner police'/USPO spewing stupidity on 4,000 monikers 24/7    04/23/19  (3)
Sessue Hayakawa    04/23/19  (9)
thierry baudet seems based and 180    04/23/19  (1)
Kiev Sex Vacation Advice    04/23/19  (23)
does anyone remember thread detailing opinion section saying exact same story    04/23/19  (1)
Countries that are shrinking fast in population (0.5%+ annually)    04/23/19  (34)
lol wholly shit Nigerian bros sue MARK GERAGOS for defamation    04/23/19  (24)
Wisconsin Man to Claim $770 Million Jackpot Publicly Today    04/23/19  (2)
Why didn't Biden run in 2016?    04/23/19  (17)
Petition for TMF to change moniker to "TDA"    04/23/19  (4)
boner police: unmarried, no kids, alcoholic, will die early    04/23/19  (11)
what is it like to go fishing    04/23/19  (61)
Wife pregnant, mentally ill    04/23/19  (138)
The Dandie Warhols - We Used to Be Friends.mp3    04/23/19  (2)
Real talk: XO has far too many white males and POC voices are too often silenced    04/23/19  (27)
law shrews taking a 4PM break to air out their sweaty cunts    04/23/19  (20)
Black guy I know has 2 kids by 2 hot white chicks.    04/23/19  (5)
Government-backed student loans...wasn't that a lib policy?    04/23/19  (48)
If you were paid $200 would you burn the American flag?    04/23/19  (36)
CSLG telling his clients how they probably have “whiplash”    04/23/19  (4)
HYPO: $50 million or natural ability to stay underwater forever    04/23/19  (41)
Reminder: your lord and savior is a jewish man who ran epic flame on dumb goyim    04/23/19  (33)
*george20's ass perks up when CME trader says he's "bearish on pigs and hogs"*    04/23/19  (20)
benzo what is jail like    04/23/19  (1)
Samsung is recalling all "Galaxy Fold" units    04/23/19  (2)
Spaceporn: worst PR debacle since "I'm with her?" (repost)    04/23/19  (19)
You'd have to be nuts not to meditate every day    04/23/19  (1)
95% of all men are blue pill.    04/23/19  (1)
Really glad "GOY" the poaster has never told me to go back to some country    04/23/19  (8)
What is the hypothetical scenario where divorce doesn’t fuck up the kids?    04/23/19  (7)
kinda unexpected that "squanch" turned out to be the most taboo word on xo    04/23/19  (16)
getting 8 hours of sleep in 2019 basically gives you superpowers    04/23/19  (2)
Oumuamua "appears to be coming back"    04/23/19  (5)
Can someone find/bump the "bloodacre no. 5" thread?    04/23/19  (4)
(To the tune of Black Hole Sun) My wife's son, full of cum. Lots of rectal pain    04/23/19  (39)
uncomfortable truth about SP posting less: means he's raping wife's son more    04/23/19  (11)
Taking questions about working at Walmart/having a pregnant gf/rank 8 Hs(ragnus)    04/23/19  (13)
Tenn. Titans on hook 4 $15 mil after Make-A-Wish kid alters & signs 1 day contra    04/23/19  (9)
"That's not lube, it's axl grease!"-Trucker/ "I know, I like the grit"- Peterman    04/23/19  (5)
Psychologist to sp jr: "What do you see?" *shows round ink blot* "Da-    04/23/19  (4)
Dems only hope is a straight white male - the sooner they get this the better    04/23/19  (1)
Sissybull seeking powercuck master. Full time/lifestyle preferred. (link)    04/23/19  (15)
Without blacks America would be unbelievably 180    04/23/19  (24)
Julia literally lurks/poasts under an alt everyday    04/23/19  (48)
Internal monologue is Metallica’s One looping over and over again    04/23/19  (4)
Trucker nailed it last night: 1 more RigPig until Peterman's prolapse is...    04/23/19  (2)
amphetamine euphoria : insomnia : crippling anxiety : dread at small tasks    04/23/19  (9)
"This is my rock bottom!" TC's Wife, as she holds toaster over kid's bath    04/23/19  (1)
one eighty ... MOAR RAPE! SP exclaimed, when his wife's son came home for spring    04/23/19  (1)
Bad news for Trump: 64% of Americans think attempting and failing to obstruct ju    04/23/19  (4)
FYI- NIGR Coin is useless    04/23/19  (18)
with US deficit @ $1tril+ @ increasing, any doubt BTC going to $1,000,000?    04/23/19  (2)
I am blown away by my ability to upset Jews on XO and IRL.    04/23/19  (2)
when boner police walks into a thread you see the yarmulkes go flying    04/23/19  (54)
Tomb Raider (2018) with Alicia Vikander wasn’t that bad    04/23/19  (1)
2025: Single Dad Thunder Collins, swiping right on Tinder 4's    04/23/19  (1)
"I'm not going out tonight!" the powerintrovert bellowed. "And stop calling!"    04/23/19  (15)
Flying J execs scratching their heads when they see Google results    04/23/19  (36)
peterman using a Flying J squeegee to bathe in between tricks    04/23/19  (7)
Iowa farmer builds Flying J in his corn field & trucker ghosts rape Peterman    04/23/19  (59)
Tucker tonight: "The seedy, bald underworld of Flying Js across the country"    04/23/19  (43)
