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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/14/19  (338)
rate this text convo between me and our 20yo 115lb Asian intern    10/16/19  (7)
RSF to open fast casual restaurant, "Elena's", in NY and DC    10/16/19  (4)
Fast casual poasting website called "the Bort"    10/16/19  (4)
New York to become first city to introduce new "fast casual" Holocaust museum    10/16/19  (4)
mr. jinx is a ho    10/16/19  (2)
completely normal 4 all cameras in a prison to stop working for specific 20 mins    10/16/19  (5)
whok, Canelo is hot as fuck    10/16/19  (37)
The Padres just hired a 30 year old Europa Univeralis player as their GM    10/16/19  (1)
Grand Strategy: The Unlikely Genre behind the Nats' Success    10/16/19  (1)
Get your official “Dude Gotta Go” tshirt here    10/16/19  (1)
"At first we teased Max about it, but now all the boys play" - Adam Eaton on EU4    10/16/19  (1)
boomers killed nazis so that niggers could fuck their daughters?    10/16/19  (1)
Andrew Yang 3rd quarter haul: $10 million    10/16/19  (11)
Definitive who won the debate ranking    10/16/19  (14)
***OFFICIAL 10/15 Ohio 2020 Democratic Debate Thread***    10/16/19  (454)
Shrews pussy i just fucked smelled so bad I have to air out my house    10/16/19  (1)
Women have dog brains    10/16/19  (2)
How are your spiritual gains coming along    10/16/19  (1)
30 minute video where black woman explains how she pimped out her newborn    10/16/19  (17)
people just stopped caring about and international pedo blackmail ring    10/16/19  (2)
this is hilarious    10/16/19  (3)
planet of the apes was a promise    10/16/19  (2)
no one cared about equifax leaking everyones info & international pedo ring    10/16/19  (3)
it's pretty sad to see xo die    10/16/19  (22)
zeke morris do u want to meet up w/ me jane hoya &hojrakso (impt business 2 disc    10/16/19  (14)
how do i stop thinking about luis when i have sex with my wife?    10/16/19  (5)
anyone want to help ruin poasters' IRL so they poast more?    10/16/19  (3)
prestigefaggot how much 4 nudes?    10/16/19  (11)
robots can replace whites in high skill jobs but cant replace low skill beaners?    10/16/19  (10)
cant stop thinking about doodikoff's 10 fat friends breathing like Bane all nigh    10/16/19  (17)
ggtp rate BEN NORTON law knowledge    10/16/19  (10)
'does somebody have their cpap on? pls mute' (of counsel on conf call)    10/16/19  (12)
wage cuck job more important than stopping invaders?    10/16/19  (1)
LeBron: "I do know plenty of Uighurs, though, such as Eminem."    10/16/19  (29)
first episode of tv show Treadstone was pretty good    10/16/19  (3)
Why do women suddenly dye their hair a completely different color?    10/16/19  (31)
extremely online daddy    10/16/19  (16)
You can totally see this tiktok chicks pamties (link)    10/16/19  (6)
Azn tourists pranked by Roach Motel (link)    10/16/19  (4)
I was lonelier than Kunta Kinte at a Merle Haggard concert    10/16/19  (6)
Assfaggot community acct cited as chief vector in new gonorrhea outbreak    10/16/19  (1)
"Nice HR Giger sculpture." "Uh, that's Halford in bed with his CPAP."    10/16/19  (3)
Victorious Nats toss assfaggot into the air. Freeze frame. Walk of life plays    10/16/19  (9)
Herpes Vaccine Has Arrived (not flame)    10/16/19  (2)
white girl rap tp    10/16/19  (1)
BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leaders will reportedly hold off on a fu    10/16/19  (26)
Nigger Nigger Nigger    10/16/19  (1)
A Thousand Days of Trump    10/16/19  (1)
Connie Corleone    10/16/19  (6)
