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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
Let this be a lesson: you will NEVER be able to beat LA traffic    01/26/20  (2)
Man Records Tornado That Destroys His Home/Kills Wife (vid)    01/26/20  (11)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #tennis    01/26/20  (190)
Hypo: you are one of Kobe’s three surviving children & you inherit a fuckton    01/26/20  (6)
Rate this exchange with defendant who is also a biglaw lawyer (CSLG)    01/26/20  (52)
Thinking of making this pic my pc's wallpaper at work - nsfw    01/26/20  (3)
Reminder: Kobe and Hitler were both Catholics    01/26/20  (1)
saw what i assume to be coronavirus patients at a hospital in brooklyn yesterday    01/26/20  (5)
*pushes glasses up nose* Super Smash Bros Melee is clearly the superior game!    01/26/20  (8)
Literally unable to find a marriageable girl because I turned 36.    01/26/20  (38)
he still has 3 daiughters tbf    01/26/20  (1)
Let's see Paul Allen's mangled helicopter crash scene    01/26/20  (1)
bought a ton of surgical masks on amazon, MADE IN WUHAN CHINA    01/26/20  (2)
Hot girl asks random guys if they want to have sex (vid)    01/26/20  (64)
what do we do now    01/26/20  (3)
Chink went to Home Depot and bought every single 3M N95 mask    01/26/20  (3)
Let's see Paul Allen's Chinese-engineered virus    01/26/20  (4)
If Kobe can’t “jump trick,” we’re all fucked    01/26/20  (1)
MSNBC: Kobe was on the Los Angeles NIGGERS!    01/26/20  (17)
PERFECTLY CAST    01/26/20  (1)
Really not looking forward to woke women bringing up Kobes rape trial tomorrow    01/26/20  (1)
im fucking DEVASTATED from Kobes death not flame    01/26/20  (7)
How much more sex are you guys having now that Trump is president?    01/26/20  (26)
Magic Johnson rushing to the scene of the crash to give blood    01/26/20  (3)
How important is Discrete Math in learning to code    01/26/20  (1)
In 2019, the VA estimated that 294 American WW2 Vets died every day    01/26/20  (2)
In this thread I am euphoric. Not by some phony alt’s blank bumping.    01/26/20  (1)
Quobe!    01/26/20  (1)
Kobe Bryant smiling, watching ABC, why?    01/26/20  (2)
I legit think Kobe is the type who might kill himself in retirement    01/26/20  (35)
love seeing Kobe go out like this    01/26/20  (8)
Kobe's death is proof Clique Theory works, STAY IN YOUR LANE    01/26/20  (4)
Kobe Bryant. Tom Brady. The IRONSIDE kryptonite    01/26/20  (10)
It’s all shit you can have what you want be who you want    01/26/20  (1)
Biden going all in on TRANS    01/26/20  (51)
Kobe’s daughter was confirmed on board    01/26/20  (42)
will Kobe, an Oscar™ winner, be in this year's "In Memoriam" montage?    01/26/20  (2)
Yeah just fly a 30 year old helicopter into heavy fog into the side of a hill    01/26/20  (2)
ITT, I present two gifs of attractive girls. Pick your preferred girl    01/26/20  (199)
kobe's pilot collapsed from coronavirus moments before crash (tmz)    01/26/20  (1)
The Twittersphere is on fire right now. Everyone is tweeting.    01/26/20  (4)
My girlfriend got a 305 on the GRE    01/26/20  (5)
So Elizabeth Warren = Hillary but with LESS political skill + no "machine"?    01/26/20  (27)
CSLG and Chandler haven't POASTED since they murdered Kobe --- coincidence?    01/26/20  (1)
🚹 Male height determines their dating pool 🚹    01/26/20  (79)
Steve Jobs saw a young Luis, adopted the schtick    01/26/20  (3)
So Dupa sucked off his competitors AFTER winning the cum eating contest?    01/26/20  (6)
Jewish shrews putting it all in perspective so I can cope with nig death    01/26/20  (1)
CSLG and Papa RSF racing up opposite sides of Calabasas hills like Aggro Crag    01/26/20  (16)