Skin in the Game (but no hair)- A Social History of the Breezewood Flying J    04/23/19  (45)
Buttagag is the worst thing to ever happen to Dems.    04/23/19  (43)
*peterman to flying j customer* "Jesus, flush the toilet some people work here!"    04/23/19  (35)
Peterman publishing a "fratire" book about his Flying J exploits    04/23/19  (13)
an openly gay open-borders (((GC))) puppet will have tons of legitimacy    04/23/19  (3)
Trucker Max publishing book of Peterman's FlyingJ hijinks- I hope they serve sem    04/23/19  (3)
Jus­tice So­nia So­tomayor, the day’s most ac­tive ques­tioner, said stud    04/23/19  (3)
Butthurt I Persecution Complex I MAGA    04/23/19  (10)
packs of 6-8 chattering extroverts hunting lone introverts in a rain forest    04/23/19  (62)
DBG have you ever picked up a girl from a bar?    04/23/19  (8)
Tim Allen making "eugh?" noise as Al describes his cuckold Hotwife    04/23/19  (9)
Does LTM even believe his own bull shit?    04/23/19  (7)
Who is more full of impotent rage - xo poaster or trump on twitter?    04/23/19  (3)
Did xo ever cover this "blue whale" suicide game? Hot Russian teens killed selve    04/23/19  (1)
You can definitely see a change in the phenotype of people born in mid 90s    04/23/19  (6)
ITE very few get jobs through "networking"    04/23/19  (54)
Now is YOU'RE chance to get into crypto if you whiffed in '17    04/23/19  (73)
I have never seen a finished basement that doesn't look like a depressing dungeo    04/23/19  (64)
le tigre forcing you to eat at Harold's for "real Midwestern fried chicken"    04/23/19  (3)
yo im prob gonna just chill here tonight, texted the POWERINTROVERT at 11PM    04/23/19  (10)
xo2009: tavern on the green, xo2019: "Been to McDonald's 1000s of times"    04/23/19  (24)
now that Establishment Inc has captured Trump, it will discredit far left by nom    04/23/19  (2)
DTP taking ?s on 5-factor model and personality of dream girl (4/19/2019)    04/23/19  (46)
Foolproof plan to fix the country: Send every single retard to college for free    04/23/19  (3)
uncomfortable truth about SP posting less: means he's raping wife's son more    04/23/19  (2)
CNN doing 5 hours of town halls.    04/23/19  (18)
Introvert opens lament configuration; pinhead arrives with plate of fajitas    04/23/19  (8)
Russell Westbrook is such a faggot    04/23/19  (1)
"I don't know, who all's gonna be there?" inquired the sissyintrovert    04/23/19  (1)
When will you rail me next, jinx? (whok)    04/23/19  (1)
What was human understanding of reproduction 500, 1000 years ago?    04/23/19  (6)
Best part of being a woman - goosebumps & shivers just thinking about intimacy    04/23/19  (11)
"MY DOG IS SICK!!!" roared the powerintrovert    04/23/19  (6)
MPA's fat prozac dick and purple head lazily not fucking your ass    04/23/19  (10)
(((NHS))) tells Peter Gabriel's wife she is dying. Peter Gabriel cures her (DM)    04/23/19  (5)
Underrated aspect of Spaceporn going insane was his jealousy over CSLG's success    04/23/19  (10)
Does it trouble anyone that humans are evolving to become autistic and gay?    04/23/19  (3)
"i'm not going to a fucking bar. i don't feel like it!!!" roared the powerintrov    04/23/19  (15)
*petermans ass/throat bacteria doing azithromycin lines off each others boners*    04/23/19  (17)
Halford turning Doobs into an "analog Tamagotchi"    04/23/19  (46)
I'm a little sissy boi and I need JIM KELLY to take me to FUCKTOWN    04/23/19  (16)
my mood has improved by a consistent 40% since getting on keto. amazing.    04/23/19  (33)
"My God! I'm buttfucking his wife!" murmured the SISSYBULL    04/23/19  (47)
Trumpigieg    04/23/19  (1)
What are you: Sissy cuck, panty cuck, toilet cuck, cum cuck?    04/23/19  (19)
the most masculine straight thing u can do is turn a straight dude into ur sissy    04/23/19  (11)
Gradescuck, debtcuck, wagecuck, taxcuck, sissycuck, bbccuck, alimonycuck, death    04/23/19  (17)
Seeking a HUMILIATION PIG (ad and responses)    04/23/19  (53)
'Andy Griffith' theme plays as Somalis gangrape your daughter    04/23/19  (1)
"i can't. my cat's been throwing up," whimpered the sissyintrovert    04/23/19  (3)
Unmistakable feeling that an acid trip is right around the corner    04/23/19  (5)
Peterman doing the "Ice Jizz Bucket Challenge" but not for charity    04/23/19  (8)
whokebe is just a cashed up bogan    04/23/19  (13)
Documentary on guy who molested gymnasts has extensive CGI reenactments (link)    04/23/19  (2)
Current Jeopardy champ the GOATUS? Over 700k won in less than 10 wins.    04/23/19  (49)
Check out this Clemson football player's guac trick for lemonade    04/23/19  (7)

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