Libs attacking former Planned Parenthood CEO for saying abortion should be rare    10/16/19  (10)
Astros v Nats seems unwatchable    10/16/19  (6)
Harrison, CUM ITT (pf)    10/16/19  (7)
hot suburbia trend this halloween: trick or treating for dateable dads    10/16/19  (1)
close friend is a redditor and I think it's time for an intervention    10/16/19  (3)
Things that DESTROY wealth over time: dogs, new cars, pools    10/16/19  (86)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    10/16/19  (88)
howie moniker could b a game changer    10/16/19  (9)
Is it still weird for anyone else that the Astros are in the AL?    10/16/19  (3)
Huge halloween bowl filled with only 3 Muskateers two weeks before Halloween    10/16/19  (34)
me & box are like gina gershon and elizabth berkley in Showgirls    10/16/19  (13)
Reminder: DDC has found 73 app girls who are uniquely perfect for him    10/16/19  (61)
Reindeer Games (1996)    10/16/19  (10)
Best part of Sicario: Benicio Del Toro standing extremely close to people    10/16/19  (10)
League of Legends    10/16/19  (2)
a British Upgrade but it's vinnie jones kicking ur skull like a footie    10/16/19  (6)
From LSAT to CPAP: The Decline and Fall of AutoAdmit (2003-2020)    10/16/19  (25)
ACP here to introduce my new XO personal brand    10/16/19  (3)
Buffalo News: 100 year old Congolese refugee likes Mountain Dew    10/16/19  (24)
so did nobody see SNL's version of the Gay Town Hall?    10/16/19  (9)
cpap smear tp    10/16/19  (3)
Can someone explain the appeal of games like DOTA 2?    10/16/19  (14)
How dare you state that Reese's are a fucking candy BAR???    10/16/19  (1)
Anyone played Overwatch? Bored as fuck today. Should I buy it?    10/16/19  (13)
Lebron James unleashed a blistering anti China tirade just now holy shit (link)    10/16/19  (99)
How dare you all!    10/16/19  (2)
“O tempora, o mores!” he wailed, clutching his purple diaper    10/16/19  (2)
BIGLAW needs to raise starting salaries to around $250,000/yr    10/16/19  (32)
in an alternate universe u are an anime protagonist, effortlessly dispatching    10/16/19  (6)
Time i$ a $cam now...    10/16/19  (2)
cocks emerging into peterman's mouth through CPAP tube    10/16/19  (1)
how do young bodybuilders afford it? they can't possibly have real jobs.    10/16/19  (1)
Time is all a fal$ehood! 91919    10/16/19  (3)
Guys farting into hose chambers all leading to doobs' CPAP    10/16/19  (2)
25 was 6 in 2000 I current time is a lie shit gets deep    10/16/19  (3)
best part of mad max: dude shredding on his guitar the whole movie    10/16/19  (16)
played soccer 2 days in a row. can barely fucking walk.    10/16/19  (17)
NO. SLEEP. TILL CPAP    10/16/19  (2)
I'm voting for Buttigieg because I think it would be cool to have a First Twink    10/16/19  (1)
Kamala needs Biden to win the nomination    10/16/19  (1)
Ocean Cleanup project...back to the drawing board    10/16/19  (1)
Fred Durst: "I'm feelin those CPAPs"    10/16/19  (1)
we do like to laugh on zozo    10/16/19  (2)
use a pen sideshow bob    10/16/19  (1)
DeezNats    10/16/19  (3)
Dickey Simpson and Ra is on life support afta Nats and Kamala dominate tonite    10/16/19  (2)
Greta thunberg seems like an unbearable little bitch    10/16/19  (1)
jane hoya i know ur "new to dating" but flyfisher would make a great chaperone    10/16/19  (15)
jane hoya are u excited about pool season    10/16/19  (11)
jane hoya how's prep for junior year coming    10/16/19  (3)
jane hoya i know midterms are stressful but we all trust & support u    10/16/19  (2)