Ben Carson at McDonalds: "I'll have a Diet Sprite and just a hamburger bun"    01/26/20  (37)
Gay dude said I really make my turtleneck work.    01/26/20  (2)
Kobe was cursed the day he tweeted this    01/26/20  (2)
Kobe: 37 years old, 6'6", just put out to pasture.    01/26/20  (8)
Remember this music video by Miley Cyrus's brother?    01/26/20  (4)
Lebron James announces plan to score -32 pts tonight to return Kobe to 3rd place    01/26/20  (4)
I saw Kobe at Mastro's in 2011, I'm ok    01/26/20  (1)
Rick Fox was not onboard tragically    01/26/20  (2)
Ruben Patterson spotted in San Fernando valley with Stinger Missile    01/26/20  (1)
Your future wife dressed as golfer Payne Stewart on 1st day of class    01/26/20  (3)
my dad was such a badass solider when military needed him they sent a helicopter    01/26/20  (250)
Went up to guy at work and whispered in his ear, "I know your secret"    01/26/20  (8)
New guy at work asked all of us to call him "BJ"    01/26/20  (23)
Any word on whether Kobe was screaming/crying during the brief downfall?    01/26/20  (5)
Why can’t anyone freaking think!? No one and nothing can be compared    01/26/20  (1)
José María Olazábal among those killed on board Kobe's helicopter (ESPN)    01/26/20  (1)
I’m done with it all shut the fuck!    01/26/20  (6)
Earl now the 13,569th best basketball player in Los Angeles    01/26/20  (1)
How will Kobe's widow survive as a single mother?    01/26/20  (6)
Davis Love is a good commentator #tennis #golf    01/26/20  (3)
We fly high... no lie... and you know this... BOOMIN'!    01/26/20  (1)
Bayless: "His death brings new depth to the nickname 'Black Mamba.'"    01/26/20  (1)
Magic Johnson reminds you AIDS Is safer than helicopters    01/26/20  (11)
Reminder: Roy Halladay also died in a small aircraft crash at approx. same age    01/26/20  (1)
Kirk Douglas offering Kobe eulogy: "He was born when I turned 62."    01/26/20  (13)
That helicopter was 30 years young lol    01/26/20  (1)
this is the first celebrity death that absolutely devastated me    01/26/20  (11)
Finally getting a decent TV mounted. How life changing is this    01/26/20  (39)
*Bowser laugh from Super Mario 64 playing after I nut in boner police's ass*    01/26/20  (1)
CJ Roberts and Sonia Sotomayor arguing over whose 2nd job is harder    01/26/20  (3)
CSLG hiking up the Calabasas hills with a camera and business cards    01/26/20  (11)
Rip Kobe bryant    01/26/20  (4)
This is your Captain, Trayvon Martin speaking    01/26/20  (245)
Brian Griese rushed to ER    01/26/20  (1)
2012 tweet: Kobe will die in helicopter crash    01/26/20  (13)
Was able to get my helicopter pilot's license through just online classes    01/26/20  (3)
ljl at these MSNBC faggots emotionally recounting dumb rapist nigs life    01/26/20  (1)
Ex from 6-7 years trying to establish contact using Kobe's death. Respond?    01/26/20  (1)
Kobe pilot's last words: "I am doing this for Israel"    01/26/20  (1)
Breaking News! Former Quarterback Grbac Has Perished!    01/26/20  (6)
"Frankly he was never one of my favorites. Said some nasty things about me."    01/26/20  (5)
I met Jeff Zucker last week. Very pathetic looking guy!    01/26/20  (1)
CUT to offer Kobe beef at 50% discount in honor of Kobe    01/26/20  (1)
Israelis were seen dancing, laughing outside of Kobe’s mansion last nights (vi    01/26/20  (4)
"Aiyo this ya captain Johnthony Walker, Y'ALL READY TO DIE???"    01/26/20  (34)
Why did Zion choose basketball? He would have been guaranteed GOAT RB/DE    01/26/20  (35)
Will Smash Bros Ultimate be as enduring as Melee?    01/26/20  (9)
Kobe was destined to die in a fire, cooked Kobe Beef is delicious    01/26/20  (1)
Why did CNN website background color change? Do they always do this?    01/26/20  (1)
Interracial Anal Rape futures PLUMMETING on Kobe death    01/26/20  (4)
i literally cried in front of girl i'm dating when i heard Kobe died, ATD?    01/26/20  (2)
Whose life do you envy more: Kobe or Obama?    01/26/20  (5)
Lib friend txts me that Kobe's a rapist and im aiding in Raep Culture    01/26/20  (2)
kobe was the last of a dying breed in the nba. truly competitive and 180 lol LBJ    01/26/20  (6)
Kobe: scores 60 points in last game. You: bills 60 minutes on Latham'd day    01/26/20  (3)
It should have been LeBron in that helicopter    01/26/20  (1)
Something like 1% of all helicopter flights end in crash    01/26/20  (5)
Helicopter pilot admitted to close friend the night before that Kobe fucked wife    01/26/20  (1)
Lin to Kobe after gm: "Can you write me a rec for Harvard Med?"    01/26/20  (5)
GOODBYE KOBE B. (Elton John on his next single 'Candle in the Wind '20')    01/26/20  (1)
CSLG handing Kenny his stinger missile launcher, asking “Do u want equity?”    01/26/20  (16)
Why is Obeezy an anti-semite now?    01/26/20  (56)
If it was Kobe piloting and his 4 dotters are det.... jfc    01/26/20  (2)
Libs: Trump murdered Kobe to distract from impeachment    01/26/20  (2)
Kobe texted friend last night: “Can’t keep quiet abt pizzagate anymore.”    01/26/20  (1)
I once had to buy condoms for Shaq. I’m okay    01/26/20  (4)
So Trump killed Kobe to distract America from impeachment? JFC    01/26/20  (3)
Did they catch the Trump supporters who wrote NIGGER on LeBron’s house?    01/26/20  (3)
How clean is your home?    01/26/20  (37)
RSF masturbating furiously to footage of helicopter crash    01/26/20  (2)
Areas of Practice: Airplane Crash Litigation; Aviation Accidents; Helicopter Cra    01/26/20  (2)
Confirmed with Kobe Death: this EARTH and LIFE is GAY    01/26/20  (38)
LOL, remember when Wellstone died and voters went GOP?    01/26/20  (3)
Kobe died doing what he loved . . . killing his daughter in a helicopter crash    01/26/20  (2)
KOBE was with BILL CLINTON immediately before crash (NOT FLAME)    01/26/20  (1)
Tommy leaping onto Kobe’s funeral pyre why    01/26/20  (3)
KOBE would fly a HELICOPTER to fucking LAKERS games    01/26/20  (7)
Kobe eating Ragu with Scalia in Heaven.    01/26/20  (2)
Pocahontas pathetic campaign crashing&BURNING worse than Kobe copter!    01/26/20  (1)
Magic Johnson outlived Kobe    01/26/20  (4)
2019 Toyota Camry vs 2019 Lexus ES    01/26/20  (18)
JFC video of Shaq celebrating Kobe’s death    01/26/20  (2)
So wait...you're saying Kobe's wife is single now?    01/26/20  (16)
is Kobe the most fortunate superstar of all time?    01/26/20  (9)
180 docuseries on Amazon prime: kids behind bars, life or parole    01/26/20  (4)
How the FUCK isn't KOBE's daughter HAWT?    01/26/20  (60)
Kobe always took helicopters to games.    01/26/20  (5)
jinx to be father of the year in 2020    01/26/20  (1)
How much $ did Kobe pay to settle his sexual assault lawsuit?    01/26/20  (7)
Kobe: At the last second jump Gianna! G: Dad, that only works in airplanes    01/26/20  (1)
I have personally communicated with Rick Fox via text since the news about Kobe    01/26/20  (2)
MD suburbs (Bethesda) vs VA suburbs (Arlington, McLean)    01/26/20  (14)
minimum ticket price for Tuesday Lakers clippers game went from $365 to $750    01/26/20  (1)
Reminder: Kobe was a closet trumpmo shamed into silence by black community    01/26/20  (5)
whok, I'm infested with live fibers    01/26/20  (31)
Sim Glitch: Kobe Bryant is only 33 years old. Jfc    01/26/20  (3)
Humanity Fuckt: Coronavirus R0 is 3.8    01/26/20  (85)

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