jane hoya time 2 dump ur summer fling & start "dating" the Fall Semester    10/16/19  (3)
jane hoya the "shutdown" doesn't excuse u from ur classes nice try tho    10/16/19  (2)
how bout them mets    10/16/19  (2)
LETS GO METS    10/16/19  (5)
Worse pawnage Hillary 2016 or "Mitt" Bryce Harper in 2019??    10/16/19  (1)
'oh no honey, that's for daddies' (ur wife, taking ur cpap away from ur son)    10/16/19  (2)
'was it the cpap? honestly just forgot i had it on. usually dont wear it to bars    10/16/19  (9)
Washingto Nats: playin in October, NY Mets: flickin clit dicks over and over    10/16/19  (4)
Can’t wait for Matt Harvey to start in the NLCS tonight for the XO METS    10/16/19  (2)
XO Mets are going to dominate their division for years to come    10/16/19  (21)
*tsinah rigging tactical poppers to his CPAP so he can parTy even in his sleep*    10/16/19  (2)
XO Mets destroying the fertile, succulent mounds of the NL East    10/16/19  (4)
Dodgers, Phillies, Braves Cards and "Mets" fans....welp, maybe next year    10/16/19  (1)
Harper has got to be rooting against the Nats right? Pennant would be icing on c    10/16/19  (4)
50 AD more advanced than 1492: why didn't the Romans ever reach America?    10/16/19  (11)
remember when mike francesa retired    10/16/19  (1)
"Watch mom I can twitch my eyelids" (lawchild)    10/16/19  (2)
A, B, C, P, A, P, baby you and me, girl!    10/16/19  (1)
Search: Litigation Counsel. All Results: This Counsel Position Is Not For Litiga    10/16/19  (1)
HK protestors are wearing CPAPs now to skirt anti-mask law    10/16/19  (3)
Aerosmith voice: “I could stay awaaake, just to hear ur CCCCPAP...”    10/16/19  (11)
looking for thread where bpm talks about taking an 11 inch cock    10/16/19  (11)
POLL: do you wipe the equipment after nude bodybuilding at the gym?    10/16/19  (1)
Nothing more magical in world than sex w/ shy girl w/ high levels of anxiety    10/16/19  (13)
CSLG's sock accounts, does he have actual inner voices or is he trolling?    10/16/19  (1)
Doobs nude on PCP, tearing the door off a truck stop bathroom    10/16/19  (19)
howie, we need to have a quick word itt    10/16/19  (1)
you: turning up your cpap, to drown out sounds of ur wife masturbating    10/16/19  (3)
Now That's What I Call GOY Volume 18    10/16/19  (1)
Castro: "Trump cages Mexican kids but releases ISIS prisoners"    10/16/19  (1)
Reminder: we are in Iraq because GWB + GOP lied about WMD's    10/16/19  (1)
How can Dems keep officially investing Trump if they don't have the votes?    10/16/19  (1)
u @ bar, wheeled out in hannibal lecter style gurney w/ spacesuit cpap hooked up    10/16/19  (2)
We all use CPAPs here    10/16/19  (8)
niggers    10/16/19  (3)
biglaw partner handed me sega gamegear w/ sonic 2, said "do it for the 90s"    10/16/19  (1)
howie    10/16/19  (5)
2020 Teslas will have wireless gamepad option to drive from passenger seat    10/16/19  (3)
Pegged my husband, clearly a willing victim    10/16/19  (1)
You’re on CPAP? Sick. Get in the car. We’re going to Jerusalem.    10/16/19  (9)
Left my husband, clearly a willing victim    10/16/19  (459)
this bort is a figment of my imagination, tp    10/16/19  (1)
Bolton was fired for second-guessing Ukraine quid pro quo deal    10/16/19  (29)
cpap expert here taking q's    10/16/19  (6)
my 12 dads all hooked into one giant cpap machine    10/16/19  (2)
Im not using amazon anymore bc I stand with king Kong    10/16/19  (1)
Douglas Murray on using Google Images to compare "white couples" and "black coup    10/16/19  (11)

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